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Arduino Duemilanove USB Cable? Answered

What USB cable can be used to program this arduino?

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Having problems with ARDUINO DUEMILANOVE?

 I send the code to the arduino, the TX and RX lights blink simultanoiusly, and then the L light never lights up. The PWR light is on. its wierd, because about an hour ago when i started using it, it took the code in fine.

Question by led235    |  last reply

Is there a difference in the Gnd pins on an Arduino Duemilanove?

I am working on an Instructable where it instructs you to connect the Negative wires from two servos and a Ping sensor to Gnd. Can I connect all three to the same Gnd? Also, is there a difference between the two Gnds on an Arduino Duemilanove? Which Gnd should I connect them to?

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Urgent help regarding arduino duemilanove

I Have a arduino duemilanove board with the shield given on this link my surprise there are four pins instead of three to connect the sensor ... so i thought to connect my SHARP IR sensor NOT on the shield but on the board i bent the analog 0 pin so that it may not enter the shield.I gave the sensor by taking 5v parallel from the shield and connected it to the bent analog pin no. 0But when i took itz reading on serial monitor they arent coming as per the sensor senses...But after removing the shield and connecting the sensor in the same way , the sensor gives perfecly right valuesSo can u please help me and tell me what is the problem here..?

Question by sgoel2    |  last reply

On the breadboard Arduino, what's the difference between that and the duemilanove? Answered

What exactly is the difference between making the breadboard version found on arduinofun in thier kit, and the duemilanove? Besides the usb part?

Question by volkermord    |  last reply

Help me get started in the world of arduino's

Ok so I am 15 enjoy working with computers but have never programmed a microcontroller before however i do know the basics of c++. So i am thinking about getting a arduino. I think i want the Duemilanove and i am thinking that i should get a starter pack becuase i do not no very much about various components and it just seems easier to have it all come at once but, i have a few questions and i also do not want to start off spending a whole lot of money. I was looking at this starter kit or maybe i could just get the budget pack on that website. In the future i might want to get a better soldering iron for this kind of stuff i usually just use a piece of crap from radioshack what iron do you recomend for a slightly better iron but maybe around $30.1. Is that a good starter kit? or do u know of a better one?2. What is the proto shield good for? 3. If i made something with my arduino and i wanted to keep it what do i do do i have to buy a whole nother duamillanova?4. honestly will I be able to make this work or is it going to be a waste of money?

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My arduino just arrived in the mail, and i'm having trouble with it... help me !!!! :( lol?

Ok so i bought it, put it on the PC, and dowloaded the program to blink the LED on and off, each second, it worked perfectly. then i tryed to upload the program to blink without delay and it says, upload failedwhy? do i have to reset it? How do i reset it? i press that button but nothin happens, it always gets back to blinking the LED on and off... whats up here?thanks

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How much Current does an Arduino Duemilanove Draw? Answered

How much Current(in MA) does an Arduino Duemilanove Draw While:Running Blinkenlight?Running code not turning any lights on?Also How much would it draw under those conditions when it is receiving 5V and through the regulator in the DC jack?

Question by ReCreate    |  last reply

Arduino Boards Which is the best?

Arduino (uno <> duemilanove)  my focus will be on robotics projects as well as LED 

Question by Avadhut.Deshmukh    |  last reply

PLEASE HELP with Arduino! I have more info?

I have the Arduino Duemilanove and i got it today. I have two problems, one, i have a mac, i have the software for the mac and arduino, but the program says it cant find a com port, how can i select USB? two, i cant figure out how to turn on a simple LED. can anyone please help me!?! i would appreciate it! the arduino website cannot help me for some reason!!! thank you for reading!

Question by led235    |  last reply

how many servos can an arduino control?

Hey, im in need of a little bit of help with the arduino. im new to it and need to know how many servos an arduino can independently control as all the pages ive found seem to indicate 2 but i need 3 servos to run through a pre-programmed set of steps. please help. thanks

Topic by budsiskos    |  last reply

How can I matrix RGB LEDs to the Arduino Duemilanove?

