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drain in kitchen not draining?

Had a guy snake kitchen drain and still did not drain until he took off the mechanical air vent, so he said to replace the vent, after replacing the vent there was no change, the drain is very slow with the vent on, if the vent is off it drains fast, I have tried 2 vents they are the black cheaper vents. any help would be appreciated. Thanks the sink is a double

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Storm Drains Anyone?

I think that Storm Drains make some pretty awesome bunkers, anyone else agree?

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what is a "French drain"?

Was reviewing comments on rain barrel construction and someone mentioned "french drain"

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Dishwasher not draining, kitchen sink and bathtub draining slowly?

Recently everything seems to be draining slowly. I snaked the bathtub and removed a chunk of hair but it's still draining slow. My dishwasher isn't draining properly and the sinks partially fill up when dishwasher is running. Also the kitchen sink drains slowly. Could this be an air vent block? Last winter we  had a similar issue with our kitchen sink, after snaking, baking soda and vinegar etc it still would not drain well. We thought it might be ice buildup in the pipes? If it is an air vent block how would one go about unclogging? Also is there any chance the air vent would come out of the side of the house and not the top?

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I feel drained.....not just drained but kind of empty....UPDATED

I have been trying to "restart" my creative mind, but of late, I feel like I have had my brain replaced by a vacuum cylinder.   I am at a total loss, and even the LASER project I was working on, failed miserably.   Before going on to anything more with that, I will have to get some protective eyewear though. This is all very depressing to me....but I don't want anyone that knows me to feel badly because I do, it isn't your is partly situational and party medical (I feel like I am getting old - like my imagination is waning...). I guess PART of the problem is that the BAR KARMA project appears to be coming to an end.....with no news of whether it will be renewed next year or not......I had a LOT of fun, writing and submitting ideas to that, and even got to hear a suggested piece of music on one of the shows :-) I want to thank each of you for replying to my little mope has gotten kind of lonely in my section of the world....and it's good to know i am well thought of....thank you all.   I guess my recent failures, the mess I made of the box I  sent out in the gift exchange, the recent ambition to do something with a crystal radio....and my laser project that fizzled fading eyesight, and inability to do the artwork (pyrographs) I once enjoyed doing....all has taken it's toll. To be honest, it hasn't been a LITTLE mope session, this has been going on for a few months, but has come to a head recently. What good is this deafness..... Only one? I was just going through many of my old PM's since I have kept a LOT of them, almost as far back as I can I could weed out some of them, and I have come to realize a few things:   #1:  I am DEEPLY in everyone's debt here for all they have done for me over the past few years.   In fact, that brings me to something else.... #2: I feel quite ashamed at feeling down when there are so many of you out there that care, I have NO BUSINESS feeling alone. .. it might even be considered "selfish" of me to feel that way.    And I am sorry for that.....but I do realize I am not alone, and I ACKNOWEDGE each and every one of you I have dealt with over the years. You are all VERY special to me.

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how to drain a AA battery? Answered

Hi, im doing a science project for school and i need to find what type of AA batteries last the longest (Duracell, Energizer, ect..) but i need to monitor it while it is draining so that i can tell which one goes out first, so a fairly quick technique would be ideal... thanx :)

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Rust on sink drain pipe

HI,I have noticed this year that the exposed drain pipe from my bathroom sink is rusting badly, turned all green. Why is this happening? Anything I can do about this? I guess I should replace the pipe, but this will be complicated cause it is going into the tile floor and the cent under it. Any advice would be welcome.Thanks

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I have to put in a "French Drain" from my backyard to the front. So what do I need to do?

I've dug the trench but I'm having problems get the right depth for gravity to take over the water flow.  What am I doing wrong?

