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I had a really weird dream last night about a guy in my class texting the teacher and getting his cellphone confiscated, so I decided to post this to see what weird dreams you have had

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Do you think dreams are anything more than the subconscious working through stuff? I used to think that's all it was, but sometimes I wake up thinking "why the hell did I just dream that? (Of all things I could have dreamt about)?

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crazy dreams

Ever have them crazy dreams? This afternoon I went home and ate some salsa con cheese and took a nap after work.(an american nap, yes there is a difference). Now I dont know if it was the cheese or what but I had this dream of "romantic nature" and at the end the girl turned into a bag of salad! I dont know if its because I recently moved to Lawton Oklahoma. (Its not that bad) or eating cheese before nap time.

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the weirdest dream...

I had this creepy dream, and i met eric and he got mad at me and started to try to kill me and the instructables robot was doing something (i forgot) and a bunch of scary stuff happened. so i woke up and ate a muffin, hotels give me bad the way, i came back from reno on friday, and went to westport near ocean shores

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Lucid Dreaming

Google it. Try and control your dreams? I'm gunna try it, sounds cool and awesome, gunna do it right now, if it works I'll right an instructable. Going to bed now, nighty night! I know this is my 3rd topic today, but I just had to post this cause it's cool!

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Control your dreams by playing video games

LiveScience is reporting that playing video games before bed can help gamers control their dreams. This can be helpful for those who have troublesome dreams. "If you're spending hours a day in a virtual reality, if nothing else it's practice," said Jayne Gackenbach, a psychologist at Grant MacEwan University in Canada. "Gamers are used to controlling their game environments, so that can translate into dreams." I can personally attest to the fact that playing a ton of Tetris will affect your dreams. You'll be seeing those blocks fall down, endlessly clearing lines. After playing the heck out of Resident Evil 4 I had dreams of fighting back zombies for months. Far from a nightmare, I always found it to be a fun challenge. Does anyone else have any experiences with video games and dreams? Video Gamers Can Control Dreams, Study Suggests via Slashdot

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Goals: What are they?

Everyone has them! What are they? Type your goals that you hope to achieve. They can be short-term or long-term. And if you already reached it, how do you feel and how was the climb.

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many people say they are not real but HOW DO THEY MAKE SO MANY STORIES AND HOW DO THEY KNOW WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE? if they arent real then how do people know what to descive them as? how do people know they arent there?

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What's Weirdest Dream You've Ever Had?

Tell me the weirdest thing you've dreamed of before?

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What's your dream?

Hey folks, A quick activity for y'all Share your dream, or a word of encouragement to a fellow dreamer: Thank you! :) Cheers, Alberta

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Dream Build Team

Who would be in your dream build team?  You have an idea, a plan. Now you just need to build it, perfect it, sale it. You can't do all of it so you need a team not a large team, but a good, no, brillant team. What people types would you need? You're the Planner/Mastermind, now name the other types you would need.

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Lucid Dreaming Project

Hey Instructables, We are a group of college students working an open source project that we believe is pretty cool. As we are not as experienced as many of the people here on this board we thought we would make a small post that could help us recruit a few people who are interested to chip in knowledge! Currently we are working on an open source accurate lucid dreaming project. What we are doing is trying to take the information from a Zeo Mobile Monitor and use it to accurately tell when a person goes into REM sleep and then initiate a sequence of LEDs that  should create visual anomalies in dreams. Now, yes there are projects that work with leds and sounds to try and induce lucid dreaming, but none of them can accurately tell when a user is in REM sleep, which is the stage that people usually dream in. We believe that the Zeo is the most accurate (available) method to tell if a person is in REM. So we created a project to make this a reality. We had an old domain name so we went ahead and started it up. If anyone is interest in the project please visit our site and click on the Lucid Dreaming to read about our progress. Also comment on here or on the website because trust me, we can use all the help possible. Or Pm me emails me etc Also this project is not for a class or money. It's just a fun project that we decided to do on the side to help us learn some more engineering.

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Your Dream Game

Let's say that you have an idea for making a videogame. You are good with 3D software, designing, game flow, you are creative, and you are a programming GOD. What woud you dream game be? Would it be a simple arcade or a puzzle game? Or would it be a complex RPG or action game? Would it have a story? Are you even working on it now? Do you have artwork or ideas you wish to share? Remember-it is your dream game. It's whatever you want it to be.

