LEDs for dummies

I have been looking at some of the LED projects here and they look great, I would like to try out a few of them with my 12 year old. But never having worked with electronics before we are both total beginners. So I haev two (for now!) questions, what projects are suitable for begineers (the LED throwies look easy, but what else?) And people keep saying to buy them online, or ebay, but there are LOTS of different kinds, so can someone kindly give me a basic shopping list a few types that would be suitable for a few basic projects. Thanks

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Tesla Coils For Dummies

In my slideshow, not all of my uploaded images are showing! Please correct the mistake.

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buster the crash test dummy

where can i buy these items cheap; >accelerometer >shock watch labels >dragon skin rubber

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110V 200-250Watt dummy load

As the title says I`m trying to find a best solution for a 110V 200-250Watt() inductive or resistive dummy load. Small size 4x4", rugged , as lightweight as possible and the least emitted heat . Incandescent light bulbs are not suitable. What are my options. Thanks guys. 

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I need to create a Dummy load of 50 amps at 18.5 volts DC so I will need to dissipate 1000 watts, was thinking of using 10 x 100 watt 100 ohm resistors from EBAY will that work, there are others at 4 Ohm etc, what ohm should I use?

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analog circuit to mimic constant resistance load? Answered

I unfortunately do not have many big resistors that can dissipate lots of power, and would like to make a dummy load to test and parameterize batteries and power supplies. I want constant power, constant current, and constant resistance load, I do have lots of opamps and a few N and P channel enhancement mode MOSFETs as well as many 2N3055s and a couple MJE2955's. I think constant current is the easiest, since all I need to do is make a closed loop controller that will turn off the transistor as the current is exceeded, and turn it on as the current falls. Constant power might be more tricky, as I need a device that controls the bias on a transistor as a function of the product of the voltage and current, since P=IE or W=AV, and similarly, constant resistance, I need a thing that will divide voltage across the pass element by the current through it. I don't want to use a "slow" microcontroller for this, I like nice continuous analog control system, if that is possible.

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How to build dummy for grappling lika that, what is in side of this dummy?

Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPkRvSAtoTA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piDPkkJv7sc

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Instructables version of dummy books

Great stuff! One thing I'd like to see is a dummy book section for those of us who are technically challenged. I can handle a battery, a switch, solder and some wire, but that's about it. I guess you could call it Instructables for dummies

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Stunt dummy. Quite awsome.

I just wanted to show off the dummy that me and my little brother made last night, its quite realistic(for coardboard), we used wire coat hanger on some of the limbs to restrict their movability so that it acts more realistic, we then coverd the coardboard fram in news papers, and taped it all down. last we added some clothes, and threw him down the srairs. It was magical.EDIT: video is up!!! Youtube vidoe~Twisted

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Scripting, PHP, Html and such.....For Dummies!!

I noticed from when Eric made a post about internship in 2006, that many people have experience in scripting and such. But I also noticed how many people would like to learn, but all the big words keep them at an emotional distance.I was thinking that maybe some pros could de-mystify all them big terms for the people who might be interested in this. Mainly, Could people please post resources that could be useful to people who are interested in learning this. Or maybe some Instructables?I think that if you could simplify these to the very basics, for nth9 graders with very basic knowledge, they would have a great advantage in the future.Here are some resources I found could be very useful to complete beginners:W3School - Thanks to KitemanP.S. I Include myself in the group that wants to learn but is scared of all the big words

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How to write a Dummies Book (for Dummies - and get rich at the same time!)

Intro How to write a Dummy Book - for DummiesHave you ever wanted to write a Dummy's Book, but not sure how to go about it! Here's a quick example that's guaranteed to make you money like the rest of the series. Three simple steps, but endless fun for all involved.step 1 Create your coverGoto: http://dkgoodman.com/2006/04/dummies-book-cover-generator.htmlKnock yourself out with your fantastic Dummy Cover design. See mine for reference.step 2 Write the content (this is were the $$$/dosh/bread is)Chapter 1: Buy this bookChapter 2: Give money to people who guarantee to make you moneyChapter 3: Print your own moneyChapter 4: If all else fails, buy another copy of this bookstep 3 Contact Dummys.com and watch the money roll inContact details can be found at : Dummies Bookshttp://www.dummies.com/WileyCDA/step 4 What are you waiting for?I once picked up a book called "What men know about women". It was 20 pages of fantastic blank page reading. If you want to achieve anything in life, the first step is to work out what you want, then just go ahead and do it. If that means going and buying a Dummies Book, then so be it. Personally, I prefer to write them.

