Electro Magnets

If an electro magnet is suspending something in an vacuum environment, will it act as a medium? (Will sound waves be able to pass through the magnetic field?) Thanks

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Ok, i'll be frank. i need to find out how to build an electro magnet with and effective ranger of about twenty or so feet i find it very interesting. and have always wanted to snatch up a small object/scramble a crowd of cellphones. former more than the latter. any help would be very appreciated. THANKS

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Austrailian Electro!

An Australian site detailing almost 200 high voltage projects, and a few others.Some excellent photos, and lots of cool projects that could be put on here!!LINK

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Electro magnetic Gloves

So, we've seen magnetic gloves..but we don't always want the magnets. So, instead of taking off the glove, why not make an electro magnetic glove? Do you guys like the idea? Should I pursue it? Make an instructable on it?

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why there is change in polarity in a bar magnet when it breaks?

A bar magnet when breaks does not attracts but repels from where it has broken ...   like [N-------S]   is a bar magnet on breaking it should be like  [ N---S} {N---S ] but it happens to be  [N----S} {S---N] ..  means there is "repulsion" between them WHY SO ?? (Pratically seen)

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electro cleaning before electroplating

Hi. I made the instructable of A_Steingrube"high quality and safe nickel plating" address:https://www.instructables.com/id/High-Quality-and-safe-Nickel-Plating/ and i want to be sure that i did the elctro-cleanning that is mention on step 4 correctly. I try to ask A_Steingrube through the comment place and the private message but i have not get any answer yet.so i try to ask here. I made the elctro cleaning while my object was connected to the positive voltage and the wire connected to the negative voltage.I did that ,because i understand that the object sould be dissolved abit and this should be happens on the anode(connected to the positive voltage) but in step 4 he mention to connect the object to the negative voltage in order to make the electrocleanning.SO,is there something that i miss here? Thanks in advance.

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how to find the best rear wheel(ring) for electro motorcycle?

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Electro-former- Need plans for building an electro-former. Had 1 in tackle box / plastic garbage can for vat years ago.

I need plans to build a new electro-former. Built 1 years ago as a BFA student at N.I.U. It was so cool. The main unit and rheostat  were in a plastic tackle box and a plastic garbage can was the vat. This was used for heavy plating over sculpted wax. Unfourtanly, it had corroded while in storage. and I had to throw it out. I will be using it to add to me jewelry line. I can also provide step - by - step tutorial to post on this sight. Oh, this is used outside under a covered building.. no need to worry about a scavenger for fumes.                                                            Thanks for your help and ideas!      

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electro plating pewter - brass

Hi, can any please tell me a simple way of plating pewter - brass   thankyou

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Electro Magnetic Core Solenoid

Dear Friends, I need to lift a weight of 100 grams or 500 grams weight using a solenoid. I can use any current DC or AC. What is the procedure for calculating this. Please help me. Ramanathan PS INDIA

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Shocks w/ electro magnetics

Hello Every one this is my first post, and since I am a full time student, full time para legal and full time parent, I'm just going to throw this idea out there and let others build on it. Its just an idea that I have had for years. Concerning electro magnets and shock absorber for your average car. Let me know your thoughts. My main thought is that the magnets would be working with reverse polarity add in electricity and you have a pretty good repelling force for going over those bad Jersey roads. Let me know your thoughts.

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BIG electro magnet uses?

So i have been taking apart alot of electronics, looking for sweet pieces for my arc reactor im building and today i decided to take apart an old Goulds jet Pump.  Inside i was please to find all this coperwire. I just LOVE the look of this thing, and i know people always build coil guns and all that cool weapon stuff. There has GOT to be a cool use for this, other then giant paperweight.   Any suggestions.  Here is a photo of it.  That copper goes all the way through it. and looks the same on the other side.

