Electroluminescent panels

Greetings, Anyone have any idea how electroluminescent (EL) panels are made? I see in this video https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-your-own-EL-wire-at-home/ that EL wire has a wire wrapped around another one, but what about EL panels.  They don't have wire wrapped around a sheet of copper, do they? Thanks

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DIY Electroluminescent Paper

Can anyone post a DIY instructable about this? I'd love to learn how to do this, I have many ideas that hinge off of the electroluminescent paper idea. Thanks in advance.

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electroluminescent paint. Is it possible?

After seeing "wire glue" and thinking about my pumpkin and seeing the Halloween contest here it got me thinking about this and google didn't really garner good results. Last year I hacked some LEDs into my pumpkin with 1 pair of cat5, a 9v battery and some hot glue (my in-laws didn't have a soldering iron) to connect it all up. This year I wanted to do something similar with LEDs and was thinking about making my own "wire glue"  which lead to EL paint. Maybe I'll just buy some EL wire and some "wire glue".

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Locating ELS Fiber

Good afternoon! I've been browsing, and tried to look up information on ELS fiber, short for Electroluminescent fiber. Googling it will get plenty of links to the initial article or two about it's creation roughly a year and a 1/2 ago, but nowhere can I find any information on where or how one can obtain any of it, outside of ready-made outdoor recreation clothing. I'd hoped someone might be able to assist me in this? I'd dearly love to get a hold of some for use in costuming. Thank you in advance for any info you could provide. Regards, Bronwyn "I've not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that don't work." Thomas Edison "There's a fine line between 'hobby' and 'mental illness'. I think I tripped over it a while back."

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My Daughter has asked me to design an illuminated handbag so she can find her keys in the dark?

My Daughter has asked me to design an illuminated handbag so she can find her keys in the dark? I know that I could do it with LED's but I would prefer to use some kind of illuminated material (electroluminescent?) if such a thing exists.

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Press 'print' for a light-emitting T-shirt

From New Scientist magazine:ELECTRONIC displays that can be printed onto virtually any surface, including paper and fabric, are now a step closer, thanks to the creation of a light-emitting ink.Read the full article for all the details. Oh, and try reading the article before asking questions which are answered in the article text. Just a thought...

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EL Wire and Paper watch!

Just thought of this! Has anyone ever tried to make a watch/clock using el wire? I thought of making a simple 7 seg led design with a paper (this modeling plasitc) cover/strap as a wrist watch... Get the insides of a 7 seg type led watch. Use electroluminescentwires instead of segments. Put the wires bhind a paper face which is designed as a single piece with strap. attach battery. BINGO! Only thing I've not been able to verify - need to use an el inverter for the display Anyone had any dealsing with this technology and can tell me about it.. meanwhile I'lll scour the instructables Thanks

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"EL" Category under the Technology section

I think there should be an "Electroluminescence"/"EL" Category under the Technology Section Is it possible to do that?

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electroluminescent panels: can i run one from one or more CR2032 batteries?

I need to add some lighting to a project with very limited space. i dont think i can fit a large enough led in there so i want to cut a small disc out of an el panel slightly larger than a CR2032 battery, bend some contacts around from the edge of the panel onto its back and attach one battery to make as thin and light as possible. i also need a panel about 15 inches by 5 inches, again would it be possible to run it off one or more of these batteries for a couple of hours?

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wiring lights into car speakers

I want to add some electroluminescent tape and panel to the portable speaker i built in such a way that it lights up when i turn the speakers on. my question: would it be possible to achieve this by popping the power leads of the 12v inverter into the positive and negative woofer terminals on the crossover along with the speaker cables already there? 

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Momentary flashing lights

What is the easiest/simplest method of making a flashing light (preferably a small string of LED's or a piece of EL tape) connected to a momentary push switch? no timer or any other complication just lights that will flash on and off until the button is released. i want to make a flashing indicator light and switch small enough to mount on a ring that i can wear on my pointing finger so that the button hits the back of my hand as i straighten my finger to point and the light flashes only until i curl my finger to release the switch.

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How do I make Electroluminescent Fabric respond to sound?