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how to make a Kendo practice dummy?

How to make a simple practice dummy for your Kendo techniques

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Rook Card Game: Can anyone make an easy to follow Dummies guide to playing Rook for me?

Hiya, I picked up a set of Rook cards in a charity store today and decided it would be a cool game to play.... After doing abit of digging online... i can't find anything that gives you the basics in clear English... i swear every video on youtube about it is in Southern American which being English makes it REALLY difficult to understand let alone follow... I'm wanting to play both the two player and four player (to start) once i get the ground work i will be able to work it out myself... apparently the game is like hearts and bridge? both of which i have never played... so can someone please write me a clear and concise step by step instruction on how to play the game? Thanks Chaps Biggsy

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Build a 3D printer at home for dummies

Hi. Is there any tutorial, here or elsewhere, that shows how to build a good 3D printer at home even if you don't have any knowledge of electronic ("for the dummies" style) ? I've been looking for something like that recently, but couldn't find much (especially for a "dummy" version, sadly. Thanks to answer

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Is there any instructables on "sound guys for dummies"? Answered

My band has a gig coming up and a "sound guy: for dummies" would be really amazing!

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Baby Shower Ideas And Tips For Dummies

Almost everyone will be excited about planning a great party. There is huge expectation when it comes to hosting baby shower parties also. There are many kinds of parties which you can attend. However there are some elements which are essential to make the party a success. There are hundreds of baby shower ideas for dummies online. You must first of all know what events will find a place in a baby shower party. These ideas must also be heartfelt. The first important baby shower tip for dummies is with respect to the venue of the baby shower. For this baby shower idea you can take the advice of friends and family who have conducted such events lately and will have all the information. You can also search for information from hotels, restaurants etc where events are sometimes held or you can also find details from the local community center. You can also host the party in the form of an outdoor garden party.Baby Shower

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Old wooden floor repair for dummies?

Our rental house is falling apart. Yes, literally. It's been made fairly clear that if we stay out of our landlord's way, he'll stay out of ours. We had a chair leg go through the floor where one of the boards was weak, and we need to figure out a way to repair it without spending too much or having to get the landlord involved. Short-term solution is to put a big piece of plywood under the chair, but after that gets old, what should we do to actually fix it? I don't really know anything about house fixing or carpentry, but I do have a basic set of power and non-power tools.

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Fake Bones And Organs For Ballistics Gel Dummy

I want to make a ballistics gel dummy to test assorted weapons from video games on. Like pipe wrenches, crowbars, hammers, and kitchen knives. To do this I want realistic fake bones and organs to simulate the damage the weapons would cause to those. How would I make them?

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Electronics dummy needs your input please

Hi, I want to run a battery operated item that takes its power directly from my 50cc mopeds 12v 4ah battery.  The item takes a minimum of 60w and can take upto 100w which I'm told, could drain the mopeds battery too much even when the engine is running at full speed charging the battery. Can I connect an adustable 6-24v step up inverter to the main bikes battery and use it to install and charge a second 12v bike battery purley to power the 60w to 100w electrical item while its in use, saving my main bikes battery to besure it won't run out of enough power to start the moped after Ive finnished using the electrical item? Im sorry but I not good at electonics and need your input to help guide me to run the item from my 50cc scooter/moped.

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what can be used as the dummy load on a converted power supply

I dont have a 10 watt 10 ohm resistor for the dummy load but I do have several others like 7 watt 6 kohm ,or 5 watt 300 ohm and some 10 watt 7 kohm can I use any of these if so how to wire them 

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is there anyone that can make a machine to chamfer edges on polystyrene cake dummies ? Answered

We are struggling to find someone to help us make a perfect cake dummy made from polystyrene, we can cut the circles out no problem at all but cannot seem to get a perfect edge around the dummy, Have tried hot wire and a heated aluminium block but quality is poor. Maybe a router or a milling machine?

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RSS Help!

Okay, RSS is something rather new to me, and I would like to know a bit more about, so could anyone explain/define/preach about RSS feeds, feeders, etc. Like, full on RSS for Dummies.Don't link me to buy RSS for DummiesSmart asses

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Burning dummies for New Year in La Plata, Argentina.