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Help Needed with Clogged Air Vent Drain Pipe and ? on Dishwasher Drain Pipe

I need help and learning how to remove, de-clog, etc. The picture is my kitchen sink drain area.  I have two-sink with the right side having a garbage disposal, with connecting pipes leading out.  But then, I have another pipe leading out in the same direction, but it serving as an air vent pipe.  There's a cooper pipe leading up and into the air vent pipe. Prior to taking the picture, my dishwasher's drainage pipe was connected to the bottom of the cooper pipe.  Well, last night I've noticed my sinks were clogged, I ran the garbage disposal, and then the a gush of garbage water came out of the under sink cabinet. Well, after a lot of cleaning, this morning I removed the drainage pipe from the sinks, and noticed that my air vent pipe was gushing out the garbage water. After searching the internet, it's rare to have a clogged air vent, but at the same time, no one seems to install the dishwasher drainage pipe into the air vent pipe. So my questions are: 1) Should my dishwasher drainage pipe be connected to the upper part of the garbage disposal?  (You can see there's a fitting on the disposal right above the white PVC pipe leading out of the disposal.) 2) Why would they (the original builders) install the dishwasher drain pipe into the air vent pipe? 3) Most importantly, how do I go about in unclogging the air vent pipe?  (It's all bonded together versus having a washers and nuts or a threaded union.) 4) Any answers and questions that I don't know what to ask?  Insights/suggestions? Please and thank you. v/r Bobby

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Help fix my drain camera ?

I've had my camera for 3 years and I've snapped the cable , the problem that I've got is I can't find the chip . iv contacted my place of purchase and they keep sending me the wrong chip and just keep going round and round in circulars with them. Please really need help sorting this out .  Thanks pj 

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How to seal unused drain pipe?

The short version: I have an old PVC sewer drain pipe that comes up out of a concrete slab floor.  Under the floor, the other end of the pipe connects to other drain pipes in the house, so before I cover the area with more carpeting, I'd like to seal that pipe off permanently to avoid any possible leakage in the future.  I'd like to avoid disturbing the concrete floor, if possible.  I'd like to put some kind of plug in the pipe and glue it into place with common PVC primer and cement, but I don't know if there's any kind of plug made for this purpose. Any suggestions? The details: I've taken down a non-load-bearing wall in my house.  The wall used to carry pipes for water (coming down from the second floor above), natural gas (embedded in the concrete slab floor), and sewer (also embedded in the slab).  These were all used for a poorly-positioned laundry room.  I've easily sealed the copper pipes for the water and natural gas, but I'm left wondering what to do with this two-inch sewer drain pipe. At first, I thought of covering it with a PVC cap, but to do that, I would need to chip away part of the concrete floor far enough down so the cap wouldn't be above the floor surface.  I would also need to be careful not to break the pipe as I chipped away the concrete.  If I were successful with that and then glued a cap on at the right height, then I would need to fill the space around it with a small amount of concrete.  Besides not wanting to damage the pipe, I'm sure I'd make a real mess of the carpet nearby. Then, I thought, rather than gluing a cap over the *outside* of the pipe, maybe there's some kind of cap that I can glue on the *inside* of it istead.  However, I don't know of any such pipe fitting.  It seems that all the home improvement stores around here sell fittings that go on the outside of the pipe.  So I'm looking for creative ways to plug up the end of this pipe. The other end of this pipe connects to other sewer pipes in the house that are currently in use.  I thought of possibly pouring a cement-like substance into the pipe to seal it, but I can't guarantee that it wouldn't go into the rest of the system and cause a disastrous plug for the whole thing. PS:  Excuse the orientation of the photos I've attached to this posting.  They looked fine on my phone, but when I upload them to Instructables, the site insists on rotating them. PPS: I do plan to cut the PVC pipe off even with the floor just before sealing it.  I'll use my trusty Dremel Multi-Max for that.

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Washing Machine drain water disposal

Having had a washing machine drain line problem this weekend, I began wondering about ways of disposing of the drain water. With the soap and bleach I'm not sure of just pumping in to the lawn. This time of the year (Summer) the ground around the house slab get very dry and separates from the slab and I was thinking drain water might help but again not sure of yard and flower effects. Seem like a huge waster of reusable water. Any ideas?

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drilled hole in rain drain pipe

Hi i accidentally drilled 3 hole in a 100mm pvc rain water drain pipe which comes from my roof. any ideas on how to fix this without breaking and chopping the wall?the pipe is behind a brick wall. please any help would be appreciated. thank you

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How to reduce LED drain on battery?

I have a Cree Q5 LED, I established the typical forward voltage is 3.7V and the maximum current is 1000mA. I'm confused as to how I reduce the current, I want it to run at 350mA, I know this is possible, I'm just not sure on how to go about doing this. Can anyone point out how I do this. Thank you.

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Need ideas how to cover pipes/drains

Dear all As you can see, this "box" broke. I am looking for new ideas please! I have something in my mind, but before I share it, let's hear what ideas people have.