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I dream of cheesy

I have just learned that people believe that eating cheese before bed will give you nightmares. I have also just learned that scientists have proven this not true. In fact, earing cheese before bed will improve your sleep and depending on the type of cheese that you have eaten, will depend on the types of dreams that you have. Now, I wonder how all that Cheez Whiz that Tetranitrate has been eating is affecting his sleep. You can't make this stuff up.

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Freecycle is a maker's dream

I know freecycle has been mentioned here before, but I thought I'd share just how good a resource it can be for people wanting either a) projects b) cool stuff that they don't mind fixing up a little This is a picture of most of the stuff I've acquired from freecycle in the last few months. Most of it was for fodder for electronics-ish projects, but there were a few things of genuine utility that it just turned out no-one else wanted. Sometimes I find it hard to believe the amount of stuff you can get from freecycle- someone could probably set up a shop dedicated to just reselling reconditioned stuff. It would be like Steptoe and son (US readers: Sandford and son) but with more slightly-out-of-date-but-perfectly-serviceable computers.

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If you die in a dream, do you really die? Answered

My friends and I are attempting to lucid dream. I don't wanna die and I'm sure my friends don't wanna die and I've heard mixed things. So is it Myth or Fact? UPDATE: Thanks for all the answers guys!  I just realized how dumb of a question it was after reading a post that said Even if someone died in a dream and actually died they wouldn't live to tell the tale. Again thanks for the answers! A_Person.

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what does this dream mean ?

The inportant part was when psychiatrist said u wear this collar becuase she was giving a pep talk to someone else

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Weird-o Dream-o

Wow! I've been experiencing a chain of weird, almost scary dreams lately involving instructables...... It was a normal Sunday afternoon, I go to I'bles, and I read my comment tracker. I can actually read the comments I will get later on in the real world. I kept having these dreams for about a week. Meh, Strange stuff..... Do you have weird dreams of your own? if so, post it here! UPDATE!!!! Another very weird dream! It was a normal afternoon. I read comics. Then, suddenly, strangers started saying gibberish. This was repeated for about 6 times, then I wake up. The first thing I realized is now my penis is " modded " by my parents... I screamed because of the intense pain......

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What's your dream car?

We all have one, what is yours? Mine would be A) Chrysler ME 412 or B) Saleen S7

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please explain my dream? Answered

I had a very strange dream: the sky was dark a giant scary tree came out from the ground with skulls hanging from it there was a green kid hanged from it i found a rope and pulled it, the sun came out and the rope the kid was hanging from turned to candy the skulls turned into flowers the kid turned to normal skin color and the kid started climbing the candy rope and droped down  in front of me and started dancing then i woke up

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Expriment : Lucid Dreaming #1

.Hi there.For those of you who don't know what's "Lucid dreaming", it's the ability to take the control of a dream by becoming fully aware in it, and to "visit" this alternate reality. (Note : GuyFrom7up made a instructable about an experimental lucid dream machine here )In most of our dreams, we're simple spectators. In fantasy, our imagination has to do all the work.In "lucid dreaming", the "dream world" is not generated by the same aware part of the brain that manages "imagination". The "dream world" is created "somewhere else" in our subconscious. So, becoming aware into this "dream world" is like an immersion into a video-game, or a virtual reality ...It is said that our awareness has the ability to change the content of this "virtual reality", that we are able to "create" objects just by imagining them, and that we can touch and manipulate them like if they were real, etc ...(it would be possible to write books or compose complete symphonies there for instance)I've just experienced my first lucid dream this morning.It was not a frightening experience at all. Thanks to it, I learned a lot about myself.When you're starting to sleep, a lot of random pictures and scenes appears in your mind. Most of them don't make sense at all ... Most of the time, when your brain tries to understand them as they appear, this interrupt them and you wake-up.When they come back, if your brain is too tired to analyse them, then, they "catch you" and you fall asleep.If you manage to "watch" them without interrupting them, your awareness will "follow" them, and you'll become aware into them.During my experience, I noticed something very interesting : My "awareness" was kind of separated in two parts : - there was my bad side who was controlling my "dream body" and acted like an evil entity who had just escaped from hell ................- and there was my wise side who was silently witnessing my other-side doing "evil things" ...(both were into the same dream body though. They were just thinking independently, like if they were no more mixed together, like if they were both "pure" ...)And at one moment, my wise side said : «Come on , look at what you're doing ...»And then, I had the choice to continue, or to wake up. And I woke up.Then, the question I asked to myself was : « who is aware ? »(or in other words : did I noticed, thanks to this experience, that my awareness of the everyday life is, in fact, a composite of two "struggling forces" of opposite nature, mixed together and acting like one in a same body, and separating from each others during the sleep ?)Also, this first experience was very unstable :- it was difficult to remain into this "dream world", because the awareness tends to use physical senses (physical eyes, physical ears, etc) instead of the "dream senses", and the dream tends to fade ...- also, I noticed that the dream was not clear and bright, probably because my "physical sight" and my "dream sight" were mixed together (there was some light into my bedroom that was filtering through my eyelids)That was a very interesting experience. I will try again, with the hope that my "evil side" will calm down a little and will let my wise side explore that inner universe in more serious way ............. =o)

