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DSi Brew

Im starting this thread on hacking the DSi. Any new developments will be posted here

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how to put music on dsi? Answered

I want to know how to put music on my DSi

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DSI add ons

Im wondering if someone could make an instructable on adding slot 2 from my broken ds to my DSI or posibly making it run 3ds games without 3D (on dsi)


Black friday Dsi

I got the mario bundle which includes 5 mario titles and the dark blue dsi. I got it the sat. after friday at targets. The bundle is totally worth it. Did anyone else by this?

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Nintendo DSi backups?

If I get a Nintendo DSi that was made for Americans (NTSC) would I be able to play PAL backups on my R4i?

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How do I add my mysic in my media playlist to mt Memory card dsi?

I just bought DSI and a memory card I want to down load all my music from Media Playlist to my DSI. We are new to this and need help. my Mama usually figures things out but she is having a brain fart with this.

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DS vs. DS Lite vs. DSi vs. DSi XL

 Here you can talk about the DS, DS Lite, DSi, and DSi XL.

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How to put games on nintendo dsi?

I have the games but i don't know how to put, where to put to play game in nintendo dsi. i am not being able to play games in nintendo dsi its being really problem to me.

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Talk about the DSi Shop and DSiWare here.

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How can I fix my DSi?

Okay, I have a DSi since 2010 (I don't remember when I bought it, so this could be false. Look, it's old. OK?) And it's been working fine untill one day. I turned it on, and the power light (blue in this case) turned on for a milisecond and then turned off. I tried it multiple times but nope. Plugging in the charger makes the charging light blink non-stop. So I tried opening up the DSi (I opended it up mutliple times before so the warranty is voided already. I also did it correctly the other times so opening it isn't the problem here) to find out what is wrong but I found nothing wrong in it! Sure, the ribbon cable connecting to the SD card is broken but it's been like that for years if I remember correctly. Battery was looking allright, took it out with a voltmeter, wasn't dead (Also, I doubt it static electricity because it wouldn't do ANYTHING). So, I closed it up and opended up the charger. Strangely enough, a piece of the charger's motherboard was cut off! Like someone took a bite! But how could I be using that charger for all this time and it was working. I won't use it again, defenitely. So I went to a store to try out the store's charger, it gets weirder. I plugged it in and the charging light flickered like before BUT, for only a couple of seconds. Anyway, I went home and couldn't figure it out what it is. Only thing I imagine is the charge port (the port where you put the cable to charge it, duh). I'm sorry if you cannot see the pictures very clear but my camera doesn't focus very well, and I'm not a profesional photographer to set the focus etc. So I'm writing now. Please help! Thanks  

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when i play some of my coverted DPG music videos on my DSi using a R4 Chip Reader, the sound is distorted.?

Hello, i can play some of music videos and they work perfectly.  The others have squelching and pixel distortion.  They all look fine on my PC when i view them using DPGShow.  When i view the videos on my DSi, i know which ones will work ok as they display the duration in minutes next to video title.  has anybody else had issues?  i've tried numerous conversions but hit the same issue witht he same video files. thanks in advance any help would be appreciated

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Flipnote Hatena version 2

If Nintendo Made a second Version of Flipnote,What would It have?  would It be compatible for  3ds? what Improvments would It have?

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Nintendo ds-ds lite-dsi.

Nintendo ds, ds lite and dsi. What do you think? Which one is the best?

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Nintendo wii to nintendo DSI game transfer

Can you transfer a game from the nintendo wii to an SD card and then play it on a nintendo DSI?

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Should I buy the nintendo dsi xl? Answered

I have a Nintendo DS lite and play with it alot. But the Nintendo DSi has DSiware allowing players to puchase games over wi-fi connection. My question is to buy a DSi xl or wait for the Nintendo 3DS.  Thanks! 

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how to make a dsi porable charger??

Hi there i want to make portable charger to charge my dsi i first thing of using 4aa rechargable batterys but those batterys put out 5.3volts and my dsi only need 4.6volt so if anyone knows please help me!!!

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Instant messenger on your Nintendo Dsi!

I have finally found a way on how to get instant messenger on your Nintendo DSi system! Step 1. Go to your Nintendo DSi browser. Step 2. Go to Step 3. Log in. Step 4. Wait a little bit for it to COMPLETLY load, then click on a name and there you go. Instant messenger!

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can you put the dsi or 3ds operating system on an r4 card and use it on a ds lite?

