Editing Instructables

I submitted one instructable for contest. I want to edit one correction. If i edit, is my instructable disqualified from the contest?

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editing instructables

If you have already published an instructable and want to edit it, do you have to re-publish it to make the changes appear in the published instructable?

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edit instructables comments

Hi everybody Is there a way to edit posted comments on instructables? (yeah, I know I should use the preview button) but once the comment has been posted how could I edit it? I hate to find an error once it's posted and the only way to edit it is by deleting and re-post the comment. Sure I could copy & paste but then my links are gone and I don't want to search through websites again to reconstruct what could be a simple edit.

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unable to edit instructable

When i try to edit one of my instructables, the edit page comes up, but it is greyed out and a little timer bar with the word "updating..." appears. it doesn't go away after waiting a while (more 10 mins.). am i missing something?

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Editing my instructables

Hi all, for some reason whenever I try to update my instructables it always says "theres been a problem updating your instructable. please refresh this page." then I refresh the page and it says the same thing. Got any ideas? 

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Editing an Instructable will not display

1. What Operating system the device you are using, if its a computer, that would be linux, windows or mac (or freebsd etc) for mobile it would be android, iOS, windows mobile. Please also include the version number. Ubuntu Mate 17.04 and Windows 7, all operating systems 2. Browser information including version number, if you're using the mobile app include app version number Linux Chrome Version 58.0.3029.81 (64-bit) 3. Include what project or url you were looking at when the error occurred https://www.instructables.com/id/Raspberry-Pi-Garage-Door-Opener-with-streaming-vid/ 4. Screen shots of what happened if available  After saving only middle 4 lines are saved.                 AuthType Basic                 AuthName "Restricted Content"                 AuthUserFile /etc/apache2/.htpasswd                 Require valid-user         5. steps to reproduce, this will be one of the most important pieces of information as it will enable us to do the same thing and find a fix. See number 4

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Problem in editting instructable

Hello! Recently an Idea struck my mind and I wanted to post an i'ble for it. So, I  started making it But I encountered a problem.Against each component(as seen in below) I gave a link.While editing when I clicked on preview everything was aligned properly, but when I saw the full preview it looked like such a mess! What shall I do? Is there Any solution for it?

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Cannot edit instructable

When I go to continue my step-by-step instructable, instructables has this gray rectangle that says: "Updating...", and I can see the things that I did popping up, but everything is there (I think...?), and the little rectangle is not going away... What's going on here???

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Instructables Review

I was just wondering if you guys (by you guys I mean whoever feels like it) could review my instructable: www.instructables.com/id/Guides-to-Drawing-Wolves/  It's already published, But I would like to know if there is anything to add or edit to make it feature-worthy. Also, any advice you can give me to improve my future instructables would be appreciated. Thanks!!!

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Editing problems.

When trying to edit the text in the instructable I haven't published yet, the text in the edit box in all of the steps is the same thing. Why?

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Bug: Unable to edit instructables

I am unable to edit instructables. When I try to, It gives me a totally blank page, and the browser proclaims it is done loading, even though it doesn't display anything at all. I'm running FF V 3.0.8 on Ubuntu 8.10

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Can't Edit my Instructable!

I recently started work on an instructable for the upcoming Halloween contest. It was not finished so I saved it and attempted to continue it it today. when I hit the edit button I got the following:ERROR 500: java.lang.NullPointerExceptionExceptionjava.lang.NullPointerException at com.instructables.webapp.instructable.LockingEditInstructableAction.prepare(LockingEditInstructableAction.java:69) at com.instructables.servlet.ActionServlet.prepare(ActionServlet.java:163) at com.instructables.servlet.ActionServlet.doGet(ActionServlet.java:276) at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(HttpServlet.java:115) at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(HttpServlet.java:92) at com.caucho.server.dispatch.ServletFilterChain.doFilter(ServletFilterChain.java:106) at com.caucho.filters.GzipFilter.doFilter(GzipFilter.java:208) at com.instructables.filter.FilterWrapperFilter.doFilter(FilterWrapperFilter.java:48) at com.caucho.server.dispatch.FilterFilterChain.doFilter(FilterFilterChain.java:70) at com.instructables.filter.SecurityFilter.doFilter(SecurityFilter.java:211) at com.caucho.server.dispatch.FilterFilterChain.doFilter(FilterFilterChain.java:70) at com.instructables.filter.HibernateSessionRequestFilter.doFilter(HibernateSessionRequestFilter.java:70) at com.caucho.server.dispatch.FilterFilterChain.doFilter(FilterFilterChain.java:70) at com.caucho.server.webapp.WebAppFilterChain.doFilter(WebAppFilterChain.java:173) at com.caucho.server.dispatch.ServletInvocation.service(ServletInvocation.java:229) at com.caucho.server.http.HttpRequest.handleRequest(HttpRequest.java:274) at com.caucho.server.port.TcpConnection.run(TcpConnection.java:511) at com.caucho.util.ThreadPool.runTasks(ThreadPool.java:520) at com.caucho.util.ThreadPool.run(ThreadPool.java:442) at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:619)Please help.

