Does anybody think this video is sad?

This video is a clip from Daft Punk's movie Electroma with a different song by them called Make Love.I find this clip very saddening. To get this jist of the movie watch the second clip (the video doesn't really start till 33 seconds in) and it has pretty good music! Basically the robot with the silver helmet wants to become human and the robot in the gold helmet is his best friend. They try and become human in a robot world. any thoughts?

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I really need to make a very complicated electromagnet ... Is anyone smart enough to help me ?

I really need an electromagnet that can/ is : + pull a very heavy metal from above ( which means the electromagnet has to be very strong and very concentrated in one direction ) + a energy-saver or uses little amount of energy Guys , I need some helpful comments right now . Please help !!!!!

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Electomagnetic help!!! How to build a small electromagnet that holds 20-25 pounds?

I want to build an electromagnet that holds 15-25 pounds but is small enough to strap three of them on my forearm. Because it will be on my body, I want to make the magnet in a way that won't be very hot. I'm kinda a noob at this kind of thing, so please be specific!!! Also, would a doughnut shaped electromagnet work? If you have any questions or anything that needs to be clarified, please comment and I'll try to explain in greater detail. If you've read this far, thank you so much, and please help!!!! God bless

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