drink hats

Well im building a drink hat and would like some tips for the tubes and for the can holders or could someone else post how they did theirs

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Drinking Water

Hello! Here's the big one for all you engineers, inventors, and smart-dudes. How can we purify water cheaply, efficiently, and safely for the rest of the world who needs it? Go team GO!

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Beer drinking robot

Just got the new Instructables book Awesome projects from unexpected places and look whats on page one, I knew someone was drinking all my beer! https://www.instructables.com/id/Wine-Barrel-Beer-Table/

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Lots of Drinking straws

My mom threw away a bag of drinking straws (about 200-300 left) , they are wraped in paper, any ideas on what to do with them for a new Instructable or something. PS: took the picture last year and had nothing to do with it

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Storing carbonated drinks?

 If I'm making a lot (10 litres) of fizzy drinks with CO2 is it okay just to store it in a large plastic container? One of my friends told me that if I put it in the wrong type of container (e.g glass) it can explode. Help?! 

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Drinking Water Condenser

Does anyone have any plans or ideas for a DIY drinking water condenser? Something that can make water from the air would be fantastic, especially as climate change starts to have more and more of an impact on the availability of clean water. Electric powered should be fine, directly solar powered might be more difficult. Any thoughts?

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Naming a mixed drink?

Aight, so I've come up with a cheerwine mixer, that (as far as I've seen) hasn't been made and named before, so I'm looking for awesome name suggestions, thanks!   Cheerwine (12 oz glass bottle preferably)    Approx 1 Tblsp Lime Juice (fresh is best, but more spensive/difficult)    Splash of lemon   Approx 1 shot Cherry Moonshine (More or less according to taste)  Any Ideas?  

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Help with coursework, short survey on teenage drinking?

This is a short piece I am doing on underage drinking for a paperAge? How much of a problem is teenage drinking? (0 = No problem, 10 = Huge problem)Briefly explain the answer given above (optional) :…What age do you think is appropriate to begin drinking? What do you think the legal age to buy and drink alcohol should be? Do you think alcohol should be illegal?Yes/NoDo you think teenagers ‘binge drink’ more than adults? Yes/No

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Boiling urin to make it drinkabul? Answered

Insted of creating a soler still, can I just boil it and colect what evaperts with a rag? will this provid me with drinking water?

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how to build a beer pong table?

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Burmese instant drink question

My dad just got back from Burma. While he was there, he started drinking an instant ginger-based drink, but he could only manage to scrounge up one sachet of the drink to bring home.  Unfortunately, nobody I know understands Burmese script, so we have no idea what else is in it apart from ginger. There must be something, else why the "2 in 1" tag? Anybody know what's in the drink? Or how to read the ingredients?  

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How to carbonate drinks at home?

I want to carbonate drinks but i don't know how and i am not buying a expensive equipment or anything like that so don't send me links where to buy them Thanks!

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Carbonate drinks with compressed air? Answered

So there are a lot of carbonators out there, and they all cost in the range of $50-$100, which is a lot, but the real cost comes form the co2 cartridges. So I was wondering.... why not just use compressed air? sure, it would take longer for all the co2 in the compressed air to reach equilibrium between the water and the air, but i do believe that if you let it sit for long enough, it would work. other gasses would also diffuse into the water, like oxygen, but since gasses are hard to taste, it shouldn't make a big difference. (co2 actually forms carboxylic acid, which tastes sour, but i can live with it not being exactly the right taste) all i have to test this theory is 115 psi from an air compressor... would this be enough?

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Drinking water safe foot pump?

I am trying to make a dishwashing station for camping, and I havn't been able to find a design for a pump that seems food-safe. The designs that I have found for DIY use petrolium jelly for a seal. I would prefer a foot pump, as most of the people that I camp with are young, short, or both. :-) Help for the DIY and physics impaired, please.

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Is drinking water with dry ice in it dangerous? Answered

In Science class we had some dry ice, and a friend put some in the bottom of a class of water, then drank the bubbling water. He said it was safe, and others did it with no apparent ill effects. I tried a little taste of the water and it tasted like mineral water. Is this safe?

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How do I reduce my alcohol allergy?

How do I reduce my alcohol allergy? Tested it, and No, it's not the sulfates... or the pigments... or the fruits/grains... or gluten... or yeast. I'm allergic to alcohol; so in addition to a hangover, I get a full-body rash the next day... and it lasts for half a week after that >.<. HALP pls

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What is your favorite energy drink? Answered

I like MONSTER ENERGY the most.

Question by GTRPLR1995 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Are monster energy drinks bad for you? Answered

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making moonshine more tastefull to drink?

Just curious if anyone knows what i could mix with it to make it more tolerable for me to drink. I'm a wuss lol

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bird made from a drinking straw

I saw a bird made from a drinking straw . Anybody know where to find it? I searched in art and craft here ands didn't find it.

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How do fish drink\urinate?

I now it's a dumb question but I was wondering, if they live in water, can they drink ?

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composter made of igloo drink cooler

I had this idea for a cheap, easy composter, using an igloo type drink cooler. (considering purchase for this purpose) I think it just needs ventilation and straps to hold on the lid when mixing. (have these already) Anything else needed?