I just picked up the Arduino Duemilanove and want to make an LED matrix of RGB LEDs, however I don't know which LED s I should buy, or how to control each LEDs color. I understand charliplexing and turning an LED on or off, but not RGB. Does anyone have any instructable like this or any other resources?

Question by Taiku    |  last reply

can you use the microcontroller of the arduino mega in the decimilla or Duemilanove? Answered

I havnt had a chance to see the microcontroller for the mega but im pretty sure its the same size and pin number of the decimilla and Duemilanove

Question by helloworld1    |  last reply

How to wire a 4x4x4 led cube using Arduino Duemilanove?

I am currently building a 4x4x4 led cube and i want to use arduino to program it. This is the cube. How would I wire the arduino to the cube so i can control each led individually?

Question by Electroinnovation    |  last reply

How to sense motion in sleep using accelerometer and Arduino Duemilanove ? Answered

I want to make an alarm clock that will monitor the motion of a person in sleep, and will trigger when the person is in motion. i have the code but i need the hardware and schematic.... the code is as follows:

Question by thakur900    |  last reply

Arduino output multiplier: What's a good way to get more pins on my Arduino?

I want more outputs for my Arduino Duemilanove. I want to run a simple 16x16 LED matrix but I'd need more pins. Most instructions I find use one of several chips such as the 7442 1 of 10 decoder IC, another option might be a couple of 4017 decade counters. Can anybody recommend a method that is widely used and well documented?

Question by snotty    |  last reply

Coding to controll a 4x4x4 led cube with arduino duemilanove... Help please?

Okay, i know how to build the cube and to multiplex it to use only 12 pins. what i am going to do is connect each anode of each level and connect each cathode of each row, and each one will go to its own transistor. so i will have a total of 8 transistors for the anodes and 8 transistors for the cathodes, which i can further multiplex into two groups of 4x2 transistors. that makes a total of 12 pins on the arduino(i hope that makes sense ill add pics of what i mean to help) but what im asking is that i need help on writing the code for this project. i have a basic idea to run loops inside of loops to make more than one led look like theyre on at the same time(i believe its called persistance of vision)  but maybe someone more experienced would be able to help me out with this. thank you to anyone helps and A Happy New Year To All Of You!!!

Question by the seaker    |  last reply

Can I use an arduino mega and a R.A.M.P.S. board to run a CNC machine? Answered

Right now, I`m planning to use an arduino duemilanove, and 3 EasyDriver Stepper Motor Drivers. RAMPS board: EasyDriver Board:

Question by Stuffses    |  last reply

i want to make a computer like a maximite, but with my arduino?

I am using a duemilanove with an atmega328, have tv out working, ps2 library and schematic, sd card schematic but not library. i need the code and how to make, any sugestions are welcome have already looked around the web but can't find anything, only what i have just listed

Question by The nerdling  

Does anyone know of a tutorial for using a single RGB LED with an Arduino Duemilanove?

 I want to run a 4 legged RGB LED off of my Arduino, and do color mixing, but I cannot find a tutorial for this small project. All I really need is the sketch and maybe a schematic.

Question by jbyrns1993    |  last reply

Arduino programming question: How to multiplex a 16x16 LED matrix array with a Duemilanove?

I have an Arduino Duemilanove and a 16x16 led matrix with no driver IC.  I think I understand the basic hardware principles of multiplexing an array. It should be theoretically possible as long as I use an external system to controll half of the pins. So far I have the hardware about half done. I have some chips set up to sweep through the positive end of the rows of LEDs. I've made this by daisy chaining two 4017s together with two AND gates. This gives me a series of pins that light up by turns up to 16 with some skipped steps at 10 and 16. I got the info from here: THE QUESTION IS: Where do I go from here? I'm trying to learn how to program by doing this project. Can I adapt a persistence of vision program to run a matrix? They seem quite similar.

Question by snotty    |  last reply

Arduino Duemilanove with Adafruit motor shield causes piggybacked motor drivers to overheat- even with no load. Ideas? Answered

I have an Arduino Duemilanove and an Adafruit motorshield. Both work fine, but the motors I want to run require more current than the available 0.6 amps. I tried piggybacking two more drivers on top of the existing ones, but now when I turn it on one set of chips overheats immediately. It's not a soldering error, because I've tried it with many different chip configurations and the same problem occurs. The only thing I've noticed is that the new drivers I purchased have slightly different numbers under the customary L293D- but isn't that just when and where it was made? Any ideas?

