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stepper wiring EM-463(epson)

I have 3 pcs stepper motor used Epson printers with code behind the EM-463 to find the color that how,, the plan will be created mini cnc .. tanks

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If an aerial turns EM waves into current...

Can you put current into an aerial and have your own radio generator?

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PS3 Online IDs? Post em!

Yep. Just wondering if any of you out there would like to play. I'm thinking about downloading Fat Princess again if anyone is interested. :D Mine's jessyratfink, by the way.

Topic by jessyratfink    |  last reply

Opinions please: EMS "Meggy Jr"

OK, I keep saying I ought to learn to solder properly. I ought to learn to programme chips. I ought...Well, you get the idea.So, I was browsing Evil Mad Scientist, and I came across Meggy Jr. It's a kit, you solder it, you can programme it. Ticks all the boxes, no?But, all I have to go on are EMS' own comments - looking for reviews, all I find are reports of its existence, plus silly comments from people who haven't used it. I haven't found any video of it being played, and I can't tell if it makes any sounds.Has anybody used it? Is it any good? Is it worth splashing out $130+? (This isn't an immediate purchase - probably in the New Year.)

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Frequency help needed.

Does anyone know what frequencies of laser light can effectively and efficiently ionize normal air into conductive plasma?

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How to/Chances or qualifying for WSOP? Answered

Hello. I just had a quick simple question. The WSOP torment, are you gambling with plastic chips representative of money, or do you buy them with money? And how do you train for such events?

Question by JohnJY    |  last reply

What is the purpose of spark gaps in Tesla coils, spark gap transmitters, etc.?

From what I can tell they keep the high voltage from interfering with mains power, but that doesn't make sense to me?

Question by revelae    |  last reply

Can permanent magnets cause interference when placed alongside cables? Answered

I'm wondering if I can safely use neodymium disc/button magnets alongside cables without causing interference? I know that interference can be induced from an alternating magnetic field e.g. transformer coils, but not too sure if a magnet in a fixed position would have the same effect? There's a project that I have in mind that would use these magnets to secure a fabric around cables holding them together. A single 5mm button magnet on one edge of the material would attract to a metal disc embedded in the opposite edge. The cables will mainly connect to audio / visual equipment so it's important to avoid any interruptions or distortions of the signal along the way. Can anybody help?

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Halloween Postcards are arriving - show 'em off!

I just got my annual Instructables Halloween Postcard in the mail. I think this is number 8 for me, and it was still just as exciting as the first! Has yours arrived yet? When it does, please stick it next to whatever you're making (Halloween-related or otherwise), and snap a photo. Share the photo below with a comment about whatever you're making, and I'll do a random pick on Halloween and send that person a robot t-shirt! Here's my postcard, propped next so some hunks of metal I was welding together to make a cart for my new welder:

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Any DIY Smartphone Experience?

I recently stumbled upon this interesting piece of hardware: And I was wondering if anyone had any experience with it, and whether or not any of you were able to build a functional smartphone. Thanks a ton!

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I just published my white castle slyders instructable.

They're good, make em', eat em', enjoy em'.

Topic by Yerboogieman    |  last reply

Instructables, I missed you

So, did the downtime result in any updates? Post em if you notice em!

Topic by Weissensteinburg    |  last reply

pinball machine

I have a 1973 gottlieb pro-football (EM) pinball machine,(EM) stands for electro-mechanical i`m really hoping to get this thing working this year.

Topic by mr.origami  

Protese Auditiva.Transplante de coclea

Bom dia, parabéns por este trabalho lindo, lindo porque o objetivo é deixar pessoas mais independentes, aproveitar melhor a vida, com estes recursos que vocês pesquisam e disponibilizam, o  triste é que os mais simples, com menor poder aquisitivo não conseguem tê-los. Temos um grande numero de pessoas aguardando protese auditiva, gostaria de que me ajudassem a descobrir grande centro de referencia com a melhor tecnologia para verificar a possibilidade de cadastrá-los e serem atendidos gratuitamente. Mas mesmo que não  seja dado retorno a mim deste email, gentileza me ajudar a saber quais são os melhores centros no Brasil principalmente sudeste qual tecnologia usada, quais  tipos de proteses existem, como funcionam como se dá manutenção, se existe grupos de usuários de protese, e também para transplante de coclea, muito obrigada. Seria um milagre e algo incomparável de ótimo, eu agradeço. Bom dia a todos Deus os ilumine para que conseguir grandes vitórias nesta área. Abraço Bernadete C Lemes 049 99254884 Gentileza responder também para: "Não é um sinal de saúde estar ajustado a uma sociedade profundamente doente"Krishnamurti "Às vezes, só uma mudança de ponto de vista é suficiente para transformar uma obrigação cansativa numa interessante oportunidade." Albert Flanders

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Combichrist Shrunken Heads quote.