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Can it be made? electro-stim

I am wanting to make a special gift for my man this valentines day.Is it possible to make one of these with things lying around the house, or maybe a local store?This is a device that I can put on my mans "man-hood" and it will send electric waves through it.You can see it here:a ---FRIENDLY--- link here:http://www.therimbastore.com/Novelties05/ElectroPowerbox880.pdf-“Electro sex is a method of sexual stimulation involving the use of low voltage electronic signals to stimulate the nerves in the sexual organs into triggering pleasure and orgasmic response. Utilizing electronic signals to duplicate and increase normal sexual stimulation can have quite a profound effect on the sexual arousal of an individual or individuals. The nerves can be triggered in a way that never occurs, even in the best "normal" sex, or with friction or mechanical vibrators. Nerves are electrical triggers, and by applying electronic signals to activate them, the feelings are incredible.” When you realize that ALL impulses in the human body are electric impulses... it's obvious that you can stimulate an orgasm using the right equipment and tools.

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Electromagnet? Answered

Hello smart People of Instructables. I want to build a very powerful Magnet, i planned on using a microwave transformer. Heres my question: Can i plug the Transformer into my house electric? Im in Europe so we got 230V AC. And will the Magnet get stronger or weaker if i wrap really thick wire around it? Thanks for you Answers

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Can someone help me with my Veeder-Root electro-mechanical counter reset solenoid ?

I have an old Veeder-Root electro-mechanical counter.   The counter works on 12V but the solenoid for reset seems to need a totally different voltage.  I have gone up to 24v DC which is as high any of my power supply equipment can go with no luck.   In desperation I tried to throw 120VAC to it and it buzzes so I am thinking it needs 120VDC but I am not 100% sure the best and easiest way to get it there.  I am guessing some sort of bridge rectifier, any thoughts or ideas?  I am working on a sculpture that counting is part of the look but I would love to have a pushbutton control to reset the counter. There is no model number but the Form NO is 1 159196  ELC    12V DC

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ElectroMagnetic Pulse Generator

Does anyone know how to make an electromagnetic pulse generator and im not talking about an EMP

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how to call this instructable ?

Hello i've made a funny little thing (or better a whole lot of different) but i cant realy give it a name and its made out of scrap.. you can make it out of allmost everything its a little moving "robot" that moves by the shaking and imballance of a electro motor. so no wheels (unless you want) and no specific size.. but there fun to make and play with.. how do i call a instructable that you can put on allmost everything and can be made out of allmost everything

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Focusing Magnetism? Answered

Hi y'all! I am wondering if it is possible to focus magnetism? Like if you have a powerful electromagnet with a less powerful electromagnet wrapped around it. Then if both are turned on, the small one will focus the larger one creating a straight electromagnetic field and making like a "electromagnetic laser".  Thanks, joespicnictables

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Electoplating wood. CHEMISTRY QUESTIONS!

Hello guys, Thanks alot for reading. I don't know much about chemistry outside of my one high school class. We electroplated a penny. I have a 1.5ish square-foot piece of wood, and i am wanting to CHROME IT.... chrome paint kits cost hundreds of dollars, and i've before seen chrome-plated wood.. and i want to replicate the results. [img]http://www.eastcoastpowdercoating.com/liquid%20chrome%20guitar.jpg[/img]I'm looking for a cost effective alternative to expensive chrome kits (+300 dollars for a pint)In theory.... my method would involve somehow plating the guitar with some sort of metallic based paint, then submerging it in a chrome bath. [b]IS THIS POSSIBLE??[/b]Is there a metal chemical that can somehow be applied evenly to the entire surface of the wood? (i.e. paint?)What, and how much of the specific chemicals do i need, and where can i find them?I really want this to be mirrored. Thanks so much for your responses to my problem:P

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How do I make an permanentmagnet-Electromagnet motor? (DC)

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How to build one of these electro magnets?

Ive seen plans to build electro magnets where a metallic object is dangled upside down. this company inverts it so the metallic object is propelled upwards. from some of the pictures ive found it looks to be four magnets working together. any one have any info on building one from scratch? the first site below have videos of it in action. http://www.floating-lamps.com/floating-technology/ www.crealev.com

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how to build a strong electro magnet?

