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"Dyeing" to know?

I was wondering if any one has some good ideas to help me with an annoying problem if it can be helped. I like to on occasion get used jeans like pants est and colour them using the ready to dye from a box. I pour the contents in to a large pot, add water, add an article of clothing and simmer for an hour or more. Then I rinse it under cold water and dry. After I wear the thing, it comes time for it to get washed, I notice a lot of colour bleeds out in to the water again. It doesn’t seem to change the intensity of the colour job but I was wondering if there’s a way of making the colour bleed less when I wash my article of clothing. Am I missing something? Should I do a salt bath after I dye the clothing? Just that the instructions say it has every thing in the powder. Suggestions appreciated. Thanks.

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Dyeing multch

Does anyone know if Charcoal can be used to dye wood chips to make multch?  I'm wanting to see if there is a market to make my own multch and if I can make my own dye.  Anyone can help, please pass your ideas along.  Chris

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safe skin dyes

What is the safest way to dye your skin a different color (temporarily or permanently) without poisoning yourself, and/or getting sick from it? I've stained my fingers with slightly-poisonous malachite, but never got sick from it. in fact, my entire left arm got covered in it, and I felt fine. I never inhaled any, seeing as that's where it's mostly poisonous. so, basically, I just need to know what compounds are safe to apply to skin, and not get poisoned. I need the following 2 colors: Green and Black.

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How do I set dyed fabric that has been batik so I won't loose the brilliant color?

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Lacrosse Stringing and dyeing

Hello everyone, I've been playing lacrosse for quite a while and I want to get into stringing my own sticks. I have strung two heads in the past, with my own pocket designs, and I want to get better at it. So please, anyone who can string well, or knows about stringing, please post an instructable on how to string a lacrosse stick. Also, if anyone knows how to dye a stick well, an instructable on that would also be appreciated.

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How to dye ants

I ran across this today and thought it was worth sharing. I hope I can find ants with transparent stomachs to try this with this summer. It would take a lot of ant wrangling, but getting them lined up as a color wheel would be the coolest thing ever (I'm fighting the urge to just photoshop it.) Short story is that a scientist fed ants different color syrup and you can see it through their abdomens, pretty sweet...

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Can you dye baby powder and keep it powder?

Say I want to dye talcum powder or cornstarch powder red, blue, gray, whatever - but in the end, I still need it as a powder. Is there a way to do this?

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can i dye arificial flowers with fabric dye? Answered

Will it work well on artificial flowers?

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what happens if i use 50% cotton/50% polyester t-shirt to make tie dye? Answered

I have a bunch of 50% cotton/50% polyester t-shirts that i would like to make tie dye. is that a bad thing? does it have to be 100% cotton t-shirts? what happens if i tie dye them?

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Infuse food coloring into wood

I made a vacuum chamber out off a mason jar, and attempted to infuse wood with food dye, using a brake bleeding vacuum pump.  The results were no better than if I painted the dye on.  All I got out of it was blue fingers (next time I will use rubber gloves). Anybody got any suggestions?

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Re-colouring a book cover help needed!

I have an old hardback  fairy tale book that I would like to recolour. Its a white cover (very grubby). Whats best to use to colour it that can be set so the colour wont rub off onto anything else in the future if it gets a little wet or something? (im in UK for products) Thanks!!!

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Dyeing sheepskin boots? any alternatives to conventiona suede dye?

I have a pair of bearpaw(?) sheepskin boots, that really need colouring..they are filthy and don't clean well. i want to dye them black. What kinds of dye can be used, apart from the $$$regular suede dyes? fibre reactive dyes? dyes for wool? hair dye?..i know you can use koolaid to dye wool (protein fibres) but they need to be boiled..i don't think my boots would be too happy being boiled. the dye needs to keep the sheepskin soft and supple, not transfer to my feet..or wash off in the rain.. Any ideas?

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How to dye wood chips ?

I have access to tons of wood chips I will use in the shrub beds.  What can I use to dye the chips with?  Will water colors work? 

