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I know that there's been a topic like this, but I'm seriously considering getting the eee pc 900 (the one with the bigger screen and a 20GB SSD). Can anyone tell me anything wrong with it. I'tll cost about 550.

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Eee PC sleeve

I just made a sleeve for my brothers Eee PC from a sleeve from a camouflage jacket I had laying around, the same one I made a backpack out of. Killerjackalope knows the one. I don't have access to a camera at the moment, and won't be home tomorrow as i'm going four-wheeling. It is pretty cool looking and is no-sew. I hate that i'm not posting pictures right now it is so cool. I think it is an instructable that could get published.

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Eee PC - Opinions, please.

I had a minute's play with an Eee PC today, and first impressions were good. I know that a local high school has invested in a bunch of them. #1 son has started making noises about "needing" a computer of his own. In a year of two, he may be right, so, at a price of around 150GBP / $300, it seems a reasonable target for him to save up for (and ask relatives for cash at birthday & Christmas). Bearing in mind that his school uses Windows, and so does the high school he will probably go to, is the Eee a sensible buy for a 11/12 year old? I use a Windows laptop, our desktop is Windows. We have a British Telecom wireless hub. I am ignorant of all aspects of Linux, so I also need to know if the documents he produces can be accessed through Windows software and vice versa?

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how hot does the back of the screen get on the ASUS EEE? Answered

How hot does the back of the screen get on the ASUS EEE? i want to put a set of velcro strips across the back to hold stuff on with.

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Refurbished EEE PC - $150

For all of you longing for an EEE PC, today's woot is :"1 Asus EeePC 900 Netbook 8.9" LCD 4GB SSD 512mb DDR2 802.11b/g "

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Charging station for eee PC

Hi, I need a charging station for an eee PC 4G from ASUS. I was searching several days in the internet but I didn't found something. The cradle is only needed for charging nothing else. After working with the eee pc I only would plug it in the cradle upright for charging. Where I can find such a charging station for the eee pc or a station for an other device wich suits to the eee? If there's no matching station how I could build it by my self? Here's a drawing of my idea:

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Charging a 9.5V netbook using a 5V USB charger? Answered

Is it possible to use a USB charger to charge a Netbook battery (Asus eee 4G 9.5V)? Basically is there a way to get 9.5V out of a 5V usb charger? Thanks.

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Eeepc upgrade question.

I am interested in buying an EeePC with a 7" screen. However, the flash memory is only 4 or 8Gb depending on the model. Is it possible to upgrade the memory by simply unplugging something and plugging something else in? That is, a non-soldering, reversible upgrade?

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Rate My EEE pc cooler

Hey guys what up this is my first post i wanted to know what you guys thought of my EEE pc cooler i made from an old mini cooler door lol . It has two 92mm fans on bottom and one 40mm on exhaust. i also over clocked my EEE to 1062 Mhz as well at a cool 47 C. can u guys add any suggestions and rate it out of 10 :) i think i should add a usb hub in the door on the right side. enjoy my pics

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Eee, when I were young...

In no particular order...We had a single telephone in the house, landline, rotary dial, and several neighbours didn't have that.One TV in the house. CRT, 15 inch screen.Only three TV channels.They weren't on all night. They weren't even on all day.Black and white, all the way - TV, camera filmOnly two transistor radios in the house, running off 9V batteries the size of my fist.Most stations were on AM & LW bands. Commercial stations broadcast from "abroad".One record player in the house, which still have a position on the speed selector for playing 78rpm discs.Headphones the size of scotch eggs were the norm, not a fashion statement.No mobile phones at all.No game systems.No hand-held units.No home computers (the ZX81 came out when I was 14).The internet wasn't even a pipedream.The largest libraries had microfiche.Foreign holidays were a luxury - the only £10 trip was a one-way ticket to Australia.I did not see a black man in the flesh until I was 13. Oriental later the same year.Seat belts were not only optional, they were often not fitted.Ladders were toys, not a risk to life and limb.No speed cameras. Speed traps involved measured distances and policemen with stop-watches.No central heating.No double glazing.No catalytic converters.Petrol had lead in it, but only cost pennies a gallon.If you spent an hour in London, your snot turned black. If you spent a day there, it stayed black for a week."CCTV" was just a random collection of consonants.Old factories were called "derelict", not "industrial heritage", and kids called them "playgrounds".The bombsites were still blamed on Hitler.Russia was still Soviet, and old folk thought of them as allies.Hospitals smelled of carbolic soap, and the only infections came in with the patients. Nurses had starched collars and pink-scrubbed hands.I was the only child with asthma in a school of 400.Nobody was allergic to anything, except powdered eggs.Terrorists all had Irish accents, and telephoned the police to tell them where the bombs were.Nuclear power was going to give us free electricity in only five years - just in time to power the robot maid.Nuclear war was a genuine fear.The Falklands War was news, not history.You could hitch-hike and expect to arrive at your destination alive.Alcoholism was a hobby, not a disease.Lager was for poofters, cider was for girls.Nobody knew how to play basketball, baseball or ice hockey, and football was only ever played with a round ball. The nearest thing to "protective clothing" in sport was a goalie's gloves.Rollerskates had wheels on the corners, and strapped to your shoe.Banks were as trusted as the police. The police were trusted.Policemen were tall.Emergency vehicles went nee nah nee nah! (except for the ones with bells).Flared trousers were original.Science fiction had ray guns and robots, and spacemen were spacemen.You could travel ten miles and find people who spoke a different dialect (not just a different accent).Kids who misbehaved in school got sent to the head for a caning, instead of to the doctor for a tablet.Health and safety meant "don't do anything daft", and if you fell off a roof and broke your leg it was your own damned fault, not the fault of the roof-owner for not warning you about the drop, and nobody sued anybody.Gay meant "happy", and camp meant "in tents".Teachers that hit you were firm professionals, not dangerous perverts.The phrase "two car family" hadn't been coined....and I didn't feel quite so old.