For my project, i would like to build a strong round electro magnet. i would like to know how i can build one.. i mean number of turns, current, diameter of wire. can we connect the coil to main power supply directly? i need a very strong magnetic field, one of my purpos is to levitate another magnet with out any support of strings (freely suspending in air). thanx in advance.

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What is the best Electronic/Electro Song? Answered

I like stuff like Leftfeild, Postal Service, Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Pendulum, anyone know any other great tracks/bands?

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A question about electro magnets and solenoids?

This question was longer but this is the third time I'm trying to post it internet problems XD SO i guess if you need more info I can provide more. Any way I was wondering if anyone had any tips for making stronger electro magnets and solenoids. I want to make some that can lift and move like 5 pounds, I have no idea if this is a lot or not so if it's unrealistic... woops. Any way for the magnet I've been using nails I could find around the house, C batteries and magnet wire I got from radio shack,  and the solenoid I use the same power and wires but I took apart some random free pen form a gym and use a random long screw that only had threads around the tip and sorta wiggled around inside the pen case. In both cases they only could hold up or move about 8 ounces. any ideas on making them stronger? or am I just being unrealistic?

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Is there a problem if my copper coils for an electromagnet are heating up? Answered

 I have built a few little nail style electromagnets and they all heat up.  If there is less power its slower but it still does.  I have experimented by using this heat but on smaller coils it will start to smoke because it is to hot.  This made me wonder if this is a short or actually an apply-able heat source.  On a very large coil heat is generated but not enough to make smoke so is guess that it is actually losing power so it can't be a short. SO CAN I USE THIS METHOD TO MAKE A MUG WARMER OR IS SHORTING OUT THE BATTERY

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how do i make an electro laser or a microwave beam for a science project?

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Powering electro luminescence wire (EL wire)

I was planning on doing some work with EL wire, but I didn't want to use a battery powered system.  I wanted to be able to plug the whole thing into a wall outlet for power, because I thought that would be nice and convenient and all that, but I had some questions: 1)     Would I need to reduce the voltage of the outlet first?  It's a standard 120 volt outlet. 2)     What components would I need between the outlet and the wire itself to make it work? 3)     What length would of wire could I expect to light with this setup?  What is the limiting factor? I'd appreciate it if anyone could help me.  I haven't ever tried this before, and haven't really explored EL wire before.  Thanks!

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how do you make an EMP? Answered

How can you make a little EMP, only strong enough to disrupt (not destroy) electronics? i would be nice if re-usable, or pocket size.

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Whats Better Volts or Amps? Answered

I know the two are completely different, just so you guys don't leave any I'm an idiot comments.  I was wondering if anyone knew what makes a better electromagnet for my coil gun.  Should I look for higher amps or just as many volts as I can find

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Help me cloning my broken card :(

(Check my pictures) My card is broken and i want to make a new one myself cuz its fun, but i have some questions. 1) The picture i uploaded here shows what i could see when i aproached light behind the card, i saw part of the PCB, how can i see the complete PCB? Melting the plastic is safe? Or the circuit can be affected too? How do i melt is? 2) The orange/brown card in the middle, how can i read its info to rewrite it again in my new card? 3) What kind of wire should i use in this electric card to make it as good as the real one?

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Anyone here ever get samples from maxim? Recently they now send them in cool little boxes that says maxim and attention electrostatic sensitive devices. I want to get rid of the maxim logo and just keep the static warning so that I can have a cool clear project box that tells people that if they open it that they should be careful because of the static electricity. The text feels slightly raised to the touch. I do NOT want to scratch up the box. BTW, small question, anyone ever have trouble adding notes to pictures? Whenever I create an instructable I have to add it in preview mode, but once in a while I can do it in edit mode. For example I had to post this topic and edit it to add notes to the picture.