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How do you open a clogged plumbing air vent to a kitchen sink? Answered

We are having a plumbing problem with the  kitchen sink draining. The dishwasher ( for the most part) drains, but the kitchen sink does not. We have  tried the regular drain cleaners with no success. Then on the Internet it said to try sulfuric acid. When he went to Lowe's to get the acid, the Lowe's man suggested another really good drain cleaner and we tried it, it was something that you put so much in for 3 days. It didn't work. Last night we tried the sulfuric acid, sink still not draining. Or I should say , it drains very very very slow, pretty much takes several hours to drain. He has also been up on the roof checking to see if there was a bird nest or something blocking the vent. He didn't find any obstruction. He used a plumbers snake and he could put it down through the vent until it reached water. However , the plumbers snake did come loose from the handle, and now it is in the vent. We don't know how to get it out, or if it will be a problem in the vent. ....and he did not take a hose up to the roof and run water into the vent. That is the only thing I see that we have not done yet. He has taken all the pipes apart under the sink and run the snake under there as far as he can, there is no clog under the sink that we can find. Those drain pipes are all put back together. The plumbing in the rest of the home all works properly.

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Kitchen sink won't drain, seems like there is an obstruction. Liquid drain cleaners have not worked.

This issue is with the left side of a double kitchen sink, which will not drain at all. The right side drains fine. We do not have a garbage disposal or dishwasher. Liquid drain cleaners have not worked. My husband used a snake in the sink, it only went in about an inch and it felt like it was hitting something very hard like metal all th way around. What could be the problem?

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lipo usb charger drains phone battery Answered

Hi guys, tried to make my own minty boost. I used a 3.7v battery 14.8 w/h Dc/dc booster lithium charge controller switch and a blocking diode. my phone when plugged has a smaller charge than when i started charging. I have a diode from the charge controller going to the dc/dc boost and a diode from the incoming solar panel.  please help!!

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How do you trace a drain on the battery of your car with an alarm installed?

My Stratus has enough of a drain to need jumped daily even with long driving. The alternator and battery seem to be fine. I have an alarm that can be turned off but I know it still causes some drain since the LED indicator for it blinks when it is turned off. How can I trace the drain with the alarm still attached? I don't know where it is wired into the car because it cam with the car, apparently as an available option.

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I can't figure out how to get the drain stopper out of my tub/shower? I can clean out whatever accumulated hair/gunk is making it drain so slow... ? What to do (besides get a plumber)? I've tried yanking it, and unscrewing (Neither direction works)?

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Generate Power from water leaving your home

It occurs to me that a lot of power is supplied to pump water into my home -- into my showers, dishwasher, sinks, toilets, etc. And then, as that water plummets from the second story bathroom back into the ground, it builds up a lot of power due to gravity -- and it just goes whooshing away. So let's develop some sort of mechanism that will harvest the energy of that moving water as it leaves our homes. The initial thought is turbines or wheels, sure, but you have to remember the stuff that is leaving the house in that water: hair, food scraps, and all your bathroom functions. So we need to either develop a system that cannot be jammed, filter & divert the water before it reaches our device, or develop a system that harvests the energy without interfering with the flow.

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Roof Top Siphon

I have a flat roof that collects about an inch and a half or more of water after a good rain. I want to get it off with a battery powered siphon that would drain it into the gutter. Any ideas?

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where can I find liquid fire drain opener.?

Where can I find liquid fire drain opener.

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UPDATED: Today I was totally GROSSED OUT....Plus pics, and progress !

The landlord came today to "fix the walls" again, like he did a few months ago, and again 3 days ago....but his helper told him this wasn't they started tearing the Bathroom and Bedroom wall (the adjoining wall) down.  The portion towards the outside wall of the building.....they found a pipe that was leaking....a big 9 or 10 inch iron pipe......guess what?   That is the drain from upstairs for the bathroom sink, the bath tub, and the TOILET.   For over 6 months now, we have had our bedroom wall deteriorating and being soaked by SEWAGE.... The helper told me in confidence that we are not the only ones he does this too.....grrrrrrrr. Pictures have been updated with ones I took...      