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Any recommendations on how to increase the crappy audio volume on my EEE PC?

Trying to watch streaming TV through my Eee PC while I'm on the road is infuriating because I can't hear the audio even with headphones and the volume cranked all the way to 11. Time/talent aren't on my side so I'm not sure I'd be able to kludge together some of the projects here. Thx, Wudjor

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Asus Eee Pad Transformer Youtube Channel

Hey everyone, recently I've switched over from Instructables to YouTube and with great success! However, I have converted from doing a little of everything to now doing videos strictly about Android and the Asus Transformer. So if you have an Android device or the Transformer (aka the most amazing tablet ever made) and you would like to help me out by checking out my channel, please click here. Thanks :)

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limewire computer

I just got the asus eee pc how do i put limewire on it

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Asus EeePC Charger Troubles

First of all, I have to say I am sorry for posting so many forum topics.  However, I often do need help from people like those found here - thank you all! Now, with that out of the way, my problem. For christmas, I got an Asus EeePC. I am not sure of the specific model, but it is a Windows 7 Starter one. Anyway, a few weeks ago (I'm not sure specifically), the charger gave up and died on me. After checking the half that goes to the wall with another device, I realised that my problem lay in the adapter. I figured it was dead anyway, so no further harm could be done, and proceeded to hacksaw it open. Miraculously, after this, it worked. However, it is obviously not very convenient to have a charger that is constantly spilling its guts all over the place, so my mom bought me a new one off ebay. This one worked completely fine, except it was the wrong size plug for the laptop, so it had to constantly be anchored downwards. I decided to cut the two wires and connect the red to the red and the black to the black so I could have a normal adapter and the right sized plug. However, one of them did not have a red and a black but a white and an uncovered. After a short bit of research, I decided the positive was probably the white, so connected the white to the red and the uncovered to the black. However, when I plugged this in, it did not charge, and instead steam/smoke began to come from the laptop. I promptly disconnected and binned it. My mom bought a third one off ebay, which worked fine and fit fine, but when plugged into the laptop, did not charge it and the little indicator LED on the adapter flickered. So, for a third time, my mom bought a new charger off ebay. Again, this worked and fit fine, but when plugged into the laptop, did not charge it and flickered its LED. I tried this with various plugs from the wall (the figure-of-8 type), in various extensions, and straight into the wall socket, but all still to the same result. Each charger came from a different person on ebay, and each (including the original and second which both worked) had an output of 19V 2.1A. I cannot figure out why neither of the latest two have worked. Is my laptop broken? Am I somehow now buying the wrong chargers? Were the past two mere coincidences? Please help. Thanks in advance,  ~H4ZZ

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Help getting an Asus Eee PC Netbook Screen turned into a Graphics Tablet

So my sister has just received a new  laptop because her old Eee PC Netbook's hard drive has somewhat died. The screen itself and some other components are still good, especially the screen. Its size would make a really good graphics tablet, but im not quite sure how to get this screen made into one. Ive looked online for some info about this and have turned up too little info to work with. Anyone have any ideas?