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What will dye bike tires?

I tried asking this before, but it never appeared. I want to put brightly colored tires on my bike, but they're expensive, so I'm looking for some kind of product which will dye my black tires. Paint will wear off quickly, so I need something which actually penetrates the rubber. I'm thinking vinyl dye could work but I'm not sure.

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How much is photochromatic dye?

And where can you bye it?

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How to dye wood chips?

I have a very large shrub bed and access to several tons of wood chips. I need to see if anyone has an idea how I can dye the chips without buying commercial dyes. Can water color work?

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How to dye stockings in a solid line?

I want to dye a pair of stockings in 2 different colors (Black at the bottom till about mid thigh and white for the top of the leg and gusset) I know you can use food colorant or kool-aid to dye stockings, that's fine. My only problem is that I want it dyed in more or less solid line, I don't want the 2 colors bleeding into each other. Does anyone know how to accomplish this? or have any ideas? THX

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how can I dye clothes with vegetable and fruit dye??

My daugther wants to color clothes with eco friendly products meaning no chemicals at all. we are thinking fruits, vegetables, plants... how permanent is the result??

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How can I dye PET (polyethylene terephthalate)?

I'm making some bowls for a gift with PET bottles and I was wondering if there's a way to dye the PET, well an easy way, the homemade kind. I did a little research and basically found out that it can be done industrially with some expensive equipment and industrial heat resistant dyes, I'm thinking of using glass paint, any other suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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Do you know of a good liquid dye that doesn't conduct electricity? Answered

I'm in a rush to know for a project. Thanks. =)

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How do you get fabric dye off your hands? Answered

If there's no way to get it off but to let it wear off, about how long will it take to wear off?

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How to dye previously dyed material from IKEA?

I have a couple super large slip covers that some one gave me from IKEA that I want to change the colour of, they are both the same "indecisive light yuch green ".  I want to go to a plum colour.  The label says 100% cotton and not to use bleach, so.... of course I added tons of bleach, thinking this would strip out some colour. I tried to do that in the washing machine with just copious amounts of bleach, and to my surprise no colour washed out!  It is a light green, so was thinking a crazy vibrant purple may be strong enough to change the colour, but am afraid it may go some weird gray-purple-brown colour instead.  Any pointers would be great thanks!  Yeah, I know, do a test strip... trying to save a step based on someones experience.

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How do I create a speckled design on a garment with permanent ink, or dye? Answered

I have a garment that is spotted with mildew stains. Cannot remove them, and was wondering how I would create a speckled look to hide the fact that they are there

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how can i dye dark blond hair black without that rinses out without staining? Answered

I am a dark blond (so sorta hazelnut) and i want to dye it black, but as i want to go the "goth" look and i'll eventually grow out of it i don't want it to stain or be permanent, is there anything i can do? most dyes say my hair can't be dyed black, so i turned to the wonderful world of instructables!!! can anyone help? is there a brand i can buy over the internet? plz help!!

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I want to remove or lighten the colour of some artifical flowers. What dye remover can I successfully use?

 The artifical flowers are synthetic fabric. I have soaked in diluted bleach but there was no difference in colour at all. I want to give them a more vintage look.

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woh 2 make a solar cell?

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Has anybody tried dying a Wii-mote rather than painting?

I saw the color Wii straps with RIT dye Instructable ( and was wondering if anybody had yet tried taking apart the Wii-mote and dying the plastic rather than painting the surface? if they had or have any suggestions please let me know.

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Where can I find fabric dye in New York City? Or what kind of store would carry it?

I have some white cotton fabric I'd like to tie dye. What kind of store carries tie dye?

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Can you dye fabric with wood stain?

I'm just curious, i know it will stain it pretty much permanently (my pants found that out the hard way). but is it a way to acctually dye things? how well would it wash? anyone know?

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what dye/ how much do I use to tie-dye 50 t-shirts ????