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how do you repair an Ez-47 electro lift plow unit? Answered

Plow reise's sometimes and will not swile right nor left, other time just the opposite

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question about an emp and a electro thermal plasma expansion arc chamber.?

If i took the basic idea of using an emp that uses a flash camera and attached an electro thermal plasma expansion arc chamber mentioned here at instructables around the coil (of the emp replacing the epeac's coil)and instead used all the wires to connect to the capacitor and the other ends (not the coils ends) to the switch, with the coil seperated from the epac with insulation, with the nail in the middle of the coil what would happen? scientifically? anything?

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How would i go about building a mini emp please anyone...? Answered

Mini emp

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Can plastics be coated with a metal? (Like electroplating)?

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Discharging high amounts of amperage in a very short time.

Previously I asked this question, except I wanted to build an electromagnetic dent puller. But no one gave me specific ideas or instruction of how it could be done, instead everyone told me different ways to pull the dent out, or how the metal looks.. Anyway. I have a lot of copper wire. And I have a bunch of magnets and ferrous cores, iron rods.. etc. I am wondering if I can create a very powerful burst of magnetic energy with a few winding's of copper around a ferrous core. I'm talking enough to push two very heavy objects apart, such as a television or couch... 1) Copper will be wound around about 40-60 times 2) High amperage discharge from capacitor bank 3) Possible explosion or melting wire? Thank you... again

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my room.

My bedroom is dull. its small. plain. and i want to change it. i was looking at the electro graph that grafiti research labs made. is there anyway i can have a colorful lighting design in my room that i could power on and off? Any cool ideas on decorating with shelving and such?

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electronic magnet that produces enough force to lift weight

you have an unlimited power source. now is it possible to create enough force at the right "degree" that would be repelled by the earth instead of attracted.. so like a floating magnet. but its strong enough to lift large objects..... like maybe a human?

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Sodium Hydroxide Question

Does anyone know of an effective way of making sodium hydroxide from salt and electro-chemistry?

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How to Build an Electo Pounce

Was looking to see if anyone has an idea how to make one of these electro pounce machines. At $300 new I'd much rather make one but don't know where to start. Any electrical peep out there have an idea, please let me know. Thanks here's a reference of what the machine is - you tube has videos of it in action. http://www.fmsneon.com/electro-pounce.html

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How do you make an Electro Magnetic Pulse Device? Answered

I would like to make and EMP device to blow an RFID. I understand that it is a capacitor and a coil.  And that you charge the capacitor up and then discharge it through the coil.  But what size and voltage should the capacitor be, and at what what voltage do you charge it and how thick does the wire need to be? Is it all about the voltage of the cap (12 volt or 400 volt)  or is it more about the size of the cap? Thanks

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Can anyone give me a 100w inverter circuit?

I need to make a 100w or above inverter for using the soldering iron and another things.

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pinball machine

I have a 1973 gottlieb pro-football (EM) pinball machine,(EM) stands for electro-mechanical i`m really hoping to get this thing working this year.

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Questions about Magnets

Can an electro magnet have more gauss than a neodymium of the same size?  I was just thinking about robots and advanced prosthetics. One issue with them is they require rather bulky motors to get the lifting and holding capacity we often require. So if power wasn't an issue and you could make a small elecro magnet that has more gauss/a stronger magnetic field than a neodymium magnet. Than we could make strong and smaller motors.  Just a thought. Discuss!

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2 Tesla Electromagnet? Answered

I need ideas for a 2 tesla electromagnet. I am trying to make the strongest magnet possible without additional cooling from a fan.. I don't know whether or not I can use high voltage, and low amps, or High amps, and low voltage. Or even inbetween.. Also, throw me that calculation for the electromagnetic strength. And if you could be awesome, explain to me how to use that formula, as I am not mathematically inclined. Thank you.

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how can i make a laser induced plasma channel for an electro laser?

To shock something far away without direct contact.

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