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Can't add project instructions

I am probably doing something wrong, but when I try to add instructions in the edit window all the words go away once I save and get out. Also, when I add instructions, then add a step, the instruction from the first step is in the edit window.  If I change the danything in the edit window it gets changed for all steps. Can you tell me  what I'm doing wrong? Thanks

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Disappearing text when editing instructables

I'm in the middle of writing up an Instructable, and twice now have had to completely rewrite steps. The circumstances each time were identical: 1. I added an image to a new step. 2. I added text to the step. 3. I added another image to the step. 4. The text vanished as the new image appeared on the step. I'm using XP and up-to-date FF4. Update: Frequent use of the "save" button doesn't work. I just typed up the last step of my Instructable, hit save, added an image, and the text disappeared again.

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Cannot Edit Published Instructables

I cannot edit published Instructables.  It just keeps churning whenever another step is clicked or when I click "Save Now".  This happens in the most recent versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer (Win 7).

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Editing & Re-Publishing Instructables

I've been getting a lot of subscription emails lately and they are for the same Instructables. (NO, not a bug).  I'm making the assumption that members are editing their Instructables and instead of just saving it, they are going through the publishing step again.... which sends yet another email about the same ible. While I understand the need for re-publishing (say you made a significant update after a few months) so I'm not suggesting that the publishing step be removed after ibles are already published, BUT there must be a better way. Perhaps there should be a NOTE on the publishing step saying "You're Instructable has already been published. It's unnecessary to re-publish". OR disable re-publishing within 24 hours of the last time the step was completed? Its almost getting to the point that I want to turn off notifications completely for Instructables, because I don't want an email about the same ible 6 times in one day... Thoughts anyone? UPDATE: How to Edit an Instructable without Re-Publishing: 1. Open your Instructable, make your changes and click the "Save" button. 2. Then hover your mouse over "More" (to the right of the "edit", "publish" & "share" tabs) and click on "Full Preview".   3. If you need to go back, click "edit" from the "Author Options". As long as you've clicked on the "Save" button there is NO NEED to Re-Publish for edits to take effect. Re-Publishing is unnecessary and just resends everyone who subscribes to you another subscription email.

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Editing on pixlr

Here some pictures I pixlred (photo shopped) on pixlr editor if other people have questions on how to do this just ask me how to do it and will post an instructable about or reply directly.

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Unpublished Instructables are all in lock-down.

OS: Windows 7 Browser: Google Chrome and IE All of my unpublished ibles are in lock-down and unable to be edited. When I click "edit", the page enters a pertpetual state of gray-screen "updating".   I tried restarting my computer and switching browsers.  No change.

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Is it possible to change the category of an instructable?

Hi!I want to change the category of my instructable and it does not work. He tells me that it is changed pro then it has not changed. I read that you have to stop the publication of the instructable but that button does not exist.Any ideas?Regards,Arturo

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Feature Request: Community editing

One of Quora's great features is the ability to "suggest edits." Instructables has many brilliant DIYers who are...well, TERRIBLE spellers, typists or grammarians. Then there are folks like me, who may lack technical brilliance, but know very well how to write, spell, edit, proofread, and organize. Allowing users to suggest edits, with a way for writers to quickly accept or reject them, would allow distributed collaboration that would make the site better and more useful for everyone.

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Unable to edit image-free steps of Instructable.

I had great difficulty finishing off my latest Instructable. It's 8 steps, and I had all 8 written, but only images on seven of them. When I tried to edit the final step and add an image, the editing page froze.  When I clicked on the step with no image, I got the "saving" spinner, which spun for a few minutes, and then it went back to the first step (not the intro). I tried re-ordering the steps, moving the image-free step to step seven temporarily, but it still froze when I clicked on the image-free step. I eventually had to delete the step completely (using the re-ordering tools) and re-create it from scratch. Bug experienced on up-to-date Firefox and XP and on slightly out-of-date Linux and FF.