Https://www.google.com.ar/search?q=mu%C3%B1ecos+la+plata+2013&ie;=utf-8&oe;=utf-8&rls;=org.mozilla:es-AR:official&client;=firefox-a&gws;_rd=cr&ei;=VWnFUt2CA83ksASqzIGIDQ There you can see the dummies made in La Plata, BsAs Argentina big area, during December 2013 to throw out the year. The dummies are full of fireworks, and went lit on at 1 or 2 am on the first day of January. Here is midsummer, with great heat. Burning New Year dolls is a tradition that has decades in the city. Almost every neighborhood makes its dummy, some very good, some acceptable, others ugly, but the task helps the boys (and many adults) to experience the problems of organization, design, implementation, coexistence, getting resources, etc. This country and its people deserve a better government that it has today. Another years: https://www.google.com.ar/search?q=mu%C3%B1ecos+de+fin+de+a%C3%B1o+la+plata&tbm;=isch&tbs;=qdr:w&cad;=h

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How to calculate resistor size for lasers in parallel - for dummies

I have four laser modules taken from laser pointers. Normally each module runs off of three hearing aid batteries in series, 1.5 volts per battery 4.5 volts total. I want to run all four laser modules off of two D size batteries which are 1.5 volts each 3 volts total in series.The problem is they will not light up when connected to the two D size batteries in series ?  When I use a power supply they will light up even at only 1.5 volts  ( although dim ) up to 5.5 volts,after that they become permanently dim, with the brightest at 3 volts. It seems like I have to limit the amps not necessarily the volts. Each module has its own resistor  - the # on it is 680. When I measure the resistance it shows 68 ohms. What do I need to do to get this to work ? There must be some way to simply figure this out.... By the way I have about 40 more laser modules and I might like to use them all at once to make say..... an unquestionably visible turn signal bulb for my truck or maybe a very illuminating flood light for my backyard .... If I can figure this out the possibilities are endless !            

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simple machine to provide/create movement?

Want to use/alter or create a machine which will produce simple repetitive movement (for instance, to power the arm of a dummy (to shake it) or to move a dummy's head back -n- forth) for halloween.? help will be much appreciated! have no idea how to go about this & not a lot of skill (but probably have the necessary equipment)

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Tablet with dead battery: buy a new battery or create a dummy battery?

Hi guys, I have an android tablet with a dead battery so it won't turn on (it hangs on boot screen). Like cellphones and smartphone, if I use the tablet with the wall adapter and without the battery won't start. The battery is a 3.7 v, 22.2 Wh (6Ah) type, it's dimensions are 0.45 x 11.3 x 10.5 mm. So I have a choice: I can buy a new battery or create a dummy battery. I've searched ebay, amazon and other site but unluckily seems that I can't find a replacement battery (or find a seller that can ship a similar battery to italy). In the other hand, I don't know how to create a dummy battery. Can you help me with finding a replacement battery or teaching me how to create the dummy battery? Thanks in advance :)

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can anyone help with a martial arts wooden (wing chun) dummy?

I have been learning about the fighting and trapping techniques of kung fu and would like a cheep alternative to the 'mok jong' wooden dummy as they are verry expensive,i could use any plans and technical details possible,thanks mike1969

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How to convert existing website to wordpress?

Step by step guide for a newbie...liek you are epxlaining it to a housekeeper..dummy it down

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Do I subtract the voltage?

So I was reading in my electronics for dummies book and it said there is about a 1.2 volt drop when using a standard LED. So, when calculating a resistor, with say a 9v battery, in my equation, do I make it R = (7.8 - 3) / 0.02 ? Instead of using 9v in my equation, do I have to subtract the voltage drop first?? Thanks! ~electricloser

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Mook Jong construction free standing instructions?

I am looking for information on building a Mook jong(Wooden Dummy). I would need one that is free standing, not wall mounted. Also, where would I buy the needed wood for the body? I am looking for a rather simple plan not one that is complicated. I am not looking to make one of plywood but rather a solid piece of wood. the leg for the Mook Jong confounds me as well.

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I'd like suggestions to make a shock impact indicator like they did on Mythbusters, but more compact and simpler.

This is to put on a dummy to denote whether a kick or punch could break a bone.?

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i wonder if an institution has a server what does it mean? - They have their own internet connection or who do they pay for at the end of the month? i have a modem that uses sim card let us call the mobile service providers that i use (xy). can anyone explain to me do the data connection i get come directly from (xy) servers or do i get it from somewhere else. and if( no where does it come from)if yes(who are they answerable to at the end of the month.****am a dummy i know so i dont expect am a dummy as an answer. pls anwer in a simple language

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need help please

I am trying to build an art piece that is a book, and when you "pet" the book, it will make a sound. Can anyone talk me through how to make this happen? If so, please make it step by step for dummies. thanks!!!! J

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Lm3914 battery level indicator 1v - 40volts?

So I looked up peoples ideas off of here and google I set it up the exact same way I must be missing a step can someone please dummy proof this for me.

