DIY effect pedals?

OK, soo, i would like to start making some effect pedals, i play synth, guitar, and sing a bit, what do you recomend building for a good starter effect? i am already into electronics, i have built a couple amps, an oscillator synth and some other random electronic projects, but now i would like to try my luck on effect pedals, and i dont exactly know what effect is the one i should build first, im looking for something not too hard but a challenge that also has an awesome reward, ideas?

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What effects are in this song? Answered

In the song "Barely Breathing" by the Hold steady, lead-singer Craig Finn does something interesting with this voice at around 0:19. After watching live versions of the song, I'm pretty sure it's post-production. If it  actually was a series of pedals, how would this be achieved? To me, it sounds like reverb with delay. What do you think? Thanks, Noahh

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Guitar Pedals/ Stompboxes

I was thinking that this site needed more guitar pedals/ stomp boxes on here, what about you guys? Feel free to post any. I mean, they could be very useful for some people, including myself.

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Arduino Guitar Effects Pedal?

Ive been wanting to do this for some time, but my technical abilities are somewhat lacking, especially in the programming side of things.  Could somebody please join these two projects together for me? and I know this is unpaid work, but you're a kind bunch :-)  P.S. I just realised that this does seem to be a lot of work - two different sets of hardware does complicates things somewhat :-/

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volume drop ?

When useing true bypass a considerable volume drop occurs. no poping or distortion engaged or nonengaged (effect ) is present.

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Effects of Inductors Coupling?

This is a follow up post from this thread >> (It was about how to fix my Wah-Wah guitar pedal, it turns out the Inductor was not working, so I replaced it) I replaced a broken 500mh INDUCTOR in my guitar pedal with a new one. It works now. However, I am planning on keeping the broken inductor in my wah wah pedal (because it yielded a cool volume pedal sound). I want to rig up the circuit so that I can switch from from the GOOD conductor to the BAD conductor. My questions are: Will there be any major effects from having two inductors coupling? Should I be wary of the 'winding' of the coils? If so, what should I do in order to be consistent with the winding? And out of curiosity, how could I rig this up?  Here is the schematic >> 500mh Inductor = L1 I have 3 terminal DPST switch. This is how I imagine rigging it up: I'm thinking of having wires from the inductor terminals on the PCB wired to a terminal on the SWITCH, then to the INDUCTOR, and then back to the PCB. The same follows for the other (bad) inductor. If this is not clear, please let me know, or feel free to post a better way to rig this up. In summary for this last question How could I rig this circuit to switch between two inductors? Thanks.

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Good overdrive pedal? Answered

 Not too cheap, not to expensive.

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How do I make an effects pedal? Distortion, Reverb, any of them?

Basically looking to experiment and make my own things (how else do you refine a sound, ha) and honestly want to get any good starting notes/ steps to take off from.

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Guitar effect-pedal built into the guitar

Hey, I thought if it's possible to add the electronics from a guitar pedal to the guitar itself. It would obviously take some space, but it didn't seem impossible to me. Any ideas, is this even a realistic idea? I must do some more research on how much place it would take and how to wire etc. Any help or thoughts are welcome!

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is there a pedal that can control the volume of a effect into the mix by bringing the effect(distortion)?

Ok, Im in a group that plays alot of shows and im allways looking for a way to improve my live sound.What im needin to know is if there is a pedal(like a wah or volume) that can sepratly control my distortion with out affectting my original sound.Now i know that most any pedal does have a affect unless its true bypass but i'm wanting to be able to bring my distortion into my sound like a volume pedal but it only needs to control the distortion and not the volume of my amp.I can get a similar effect by rolling back my volme on my guitar and clicking the pedal on while roling my volume back up and it makes the effect of the distorton being 'breathed' into my sound.Anyway i duno if there is a pedal like this or if i would have to build one. i'v heard this idea somewhere before and never heard how or if it has been done so thank you and i hop someone can help me out! thanks!

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Is there an effects pedal to lower the octave that you are playing?

I know it must exist, but I'm unfamiliar with effects pedals. I'd like to be able to lower the octave at will.

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I'm trying to figure out live chiptune, is there a way to plug a guitar into a computer and ...?

Have it output it in a chiptuney way that i can make? Like a chiptune effects pedal in other words

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Guitar Pedal Help

Hello there, I am currently fixing a VOX Wah Wah pedal. The bypass works - the wah wah effect does not. How exactly does one check to see if each individual component is working? Is it by using a multimeter? How exactly can I do that? (I've put in a 9v battery and tried seeing if there was voltage around the circuit, but I think I am doing it wrong.) Can anyone give me some tips?  Here is a picture.

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Guitar wah pedal?

Question, I would like to build a simple wah circuit, and i looked in and it gave one result but the circuit was a distortion pedal, it was weird, but anyways, ive heard that wah's are easy to build the circuit but the build is hard, the pedal part. sooo any circuits anyone knows of? thank you!!!

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got an electronics question

Ok, i've got a question for anyone with electronics knowlege... some time back i picked up one of those danelectro fab overdrive pedals. i wasn't expecting much, but for $15 i figured that if i got one usable sound out of it, it would be great and, to be honest, i wasn't disappointed at all... but, i was thinking about buying another and gutting them and putting their innards into a single case to make an overdrive with 2 cascading gain stages. now, the issue i'm having... unless i'm able to wire them up to run off of one 9v, there's no real point to doing this. other than the fun of getting to make some frankenstein effect pedal... which i suppose is reason enough. anyhow, i was wondering if anyone could help me out and tell me if i could run both off of one battery or not. in either case, any additional tips on how to go about wiring them together would be greatly appreciated. thanks...

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Is there a difference between a high pass filter with an op amp and a high pass filter without one? Answered

I'm trying to modify a guitar effects pedal of mine to remove some squeaking and decided that a highpass/low pass combo with some potentiometers to modify the highpass and low pass points (since my pedal emits squeaking at different frequencies on different settings) and I was wondering if I should use a high/low pass with an op amp, capacitors, and resistors - or just a simple resistor and capacitor filter. Does anyone know if either configuration is a detriment to sound quality?

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Why is my power supply over-herating?

I have a very simple power supply build to power effect pedals  220VAC --> regular 12vDC wall wart rated at 1A --> 9vDC (7809) regulator with 220uF on the in and 1uF on the out -->1  load rated at 250 mA  It's perfect except one thing... it over heats quickly, which will eventually lead to damage in a way or another.  Please advise  Thanks 

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how do i make an EQ effects pedal?

I am very much a beginer in electronics, but i would like to make an effects pedal with three tone control's (low mid and high), and i would like to be able to bypass with a dpdt switch. all i know is this would require using band pass filters but i know absolutely nothing else :) can anyone help? or does anyone know of a instructable covering this particular gizmo?

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How many Distortion pedals could I use at once, and would it make much difference?

So I had a revelation yesterday and i thought of the idea of using 2 or more distortion/overdrive pedals on a custom pedalboard, for my electric guitar. I'm very reluctant to try because I don't know what will happen, and as a school kid I dont really have any money to throw away. What I want to know is has this been done before?; Will it mess up my amp, or worse my guitar?; And Will it have any effect on the sound, or will it remain constant? Thanks for your time :D if no one answers. I might just dare to try

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Troubleshooting unwanted distortion in a DIY guitar effect pedal? Answered

I built myself one of Moosapotamus' Bass Paraloopers following his design (the updated one, that is) to the letter.  The only modification I did was to remove the low pass filter, since I'm using it for guitar, not bass.  Unfortunately, it has several problems. The one I am most concerned about is some unwanted distortion.  It is fairly mild, but noticeable enough to be a problem when playing clean.  It affects both the dry and wet signal (i.e. it is present when the blend knob is set to both 100% wet and 100% dry).  I do not think the signal from the effects pedal in the loop is overdriving the circuit.  How can I narrow down where/what component this distortion is coming from?  Unfortunately, I do not have an oscilloscope to use for troubleshooting.  Any help is appreciated.

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can i convert my old wah pedal to a distrotion pedal that slowly brings the effect in?

I'm wanting to convert my old Vox wah in to a distortion pedal that works like a wha but insteed of "wah-ing" i slowly brings in the distortion as i sweep the pedal. it needs to be true-bypass so is goes from clean tone to "dirty" without having the 'click' of a regular distortion pedal.Thanks

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Converting to/from line level signal for guitar effects? Answered

So I've got some effects pedals that don't get along with my Egnater Tweaker's effects loop, namely the HBE Frost Bite Flanger, but my Carbon Copy doesn't do too well either.  I've determined the problem to be the effects loop (which is at line level), and the previously mentioned pedals won't accept line level signals without a significant volume drop and high-end attenuation. So my idea is to convert the line level signal being sent from the effects loop to instrument level, run it though my pedals, and then back up to line level and to the loop's return.  This would do the trick to get it down to the right level, but how do I get it back up to line level?  It's passive so I wouldn't think you could go from -10db to +4db, right? I'm also concerned about introducing noise and tone sucking.  Additionally, the send and return both have a different impedance, would I need to compensate for that? Any ideas on a way to achieve this, or a better method that hasn't occurred to me?  Any help is appreciated.

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What exactly does the attack knob on an MXR Super Comp do? Answered

 What exactly does the attack knob on an MXR Super Comp do? I checked on Jim Dunlop's website and it said something about preserving volume blah blah blah... I want to know what it's doing as you turn it up.

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What fuzz pedal can do Fuzz Face and Tonebender?

I'm about to get my first fuzz pedal and I was wondering if there are any pedals that can do  a Fuzz Face sound and a Tonebender sound. I know the Barber Trifecta is pretty versatile and can definitely produce a Tonebender sound but can it produce any Fuzz Face sounds? Any suggestions? Thanks! -AG

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Guitar Wah Wah Pedal Help!

My VOX Wah Wah pedal (V847) is not working. The bypass is working. However, when I turn ON the wah-wah effect - there is only a clean sound of the guitar and a very THIN sound of the wah-wah, it sounds more like a VOLUME pedal than it does a wah-wah pedal. I believe this is the schematic: From what i've gathered, the problem lies in the capacitors (because apparently capacitors are what create the wah wah? i'm not entirely sure myself) I've replaced the C2 (4.7MF) and C3 (.22MF) What could be the problem? Please help! P.S. are MF, mF, and uF all the same? Thanks.

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How can I electrify/modify a harmonica so that I can connect it to effects pedals?

I have a harmonica at home and am curious to find out what kind of crazy sounds I can come up with. Any suggestions on how I could modify my existing harmonica so that I could plug it in to some effects pedals? Thanks!!

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Would this schematic work as a simple flanger? Answered

Would this simple schematic create an effect similar to that of a Flanger guitar pedal? The diodes prevent the signal from traveling backwards. On the top, the inductor (variable and homemade) slightly delays the signal from the guitar, and it is rejoined with the original signal below it. Would this cause a wobbly effect like a Flanger? Definition of 'Flanging': (link)

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New drums: Kick pedal question. Answered

Greetings! Background: My xmas 'from me to me' present was a Roland TD-9K electronic drum set.  I have a concern with the drum kick.  I think I have it set up properly and it's either a setup problem or a user/technique issue.  The instruction manual says you can adjust (insert list of a bajillion variables) and 'set it up how you like' basically, without explaining how each variable effects the end result. My problem:  The kick pedal is set up as per the instructions and occasionally (every few beats) double-taps.  The hits are extremely close together, and are hardly audible if you're not listening for them, but they do exist in the midi data. (i.e. 1/64th beat later) The hammer is physically bouncing and hitting twice, it's not just spurious noise or an oversensitive pickup.  The brain lcd has a What I can adjust: Technique:  If I move my foot a bit it changes the harmonic frequency of the hammer, and it can solve the problem, but sometimes my foot ends up back where the problem exists The pedal assembly: -Spring return tension -- more tension = ability to hit faster but more effort required, problem exists everywhere from full soft to full firm. -Hammer location - it's centered on the sensor per instructions, and strikes flat and square. I could move the pedal off to one side slightly, or change the effective length of the hammer so it hits higher or lower (would change the periodicity of the system). -Angle of the sensor - per instructions is set straight vertical. -Electronic filtering - I can tell the brain to ignore hits for a period after a given hit to eliminate the spurious hits, but this wrecks my ability to intentionally use techniques where fast double-hits are wanted -'Home' angle of the hammer -- the angular moment with which the hammer moves with each kick.  Setting this too far away tends to make it hit the top of my foot (quite painful), and too short means its hard to make it work. Other Thoughts: I play barefoot, should I have a set of drum shoes?  Would that make a difference? I want to use these also to play rock band thru the midi adapter (people report its fun) -- but the double-hits would seriously impair scoring ability, and I need a way to fix them!