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How do you make an Instructable?

I am baffled. How about someone making an Instructable on how to make an Instructable.  I find the process ungainly and hardly user friendly.

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Unable to delete instructables in my group

As an admin of my group, I should be able to delete or "remove" Instructables added to that group.  When I go into my group and then choose "Manage this group" from the Admin Options I get a list of all of the instructables.  Over to the far right is a column titled "remove".  There is a link "[X]" that I assume should remove that particular instructable.  When I click the "X" I get an "Error on page" message.  I have tried this from 3 different computers with the same result. Does anyone have a suggested solution? Killer~SafeCracker

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Trouble with Instructables.

I went to flag a forum topic for inappropriate content when this popped up, then to the right is said that I was the author, and would I like to edit it or delete it!

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Adding/editing Tags

I'm new to Instructables and just did my first instructable yesterday. I published, but now I'd like to go back in and edit the instructable TAGS. I can't seem to find WHERE to do that. Any help is appreciated - thanks!

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Can't edit or delete video instructables

I accidentally created 3 copies of the same (video) instructable, because the editor kept giving me errors about the video links. I published them thinking I could delete them maybe then. But I can't even edit these now (the one with the thumb is ok, the rest is junk to be deleted), I keep getting an error telling me to refresh the page, which keeps giving me the same error. Why isn't there a simple delete button by my list of instructables (or on their own page for its creator)?

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Instructables AddOn

Hi all, I'm currently thinking about making a Instructables toolbar/addOn for fire fox and was wondering what the community thought.  Some ideas would be great.  Like if you prefer a tool bar or an extra option at the top of the browser(file,edit,ext).

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Can you edit a published instructable, Answered

Once your instructable has been published can you edit it to add something that you think might make it clearer to understand?

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Instructables Blackout?

The Reddit, BoingBoing and [English language] Wikipedia websites are all planning a 24 hour blackout to protest the SOPA legislation. Twitter have refused to participate. Should Instructables join in? What say you? BBC article. Wikipedia article. EDIT:  According to this BBC article, the blackout worked!

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Still can't edit or unpublish old instructables.

1. Windows Professional 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) 2. Google Chrome Version 43.0.2357.132 m 3. https://www.instructables.com/id/Penny-Screen-Protector-Easy-Doc-Camera/ 4. See attached photos. 5. From the above link, while logged in, I click "Edit" => "More" => "Private" => "Unpublish my Instructable and make it private!". It then takes me to https://www.instructables.com/id/private with the login screen, however I am still logged in as shown by my icon in the upper right. I have been trying to make this instructable private for three years now and I still haven't gotten a solution. I can't even edit the instructable to take out the content. 

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Instructables editor

Maybe there is already an instructable for creating instructables, but so far I have not found it, and I'm having trouble putting an instructable together. I find the editor "clunky" to say the least. Can't find any way to place photos where they belong in relation to the text, and can't separate multiple photos in the same "step". Can anybody point me in the right direction?

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Clicking the "Edit" link from an instructable leads to blank page

I have to go to you>instructables>published (or unpublished) and select "edit" there if I wish to edit an instructable of mine FF 3 in Ubuntu.

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Do the editors here check a instructables that was edited but published before?

I published an instructable and wanted to change the name of it the next day (Lego Minifigure Throne). Do editors look at the instructable again?

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Any idea why Answers is running paragraphs together? Answered

Double newline (ie, a blank line) used to be enough of a hint that our text was supposed to start a new paragraph at that point. This no longer seems to be true. Somewhat vexing. (Preview shows whitespace above and below "Somewhat vexing." I expect it to vanish when I submit.)

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I just made an instructable by unpublishing then editing another instructable I had- Answered

Is it possible to delete the rating and comments on this instructable?

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Want help editing? Offering help editing?

I'd like to offer my help to anyone who wants English language proofreading for their Instructable, just send me a message.  I speak French passably, and Spanish only a little. Would you like to help people with English (or other) translations/proofreading for their Instructables? Just leave your offer of help below, and let us know what languages you can communicate in!

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Live instructabling!

As a bit of fun, I'm Tweeting the progress of my next batch of beer, announcing each stage, and the occasional photo. My Twitter name is @KitemanX, and I'm using the hashtag #BrewDay. If it's succesful, I may do it again, or I may not. Fickle, aren't I? Oh, and I'm tweaking my original recipe, which can be found here:  https://www.instructables.com/id/Simple-Beer-No1/ EDIT The new brew is published!