Hey guys,  Been planning out a little project to do in my spare time that I'm hoping to have completed by Halloween this year (lot's of time for trial and error). I'm planning on making a set of Tron Legacy suits with some slight modifications. I've gone through all the tutorials regarding this particular project on Instructables and I'm mixing and matching methodologies and stuff. It's just this one thing that I'm trying to figure out that I really need help on. Everything is still in the planning phase so I'm pretty open to any suggestions on how to go about the whole design. Now, I've gotten that people use Electroluminescent wire/tape/strips for most of these projects. M friend and I are planning on importing some EL Fabric for our purposes.  What's going to be different about our projects is that I'm planning on making some of the EL patterns on the suit sound reactive. I had built a couple of speakers in the past that I want to incorporate into the design. Probably going to mount them on the back and disguise them as Disc holders. The idea is to have the speakers play some music which the entire suit is supposed to light up and pulsate to. My problem is that I'm importing some EL Fabrics that are not sound reactive and I'm not to sure as to how to modify them to be so. Furthermore, my friend who's making this with me, wants the lights to go off in sequence or according to some pattern. Basically, she wants us to be walking light shows, something which I am at a complete loss at how to accomplish. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how to go about this exactly? The essential thing here is getting the lights from the EL fabrics to go off according to the sound playing in some organized aesthetic pattern.  Thanks in advance, guys.

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what should be the user interface in the project " controlling electroluminescent wires for advertising?

 i am doing my final year project " controlling EL wire for advertising"  The aim is to turn the el wires on and off at programmed sequence and time intervals using Basic stamp. i have the programming software in my PC. I have usb connection from PC to the basic stamp module PCB. it is working fine. now i am asked to describe about the user interface which i dont have any idea about. what is the user interface in the system

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Costume- Peacock

Last year I created a Jellyfish costume created out of discounted yarn, tull, a Clear umbrella and a string of electroluminescent wire. It got rave reviews and was just fun to play with. So, I have a vision but really no skills as far as technology or art are concern. I'm trying to deveolp a Peacock costume that will be primarly worn at night. I want the feathers to open and close preferably by a switch. I plan on having electroluminescent wire throughout the costume. I've been racking my rain and asking my techy friends for ideas but I keep coming up short. Anyone have an idea on how to "motorize" the feathers? Any advice is welcome and appriceated!!!

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how can i use basic stamp for advertising to control 16 electroluminescent wires?

I am looking for ideas about using basic stamp to control 16 el wire of different lengths.the el wire should go on and off at a particular intervals.

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Coming Soon: EL wire contest

Starting soon, very soon, here on Instructables will be an EL wire contest! We'll be giving away hundreds of dollars worth of EL wire to the best ideas! In case you don't know, electroluminescent wire, EL wire, is a plastic-coated wire that glows when current is run through it. It comes in many colors, can be powered by batteries, can be used in costumes, and can create animations when controlled by a sequencer. It's really, really fun to play with. To get to know more about EL wire, here are a few Instructables to help you out: how to add EL wire to a coat or other garment How to Solder EL (Electroluminescent) Wire Fire Skirt! Light Up Costume How to make EL Wire Art

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illuminated prayer carpet?

hi everybody i have a project to build a prototype so i need help if somebody could help me i could pay for this help cause i wanna produce it so my need is a illuminated prayer carpet based on  electroluminescent phosphor printing technology. the objectif it s to build a carpet who illuminated when its the right direction could somebody help please thanks

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Flexible EL Display, Recirculating Gravy Fountain, USB Nintendo Gamepad

Flexible Electroluminescent Display Recirculating Gravy Fountain USB NES Gamepad Easy Backpacking Stove Spiced Pumpkin Cheesecake Letter from the Editor Glowing LED Tube DIY Thanksgiving Enter the RM 100 Contest Inner Tube Skull Purse Around the Room Marble Track Electronic Beehive Scale Xbox Kinect TV Mount DIY CMOS RAM Memory Guitar Neck Repair Blender Fish Tank Bottle Cap Antenna Protector Instructables.com - 82 2nd St. - San Francisco, CA

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What exactly do light-sensitive elements react to? Answered

I had an old (about 1970s) large power transistor (I think it was a field-effect one, but I am not completely sure...). Knowing it is supposed to be light-sensitive I took the top of the case off, and it has a small EMF between the collector and emitter when exposed to light. But the EMF from directly under  electroluminescent lamps in the school corridor is about 10 times smaller than from lying on a sun-lit windowsill. So light-intensity can't be the only thing the EMF depends on... But what is the other thing?  PS It can't be UV, because well... we have glass in the windows at school, although it risks to get broken, as there is a football cup at the moment.

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Call for Makers - Greenbrae Mini Maker Faire in Greenbrae, CA

The Call for Makers is open for Greenbrae Mini Maker Faire! The event is Saturday, Sept 13, 2014 at Bon Air Center in Greenbrae, Marin County, CA. At the inaugural Greenbrae Mini Maker Faire in 2013 projects included a flight simulator, a hovercraft, coding classes, gardeners, robots, 3D printing, electroluminescent clothing, knitting, and alien mechanical sculpture. For 2014, we’ll be featuring more projects and connecting more Makers with a family-friendly festival of invention, creativity and imagination, celebrating the Maker in all of us. We want you to have fun, be surprised and delighted, try something new, and leave inspired! http://makerfairegreenbrae.com/call-for-makers-2/

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EL wire help

Hello, I was wondering whether someone could shed some light on this. I'm making a coat with a design in EL wire. I want to use two colors, and I want to have them both on the strobe setting, so that they flash opposite the other.. so one color being on while the other is off. However I may have to use more than one 'spool' of wire per color. I have a bunch of 9 ft. segments already hooked up to batteries.  You may have to bear with me, I know very little about electronics.. But is there a way I can hook up the segments of one color to each other so that they all flash simultaneously? Or is it worth it just to get longer segments/ make my own, and would the battery have to be much larger in that case? Thanks, any input is greatly appreciated! 

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Cool Neon Build Night at the Taipei Hackerspace

Hi everyone, Just checking in from Taipei Hackerspace. We have just finished out Build Night last weekend. It was 5-6 of us hacking away on electro-luminescent wire projects. Started in the afternoon, fortunately got dark by the time we had anything to try. The results are: [Hack] light into the night, and maybe even party Simple neon display, or pimped up to be light beats for music Galloping horse display Animated display, go horsie go! There are more photos on our Facebook page. It was fun, with some lessons learned: * I should have checked out the hardware we get before the event, had to scramble to find some example code for the Cool Neon Shield, how to use it * the Shield behaves a bit weird, when the driver is used in the "on" setting (as opposed to "blink"), the light "latches" - once the arduino turns it on, it won't turn off until the power is removed. Worked around this by using things in blink mode, but not idea * will have to use a wall-plug driver for the shield later, as the batteries are not powerful enough to make it look good when more than one EL wire is on (it's brighter on the pictures/video than with eyes). * people love things that light up :) Cheers! Greg

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Thermochromic pigment - black - yellow - blue, 80cents aud per gram 20g/$16 and more

Hi, im starting over on ebay again selling thermochromic pigments among other things, but for some reason now my stuff doesnt appear on international sites/searches so, ebay is only really working out for me within australia, so ill just post some links here. http://www.ebay.com.au/sch/realjharrington/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= Thats my ebay listings, i sell thermochromic pigments in various colors, all changing at 31 celcius or body temp, all priced at 80 cents per gram (which is quite cheap, i dont turn a huge profit), i also have photochromic pigments in magenta/red and yellow, really bright really long lasting glow in the dark pigment (strontium aluminate or similar), soon ill be listing chameleon pigment once i paint a working demo, and also electroluminescent phosphor pigment, same deal, once i can show a demo. Also soon ill be selling moderate and very high powered spark gap ignitors, 5v ones arcing continuously 20mm, 30-80kv, and 15v ones which do some 7-10cm or more. Anyone interested can contact me over ebay, or instructables id rather do business directly through paypal than on ebay. Also im looking to collect bitcoins if anyone has any of those they want to buy in. I offer bulk rates for anything and everything i sell so just ask.

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