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Mosfet Question

Hey guys, I am doing the arduino controlled rgb leds (1 watt leds) project and I am going to use mosfets for the leds. I ordered 3 IRF540 mosfets, 1 for each color of leds (Red, Green, Blue). the arduino is going to use pwm to control the leds but the arduino can only supply 5V at 40mA max. The mosfet have gate-source voltage of +/- 20V and a gate-threshold voltage of 2.0V to 4.0V. Do i need a driver circuit between the arduino and the mosfets and if not is 5V sufficient to run the mosfets in pwm? If i do need a drive circuit, does someone have a schematic since i am inexperienced at electronics? Would i need a heatsinks for the mosfets? thankx for any insight...

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my RTL memory circuit is an oscillator? please help! Answered

Today I soldered together a "D-latch" one bit memory circuit comprised entirely of resistors and transistors. If someone asks me about the schematic, I'll post it. The weird thing about my RTL (resistor transistor logic) memory circuit is that it also works as an oscillator that short circuits my power supply. There is also a slight delay between when i try to set my D-latch's memory state, and when it actually happens.  I have an educated guess that the delay in state change is caused by whatever bizarre mistake caused the oscillation within the circuit. does anyone know of any resistor transistor timer circuits on the web? that may help quite a bit. (lol. EPIC memory pun) the picture above is my device. the oscillation is around 1.2 Hertz. it occurs when the D (data) input of my memory circuit is high. as you can see, this is really confounding me. please help with a comment!

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Local members Brain Drain Cape Cod, MA/RI?

I'd love to make a lot of the things on this site but even more than that I'd like to meet members nearby and share ideas, who knows what could come of it! I'd love to make some friends who are interested in this stuff! If you live on or around Cape Cod or anywhere between here and Rhode Island, post here and let's organize a meetup!

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How long will 3528 LED strips drain a motorcycle battery?

The battery is a duraboost battery made for ATVs and is in a YFZ450 (sport quad). The battery is 12 volts and so are the LEDs but i am afraid that the LEDs will drain the battery or just blow the LEDs from all the current it has to offer. They need .4 amps per meter and I am using about 4-5 meters. I want to know if i must make sure I have a full battery and how long i have until i get low on juice.

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how do i increase the current draw from a 3v non-rechargeable lithium battery? Answered

Hi, ive got some 1/2AA batteries that ide like to use to make some nichrome wire glow, in a really small device. now, using one of these batteries, im able to make my nichrome wire glow with one , but only if there is less than 0.5cm of nichrome. if i use two batteries, and increase the voltage form 3.6v to 7.2v, then the length of wire it can make glow increases to 1.2cm, which is ok, but two batteries take up too much space. So i want to know, is there anything i can do, to increase the voltage or current of the battery? such as a simple battery drainer or something that would pull its power rapidly and pass it all through the nichrome wire so that it would glow the same as if the voltage was doubled without actually using a second battery?

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custom cellphone battery charger drains out the cellphone battery..why?? Answered

I made a cellphone battery charger from 3 AA batteries.The combination of 3 AA batteries was at a higher potential than the cellphone battery, but when i connected both of them for charging, the potential of 3 AA batteries remained same but the cellphone battery was completely drained.why??If someone could explain maybe??

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Drain line from dishwasher is leaking when the garbage disposal is turned on?

So occasionally when we turn on the garbage disposal there's a PVC pipe in the cabinet under the sink where the drain line from the dishwasher feeds into that will spew water out all over the floor of the sink cabinet. It seems like it mainly happens when we hit the garbage disposal while the dishwasher is running. The sink will sometimes have water in it - but not full. This last time it was filled about 1/3 of the way with water. Other times it's had even less. Are we just not supposed to run the disposal when the dishwasher is running? Or could it just be a clogged pipe that we need to run a snake through? Thanks in advance for your help. :)

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Can I use a multimeter to ground/drain charge from IC?

I need to ground a FlashRAM chip to clear it, and I'd like to use a multimeter to do it, but not sure how. Red probe or black? What setting on the meter?It would be great if I could see if there is a charge on the IC and watch it dissipate in real time.Any advice would be most appreciated.

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Can I use a smart charger to charge non high drain batteries?

On all the airsoft smart chargers I have looked at, they all say you can only charge high drain batteries. My battery doesn't really specify whether it is high drain or not. It doesn't make sense to not be able to charge it with a smart charger if it is not high drain. My battery is 8.4 volt 1600 mah stick type.

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how do i clear a clogged bathtub/shower drain from home?