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How do I fix a zoom G1 guitar pedal? Answered

My brother was standing on my amp to hang something and it fell. he said everything was fine, but then I tried to use my pedal and the knob to the left (the one that changes between what part of the effect you edit) wasn't working right. it doesn't do anything when you turn it, and only works when you push down on it. I have a jam session tomorrow, so I need to know ASAP.

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Can i bypass an AC/DC power supply to AC/AC?

Hi! I recently aquired an used guitar effect pedal, a Behringer X Vamp, to be more exact. It is 2nd hand so it came without the power supply. I know it runs on AC/AC and i have an AC/DC one, so my question is: is there a way to bypass the power supply or the pedal itself so it can run with the supply i have? thanks in advance, stay well

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Can someone help me with this schematic for a reverb pedal footswitch?

I am trying to build a foot switch to turn off and on this effect on my amp and I cant figure out what i need to build it correctly! This is a schematic of my amp , and in the bottom left hand corner there is a dotted rectangle around the schematic for the pedal. it seems simple when i look at it but could someone please explain what it is and/or what i need? Thanks!! If you cant find it on there, then theres a picture of it below!

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James Haskin's talkbox voice modulator mod! Ok, so after watching James' video and looking through the instructable this is the nicest construction of a talkbox for almost no cash what so ever, for those of you that havn't seen it the link is at the top.. James uses a DPDT switch on the guitar.. For my purposes though have the switch on the amp.... well its not as user friendly as need be.. I was wondering how hard it would be to make a seperate footpedal to activate this talkbox...something alittle more professional than just longer wires to a small box with the switch there.... unless that seems to be the right way? I'm not sure maybe i just over anylized the situation, could it be that easy? i was thinking of adding a resistor and an LED (although) you will be able to know when this is running it would just add alittle touch to it you know?

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Someone help! DIY wah wah guitar effect

Instructables community, I am 13, just learning to play guitar, and want some awesome effects to spice up my sound. I have seen the kits for DIY wah wah effects and wish to make one. I don't plan on etching my own circuit board, and i don't want to buy one. All of the schematics are pretty complicated and i have no idea how to decipher them. I will probably end up using a protoboard; but can someone simplify the plans and/or give me the links to the parts i need? Thanks in advance, -Nick

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Distortion box from walkman?

There was a "make a distortion box from a walkman" thing that I saw. Said they used the amp in the walkman to distort the signal from guitar, before sending to amp. Anybody try this? Any other way to make your own distortion from home parts? I have a keyboard I could scrap.?

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invert polarity? Answered

Hey guys, please could you help me?  i trying to do external battery pack to run pedalboard with 4 effects. As far as i know Boss pedals have center negative type of connection. Can pls somebody explain what does it mean? Whether it means that leads are inverted positive goes to the sleeve and negative to the tip? Or tip has to receive negative voltage of minus9V? thanks !!!!

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deciding between 2 crybaby wah mods?

I hav a an old gcb-95 crybaby that i have already modded with a variable Q control, but the Q control doesnt make much of a noticable difference. im trying to decide between putting in a 6 way rotary switch to select between different sweep caps(like in the 535q) or to put in a 5k pot in series with the ground lead of the wah pot to adjust the range of the wah(just like jerry cantrell wah) whats the difference in sound between the 2 mods? is changing the sweep cap changing only the range, only the Q, or both? basically, do these both change the sound in the same way, or dfferent? if theyre different, im just gonna put both in.

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Do I need to invert phase a second time? Answered

I'm building a guitar pedal and I am inverting phase with the initial buffer (TL072). I am then splitting the signal into two parts, dry (no effect) and wet (effect). Each of these will be output as separate channels (left and right) and not mixed back to mono. I plan to send each channel through its own 386 amplifier chip to boost it to a level suitable for headphones. So, what I am wondering, is, should I use the 386 to invert the phase a second time back to normal? Or should I use an op amp at unity gain to do that before I send it to the 386? Or does it not matter if I am not mixing the two signals back to mono?

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Transistor voice modulation?

Alright, i know now that there is a way to modulate your voice from putting signal in on the voltage pin of a transistor, and controlling it with a synth into the input voltage. But now, what is that effect? and what is a way to smooth out or get clean sounds from it? Any help is appreciated. Thank you. 