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What is your dream arsenal??

Okay I have a question for all of you. What is your dream arsenal?? I want to hear from all for you telling us what you would want for an arsenal. Also if you already have an arsenal put together tell us what you have in it. My arsenal: Rifles: A rifle based on the Rectangle ZKAR AR-4 V3 Knexsayer BRV1 My long rifle DD-27 Pistols: FX-9 FX-9 V2.5 Spiff Oodassault pistol Crossbows: FX-9 V2 My arsenal is pretty much my dream arsenal. lol Now jump in and tell us about your dream arsenal.

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An instructablers dream property in Maine

Totally random posting, but when I saw this Maine property listing I immediately thought it would be a haven as a DIYer commune.

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What's your DREAM workshop

Hello everyone!I am looking to create a local makerspace in my town and I want to know what you guys would like in your DREAM workshop. Anything you can imagine no matter how big or small. Post anything you can think of. If it's something that can be built fairly easily too, even better.

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The lucid dream programming thing

I commented on the instructable, but i know no one is gonna reply anytime soon so im going to copy and paste my problem I still don't understand the programming thing i know you need to plug it into the computer with an AVR thingy or USB but like on the picture it doesn't even show either of them, so how did you program it? please help and don't gimme that link of that ghetto programming thing cause it's confusing to me too... yeah and I'm not really that good with tech so put it in beginner friendly words thanks for whoever helps

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Since We're on The Topic of Dreams...

Well, I've seen quite the lot of dreams being posted, and it just so happened I had one last night:Starting from when I can remember:Me and two of my friends got selected to fly into space to investigate mysterious disappearances of items from the Space Station..So we go through training, and tests, and finally comes the date of liftoff(I can't recall much though here)while were are in the space station, I notice something...this isn't the space station NASA sent us to, Its an exact replica of the parking lot at Macy's in my town...I look around..and my one friend (cody) says "Hey man, thats your car isn't it?""Wait a sec.. IT IS!"I walk up to the car, and reach into my keys are chiming off each other as my hand shakes..I unlock the door, and sit inside..checking the sun visor, and to my astonishment, there is a picture of my crush (whom I wont mention)the picture is folded and faded..I get out of the car, and look around..I'm back in Cape Canaveral!in the parking lot of I walk with my two friends in the doors, I am greeted by Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google)((which I never knew till i searched for it today after my dream))he says "It'll be great having you with us in our mysterious hunt for the missing items in the Space Station."My friend (cody) says "Wait a second, I forgot my travelers guitar" (in the trunk of his car)so we go to get his guitar and as he's pulling it out, I notice something in his car..A GUN!"Why do you have a gun in your car cody?"as I finished saying that, these two men ride up on a moped and demand (in broken English):"Best not make any sudden movements"as the two guys talk amongst themselves, I whisper to cody"Psst, grab your guitar, and get down"He grabs the guitar, and ducks down as I reach for the gun, which ends up to be a .22-250, and shoot the one guy in the leg, he falls, the other guy pulls from his pants a handgun, he fires three shots, and I fire two, they all miss,I load my second to last shell, and take aim...POWthrough the chin, into the throat, and out his neck my shot traveledhe lays motionless on the ground as his partner, hobbles on to his moped and rides away..I gather myself, and get my friend, as we walk by the entrance to the building I see these two gentlemen playing a tune, my friend sits down, and strums along..they were playing Boom Boom by John Lee Hooker...which incidentally was the song I awoke too this morning....prolly the weirdest, most vivid dream I have ever had...Sorry about the plethora of misspellings, non-capitalization and spotty punctuation.. its late, and I need sleep..