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Help with Refrigeration for a (Very) Custom Bar Top

The gist of this question is this: How do I calculate the size compressor rig that I need for a cooling system? The larger context is this: I am building a bar in my living room that has some special features - Namely it has a "cold strip" running across the top of the bar - which amounts to a 4 inch wide strip of chilled copped built into the bar top- to keep your drink cold; as well as two vodka wells - which each hold a bottle of vodka in a frozen bath of (cheaper) vodka (under a glass dome). The bar top is made of Styrofoam and composite materials (I used to make Surfboards) and is basically seamless. The copper tubing will be built into the bar top - under the composite and soldered to a copper plate - which is built into the composite.... you get the picture. I have built "frozen" sculptures in the past using old fridges that I have disassembled and then re tubed. In the past I have always just winged the amount of tubing I used and thus far - have gotten away with it, and the sculptures have always worked. This time though I am buying the compressor new and want to match the unit to the need - but I have no idea how to calculate the needed compressor to the job. Any help would be great. Thanks! And Yes, I will post the Instructable when the bar is completed. :)

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How much Orange juice is safe to drink? Answered

I've been craving orange juice lately. I've been drinking on the order of a half gallon a day, maybe a pint or two less. So, how much can I drink without endangering myself?

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how to get a free monster energy drink sample?

Question by pinkmonkey 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

How Much Soda does everyone usually drink?

How much soda do you usually drink? measured in 12oz (300mL) cans or 16oz energy drink cans. Also, what do you usually drink if you ever go out to eat? Man, i miss my bird rocky

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Whats your favourite cocktail or mixed drink?

Hi everyone Darryl "The Home Bar Guy" Logan I love making cocktails and mixed drinks I was just wondering what kind of Drinks my fellow Instructabler's prefered so please let me know.

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How do you make bobo drinks?

I enjoy the "bobo" drinks that are offered at stores and restaurants, most often where Southeast Asian food is sold. The "bobos" are large tapioca pearls added to a large variety of flavored, often creamy drinks (iced). I would love to make these at home.

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How do I make my own Monster Energy drink?

I love the Monster brand energy drinks! But they are too expensive! How do I make these at home?

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Does anybody know how to make a USB Drink Chiller ?

USB Drink Chiller & Warmer plugs into the USB port of any laptop or desktop Windows computer. Can be set to Warm or Chill a drink.

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What is the best drink for St. Patrick's Day? Answered

Im having a little get toghter with family and a few friends and my parents put me in charge in the "drinks" for everybody that has an "irish theme"

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Why can't Egg Nog be an everyday drink.

So we have probably all had to deal with this. That sudden craving for nog, but alas it is summer and it is no where to be found. Why you may ask, because it is considered a freaking holiday beverage. I don't believe that it should be limited to just a few months. For I am a true lover of Egg Nog, i dream of it year round, but alas it has just hit the shelves at my local stores and will leave in 3 months time. It pains me to have to wait so long to taste its delicious nogginess. WWWWWHHHHYYYYY can't it be an everyday drink????????????

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kid died from drinking too much soda

Last day i read in an artical that this kid died from drinking too much soda. do you think is true or fulse?

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how do you make 8 sheets of paper with10 drinking straws paper glider? ? ?

need 8 sheets of paper 10 drinking straws glue to make it

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Perfect Water

Were hearing all sorts of things about Perfect Empowered Drinking Water producing benefits beyond being a healthy drinking water. Is it more than just water? Are you making specific claims? Perfect Empowered Drinking WaterTM is drinking water, plain and simple. We have worked hard to make the best drinking water we can using the best-bottled water technologies we could find and developing our own as well. The result is a bottled drinking water that combines what we believe to be the best of the best ... a water worthy of its title- Perfect Empowered Drinking Water. http://www.drinkperfectwater.com/$5 per bottle$50 for a 24 packi can sell them to you.read the PDF it has allot of info

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How do I drink froma vacuum flask?

I got a vacuum flask that resembles a shotgun shell for Christmas, but there is one problem - the brass comes off, as it is a cap, but when I push the button on the container, which I though was to drink from, water comes from around it, spilling it all over my chest. This seems like potentially dangerous flaw, as most people store hot drinks in their flasks. Any help would be appreciated!

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if temperature of a cold drink bottle decreases do pressure change?

Question by Dileep Jami 142 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Paint and decorate a bill miller plastic drinking mug?

I want to paint my bill miller bbq mug and decorate it and still be able to use it daily for drinking my tea. Is there a safe non-toxic method?

Question by marlenemdp 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

How do you turn a urinal into a drinking fountain?

I thought this would be an interesting and hilarious project. Please make an instructable if you can!

Question by holy_cow 10 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

WANTED: Recipe for maiking instant powder drink/juice

Hi im looking for a recipe to make an instant powder drink or artificial drink from scratch. that is i would like to do it commercially/manufacture it in south africa.i sort of know the ingredients but need a solid recipe with quantities to go with it. any help will be greatly appreciated. thank you

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what can i do with may corks.....my family drinks alot of wine? Answered

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I have energy drink cans and speakers. Can someone help me figure out how to combine them together?

I have energy drink cans and speakers. Can someone help me figure out how to combine them together?  I'm wanting to make kool speakers for my iPod.

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how to make (DIY) glass that keep the heat of the drink ex for hot coffee? Answered

I like to drink coffe, but it getting cold easily. i wonder how to make my own simple, DIY, glass that can preserve the heat of my drink. thanks before :)

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HOW TO STOP TODDY FROM FERMENTATION ? Toddy - Indian Local Alcoholic Drink

Toddy - Indian Local Alcoholic Drink. and local drink extracted from either a coconut tree or a Palm tree flower. In the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, it is known as "Kallu".  The malays call it Tuak . Drinking toddy has the same effect as drinking any alcoholic beverage.Alcoholic Strength:  Strength of the alcohol is like wine. But is not too strong. i WOULD LIKE TO KNOW HOW TO STOP "fermentation" IF any one have an ans .please write to me or e-mail.to me ar rmschan@hotmail.com                    

Question by rmschandran 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago