Moving the furniture? What kind of excuse is that? I had to go a full 20 minutes without access to the site. I started twitching!

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Hacked - jinxed or what?

In my most recent ible only 4 of 19 photo captions showed up.  I submitted a bug in forums, now my forum post is no longer there also. Whats going on?

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My AXT died! What can I do? Answered

I was just experimenting with a 555 timer project connected to the 12V rail, i then hooked it up to the -12 and 3.3V rail, which worked for about 2 seconds then died. I checked the fuses and looked inside for any obvious signes of dammage but NOUTHING! Iwas only drawing 1/2 an Amp MAX. this is my 2nd PSU that died this way, and i'm looking for an aulturnitive, any ideas?

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Glowy Umbrella

I had an idea today I thought would be interesting after reading about this - - how about integrating a fluorescent tube into the handle of an umbrella. If the tube was supported inside an acrylic clear (or coloured) tube and had some kind of connection to the handle and to the tip of the umbrella, then when walking under pylons, in a storm (eek?!), or in any situation where there would be a big potential difference between something above the user and earth. This could be interesting near tram/train lines.What do people think?

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What is the product design budget in schools?

I want to make a spectrum analyser in product design and I have found all of the parts on rapid electronics (where my school buys things from). The total comes to about £150 (eek!) I cannot ask my teacher about this, because I have a school holiday and I have to research what I am going to make now (in the course of the holiday). Would my teacher allow me to order these objects? I go to a government funded comprehensive secondary school in birmingham (if this makes a difference). Will the school budget suffice? Thanks!

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Moded spider massacre v 2.0 with my new handle mods and sight stuff...

Here are some pictures of the original spider massacre (v 2.0) and my moded spider massacre v 2.0Top gun is the originalBottom gun is the new (Pic 1 Pic 2) EEK MY FOOT ITS IN THE PICTURE... WOW its so small its actually bigger just a little.. my foots small cause ... o crap need to keep with the box stuff.... cause... im box-asian there ya go. My foot is smal cause im box - asian... ;D! Ekk how did my ds get in there.... oopsI ran out of colored connectors and black rods... i didnt want to use a grey rod so i used a red... =)Tell me what you think of my mods.. should i post them or should i leave it here?

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Wireless Battery Management System? I'm looking for a device to transmit the voltage of each individual battery?

I'm converting my 68 VW Bug to an EV. I'm using twelve Trojan 1275 12v batteries for a total system voltage of 144 volts. I'm looking for a wireless device that can transmit the voltage of each battery to an onboard laptop. I would of course use 12 of them so I can manage each battery. I'll then write an app to display an integrated volt meter on the laptop. I'm designing the Bug to have plenty of get-up and go but the trade off of course is lower range. I want to be able to monitor my usage to eek out the greatest possible range while monitoring my overall usage. In addition by monitoring each battery I can isolate and identify poorly performing batteries. I saw such a device advertised on the homepage of Instructables a couple of months ago. I wasn't thinking ahead and didn't take sufficient note of what I saw.

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Ible delayed posting no longer new.

If you have an ible delayed of being posted for who knows what reason. When it gets posted it gets posted in the spot that it would of been  originally. Example, on 6/1 i published 3 ibles in one day. One posted in 10 minutes. The other 2 posted on 6/4. Now the two late posts do not get put at the top with the new ibles, no it gets put in at the date it was first submitted. My variable voltage supply took 6 days to post. So to find it you have to go through many pages of ibles to locate it. IT does not get posted as the newest ible. I had sent a msg to service@instructables but never did get a real person.    If peoples ibles are delayed for some flagging issue or what ever it would be nice to know what to avoid in the future. I have gotten a tip on some issues that may trip the filters, short keywords, not common or unrecognizable keywords. Such as eek. In msg or forums delays maybe from short question with active links.. These are tips are from someone that has been observing these things and are not a locked in rule.   Altho these are somewhat of gripes it is not anything that will stop me from posting ibles. I realy gain from Instructables. Before i joined here i never heard of Arduino now i am writing small sketches and manipulating larger ones.

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