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has any one cried in a dream and then woke up and had tears in real life.?

Like some one die in a dream  and cried and then woke and they were crying in real life.

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Dream It, Draw It, Wear It, Contest Question

I was wondering if we could use the Betabrand logo in our design?

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'Craft Your Dream Car' Competition

A competition for those interested in crafts and/or cars. £200 prize!

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what color is good for lucid dreaming? Answered

I want to make a lucid dreaming mask so that i could lucidly dream, i already have the program written down for the timing, but I need to know what color led's to use. here is a link about what i would like: i just really need to know what color would induce lucid dreaming the easiest. thanks

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2 Different dreams in the same place?

I just realized that I had a dream this morning in the same location... twice. By that, I mean (in a gaming sort of fashion) you started playing a game, then halfway through, your mom called you and you had to save your progress. You then resume to your most recent progress in the game and continue playing. It felt something like that, and I can't explain how that happened (also given that I had the first one weeks ago). Out of curiosity, has anyone else experienced such a thing? And if so, what are they called (if at all)? ***It's been a while since I've done anything in Instructables lately.

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concet? Answered

Could  i somehow connect to somebody    dreams when i am asleep 

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what does it mean when i dream of someone?

What does it mean when i dream of someone i know, i dreamed that we were dating but the thing is i get asked out often i turn alot of them down, i dont know why. i thinks its a fear of something. also im around her at school and were good friends. also i was dreaming about someone i didnt know, but the thing is we were dating for sure, i kissed her and hugged her and i coaught onto her even in my dreams. im actually hoping that shes in my future just like all my other dreams are. i even asked her out in my dream she didnt reply exept with a kiss. i will be going to a new school in a few years, she could also be a new student coming up in a few years. i really want to meet her though.

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I had a dream where I was dating a girl who I don't know, I just know of her?

I had a dream last night that I was dating this girl who I don't really know. She ain't in my year she is in the year below me. I've never spoken to her but she's hot and I dreamt that we was bf and gf, we kissed and everything. But I don't know her. What does this dream mean???

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Twelve-year old lands dream job

A schoolboy has beaten thousands of other youngsters to land every child's dream job - official taster for a sweet company.Harry Willsher's chief responsibilities will be eating Love Hearts, Refreshers and Cola Bottles in the name of research to make sure they are up to the standard expected by the average confectionery connoisseur.The 12-year-old won the coveted post by emailing a description of his favourite sweet, the Drumstick lolly, to Swizzels Matlow, a confectionery company based in Derbyshire.He's getting "sacks" of sweets posted to his house, a personalised overall, a tour of the sweet factory and £500 in shopping vouchers.(Plus the number of a decent dentist?)Daily Mail article.

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What is the motorcycle of your dreams? Price is no object.

If money was no object, what motorcycle(s) would you want to own? For me it would have to be a Vincent Rapide, or a Brough Superior. Also, I'd like to own some historic bikes, like ones that belonged to : Pancho Villa, Evel Knievel, Lawrence of Arabia, Elvis, Bob Dylan, Steve McQueen, or maybe Peter Fonda's Captain America.

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Help Give Kids Their Dream Halloween Costume

You might remember instructables author Ryanthedude who made this amazing Halloween costume for his son who is in a wheelchair. He's doing a kickstarter campaign to raise money to build more awesome wheelchair costumes for kids and is sporting a robot t-shirt in the kickstarter video! Check it out and consider donating a few bucks to help give a kid a Halloween they will never forget!

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What books got you diy-dreaming?