Hi, I am wondering if it is possible to put the dsi or 3ds operating system on an r4 card, put it in a ds lite, boot it up, and run the operating system off of the card.  Is this possible?  If it is, is it legal?  Thanks in advance  :D

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Does anyone know how to get skype on a nintendo DSI?

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why my nintendo dsi isnt charging? Answered

I have my dsi for adout 2 years and today when i put it in the charger the orange light didn't light up .I try cleaning the connector but nothing hapend.i also test the charger output with a multimetter is its working fine

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I have a DSi, and on flipnote hatena someone said there is a bunch of buttons you can press to go to a "hacking screen"? Answered

The flipnote says to turn your dsi off then turn it back on and before it says "Nintendo DSi" type: Y,right,right,X,up,down,down,select,up,down,left,right,up,R,L. Then you supposedly go to a hacking screen. Is this real because, I couldn't input the buttons that fast.

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Dsi screen trouble......... plese help?

Everytime i turn on my Dsi it has a bunch of blurry lines across both screens and it will acaiosnally fade a little and the screen will shake, mostly when i'm playing games, can someone please suggest how to fix it or maybe whats wrong? :(

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Is there a USB link connector that works with a DSi?

I'm getting a DSi soon (yay), but I've been trying to find a USB link that works with it. Any suggestions? Oh, and my computer can't handle a router.

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can you put dsi ware on a ds lite?

Hi (again :P), I am wondering if it is possible to put dsi ware on a ds lite, more specifically, flipnote.  Any help would be great! Thanks in advance! :D

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nintendo DSI black for sale - reduced

I am selling my nintendo DSI black witch includes all of the following: DSI console charger lead 5 stylus's (2 of which are extendible) black case 2 game cartridge storage cases all of the manuals the original box and comes fully charged so you can play quicker it costs £69 for everything you see with free postage and packaging. I will only post it to to people in the UK. it is in a good working condition and has been tested. it is PAL format. if you have any questions or you would like to buy it then please leave a comment or private message me.

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Petit Computer Dsiware

Hello, I made this fourum topic for pepole to share qr codes and programming knowlege in the Smile basic* programming language. You might  be wondering, what is petit computer?  Well, petit computer is a dsiware(downloadable software for dsi or 3ds) in which you can make programs, and edit others programs.  So go ahead and ask questions, share qr codes, and collaborate. *Smile basic is a programming language that Smile Boom(TM) created for thier dsiware. The site for making qr codes is: Smile Boom will also be releasing thier new version for the 3ds only soon.  See this page:

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is there a way i can chat easy and fast with a computer and a dsi?

Peferbaly cheap and i cant caht with the im thing on dsi cus hes 20 some miles away

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game codes for

Hi. Can people PM me their club.nintendo codes inside of your game cases, on the back of a small booklet there is a code can you PM it too me if you don't mind? On wii's, Dsi's, wii games, and dsi games PLEASE...

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How to connect a dsi to msn and Facebook- Solved!

YaY! I figured it out!This is a really simple message that is secure on how to get msn and facebook, and gtalk and a bunch of other chat machines to work on the brand new nintendo dsi. Without voiding the warranty, of course.1: Get the opera browser on dsi, if you haven't yet.2: Go to on your dsi.3:Sign in (you can sign onto msn, then at the bottom of the next screen there is a button that says add more networks (or something like that)4: Now you can use all your accounts!but that takes time. I suggest creating an e-buddy ID so you only need one username and password.YAY!So far, this is the only guide I have found on the web. Has anyone else found any other ways? Please post!Bartboy (THIS IS ENTIRELY MY WORK! I DID NOT JUST FIND ANOTHER GUIDE THEN RE-WRITE IT!)

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how do i make my dsi play music i put song on it put it wont play?

I put song on it but it wont play on my dis

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does anybody know where i can get halo for my dsi?

I have seen alot of people with halo on their ds on youtube and i want it even if it is a mod for a game

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should i get a new nintendo dsi or should i keep my ds lite? Answered

Idk if i should get a new one but i better hurry if i do cuz they have the trade in promo and it might run out soon??? =/

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dsi error when loading games on wii from USB hard drive

Hi, I am also having lots of problems with the screen getting lots of strange symbols when scrolling through the games and then it crashes with a dsi error and other comments. I have to turn the wii off at the mains. this is happening with probably 80% of the games that I put on the hard drive. Once I delete the game off (that was downloaded last that caused the issue), all is ok with the games that are on and ok. Can you help?? Daz

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how do you make a stop motion film with a dsi? Answered

It's not the stuff i'm taking pictures with that i need help with, i was wondering if there was any program that would play pictures fast, or that basically i can use for a stop motion  lego movie.