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Transplant SSD from Netbook into my Desktop

So random question, I'm looking at putting a SSD drive into my desktop solely to run windows off of so it boots faster/has better performance, but don't really want to shell out a crap ton of cash for a standard sata SSD Drive. Is it possible to transfer an SSD drive out of like say an ASUS EEE PC into a regular desktop, and would there really be that much performance gain? Thanks

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How can I improve the volume/sound quality from my Asus EEE PC netbook?

The sound on my netbook is pitiful, even with decent earbuds.  How do I make it better?

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Where do I download webcam drivers from?

I need webcam drivers (Inbuit Webcam) for Asus Eee PC 1201T  for Windows XP. I've done a lot of google search for this.

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I Found KipKay

The guy half way into this video looks exactly like kipkay!

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Best netbook around 350 USD?

What is the best netbook that is around 350 USD ($0-400)? Many reviews said that ASUS Eee PC 1015PEM is great, but I need a lot of reviews. Also, what is the most reliable netbook brand?

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Math question

I need help on this question, it come sup often in one form or another in mathcounts, so I need to know how to solve it There are 5 letters, 3 of each, take out 10. AAA, BBB, CCC, DDD, EEE. You do not replace letters after taking one out, and order does matter. How many ways to arrange the letters are there?

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Serially connect SD or other memory cards?

SO! Is it possible (or plausible) to connect SD cards together in such a way that their memory capacities add up? I have a bunch of old dumb ones that I could probably use as a makeshift drive in an eee PC, but I'd like to make one big huge drive out of them. If it's possible, how would I do that?

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Best sub $800 netbook?

I'm looking to purchase a netbook, with a maximum budget of $800, I just wanted to put it out to you guys... what do you think is the best. I already own a laptop, so no suggestions there, thanks. I'm strictly looking for something small and easy to carry around and use on the plane. I'm not concerned about OS, but want something capable of at least running ubuntu, preferably XP, but I don't really want to pay extra, as I'd prefer to install it myself. I want the biggest hard drive possible, and a long battery life. I want something capable of watching video from the hard disk. I don't really care about added extras such as a webcam or card reader. With size, I want something bigger than an eee pc, but not so big that I might as well use a full sizzed notebook, something slightly bigger than a portable DVD player would be good. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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Rigging Laptop SSD to Desktop SATA

So I'm looking at upgrading my computer with a Solid State Drive to make it boot faster, but I don't want to pay like $200 for one off newegg. I was wondering if it's possible to rig one from say an EEE PC (which can be bough used/for parts pretty cheap on ebay/CL these days) into my regular SATA port, and what the performance would be like compared to a desktop SSD drive. Thanks!

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DIY Hot Key USB Keyboard for slate devices

I want to make a 6 button hotkey keyboard for my Asus Eee Slate device for access to all of my hot keys for photoshop and other programs. Or are there already devices like this. Should i go with Keyboard insides or a Gamecontroller insides or some other usb controller. I dont know a whole lot about this. Just wanted to get some advice on the best path to take to make this a reality. Here is a picture to help illustrate Thanks,

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I need a cheap 8-10" LCD display. Are there any digi photo frames that can be converted to a VGA input?

My laptop just died. I want to build a new one. Pelican case style. I don't want to spend a ton of money on the tft touchscreen deals. I just need a display, preferably 800x600 or better display. I really don't want to have to use a TV out to a portable DVD player. As far as not buying a eee or something similar I work in the oil field so this thing will probably see some pretty crappy conditions.

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Can someone debug this

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Help me choose a laptop! -MAJOR UPDATE-

I just found out that I won a scholarship that writes me a check for $1,500. I already have college fees paid for through National Merit, so this is considered my laptop fund. I'm holding off for a few months to actually buy something (not much need right now, so I might as well wait for prices to drop a bit longer), but I want to get the Instructables Community's input on what to get. Here's what I want: -Highly portable laptop to carry to classes. I have a desktop for a real workhorse; the laptop only needs to be capable of basics. Anything past the basics is a bonus. -Screen no larger than 13", but no smaller than 8". 1366x768 or greater would be nice. Portability! I If I really need a big screen, I can plug in another monitor. -A touchscreen would be lovely, but not a requirement. -Built-in webcam would be nice. -Possibly a convertible tablet, but I'm not sold on that wee little hinge. A fold-flat drawing surface would be excellent, though. -I love a keyboard light, especially backlit. -Windows or Linux. NOT A MAC. I appreciate Apple's aesthetics, but I don't like the big brick walls they build around everything. Windows isn't really a bonus, just something I'd be okay with. -Not much more than $1000. Until I'm substantially wealthier than I am now, I don't see a reason to spend inordinate amounts of money on something that will be obsolete in a few years anyway. -I rather like the Eee PC T91, if it had a 10" screen, a HDD or a higher-capacity SSD, and assurance that the little swivel-hinge won't splinter the first time it's pulled open too far. I also rather like the Quanta NL2, despite it's Fisher-Price appearance, at least if Intel actually will sell one. So, after doing my own research, I've decided that I want a 10" screen with HD. The future Asus Eee PC 1018P fits the bill perfectly except for this...Atom N475 processor, crazy thin, 10-hour battery, aluminum body, USB 3.0, and the ability to put a multitouch digitizer in. It doesn't, however, have the HD display of the Eee PC 1005PR. In short, I want a 1018P with the display from a 1005PR. Any suggestions, or rumors of future Asus releases? Okay, so I ended up getting a 1016P. A week before Intel announced the dual-core Atom N550 and just under two weeks before HP announced a revised Mini 5103 with that N550. I'm consoling myself with the knowledge that no matter what computer I had chosen, it will be obsolete by the time about the time I have a job and can buy a new one.