I can remember reading DIY books as a child and feeling empowered to build.  Plans and dreams suddenly seemed within my reach.  Ultimate forts, robots, go-karts, chemistry experiments of rotten-egg gas... Online searching is replacing the hunt for hard bound how-to's.  However, I still love finding instructions in used books or old library stacks.  A lab partner in college found an old schematic of a vacuum-tube amplifier at a flea market.  The clarity of that diagram convinced us to make the amp for his guitar. Along those lines, I see some books have been mentioned in other forum postings  The American Boy's Handy Book The Forgotten Crafts Gizmos Haywired: Pointless (Yet Awesome) Projects for the Electronically Inclined Play With Your Food Two books I have found to be inspiring are The Art of Electronics by Horowitz & Hill and Stalking the Wild Asparagus by Euell Gibbons.  Art of Electronics pulled me out of "the bush league".  As for Stalking, I had never before read a cook book which paid so much attention to the preparation of the ingredients, as wild dishes require.  Classics. Care to share what set you free / inspired your creativity?

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Idea: drive your paper dream car!

Here's an idea I had but realistically won't have time to work on. Okay, so there are these things called kit cars that have been around for years.  Basic idea being, you put a cooler looking body on your regular everyday car.  Neat idea but even the cheap ones start about 3 grand!  That's a lot of money for a raw chunk of fiberglass to add to car not worth half that.  Also there are other disappointments like: good luck getting the exact design you want that just happens to fit your make/model. Now in seemingly unrelated news these cosplay people have figured out how to (ab)use some software called pepakura to print out life-sized paper models of swords and armor and stuff.  Then to make them useable they fiberglass them, bondo and paint... HEY!  WAIT A MINUTE!  That's all car autobody stuff! You see where I'm going with this. Thus, therefore, and in conclusion my suggestion is that you do the following: 1) Watch "The Hero Tutorials" on youtube.  Pretty much the definitive guide for the paper cosplay thing. 2) Print out a lifesize copy of the batmobile or whatever and tape it to your car. 3) Do the autobody thing for tedious weeks on end. 4) Post an instructable in a contest I'm entered in and swipe the prize right from under my nose. 5) I feel sad at having become the instrument of my own undoing... yet console myself over the fact that the net awesomeness of the universe has increased significantly.

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LED Dream BAll how can I fix this? Or rig it differently?

I have (3) of these LED DREAM Ball lights that come with a remote to change colors all three of stopped working, Im thinking its the base that gives out- but what other light source could I put inside of it to make it work again?

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Cookie jar is closed! Cookie patches delivered!

The cookie jar is open for the next day and a half. If you want a cookie, just follow these instructions: - Make a new comment - In 10 words or less write what your dream project is - Submit it before 4:30 pm PST, July 21.You don't need to ask for a cookie, you just need to put out your idea with 10 words or less.So... what's your dream project?UPDATE: The cookie jar is cloooooooosed! Thanks to everyone who posted a comment of their dream projects. It's always fun to dream and dream big. All of the cookie patches have been given out. I said 10 words and I meant it. I'm a stickler, I know, but I will be giving patches out again in the future 'cuz you're all awesome and it's fun.

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Gamers - What is a name for a Tough Guy Castle?

Could you help me think of something? I want to say the opposite of a Malibu Barbie Dream House.This isn't a Malibu Barbie Dream House - it's SomeplaceOrToughGuyHere 's Castle!Thanks

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OH MY MUFFINS!I'M IN!!!!!!!When I first found out, I was flipping out inside! I told my parents and they went nuts.... I can't believe that I got it. This is literally a dream come true!I've dreamed about going to MIT for oh... *counts* six years now, and my dream has finally (almost!) come true! Holy cow..... Is this real life?Just to make sure:Could this be the truth?Did MIT accept me?Hooray! It is true!

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where can i watch - lenny henry`s in dream... if any one has a copy please upload to you tube

Lenny henry stared in a program one christmas years back called lenny henry in dreams. where can i watch this again iv looked on the web and can`t find a link anywhere. i had a copy on video then my sister coppied over it with big brother.. lost for ever... only found part on you tube..  hope some1 has a copy??

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Dinosaur Bed!

It's a dinosaur bed! Sure to eat up all those bad dreams, right? Link

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What does it mean when I have a dream about the person I like? Answered

In the dream, i was at this dinner party thing, and most of my friends are there and the girl i like is there with her parents (which ive never met in real life before). The girl's mom asked her if i was the one? and she said yes, and then the dinner thing just continued. After a while most of the people started to leave and it was just me the girl and her parents. She invited me to the bathroom and she said "I really like you" then we hugged and I said "I really like you too" and im not too sure what happened after, I think we ended up at her place not sure what we were what does this mean, is this a good sign?

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