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So what are you working on?

What upcoming projects are you working on? I'm busy making more instruments/recording-related equipment. My next three upcoming Instructables are an audio converter, something called an "Electric Kickamastick" and a guitar effects pedal (and have been amassing supplies for a few more projects).

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Guitar Amp Static

Following up on my other thread with soldering, I managed to get my circuit for a distortion pedal all wired up.  I've got the clean end working, and nothing at all on the distorted end, but I'm not concerned about that just yet.  On the clean end, I get a really annoying buzzing sound, like when you turn the amp on with a cable plugged in with no guitar on the other end.  What would be cause of this?  Possibly outside interference since I haven't actually put this into an enclosure yet?  This is the schematic I followed.. and the sound from my amp is similar to this.. No, it's not the amp that's the problem because it works fine without the circuit.

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Turning horizontal linear motion into vertical

Hi guys, I have a dmx controller which is connected to two sunstrip lights which I control with my foot during gigs. It means I have to balance on one foot and slide the fader up and down with the other in order to get a swell/strobe effect. Have you any idea how I could hack it to turn the horizontal linear motion of the fader into a vertical motion (basically a pedal I can stamp on it swell like a wah) Any suggestions helpful. Cheers!

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Does anybody here own a Barber Trifecta?

Just wondering if anyone here owns a trifecta. If you do, is it possible to get a Fuzz Face kind of sound out of it? Thanks! -AG

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Lm 324 amplifier?

Hello i am trying to build a Lm324 Stereo preamp to go into my 100w tube amp, and i cannot find any schematics on 324's. My idea was to have each channel occupy its own side of the chip, and having a switch to switch between 1 and 2 amp stages. please help thank you.

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What does bass response mean in this schematic? Answered

Hello ! i'm making the MXR plus clone.In the schematic bellow R7=4k7,C7=0.047u ,but in other mod thay said change C7 with 0.1u for more bass response.I dont understand what "bass response" mean ??? just the signal will be clipped take effect  or all the signal run through the pedal ? Thanks for advance!

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Kaossilator fix?

So, my Kaossilator suddenly dies one day, the power was too high. i have no experience whatsoever with digital so i am lost. Any way to fix this? it was over-exposed to voltage, the voltage suddenly jumped and it went. any fix?

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Electronic Kits Where To Buy Them?

Hi I am looking for "electronic kits". For instance the kit would come with all the necasary comonents to make something but I just have to assemble it kinda like these belowElectric Guitar KitTheremin KitEffects Pedal KitsMAKE Magazine kit section this is the most exstensive collection of kits I could find Thanks for all your help yall!

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does anybody know how to overclock AND underclock your gameboy so you can make it variable?

I have a gameboy that I overclocked and I underclocked a game boy. with positive results and they work great! i also circuit bent my guitar effects pedaland I've seen a video on youtube of a guy who used a 555 timer to help the game not crashand a variable resistor. can't figure it out

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Printed Circuit Board Help...

P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } Okay I found this circuit that about Attack and Decay but I have no idea what it is...after research, I think its a effects pedal...(leave a comment if I'm wrong.)  So, it is complex so I want to make this into a circuit board but am not too good so some help would be appreciated.   Can anybody help??? Thanks in advance. Make sure you read my image notes. They are very critical to the design...I think.    

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Transistor vocoder?

Hello, last night i was experimenting with my breadboard, and i came up with an idea, transistors have a supply voltage, which the small voltage controls pitch and volume. but i thought what if i had voice coming in to the supply voltage part(after being super amplified) and the keyboard comes in the control voltage side, would the keyboard not control pitch of voice, while voice modulates? thanks for your help.

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What is the standard size dc input jack socket for music equipment i.e. mini amps and guitar effects gadgets? Answered

As quite a few people will have noticed (because i have asked so many 'beginners' questions on here) I am building a mini guitar amp. I am wanting to use a 2.5mm or a 2.1mm dc input socket, I was just wondering if there was a 'standard' size connector. I'm sure I have heard there is one size commonly used in guitar effects pedals and equipment like that. It doesn't really matter, because this is likely to be a one- off product, but if something breaks a few years down the line then I would like to be able to say i'd used the most common jack, so i can get a replacement.

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