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how long did it take you to learn your first programming language? Answered

How long should I expect it to take me to learn C++ using a "for dummies" book?  I have no prior programing expirience.  Thanks

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I need to make a fake or dummy 40mm (S10) gas mask filter?

So am trying to do cosplay and the character wears a s10 gas mask, the filter i received with it i was told not to use it after researching it because it can either be faulty or filled with apostates , none the less I need to make a copy of one, now I can either spend 35 dollars for some one to 3d print one (i impart feel that it wouldn't look best with how you can see all the lines from the print) or I was wounding if maybe i could make my own, now the one that came with it was some type of metal, so I thought maybe I could get sheet of metal and either cut it in a certain way or even bend it  to make it into the right shape, or I could make one out of wood and just get 3 planks and cut them into the right shape and glue em together or screw and paint it black, or lastly the newer models seem kinda plastic like or rubber like, so maybe get like a square of rubber from like a tire and cut it out, but the main problem is how do i make a 40mm size male screw so the filter can attach to the mask, and yes the filter does need to be hollow so air can pass through but i don't need a filter inside it 

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how can i watch movies that are on my laptop on my xbox 360 without internet or a router?

I want to watch movies i have downloaded onto my laptop using my xbox 360, i need a simple "for dummies" solution.

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car cigarette lighter power supply? Answered

I desperately want to install a electric car lighter into my coffee table, but am having trouble figuring out a proper power supply. I am a complete dummy when it comes to anything involving electricity, and would very much appreciate some ideas

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Tesla Coil Grounding? Answered

Hi! I made a tesla coil like this guy! https://www.instructables.com/id/Tesla-Coils-for-Dummies/ But I didn't ground the secondary coil of the tesla coil. It seems to work ok without it, but I'd like to see it preform better. Would it help if I grounded it?  Thanks!

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Can someone help me with Google Sketchup? Answered

I've just finished a Garden Arbor project. A 3D sketch would make it easier for others to follow and build but I'm such a computer dummy. Here is a picture. Can somebody please help me?

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Log in fixes

So I was just trying to log in after being automatically logged in for a long time, and was not succeeding. I guess it was because I didn't read "username" next to the box, but I was trying to use my email instead of my username. I kept thinking that it was because i was entering my password incorrectly (when actually my password was correct), so I tried about 6 times. Finally resulting to "forgot my password." This process could be a lot more dummy proof. So, a "dummy proofing suggestions": Make the log in box accept both Username and Email (if programming it is not possible for some reason, perhaps just have a friendly dialog box that would pop up after a filed attempt that says "use your Username, not your Email") Thanks for reading and keep up the good work

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Another iMac related problem... and yea I probably should buy Mac for Dummies....?

My mother has gone mac with me, and she is having trouble with her mail.  Seems it wants the password to her "Key Chain" and as much as I have researched, I can't figure out why it repeatedly ask and sometimes when it isn't even something that requires a password.  I have had a similar problem, but seems to be ok if I just hit cancel and bypass it.  I know there are a LOT of  computer guru genius's on here, and hoping one of you will read this and have pity on me and my pathetic lack of computer ability and knowledge and give me an answer I can actually understand. Please? And thank you in advance! 

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Junk-box Testing Equipment

As inductance and capacitance testing is a frequent topic on instructables, N5ESE's GIZMOs page has several home-brew testing gadgets and misc. gizmos, including:-- inductance meter-- capacitance meter-- frequency generator-- crystal checker-- dummy loads and attenuators-- 'scope probesCool stuff...

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How do you make a bust mold for a head? can i fill it with ballistics gel? Answered

I want to make a cheap martial arts dummy with ballistics gel covered with plastic.  like this www.punch-bag.org.uk/images/century-bob-body-opponent.jpg

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can you give me understitching directions for dummies? im having a very hard time getting it..?

Im putting a pocket in a jumper and it asks for understitching. apparently i have a mental block and i have not been able to understand any instructions i have found. can you simplify it to step by step of the actual process...

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Why does this circuit need these resistors connected to the transistor? Answered

I was following the instructions from the book, "Arduino for Dummies", and worked on this tutorial with a dc motor and it says that I need a 2.2k ohm resistor connected from a digital output pin to the transistor's middle pin. Why does it require a resistor there? Is the transistor not able to handle 5V?

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Connect three LED strips to AC

I have 3 led strips using 3 AA batteries each. The easy way would be to use dummy batteries and three separate 4.5v adapters. The ideal would be to connect them all together somehow and use only 1 adapter, maybe a 13.5v? Am on the right track here?

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