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Good cool elastic guns

Just wondering if anyone knew how to make elastic guns that are safe fun and u can shoot them around a bunch. They gotta be easy to make and load so no like chemicals just a kool gun. If u can try not to make it knex cause i find them hard to make.

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Storing Elastic Cargo Nets?

Anyone know a way to store those elastic cargo nets that look like a spider web made out of bungee cords? The net always gets twisted around & through itself and the hooks do their best to make sure it stays that way! The best way I've come up with so far is to stretch it out on an old towel, piece of tarp or something similar that's about the same size as the net and then roll them up together like a giant Taquito. But that's pretty bulky, especially if you have several. Better ideas?

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Ideas for rubber band (elastics) guns

From someplace that takes rubber band guns seriously-including accuracy contests...ガンロッカー ( GUNLOCKER )and the translated page.

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Is there any way to make hot glue more elastic?

I'm planning on casting some objects out of hot glue with a mold, but hot glue is a bit too stiff for the result I want. Is there anything I could mix with the melted hot glue to make it more elastic?

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How can I relax or destroy the elastic in my great but too tite swim suit??

I really like the suit but it really bothers me because its too tite.   I have tried soaking it in gasoline, no effect.  Any one know how to melt the elastic?  thanks  Jon

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I use moleskines but the elastic always expands. Is there any way to tighten the elastic without ruining the cover..

 I use the moleskines to keep notes and my books last for years and years.  I find the elastic which keeps the book closed stretches over time and use.  I tie a knot in the elastic, but this is ungainly.  Is their any way to tighten or replace the elastic without destroying the cover and look of the notebook? 

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how to fix elastic waistband that's too tight?

I have a circle skirt with a wide elastic waistband. Skirt is chiffon and waistband material is velour...I think. Awhile back I cut a hole in the waistband and then cut the elastic in the back and tied the two loose pieces together with string to give me more room but I need to fix that. I want to really fix it not have it tied together. I will doing it all by hand so I need easy solutions. I don't own a sewing machine. You can see that the waistband in the front is flat and in the back its all crooked and soft. that's where i cut it. I guess there's no 'support in there now. I showed the pictures of how I cut the waistband. So any ideas are welcome. get rid of elastic? attach more? use something else to connect it?...ok Thanks...

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What can I do with LOADS of size #32 rubberbands? Answered

What can I do with LOADS of size #32 rubberbands? Something cool. NOT A RUBBERBAND BALL! Thanks :-)

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How do I do smocking with elastic thread? Answered

I want to learn how to smock using elastic and a sewing machine. Any help?

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What is the correct placement for elastics and ribbons on pointe shoes?

My daughter has her first pair of (ballet) pointe shoes and I'm not sure where to sew the elastic and the ribbons on each shoe.  And as they're rather expensive, I really don't want to mess them up.  I've looked at various sites online but each has a different answer.  Can anyone pointe (sorry!) me in the right direction please?

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Design and the Elastic Mind @ MOMA until May 12

I just stumbled across this wonderful exhibition at the MOMA in NY, which will be running until May 12. If you browse the online exhibit, you'll see a bunch of technologies and artworks that have graced these pages previously, but there's tonnes more of Really Cool Stuff - definitely worth passing by if you happen to be in New York...Design and the Elastic Mind, February 24-May 12, 2008View the Online Exhibit!In the past few decades, individuals have experienced dramatic changes in some of the most established dimensions of human life: time, space, matter, and individuality. Working across several time zones, traveling with relative ease between satellite maps and nanoscale images, gleefully drowning in information, acting fast in order to preserve some slow downtime, people cope daily with dozens of changes in scale. Minds adapt and acquire enough elasticity to be able to synthesize such abundance. One of design's most fundamental tasks is to stand between revolutions and life, and to help people deal with change. Designers have coped with these displacements by contributing thoughtful concepts that can provide guidance and ease as science and technology evolve. Several of them—the Mosaic graphic user's interface for the Internet, for instance—have truly changed the world. Design and the Elastic Mind is a survey of the latest developments in the field. It focuses on designers' ability to grasp momentous changes in technology, science, and social mores, changes that will demand or reflect major adjustments in human behavior, and convert them into objects and systems that people understand and use.The exhibition will highlight examples of successful translation of disruptive innovation, examples based on ongoing research, as well as reflections on the future responsibilities of design. Of particular interest will be the exploration of the relationship between design and science and the approach to scale. The exhibition will include objects, projects, and concepts offered by teams of designers, scientists, and engineers from all over the world, ranging from the nanoscale to the cosmological scale. The objects range from nanodevices to vehicles, from appliances to interfaces, and from pragmatic solutions for everyday use to provocative ideas meant to influence our future choices.