Question by loki17    |  last reply

Does anyone know how many shields an Arduino Duemilanove can support by itself?

And how many shields would the DoubleWide ExtenderShield support with the arduino? Thanks!

Question by Bostonians    |  last reply

What is the easiest way to burn the arduino bootloader to an atmega328p?

With a fresh ATMega328p Chip and an arduino duemilanove board. ISP looks like the best option but, how to use it? Make / buy a parallel/serial/usb programmer. what is the easiest or cheapest way...

Question by nerd608    |  last reply

Any one care to help with a design for rgb led room lighting with an arduino?

Hello everyone! I had this awesome idea after seeing dan's instructable about his room lighting module. My idea was to do basically the same thing with the Arduino Duemilanove  instead. But it turns out that this maybe a little trickier than my initial thought. What i had in mind was having 10 rgb leds(common cathode) connected in parallel(each red, green, and blue) and connect each to one of the Arduino's pwm pins and using software to control the "fading" of the different colors. The only problem i could think of with this is that the Arduino could not power more than a few leds in parallel without them either being dim or blowing the atmega on the board. Maybe there's a way to control the leds with an outside power supply, and still be able to pwm the different channels. This is where my few hours of research and not finding anything has led me here to ask help from someone who has some more experience than i. So if anyone has any way to do this other than using rgb amps, please help me out and share with me your info. Thanks in advance for any help i get.

Question by the seaker    |  last reply

What is a good project to use Arduino and an Iphone for?

 just bored, and i want something to do using an iphone and an arduino duemilanove

Question by led235    |  last reply

Controlling motors with my Arduino

Hello, i received an arduino (duemilanove) as a gift for christmas so im still kind of a n00b, i was wondering if it was possible to control motors directly from the arduino for an upcoming project? i would buy a motorshield but im not sure if its compatible with the duemilanove and if i do buy it i wont be able to get it until around easter I need to run two-three motors in bursts repeatedly (ex. Motor 1 for 1 sec Motor 2 for 1 sec motor 1 for 1 sec...................... you get the gist of it) Thanks in advance, Firezone 

Topic by firezone    |  last reply

Arduino coding help! Buttons, switches, and servos are not agreeing.

Hi my name is Nash and I've been playing with Arduino Duemilanove for about a year and just touching a little bit of everything. Right now I'm have the Arduino powering basically a pan/tilt device that rotates horizontally 360 degrees and vertically 90 degrees. Using a specific code containing one button, I can have the Arduino run a sequence of the two servos. I would like to add a second button and have a switch to choose "modes." If the switch is OFF, then pushing one button will run the sequence- simple enough. When the switch is ON, I would like the same button as before as well as an additional button control rotation of the horizontal servo. I have the code using only one button and no switch to run the sequence and the device runs flawlessly. Once I add the "switching" part to the code, the servos freak out and fidget constantly without a positive result. I am fairly new to the servo library in Arduino and am open to any kind of instruction or changes to my code below. Thanks for your help! #include Servo servo; //we think this will make the Cont-Rot servo to sit still Servo iservo; //set second servo #define button 3 //attaches button to pin 3 int ibutton = 0; //ibutton is used to store state of input #define button2 2 //second button attached to pin 2 int qbutton = 0; //qbutton stores input #define button7 7 //switch connected to pin 7 int sbutton = 0; //switch stores input void setup() {   servo.attach(5); //attaches servo to pin 5   iservo.attach(6); //attaches second servo to pin 6   pinMode(button, INPUT); //sets button as input   pinMode(button2, INPUT); //sets button2 as input   pinMode(button7, INPUT); //sets switch as input } void loop() {   ibutton = digitalRead(button); //reads state of button   qbutton = digitalRead(button2); //reads state of second button   Switch = digitalRead(button7); //reads state of switch   if (Switch == LOW) { //if switch is off   if (ibutton == HIGH) { //and ibutton is pressed     iservo.write(0); //run this servo sequence     servo.write(100);     delay(2000);     iservo.write(0);     servo.write(80);     delay(4000);     iservo.write(0);     servo.write(100);     delay(2000);   }   if (ibutton == LOW) { //ibutton is not pressed     servo.write(90); //do nothing     iservo.write(50);   } }   if (Switch == HIGH) { //switch is on     if ((ibutton == HIGH) && (qbutton == LOW)) { //ibutton is pressed and qbutton is not       servo.write(80); //servo spin counter-clockwise     }     if ((ibutton == LOW) && (qbutton == HIGH)) { //ibutton is not pressed and qbutton is       servo.write(100); //servo spin clockwise     }     if ((ibutton == LOW) && (qbutton == LOW)) { //neither button is pressed       servo.write(90); //do nothing     }   } }