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Unable to Edit Collection

I have a Windows Vista Computer, and am using the Firefox browser. For some reason I'm not able to edit the Survival themed collection I have published. When I click on the edit button on its page, I get the error screen. I also can't add instructables to it directly from the page of the instructable I want to add. It keeps giving me errors, and I've tried several different instructables with the same results. The funny thing is, All my other published collections are still working fine. Can you please help me with this?

Topic by Diamond Dragon 

Blank Page When Trying To Edit Instructable

I'm trying to edit an old instructable that was made back when "photo instructables" were a thing. When I try to click on the edit button, the page goes blank. Here's a link to the i'ble. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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photo editing while publishing instructables

This isnt really directed at anyone, but i think when your making an instructable you should be able to edit a photo you have already uploaded. nothing major, maybe rotate, flip, crop, contrast, sharpen stuff like that. i was just thinking out loud.....

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How to edit my own instructable??

Need to make change on my Instructables, how can I do this now that it is Published? https://www.instructables.com/id/Rotating-Flies-Jig-Heads-and-Expoxy-Dryer/

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PDF is not updating when editing the instructable

Hi guys. I've noticed that the PDF version of the instructable does not update when I edit it. Here is an example: https://www.instructables.com/id/Pocket-Synth-Briefcase-V2/ when I click "Download", the PDF file contains content, that was published the first time. None of my edits are reflected in there. Pretty sure it's a server side problem, but just in case I'm using Chrome Version 61.0.3163.100 on MacOS 10.12.6.

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Does voting reset if the Instructable is edited?

Hi, I entered my instructable into the LED contest that is still running and it was accepted and the Instructables itself was/is doing well 13k+ views for my first one, so I'm happy. I then noticed a spelling mistake, so I edited the instructable and re-published it to fix that up. I then received an email saying it was entered into the LED contest and then another one a bit later saying it was accepted.. This is after it had already been accepted into the contest a couple of weeks ago. Just wanted to know if the above actions would reset the original votes on it because it was edited and apparently 're-entered', into the contest? Thanks

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I can't edit my instructable

I placed my instructable some time ago and now I'd like to change it, but it doesn't seem to work. I wanted to add some pictures (and I did, I can see them all on that page), but when I click on "save & preview", I see only the old ones with no changes at all. Even when I clicked on "publish" the same thing happened - the instructable hasn't changed a bit. Can you please help me?

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Can't edit Instructable in order to publish...

Can anyone help me here?  I am trying to finish out my instructable so I can publish it, but am stuck on the 3rd and final step only because the site just sits and spins trying to save that I created a 3rd step.  I have tried this from 2 different computers and nothing... Help!

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I nees Instructables Pictures

Um, hi.Im looking for pictures related to instructables.Mainly the staff, logos, Robot (although I have enough RObot pictures) and Eric in particular.Im working on a small project. Its not an instructable, more of some photo editing.Its basically what I did on this pic. Except of course, Ill make it better. The whole point is to put as many Instructables stuff in my room as I can. This was a bit of practice to see what woud work. Please dont steal my idea yet.Does anyone have any tips on how to make the pictures not stand out so much, or how to blend it with the background. I want to try all the methods.Name all the cameos you see here:

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Instructables podcast?

So I know this idea has been floating around for a while. I want to try to put this into action.However, in here I will be telling you guys what I plan to do... I know killerjackalope, =smart=, and others were doing this. This is only a proposal, in part with them...? Well, for the show. I can be one of the host. That's right, only one. Along with a few 'regulars' and the Instructables crew. Then, we'd let the viewers, and community do this,too. We'd get everyone to videotape a small portion, or segment, of the show. Then get someone, with nice video editing skills, to blend it all together. So tell me what you think?Eric said yes. We are allowed to move forward.Everyday you can email me at mg0930mg@yahoo.com, im me at mg0930mg on aim, or reach me on skype at mikeyg0930Where are the meetings held? Skype. Download it hereWhens the next meeting? or meeting schedule? On Wendsday, 6 p.m. est on skype. The one after will be on Friday, 7 p.m. est. Email me if you can't make it.Will the podcast be weekly or monthly? It will most likely be monthly,for now. Maybe, we can have our first one out near Christmas time.Who minds if their face is on camera? W'burg.Who can help edit this? No one?Know anyone who wants to help? Tell them.

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How do I get back to an unpublished Instructable I saved to finish later??

I saved my first 2 steps to finish later and can't seem to find anywhere to get back to them to edit o finish!

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