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Hooke's law (my brain just reached it's elastic limit)

I was very daring and entered the intro to engineering class as my elective in my first year of highschool. It turns out that I am in over my head. I am always up for a challenge, so I am sticking with the course I am one of the 3 freshmen in the class. On the first day of class our teacher was introducing the class and brought up that we would have to use some trigonometry and other math that the freshmen have no learned yet but he is willing to help us out with that... Anyhow today at the end of class we were given a hand out about "hooke's law" because we had just done a lab where we attached weights to a spring. The paper is pretty straight forward about hooke's theory and the formula F= K (delta)L (Force = K times the change in length) it defines k as the "proportionality constant" which I do not understand. What is a proportionality constant? wikipedia says its a force or spring constant which I still do not understand. Wiki also gives the formula F= -K x (with arrows over the k and x). help please!

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Can you sew into Zentai suits? Answered

I'm a beginner when it comes to sewing, but Zentai suits (Elastic full body suits) seem to have potential to me to make some pretty sweet-sick costumes. Can you sew into Zentai suits? If not, how can you attach things to them as far as costume making goes? Thanks! -xD

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Can i use a cardboard tube instead of a pvc one? Answered

I am going to make a van degraff generator will it work if i use a cardboard tube thank you daniel :)

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How do I make an elastic powered vehicle which will transport and egg 2 metres up a ramp with a 35 degree angle?

Basically, we must use an elastic band and there is no catapult allowed. The ramp is very steep and we can't use batteries or anything. We were thinking something to do with weights. Please help! We tried knex, but it ended up being too light. And it needs to go against gravity!

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What is better? Answered

What is better? Fewer elastic bands pulled tighter or more elasting bands not as tight?

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Will a torsion spring work with this broom/mop holder? Answered

I am in the late stages of working on a broom/mop holder.  The engineering is not original, however, I may be able to show how to make it fast and cheap!  The function of the device centers on a Cam which rotates up or down and then automatically returns to a "home position". As you slide a broom handle into the cam, the cam gently opens up and accomodates the handle.  But when you pull down or let the broom go, the cam rotates downward and holds the broom very steady.  To remove broom, just push it upward a bit... The design I currently have is using elastic - but I believe we could employ a torsion spring instead. Would using a torsion spring work? How would it work or be positioned on the device? Can I make a torsion spring?  (i'd really like to do this) Can I buy them at reasonable prices anywhere? I have included a few pictures to illustrate the question... Note:  I did later figure out how to properly spell "TORSION" Included is a shot of some example springs. Also in one of the shots, I attached the mechanism to a clear plastic OJ bottle. (thought it might be easier to see the mechanics this way) Thank you for any input you may have!

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i need to know is a cheap £1 slingshot with 0.75cm thick elastic allright for hunting

And also what animal i should hunt and with what ammo i dont know if i need a liscense i live in the uk

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I make yogurt and sometimes it comes out elastic, slimy. Any known reason why?

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Is there agood knex gun that can shoot thick rubber bands(the one in the picture)?

