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Broken Electonics and Stuff

I am looking for Broken electronics like video games systems, mp3 players, cameras. I am also looking for Pokemon cards but only the original set like 1-151 new no card crap.

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key pad unlocking device

Building a geo cache, i am looking at using a key pad to unlock a box but im not going to pay over a hundered dollars to put outside , is their any thing like this that can be made from a board and electonics with batteries or something of the sorts thanks

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Why are you here?

Why are you here? Are you here for knex? Are you here for electonics? Are you here for knitting? Are you here for customizing your own stuff? Why are you here? Just asking cause it seems like its going slow and boring lately, like another topic said.

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How do you solder wires to parts?

I'm having trouble soldering some 22g hook up wire to some switches and motors that I have. The iron gets hot enough to melt the solder, but I can't get the wires themselves to melt it. Any suggestions?

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What stuff salvaged from computers/electronics would the instructables community be interested in?

I love to salvage usable stuff from old computers and electonics. I just wondered what sort of things I could salvage from electronics and computers that the instructables community would be interested in buying. Thanks for any sugestions.

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how to display time with 6 I/O lines? ( I want to build an at tiny 13 watch ) Answered

What kind of binary clock can I build with 6 LEDs? If I had 13 I could have done a normal binary clock, but charliplexing seems complicated... anybody with a brilliant idea?

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Electronics dummy needs your input please

Hi, I want to run a battery operated item that takes its power directly from my 50cc mopeds 12v 4ah battery.  The item takes a minimum of 60w and can take upto 100w which I'm told, could drain the mopeds battery too much even when the engine is running at full speed charging the battery. Can I connect an adustable 6-24v step up inverter to the main bikes battery and use it to install and charge a second 12v bike battery purley to power the 60w to 100w electrical item while its in use, saving my main bikes battery to besure it won't run out of enough power to start the moped after Ive finnished using the electrical item? Im sorry but I not good at electonics and need your input to help guide me to run the item from my 50cc scooter/moped.

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Where to get free electronic samples?

I have read a couple of instructables about getting free electronic samples from manufacturers. I am intersted in doing this but I have a problem. I don't have a company or a company email adress. I was wondering if somebody new of a list of manufacturers that I can get free parts from without having a company. Thanks

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trying to build a wireless alarm system off a motion detector. How do I alert the mobile remote, radio frequency?

How do i builder a radio frequency to alert my wireless remote that the motion sensor has gone off? can someone please explain the whole frequency to me?? very urgent would really appreciate the help! thanks for your time over looking my problem.

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wat do u like to do to OLD cell phones?

I like to disassemble them. i then try to make stuff outta wats left. i also like to look at da circuit boards. i guess i'm wierd that way. seriously. i'm kind of a freak when it comes to stuff like lightnin', electonics, and just about anything that uses electicity. i will post another topic about whyy i like electronics so much.

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IBM model M has 5 keys that do not work. How can I clean those contacts in the membranes?

The keyboard is in excellent shape otherwise.  Can I puncture the bottom metal shell in the locations in trouble and then inject contact cleaner?  Are there some other vent holes that might be used?  Could it be an electonic problem or circuit board plating in those areas?  The five keys affected are : g,  h,    apostophe ,   up arow,  and the number pad zero. Thanks

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electoniv safe reprogramming?

have a safe that I can open with a key but the programming has gone to pot I would like to re program it . It does not have a reset button? If you remove the batteries it still remembers the old code. You cannot take out the key if the safe is open. It has two codes one is the master code. I don't know either code. can anyone help? The only instructions I have are in French. and it does not tell me how can I cancel the codes.

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How to wire servo motors?

I'm building a wrist-mounted flamethrower, much like the Pyro system (Google it). I've got my design, unfortunately, I have NO experience with servos and electronic motors. Here's my dilemma - I have a can of starter fluid on my belt, and I need a motor to press the cap/button/switch down from a switch/button on my hand. How would I go about doing this?

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power pack for battery powered mp3?

I am wondering if its easily possible to convert a mp3 that runs on AAA to mains via a power pack, which we all seem to have plenty of laying around. i realise that the AAA battery is 1.5v or there abouts while the closest spare power pack i have is 4.0v dc / 350mA will it work, or is it possible to further step down so it would be suitable ? via electonics - or do i need to find a powerpack that matchs a AAA battery voltage. i was going to wire this to the battery terminals ... or am i just looking for trouble? lol

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need some basic help with resistors and arduino

I'm just starting an arduino uno that I got for christmas and I have almost no electronics experience. I have a breadboard that can give me 6 volts, but what type of resistor do I need to get 5 volts out of it, or is it possible to split the 5v pin on the arduino board. What I'm trying to do is recieve an input from 2 buttons. I tried searching for it on google and found nothing. Let me know if I posted in the wrong section too, because I wasn't quite sure if the Tech section is right. Thanks in advance.