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GPS on a Netbook

So, I finally picked a netbook, ended up with an Eee PC 1016P (not pictured). Well, I bought it two weeks ago, but the magic of UPS math meant that 3-day shipping took a week, so it arrived at home the day after I went back to school. Point is... The thing seems like a great candidate to install a GPS module, given its size and battery life. In a topic from my young(er) and stupid(er) days, LasVegas suggested I get a Holux GR 213, which wasn't helpful three and a half years ago, but is now. I guess my real question is, what are my options? I'd like to come as close as I can to replicating the Garmin Nuvi 350 I've been using, but I'm also stingy. I've seen packages of software and antenna for $100 or more, but I'm thinking more like $30-$40 for the antenna and free software, if it exists.

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Coming Soon: Dead Computer Contest - UPDATE

What can you make with a dead computer? A meat slicer? A funky endtable? A funny hat? We want to know and we'll be launching a new contest to see what you can make with old computer parts on February 1. This contest will help promote Randy's new book, so enter something awesome!  Start looking around for some old computer parts and get some ideas started. More details, including the cool prizes, to be announced later. As with all our contests, entries must be published during the contest. Previously published Instructables are not eligible. UPDATE (1/27): First Prize (3 winners) - ASUS Eee PC 1005HA netbook + copy of 62 Projects to Make with a Dead Computer + Instructables Prize Pack Second Prize (10 winners) - Copy of 62 Projects to Make with a Dead Computer + Instructables Prize Pack Dead computer = an electronic device that is a computer or has one in it. So if there's a microchip in there, go to town! Once again, contest starts on Monday, Feb. 1 UPDATE: Contest is live and can be seen here

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(newsletter) Christmas Cannon, Giant LED, Fractal Gingerbread House...

Dec 25, 2008 Sign-up for this newsletter: function openSubscribePopUp(src){ var emailValidate = /\w{1,}[@][\w\-]{1,}([.]([\w\-]{1,})){1,3}$/ if(emailValidate.test(src.value) == false){ alert("Please enter correct email"); return; }"/newsletter/newslettersignup?email=" + src.value,"newslettersignup1","status=yes,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,width=420,height=250"); } Happy holidays! The Craftsman Workshop of the Future Contest is open to any project that uses tools. Share your amazing ideas by Jan. 4, and win $25,000 in Sears gift cards! Craftsman wants to see your workspace in the Workshop of the Future Contest: Show Your Space contest! Simply post pictures of your current space, or the space you wish you hand, and you're entered to win a weekly Craftsman tool prize! See who won this week! Homemade Holidays are here again! Sending some sweet custom gifts to friends and loved ones? Enter them in the Homemade Holidays: Holiday Gifts Contest and win some cool prizes!Decking the halls with some crafty creations? Enter them in the Homemade Holidays: Holiday Decorations Contest and win an awesome Dremel kit! The SANYO eneloop Battery Powered Contest winners have been announced. See who won! Christmas Cannon by fungus amungus Giant 100mm LED by guyfrom7up Pop Rivet Ice Tires for Your Road Bike by zzyzx_xyzzy Super Mario Christmas by scoochmaroo Any project that uses tools is eligible! Some great ways to use your new tools! Build a Holiday Reindeer and Sleigh by Toolmonger DIY Basic Lapdesk by kandrejk Laser Cut Gingerbread Bridge by rstraugh Make a Marshmallow Shooter by ewilhelm Full Colour Moodlamp on a Concrete Base by matthew venn Make Your Own Christmas Crackers by germanboy Touchscreen EEE for under $50! by luke Last Minute Chocolate Almonds by yngla Homemade Holidays Contests Share your gift ideas and win a coool prize! Show off your crafty creations and win a Dremel kit! Fractal Gingerbread House by fungus amungus Control Your Robot with a Wii Nunchuck by Stuart.Mcfarlan Handsew a Giant Stuffed Moustache! by jessyratfink Popup Facebook Picture by Super Cameraman Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week! - Eric Sign-up for this newsletter: function openSubscribePopUp(src){ var emailValidate = /\w{1,}[@][\w\-]{1,}([.]([\w\-]{1,})){1,3}$/ if(emailValidate.test(src.value) == false){ alert("Please enter correct email"); return; }"/newsletter/newslettersignup?email=" + src.value,"newslettersignup2","status=yes,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,width=420,height=250"); }