I just want a gun that can shoot more of them. 1 trigger pull, 1 elastic relased, and then the next pull another on is released. I ve made the gnasher shotgun, but that one was not able to shoot these thick elastics.

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Paracord phone case?

I want to weave a paracord sheet, roughly about 120mm x 210mm. How mush paracord will I need? Also, the paracord will be white in colour. I will also line the paracord sheet with fabric with a design on it. The design face will come back on itself to form a pouch and the excess will form a 'lid'. When the sheet comes back on itself, i will join the sides together with elastic material. Also, I will laser cut on black acrylic an android robot, which will sit on a face of the case. How do you find my design?

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Protective face mask made from swimsuit tops or bras?

I put my daughter's swimming suit top over my face - and thought WOW!Faster way to make a comfortable mask with a few alterations? -Easier to breath wearing it- Easier to talk -Filtering qualities -Washable/ ReusableNeed to make a patternNeed to add straps- elastic bands? elastic? ties? What do you think? Any suggestions?

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Revolutionary Knex Gun Competition 1

The Challenge: Make a firing knex weapon without elastic bands. Weapons that use elastics are allowed to be entered, but each instance of elastic use will reduce its chances of winning. A weapon that was created before the beginning of the contest will also decrease its chances of winning. Rules: You may enter as many knex weapons as you like. Criteria (in order of importance) -Performance -Innovation -Appearance Deadline: May 1st. Judging: I'll pick the winner. Rewards: The winner will receive my 5 star rating on their slideshow or instructable. The real prize, however, is the satisfaction of winning. The winning weapon will be announced in a forum shortly after May 1st. Entering The Contest: Post a link on this forum to enter. I will be posting a new contest near the beginning of each month until further notice.

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Making some Eggman goggles need advice

I'm working on making my own eggman goggles and I have two twistable caps from my Axe can and some elastic braided band and I seem to have trouble on how to make some using my elastic braiding band without making a slot and then glueing it or fasten it the band. the braided band I have is 3/4" so how I can do this if I could try glue or if I have to a little slot for the band to loop through. I really need some good tips on how to use my braided elastic band for my project. If I have to make a slot so that the band can go through what I can use to make it so it never comes off?.

Topic by SuperScourge  

semi autos

I have an idea knex semi auto system for a gun i havent tried it but hey it might just work if you put a springy spring on the ram with about 7 elastic bands and when you fire the force from the elastic bands will reload the gun because the spring springs the ram back (you will need a auto load system) if you have any more ideas post tem and let me know ill try he gun idea of mine and ill see if it works

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Homemade Bandolier?

Hey there instructables! I'm planning to make a homemade bandolier that carries 12 gauge shotgun shells, but I was just wondering.... Are the loops on bandoliers elastic, or just straps of canvas or something? Which would look like a cooler bandolier, denim or black canvas?(Your Opinion) I never sewed cloth before, I'm planning to use a sewing machine, do you have any tips, and advice when sewing canvas or denim? If I use something elastic, how could I keep the bandolier from curling up? Thanks A few of my 12 gauge shotshells..hahahaha....

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Grippy stuff for sports clothes

Hi hi, i have an old pair of cyclist's leg warmers. they have lost some of their elastic action, and they fall down almost straight away. I went and bought some new elastic to sew onto them, but also wanted to stick some gripper stuff on the inside. The gripper stuff is found on most knicks and cycle shorts now; it's some sort of silicone or rubber that grips to your leg. I don't know what exactly it is, so didn't want to go out to the hardware store and just buy some tube of silicone, only to find out it irritates the hell out of my skin or just doesn't do the job. I tried a (big) sewing supplies store, but they had no idea what it could be. Can anyone help? I'm in Australia. I saw that in the states you can buy elastic with the gripper already on it, which is a bit of a pain. The gripper stuff is used by skiers and canoeists too... Cheers, Ben

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Knex Concept: Multi-Staged Bow.