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Free (legal in the US) MP3s that work, anyone? Answered

 I got an SD card reader for my DSi, and downloaded converting freeware. Then I realized I would have to get stuff to put through the converter. Could anyone point out to me free MP3s(alternative/rock) or really cheap ones(less than $0.10)? Oh, and they have to be legal.

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Is there some way for me to connect the type of LCD screen with a ribbon-type DSI connection to raspberry pi zero?

I have an LCD screen that I am planning to use for a raspberry pi zero project, but it is a DSI connection, instead of a micro hdmi, is there some way for me to connect this anyway? Any help would be greatly appreciated. This screen is one I took from a broken HP 8600, it is an  "Hp Officejet Pro 8600 N911a Display Control Dash Panel Cm749-60021 Touch Screen"  ***UPDATE*** after a long time of twidling with the tiny terminals, I finally figured out witch ones would turn the screen on (and very brightly at that). Any advice on how to try and figure out how to get video input to it now?

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Nintendo DS to External Monitor

Has anybody successfully connected a Nintendo DS (or DSI) to an external monitor?? Or may there be another way to capture what's going on?? I'm stuck???? Any help would generate mad reeeezzzzpects.

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I'm thinking about buying a DS

 I'm thinking about buying a DS Lite but I was wondering if I should wait till the DSi XL comes out and hope for a DS LIte price drop.  Does anyone know if this will happen or not? Thanks

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i broke the hinge of my DS phat and lost the piece that came off. i wanna fix it, but without buying a new shell.

Well, its an original DS.. thats pretty much it i guess.

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what's the problem with my Acekard ?

Game System: DSi XL Release Number: v1.7.1 Firmware version: AKAIO v1.7.1 Loader version: 7/13/2010 Acekard type: Acekard 2i Black PCB Acekard HWID: 81 Description of problem: White screen after setting my options and trying to save Steps to reproduce: Use a fresh copy of Akaio v1.7.1 Debugged: Formatted microSD properly

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What is the best place to buy a real DS flash cart? Answered

Hello,  Man I love asking questions :)  Anyway I was wondering if anybody knows of a good online store that carries real DS flash carts with reasonable prices. (30< for cart and memory card)  I want either an M3 Real or an Acekard 2(i).  So if anybody know of a good store and would like to tell me that would be great.  Oh and if you have a suggestion for a good cart (besides cyclods) I would love to know :)  So far I have looked at this cart bundle.  Does anyone know if this is a reputable store? Please no further answers to this question! It's been ages since I even touched a DS thanks! :)

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Petit Comupter Game DudleTak

Hello, I have recently been developing this game that I call "DüdleTak".  I named it after how you will eventually attack.  When you move, the character on the bottom screen will move along with the one on top.  You use the stylus on the bottom screen to draw a red line on the top screen.  I hope you like my game.  Note: You have to have a copy of Petit Computer for 3DS/XL/DSi/XL/2DS to play this game. Game Version: 0.1.1

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Video Tutorial: How To Update Your R4i SDHC 3ds card for 3DS V4.0.0-7

This video was released by Dan from, it is a video tutorial tell you how to udate your r4i sdhc 3ds card  to support 3DS latest firmware V4.0.0-7. If your r4i sdhc card haven't updated yet, feel free to foollow the steps in the video to update your card. By the way, the r4i sdhc 3ds should be come from the,  if  your card is from other team, please don't  use the method. And another, you need to get a DSL console to do the update. The latest firmware for r4i sdhc 3ds is V1.56b now which can work on both DSi V1.44 and 3DS V3.0.0+6. Jusr a remind, please also prepare a SD card, and also format it before you do the update, remember to back the files in advance. If you want to buy r4i sdhc 3ds from a USA reseller, just choose the If don't have a DSL console to do the update, please just wait until you get one, another, you should always remember the rule, never update your 3DS or DSi console before  you update your flashcard. If you have any questions about this guide, just leave the comment,

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I need to buy an R4i card for my nintendo 3DS to play the new Pokemon X/Y

Hi eveybody, I need to buy an R4 card for my nintendo 3DS XL to play the new Pokemon Y which one should I buy please? Can I play pokemon y and animal crossing with this r4i card please? and what is the FW version 3dsXL is on8.1.0-19u now

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