I need to tie dye 50 shirts at a cub scout camp out. does anyone have any awesome ideas as to what dye / the best way / best tie, is it wise to concentrate dyes , since we can't dip fabric for too long etc. Camping you know. 50 little boys.

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Can thermochromic dye be used of hair without damaging the hair or wearing off?

Im looking to find out exactly what the question it possible to dye hair with thermochromic dye without doing any damage to the hair..............if not ill the dye wear off?                          all answers welcome :)

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Can you use food coloring to dye t-shirts?

Like, what if you set it in the dryer on heat or ironed it? Would the color still come out?

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Bandanas, BeanBags and T-shirts. What else to Tie Dye>?

This Saturday I am going to go to the Market and sell Tie Dyed T-Shirts and other stuff. The Market is for People to sell art and crafts and fruit among many other things. I was pondering on what other things I could tie dye and bring there? Also I was wondering whether or not I should make a Instructable on how to make hemp bracelets?

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What could I use to dye my hair that would eventually fade back to its natural color?

I know this is a bit odd, seeing as how most people would prefer the color stay in their hair.  However, I'm only 15, and I don't change my hair color ever 2 months, like many other girls my age.  My mom would prefer if I didn't dye my hair, unless I can come up with a way to do this. Also, I do definitely want it to be safe! Please and thank you. :)

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How do I prepare cotton yarn for dyeing?

I am about to have my first go at hand dyeing yarn. I am using cotton and it seems all of the preparation instructions are for wool. What do I need to do to prepare my cotton yarn for dyeing?

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kool aid and hemp

Does anyone know if Kool-aid will dye hemp?

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Does anyone know how to make "tie-dyed" looking paper using paint, word, publisher or some other free graphic program?

I want to create a tie-dyed mat and/or background for some pics I am framing without having to buy some "specialty" papers or using dyes, inks or shaving cream.

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how do i make tie dye manadla tapestries?

I would like to learn how to make manadla tie dye tapestries the kind that use thread to make patterns with?

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Where to get orange hair dye??

I would like to dye my hair obright bright orange and blue but i can't find bright orange hair dye anywhere and i've been looking for the past 2 months =/   so yea if u know somehere i could get it that swould be very helpful 

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How do i dye baggy pants?

So, i am trying to make a costume and it needs baggy pocketless pants but what i need to know... how do i dye em? I'm figuring by hand is the best way because i only need half of it dyed, not the whole thing also.... i don't know which color of pants i should buy and which color dye to buy my pants are light blue (not baby blue) on the sides and the inner part... crotch area and down is white so i don't know if white dye is easier to dye onto blue pants or if blue dye is easier onto white pants or if it doesn't matter

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What would be the best way to dye a plastic bag?

I've been trying to fing a green way to dye bags for a long time, mainly so I can have some different colors for my woven plastic bag bags... Does anyone know a green way to dye them? Or at least change their color?

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can i tye dye with food coloring ?

I will be working with some very young kids and i want to do the tye dye with food coloring will it work

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Can I dye a Chinese wool area rug?

I have about a 5x8 Wool area rug that is light seafoam green & I would like to dye it in shades of reds. Is this possible....too big a jog....or just plain 'won't work? Anyone given it a try??

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will "anti-graying" hair mousse work to dye hair? Answered

Hi again everyone despite many questions i STILL can't find a way to dye my blond-brown-white-ish hair black! (yes, it did fade back after the chocolate brown incident..) i have naturally multi-colored and highlighted hair and don't want to lose that from staining or using permanent dye. recently, while in a cosmetics store in a desperate attempt to find a dye, i found a "anti-graying" mousse for covering gray patches in hair, which claimed would rinse out with shampoo. will this work to dye a full head of thick, multi-colored hair or will it stain/look ridiculously fake? and does mousse amke your hair go hard like hairspray or make it clump together, stays wet, etc should i buy it and try it out on a small section of one of the white-ish highlights and see if it does work? (if it doesn't, i'll have only dyed less than an inch and will simply cut it off) or is it as simple as i can't dye my hair black? thank you instructables :D

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