Question by shooternash    |  last reply

How to communicate with the SD Module?

 i have run a program on Arduino Duemilanove where the program i got from  but there are some error that i do not know how to correct it... please help me to correct the error..

Question by teddycute    |  last reply

Reseting arduino? Answered

I bought an arduino (duemilanove) and uploaded the blink example (flashing light). Now when I plug it in it flashes. How do I reset it or does the old programing  delete its self when I put somthing else on.

Question by David97    |  last reply

ben heck a/v selector, alternate chips

Hey guys, I am about to set out and create Ben Heck's A/V selector. He uses a bus switch, CBT3244A, Digi-Key part # 568-3619-5-ND (out of stock I believe).  While I could order a comparable bus switch, I have several lying around from hacking apart a kid's toy.  74hc374. I've looked at the datasheets and, I've never been very adept at understanding them, preferring the lazymans terms.  I understand that the original chip has 2 switches (to use for two separate a/v connections, or turning both on for a connection with more pins) while the chip I have has only one switch, allowing up to 8 channels to go through. What I'm confused about is the state of the "on" switch for the one I have, or maybe the clock.  From what I understand, they each need to be pulled LOW (connected to ground) in order for their respective inputs to flow through, can the clock, in my case, be ignored? For the arduino tags, I do plan to make this project remote controlled.  But I'm a serious beginner in this area.  Basically I plan to replicate this project for arduino.  Would there be a point to that?  Or would it be simpler to just order the chip by itself already programmed.  I think that programmed tinyir2 PIC chip and arduino chips come out around the same price wise.  I have the other components lying around already.

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i want to know the arduino program for controlling 2 motors using rf module?

I want to know the arduino program for controlling 2 motors using rf module.i am using a arduino duemilanove & motor driver shield 

Question by harish.rahman.75    |  last reply

How do you connect multiple Inputs to an Arduino?

I need to connect 4 toggle switches and 1 pressure switch to an Arduino duemilanove. How do I do this and what is it recognized as in the arduino programming? pictures would help!

Topic by Buzzsushi  

arduino USB keyboard with the serial port NO HARDWARE CHANGES?

I want to have the arduino(uno or duemilanove) to emulate a US keyboard with no hardware changes just printing in word on the serial port a URL will be great please be nice 

Question by act casual    |  last reply

What do I need to program a ATmega168 chip for use in a project? Answered

If I have an Arduino Duemilanove, what steps do I need to take to run my program without the board? What do I need to do to program it?

Question by Dandeman321    |  last reply

Will a magnet mess up or destroy the memory of a micro controller or EEPROM chip? Answered

I'm using an ATMega 328 chip (Arduino duemilanove), if that matters at all. Ask me if you need the chip name for the EEPROM. Also, if you happen to know, would a magnet mess up flash memory?

Question by kroq-gar78    |  last reply

Post a Sound on how you pronounce arduino!

Post a .wav or .mp3 on how you pronounce the name arduino! If you people want , I will post me saying it too(in a sound file). I pronounce it like Ar-Dwinn-Oh, I Uploaded an .wav Look below IF you post be sure to include a sound of you saying it ;)

Topic by ReCreate    |  last reply

Do you have to turn an Arduino on\off?