Well, I don't know whether this has been done before. a design for a multi stage, railgun style bow. It uses as many bows as you want linked up. Here is a picture and how it works. 1. The trigger is pulled, letting go of the first bow's elastics. 2. The elastics catch on the bullet, propeling it forward. 3.When the bullet reaches here, the trigger will set off the next bow, boosting the bullet even more out of the barrel, 4. This will be complicated to time as it will all happen in a fraction of a second. The key to make this work is to time the second bow to fire just after the first, like the SwagBoss. Even then it would take some fine-tuning to get right. Build it if you want, I don't have parts for something so big. Picture; Blue-Secondary trigger Green-Primary trigger Brown-Elastics

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I want a good reliable Airsoft pistol, any suggestions? Answered

I love playing airsoft but its so damn expensive, especially in canada.  I've been looking at a few different methods of building a spring or elastic-powered airsoft pistol to be used when my main gun is out of ammo. I've made a couple from K'nex but they dont hold up when i put alot of elastics on them.  im not interested in using the aerosol or bike-pump pvc models, i've built those too but they take too long for each shot. Help me out Please :)

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What are the best rubber bands for a powerful knex gun?

What are the best rubber bands for knex guns? Where can i find rubber band comparisons? Where can i buy the rubber bands?

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How to make fuzzy raving boots?

They are fuzzy boots that have an elastics band that goes right below your knee and you wear them to go out raving. They are very colorful and Bright too. 

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K'nex Concepts 13

Spiral Drum Mag: Drum mag with two rods that rotate in one direction to push rounds to the outside of the spiral and into a firing chamber. -by Oblivitus Layered Drum Mag: A drum mag with multiple layers that fill the entire space within the drum which both rotates with an elastic and is pushed up by an elastic. When the outer layer is emptied of rounds, the drum moves up and the next layer begins emptying. This layer changing would be achieved by making the rounds press upward against a flat surface on the gun. -by Oblivitus These concepts have also been posted to:

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What makes a knex gun accurate?

Yer so what makes a knex gun accurate and I've also noticed that people say "this gun can shoot 10m" which is false because it's more to do with the elastic bands you are using rather than the actual gun.

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Automatic condom dispenser?!

Ok folks, am trying to make a nifty dispenser for condoms (what can I say, we're newly weds and getting through them!) - should be pretty easy as they're a nice predictable size. Can anyone point to similar things or come up with ideas for a solution that might be spring-loaded, elastic banded etc to 'push' them when one's removed?  Am struggling to work out how a spring might work as there's no hole in them like a staple.  Elastic bands will probably wear out over time. Any smart ideas? (ideally I'd like it to work horizontally, so gravity fed's out) - Currently have a square tube of wood about 1 1/2 ft long. Many thanks in advance!

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Klutz rubber band power contest I wonder if a rubber band vibrating is considered 'powered'.

I have some musical ideas with elastics as vibrating strings . can i use plastic stretching strings as 'rubber' substitute? Then the contest would interest me .

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Where can I get #64 rubber bands for my knex guns in Ontario, Canada? Answered

I need them for my knex guns. #64's seem to be the standard. I live in Ontario, Canada.

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How to make a caster board?

They go by various names - wave boards, ripstick... They have two caster wheels and a spring loaded joint in the center. I've seen the caster wheels (inline style) in a DIY shop. Maybe there is a trick to making the connector using a simple hinge and some bungee elastic?

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how do i make an instrument out of junk with different timbres (sounds)?

How do i make an instrument out of junk with different timbres (sounds) for a school project? i was thinking a shoebox with elastic bands and a rainmaker attached. and maybe some sandpaper i can scratch... 

Question by x-mcfly-x    |  last reply

Why did the duck go up? Any theories?;=related Skip ahead to 4:57. What he refers to as string appears to be an elastic material. He pulls up and it goes up. He pulls down and it goes up. The video is supposed to be about electrostatic toys.