Im looking for a home remedy

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Can I add a kitchen sink (and dishwasher) drain to an existing vent from bathroom downstairs? Answered

Im moving the kitchen sink to other side of room.  There is a vent pipe from basement bathroom running just under where the sink will be.  Can I attach the drain to the vent? I was going to use a cheater vent for the new sink.  If  I have to run the drain to the old (kitchen) drain, this will mean a new ceiling in finished basement room.

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How to make an abdomen that can hold liquid and keep its shape when drained?

I am setting up a training session to teach ascetic drains (draining fluid out of an abdomen-therapeutic reasons). So I need something that resembles a distended tummy, that can hold liquid in it and will not pop if we put a needle through it to drain the liquid.  Thank you

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Just interested to know where abouts you guys go Urbexing. Could list the locations of some drains, tunnels, or abandoned structures.

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Washing machine drain overflows with new washing machine water volume got a solution?.

All other plumbing works great, this one backs up with new washer water volume during spin?  Can I run a snake down the vent? Any other suggestions?  I ask this because there doesn't seem to be an open airwary when draining high volume of water.  When washing machine stops draining the water flows down the pipe.  It is just when it is too much volume that the problem occurs.  Probably a gallon of water ends up on floor.   Need some advice. Note that adjacent to laundry room is half bath and plumbing there is working fine, also kitchen sink and dishwasher are  within 15 feet and no problems from them.  Looking for advice.

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What is a good way to drain the sludge out of the bottom of a three year old electric water heater? Answered

I've never done it before.  Do I need to turn it off?  Is the water safe on a vegetable garden? The back yard is lower than the basement. A hose could reach that far.

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What is the best way to repair a small leak in a non-pressurized PVC drain pipe?

I have a slow (approximately 10 mL per 10 minute) leak in a PVC drain pipe. Cutting out and repairing the entire section would be extremely annoying, and I'd undoubtedly introduce another leak. Has anyone had success repairing a non-pressurized leak in PVC with caulk, or a specialty product such as ? Specifically, could I just fill up the space between the reducing bushing and the coupling shown in the picture?

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i tried the 9v mp3 and cell charger but it ends up draining my battery

Even though my device is indicating charging what am i doing wrong?

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Does a basement sink require venting?

 We live in a house built in 1979, and the builder subbed a drain pipe in the basement concrete for a wet bar.  They installed it far too close to the wall to build a bar, but too far from a wall to be useful in any way.  We have enclosed it in a small room behind a fish tank, and we want to make a small utility sink to drain the tank.  It doesn't have a water source, and it is awkwardly positioned in the room, even in this application.  I was looking through a home improvement book and saw a photograph of a basement subbed for a bath and it showed a sink vent.  Our drain most certainly doesn't have a vent.  Is this an issue?  Does every sink/drain need venting, or is it enough that (hopefully) the other drains in the house are vented?

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How can I make a drain hose for my portable dishwasher to reach the sink without moving?

I have a small kitchen and a portable dishwasher. It currently hooks into the sink faucet and drains into the sink just fine. However, I would love a way to operate it without having to move it over to the sink every time. I can probably extend the hose from the faucet that sends water to the washer just fine - that just means hooking up a standard adapter to either end of a 12-hose.What I can't seem to find is a fitting that will attach to the drain part (square part in the attached picture), so the used water goes back into the sink. I've looked and asked around, and there doesn't seem to be any standard manufacture parts to do this.So what might I be able to put around the square draining output pictured above or otherwise attach to it, so the drained water can go into the sink? For a similar distance of 12 feet of extra hose? I would also rather not cut into the hose itself, if that's possible.Thanks!

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when america goes down the drain and all hell breaks loose, what items would i need to have to survive?

Im talking things such as gas masks and things like that. and how i could make these things cheap.

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Does anyone have an instructable for DIY "porch potty" for dogs? Answered

A "porch potty" looks like a shower pan inlaid with Astroturf. The commercial version has a pop-up sprinkler head to wash it down and a drain hose in the bottom (or a drain pan). Asking price is about $250!! Help!

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Dishwasher discharges water used in each separate cycle through overflow pipe on sink and not through disposal into drain pipe. The dish-washing cycle is normal. How can I fix this so used dishwasher water leaves dishwasher via water drain rather than through overflow located on top of sink?

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