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Japan Day 1

(I am planning on doing a forum post for each day of my trip in Japan. The first few days will just be copy pasted from my blog (but now with pictures, and image notes!), and after that I will type up the entry I kept for each day in my journal)I am writing this all on my eee pc, and, while I am getting the hang of this tiny keyboard, typing mistakes are common. I am also in various states of mental functioning so excuse any grammatical errors.I woke up at around 6:45 on Thursday morning. I had been feeling a bit under the weather, and was slightly congested. I really hoped that I did not catch something right before my trip. I woke up the other interns (Bilal, Josh, and Paul), because I knew they would be very sad and might cry, if I did not give them the last chance to say goodbye to me. We did a 4 way shoulder-tap, the universe imploded, and I was off.As I walked down Clementina I realized that it would be the last time I smelled that poo stench on the street. I had mixed feelings about this.The BART ride to SFO was very uneventful. Check in was amazingly fast. The line was short and moved quickly. I had almost everything I was taking with me in my carry-on. There was nothing in my checked baggage but knives and lint (one knife & one swiss tech mulikey). Anyway the whole process of checking in took about 15 minutes. The security checkpoint was even faster. There was no line, and for the first time in a long time I didn't set off the metal detector. I had shown up three hours before my flight to be safe, and I was now left with two hours and forty minutes to kill.I went to the currency exchange and turned 300$ into 27,000 yen. The Lonely Planet guidebook I have (which was printed just last year), has the exchange rate of one USD to 120 Yen, at the exchange booth they offered about 98 Yen for a dollar, google says the current rates are 107 yen to a dollar. Stupid weak American money. Anyway, I used ten dollars which I did not convert to yen to buy an english muffin breakfast sandwich and a gatorade. I went to my terminal, and accidentally dropped the barely touched sandwich on the floor while removing my backpack. I was hungry :(I read for two hours then boarded the plane at around 11. There were many people coughing on this eleven hour flight, so I did not have high hopes for avoiding sickness. Read some more on the flight, watched iron man in Japanese, watched iron man in english, and watched be kind rewind. They served two decent meals, and a few snacks in between. Ten hours later when we were finally over Japan, I went to the back of the plane, and stared out the window in the emergency exit door to get my first view of Japan.We landed around 2 pm on Friday. It was hot, so very hot (humid too). I filled out my customs form, got fingerprinted, and photographed, and made my way over to the baggage claim to pick up my knives. I made my way out of the airport to the train, and bought a ticket for what I hoped was a kanayama station bound train. Turns out it was. (cue the "ding" sound that is played on the audio tracks for slideshows, when it is time to change the slide). The first few pictures are of Kanayama station. There was a cool little inflatable pool, with little kids in miniature paddle boats. They also had a bunch of those water mist sprayers that people stand in front of to cool off.I relaxed at the train station for a bit before I caught the number 12 bus. I took it to the Ishikawa Bashi stop, and got off. I used a pay phone to call up Changmi who I had found on I actually set up the couchsurf with her husband (who was out of town) who said it would be ok for me to stay, so I think she was a little surprised when I called. She said that she was currently hosting two couples who each had a small child. It was cool if I stayed, but it would be crowded. She picked me up at the nearest intersection with her mother, one of the couples, and their child in the car.We drove to downtown Nagoya and they let us out. Changmi and her mother were going somewhere, so I hung out with Sarah, Seba, and their daughter Maya. They were couchsurfers from France who had been in Japan for a couple of weeks. We walked around central park in downtown Nagoya for a bit. There is the large TV tower at one end of the park, and a bunch of art pieces scattered about randomly (metal taco boat thing). We went and got dinner, which I later found out to be pig intestines, with an egg, over rice. It was pretty good.After eating we took the subway back to Changmi's house and slept.Japan Day 2

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