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semi auto knex gun? Answered

I have made a semi auto knex gun but at the moment it is full auto for the fact i pull the trigger once and the elastics fire of so fast the trigger cant get time to lock back into place to give the mag pusher time to load the next round. does anyone have an idea of how to slow the mechanism down?

Question by pinderfish    |  last reply

Paper crossbow Ideas

I need Ideas for paper crossbows.Not as complexed as seen on Myth busters, but something nice. Please respond!! I Have Ideas for the barrel- a rolled up piece of paper but the rest isn't creative enough. Or at least could you help me get a barrel strong enough to with stand 5 elastics. If you could, please post up some designs. Or E-mail Them To Me At

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Dr. Zoidberg of Futurama Costume! :)

(thank you for the direction into the forums! haha) :D :D :DI didn't even know who Zoidberg was until my boyfriend told me that he was going to be HIM for halloween, right after we met haha. SO, I was wondering how he was going to do it and I had a few ideas...I ordered a Lab Coat from or something like that, and had it embroidered with "Dr. Zoidberg". For the Claws, he bought a hot glue gun and some felt and I was kinda puzzled as to how to make them .. cute/realistic/wearable, just make sure to have good scissors, stack the felt 2 at a time and wisely cut so that the 2 pieces match up. I used elastic to keep them on his wrist and stuffed them with polyester fill, to make them more functional. For the lucked out. Tripped over a bart simpson mask at Target and we ended up making the eyes into the shape of goggles, leaving tabs on the side for elastic attachment to hold them onto his head. The "mouth fingers" were a pair of women's gloves. (I cut the thumb off and hand sewed it shut and then took the part and attached it to ITSELF in the back, behind the mask, also stuffed the fingers a little. We then painted his head with some cream makeup from.. a halloween store ($1.50) and it goes a long way. You can cover the elastic with it too, but be careful not to dye your eyes red unless you are going to go as Zoidberg with PINKEYE. lol.As he would say "bwoo bwoo bwoo bwoo bwoo!"

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Worlds First Fully auto K'nex Gun

This is a fully auto k'nex gun. yes i said fully auto. and it actually is fully auto. the pics should explain how it works. its clever because the more elastic bands you put on it the more friction it creates. ive got it just right so the ratio is perfect. ***UPDATE***Video:

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I want to modify a Guy Fawkes Mask

I just got a 10-pack of some cheap Guy Fawkes mask, my objective is to modify them to make them as comfortable and useful as possible, i adding gadgets or something like that, and some kind of plating or coating inside to make them comfortable. I also want to change the elastic that holds the mask to the face to make it much more durable and comfortable. Thanks!

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What rubber to use as a diaphragm?

Hello, I am in need of some help, I want to try and replace the springs on a tennis racket with a diaphragm for an experiment, can anyone tell me the kind of rubber that I can use to make this diaphragm, I will be screwig it to the outside of the tennis racket, the diaphragm will be about 3mm in thickness and 330mm in diameter, it will need to be strong to hit the ball, also have some kind of elasticity Any help will be most greatful

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Mollusc Solutions

An alternative to "Death By Osmosis":My dad announced that he'd bought some new elastic for his catapult.What do you (being over 60) use your catapult for?Firing snails out of the garden.Right... And how far do you fire them?45o over the house across the street.Right...I did suggest he tag them with Tippex to make sure they weren't coming back...Still it's a new method of garden pest-control to meL

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What is the best way to waterproof a hole in a plastic box?

Hi, Picture is showing a small polycarbonate box with a 10 mm hole in the top surface. I need to find a way to cover this hole with a waterproof and elastic patch. It needs to hold tight for a minimum of 3 years of daily use in sun and water. I was thinking of covering the hole with a small rubber repair patch for bicycles. Not the self-adhesive types but with proper glue. Will this work or are there better alternatives? Thanks!

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