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Ive built a wiring diagram for a guitar to give it a very wide varity of sound, but is it practical and affordable?

This wireing allows the player to control all aspects of having 3 humbucking pickups, but is it worth it? in the picture it shows 3 humbucking pickups. the middle and neck are small humbucking pickups (single-sized) in order to do this a portion of my guitar wil need to be taken out (or I have to find a new pickgaurd that will fit, which Ibanez does not have in stock) to make room for the new electonics this is permantent, so before I hackaway at my guitar I need to make sure i can afford this and that it will work and be practiacal

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How do I make a battery-operated signaling light that can be wirelessly turned on at a distance?

I want to construct a device that can turn a switch (probably for a light) on and off at a distance, but does not use IR (LOS not an option), and that can run on batteries. The intended use is for possible theatrical applications (remote actor cueing) and possible home security (a "help me" signal between floors). I have very little electronics experience but had can make circuits for things like switching on wired LED's. I would like to know what components I can use and how to hook them up, also maybe where to get them.

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To buy or Not to buy: Lego- Mindstorms NXT

Just enquiring with you fine folk, as to whether anyone has the set and if so what they think of it. I am contemplating purchasing a set tomorrow and was wondering what your impressions of it were, good or bad. I was generally hoping to build some basic interactive robots etc. I realise the NXT has many limitatios, yet my electonic circuit building skills I would say are limited... still learning though... That is why I was thinking the NXT system as it is almost as simple as plug 'n' play... the hacks available now seem rather extensive too. I will certainly be looking at posting some of my own if I do purchase it. If you have any input at all I would be very interested to hear. So what do you think To buy or Not to buy? Thanks for your time.

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Help, I have a problem with my LED circuit.? Answered

I am having problems with my LED project, I have 20 LEDs in parallel (2 branches of 10) with a 9v adapter as the power supply. The LEDs consist of 3 red, 3 blue, 3 green and 11 white LEDs. I used an LED calculator to determine that the resistor should be 18 ohms (I used the lowest voltage of LEDs, the red being 2.4V to do the calculation). It is in parallel so the circuit looks like the image (but with 20 LEDs). So the problem is, all the LED are working fine until I add the red LEDs to the circuit, then only the red ones light up. How do I fix this. I must confess that my knowledge of electronics is rather limited, I basically learned everything I know from hanging around Instructables. So any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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On the 555 Timer Schematics I found I need help deciding what transistors to use to build it? Answered

I am a beginner in electronic schematic reading and I want to build a full sized 555 timer with all the parts that make up the tiny little IC. But I am having trouble determining what transistors to use. This schematic has the details on what values of resistors to use but not what transistors they are: Which ones should I use? same thing with this one: This one seems pretty promising since it does list what transistors to use: and I don't know this one is hard for me to understand: Which one do you think is best or what transistors could I use in either of the first 2? Is the last one actually a 555 timer or is it something else?

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I want to simulate the passive security of a car.How can I do it? Answered

I have a little idea about how I want this to look like and what to do. I intend to have an impact sensor, something to simulate the airbags (some kind of blinking led and something to make a sound, to simulate the explosion of the airbag without harming anyone), 2 pre-tensioned seatbelts (I don't know if I have to use new ones or it's ok to use some old ones from a crashed car).And very important , I don't know how to decide what "brain" to use for the project, what microcontroller I should use.Maybe I can use some leds to show certain states : the seatbelt is on/off, etc.I know I need a program and an interface witch allows me controll this circuit and show how it works. I want to build this for the students in a lab of Automotive Electronics, to make it easyer for them to learn about how it works a passive security circuit in a car. I don't know what components do I have to use and how to make it work just the way I want.  

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Tools to get when learning/playing around with electronics???

Hi.   I've recently started making small electronic projects, first starting with a pack I bought from an electronics store that pretty much comes with all I need (resistors, transistors, springs, wires, batteries etc) it's fairly amateurish and for a beginner. But I have some more involved things i would like to start.. and a few little things lying around I would like to play with, take apart and salvage for working parts etc.. So I am at the stage now of wanting/needing tools for jobs. I was wondering if anyone could provide me with a list of things I would need? The electronics repair kits I have found on the internet usually cover computer repair/electronic repair tools for around $80 including screwdrivers, pliers, alligator clips, torch, and soldering iron kit etc... and I have considered buying an all in one kit liked his but if I was too just buy a few things at a time what would be the things I should get first? I'm hoping to over time build up a large collection of quality tools for future long term list so I don't really want anything cheap. And safety is definitely a factor.  If anyone had any idea's or could help that would be great, Thanks. Vulnic

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Maximum/minimum ampere input in a circuit, help needed.