I am new to Arduino and was wondering about power consumption. Do you turn an Arduino off\on? Also, when hooking up a battery, under "Power", you hook up negative to Gnd, and positive to Vin or 5v? Finally, where can you find the cable to hook a Duemilanove to to a computer?

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How do you hook up a battery to an Arduino?

I am making a circuit out of an Arduino Duemilanove and a 9v battery. To hook up the battery, you connect negative to Gnd under "power", but where does positive go? Vin, or 5v? I want to power other components (motors, LEDs, etc.) with the battery too. How can I access the power?

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What for are these connectors on (older) Arduinos? Answered

On Arduino Duemilanove and some other boards (but not on Arduino Uno) there are four small plates near usb socket, numbered 4 3 2 1. On official photos they are just plates, but on my Hong Kong board there are male header pins instead. They are not mentioned in general texts about the board and I can't seem to know the right phrase to successfulli google it. What are these four connections for?

Question by Libahunt    |  last reply

What is the supply (MAh) of a 9 volt battery? The draw of an arduino in genral use? And a standerd led? Answered

I was building a fancy arduino supply and need to know the draw from these three things. Can anyone tell me. What a arduino duemilanove draws (in standerd use) (MAh)? What a 9 volt battery supplys (MAh)? What a adverage led uses (Mah)

Question by David97    |  last reply

How to upload a sketch to a barebones arduino? Answered

Hey friends! After seeing a few instructables on making a barebones arduino i decided to make one. But there is a problem. I cannot find and FTDI serial to USB cable around. Also i read that a duemilanove can be used to upload the sketch. I have an UNO. Can it be used to upload sketch without taking off the ic because i think that i will be damaged while snapping off. Plz help.

Question by DELETED_Snehil1101    |  last reply

USB B versus USB miniB

I was wondering about some boards that use the USB B type of connectors.  Is it possible for me to use them with a USB miniB type of connector if I rework the board to the miniB pinout, or is there something about the USB B connector that makes it better for these boards?  One of the boards in question happens to be the Arduino Duemilanove.  Does anyone know if the miniB would retain the same functionality as the USB B type connector?

Question by KentaGrace    |  last reply

which sensor can i use for maze followin toy robot car and the circuit diagram for the motor and sensor with Arduino Answered

Which sensor can be used for a  toy robot car that can make its way out from a maze without stoping im using  dual motor gearbox and Arduino Duemilanove USB Board and the circuit diagram for the whole fuctioning of the toy robot car......please help

Question by pavan5859    |  last reply

Arduino help

Hi guys! So, i saw the LED cube experiment and decided that i would try one myself. Although i can definitely say i am a newbie when it comes to microcontrollers, i still would like to try and understand them. I am planning on making a 4*4*4 or 5*5*5 cube, and dump the programs that the various users have submitted.  Now, most of the instructables have not specified which arduino board they used, few have, and those who did, each his own. My questions are: What are the differences between them? I mean, i saw a Due, Fio, Leonardo, Uno, Duemilanove etc etc.  Are they interchangeable?  Secondly, which one is better to use for the cube project? Or all the one and the same? Personally, in my area, Duemilanove is pretty cheap. Third, i would really love to understand the basics of arduino, and also learn to program it. So, if anyone have any good site or tutorial or other resources for a COMPLETE newbie like me, please do point out!  Thanks! :)

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If I get Arduino board do I take the microcontroller off the board and then use it or do I have to use the whole board

I know its a stupid question but I am new to programming and I don't know that much. So after I program the microcontroller do I have to use the whole board or can I just pop the microcontroller out and use it like that? I will be using The Arduino Duemilanove Thanks

Question by kiss my donkey    |  last reply

Glowing LED arduino/ATmega/AVR question?

Hello!  I have an Arduino Duemilanove running a very simple glowing LED program. I plan to build a small device to house the LED and I was wondering what my options were for using a stand alone ATmega.  Most importantly I need to know how small or low voltage of a battery I can use to power the one LED and the ATmega.  I'm also open to any suggestions that go beyond the arduino. thanks!

Question by fotokid    |  last reply