To start of my question im going to say i don't know a lot of electronics and that I am norwegian( so please excuse typos in english) :) I have not done many major projects inside the field of electronics other than making a lightbulb light up. using a battery and to wires.. But I am very interseted in electonics ad think it is very exiting to read about.  As my first "real" project i decided to make a "lie detector", altough it is mostly just a circuit that measures the resistance in your skin and makes a beeping sound after how much resistance your skin has( Dry skin = low resistance vs wet/sweaty skin = much resistance). AND I DID IT! i made it work, and i was so proud! Then I realized that it was actually kinda lame and the beebing noise was wery annoying. So I decided to make a display that displayed a value after how much resistance your skin held. I managed to make a seven segment display from scratch. But now I am stuck... You see the circuit gives an output of amps so it will output more amps on wet skin than on dry skin. But I have to "program"  the circuit to make the numbers on my display change. I want preferably to be able to do this without any IC's. So my question is there possible to make a circuit that will allow current to pass through one circuit, but if the current is high enough it will take another way? I tried to use diffrent resistors, but I didnt take into count that electricity only takes the road of least resistance no matter..

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A central non-electric grid electricity storage system for solar and wind energy with future expandibility

I have been thinking and reading about building a system so that I could surf using a laptop, charge lights, charge mp3 players, mobile phones, rechargeable batteries so that if possible they would not need electricity from the grid, rather that would be optional when there would not be enough power that was found otherwise. I had first thought to work this out in a group as a kind of project, as there are others but I don't really know that many people with those skills. The idea is that you start very basic, with say one solarcell and the electronics. The electronics should allow plug to when you wnat to have the money you can add another, in serie or parallels so they give more power. This can then be plugged in to a system that stores that electricity in batteries. The system should also be so that it allows to connect for example one or more small selfbuild wind turbines, like the ones found here, so that in the best case you get electricity from both, or one of both but with the possible option to get electricity from the grid so that if necessary you can charge something from there. That would mean it would include an electricity meter, and maybe the possibillity to add that self powering powerplant as well.So basically you have two projects. Or maybe three. The casing to add small solarcells in, and then be able to add several casing together. The electronics to put them in serie and then a central electronic system, which allows to connect solar casings, self build windmills, batteries, the self powering power plant, possibly the possibility to add it do the grid, and last but not least the possibbility to charge things. That could be a seperate part of electonics. As one of the things I had been thinking about is to allow to connect fuel cells to it. I prefer us in what already exist, so I would suggest using the following instructabels projects or learning from them:a Savonius Wind Turbine,Ted Baer's Bicycle Wheel Windmill, savonius windmill alternator,introPringles Wind Turbine,DIY 1000 watt wind turbine,A remote controlled power RGB LED mood light,Power LED's - simplest light with constant-current circuit,Circuits for using High Power LED's,personal powerPlant, ... others may follow laterLike for example the Charge Any USB Device by Riding Your Bike but then connected to the portable usb batteries, so they could be also connected to the central charge unit. The connectors could be usb connectors. I saw some time back a connector which had a 4 port usb block attached to it, but other connector types would be usable as well. In adition, it should be able to switch on automitcally when the sun goes down, but allow a control a button or remote control to trun them manually off, so that no needless electricity is wasted. I know this is a lott at once, but its more my kind of thing to work on more complete/complex systems. The lights that would be used with this would be led lights, powered a la sunjar, using the same technique. So that them turning off and on, is mostly controlled by the sun going up and down. My idea was that with such a system, I could add piece by piece, and still have light, and electricity indepency from the grid, and I would know the cost, so that once I would have bought the pieces it would generate electricty whitout to much further cost.Solarcells would typically provide 8V or 12 V, this could be smaller ones, the casing would be is supose made of plexiglas, with pieces that standup to keep them appart, and holes for the cables, and a backside, that stays dry as well. This is what is on the drawing: the solarcells feed into the sersol which puts them in not parallel and then transport the current to the cen1 which directs it to the batteries to store it. The same for the windmills. But they go to the windmills, which puts there current in not parallel. The powerreg, regulates the power of the personal power plant, it can discharge, but also just regulate. There is connector to the grid, so if there is no electricity or not enough electricity it can be taken from the grid. There is the possibillity of a remote, which would work in connection with the cen1. The batteries might need extra electronics to see which one is full and to divert the current to another battery, and to get current back to the powersockets which could be regular oens, but also preferably usb ones. The other two connections could be for for example fuel cells, or something else. The control solar cells is simply to turn the connected sunjars which may still each have there own solarcell, on or off by the rising or going down of the sunn. The remote, is to turn them off manually.The casing should be sturdy but not to expensive, it may have to include somethings to keep it right, but the idea is to be able to put them after glass as well. The idea is that the electronics design would be free, or very cheap, so that people can build this themselves, the casing shouldn't be to expensive but that can differ on taste, most parts or thing likes windmills would be the DIY type or possibly ones you can buy as well, and most parts would have to be, off the shelf. I'll try to add a basic drawing, and some sketches, to give you a better idea. I'm not that good at that, i'd admit.

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