Does anyone know where the quote from the Combichrist song Shrunken Heads For All Occasions comes from? If you haven't heard the song, there is a voice saying "Now, shrunken heads for all occasions, collect 'em, swap 'em, give 'em to your witchdoctor friends". I've tried searching for it, but with no luck whatsoever.

Topic by Jur    |  last reply

Any ways to block the EM waves from my solid state Tesla coil?

Hi guys, I'm working on a small solid state Tesla coil (Slayer exciter) and every time I test it, the internet router stops working and peoples don't really appreciate it when it happens. The router is about 25-40 feet away but my brother's computer is in the same room about 10 feet away but is connected with an Ethernet cable that might act as an antenna? I know that all the touch lamps in the house goes crazy so I really need to find a way to stop the EM waves to interfere with the electronics in the house. I thought about putting the coil in a earth grounded metal cage but have no idea if it would work and if there is any other ways to do it. Any help?

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Does anyone live close to me that know a lot about EM pinball machines?

I have a 1973 Gottlieb pro football pinball machine in my backyard and I need all the help I can get so please let me know.

Question by mr.origami  

Forum: Mashed Potatoes

Yum. The perfect comfort food eh? I love 'em, Do you love 'em? What do you think goes best with them? Share your recipes and comment and ideas here!!! Mash potatoes THEY ROCK!

Topic by Baron A    |  last reply


Best sugru inventions; POST EM'

Topic by robokid96    |  last reply


What chords do you know? G, EM, E, F,C

Topic by TSC    |  last reply

My Awsome New Intructables T-Shirt and Hammer.

I love em!

Topic by iMac    |  last reply

Steampunk shirts

I found this and thought you guys would like em

Topic by Ward_Nox    |  last reply

I'm selling build your own mini synth kits

Hi, I'm selling kits of an Instructable I made to build your own synth. The EM-Tronic: This kit provides you with the components and instructions that you need to build a small handheld digital synth. All you need to do is build the kit and find an enclosure to fit it into. I'm selling them on Etsy: Here is the Instructable if you want to build your own: Cheers, Brian

Topic by rarebeasts  

Building a capacitor charging unit

I was looking for a HowTo on building a capacitor charging unit. I saw a thread on a forum a while back that said you could create a large EM Pulse by sending a huge current down a coil of wire. I was looking about wiring up a bunch of these 220uF caps from Maplin;=12777&doy;=28m9#specThey are the last ones on the list.Would a few of these be sufficient to produce a large EM field, one that could fry sensitive electronic equipment. And how would i go about charging them all to the full capacity.Also while on this topic, would this be an efficient way of generating an EM pulse, or could you suggest any other ways of doing so.

Topic by EthanV2    |  last reply

robot help

Hello guys i was trying to make a beetle bot following the instructions from this site everything went fine but i had 2 broblems that arent totaly solved yet... the wheels to the motor i have no idea how to make em if i buy em they come all different size and the tip of the motor that spins is like verry little grip i hope u understand... and other thing is everything was fine but at the end when my bot suppose to run it didnt it was getting on and off every now and then when i put em on the floor it wont go i was thinking it was heavy but even if it was heavy i am wondering y it was getting on and off every now and then.... can you plz answer both i need to make it its cool

Topic by sydazak    |  last reply


Właśnie sie zalogowałem i jestem ciekaw czy jest koś z Polski Pozdrawiam.

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Does anyone have a cat? well if you do post a pic of them , cause i wanna see em. the pic below is of my cat angel, shes always there for me.

Topic by fobblewabble    |  last reply

The little Medals

When did those little medals next to the member pics start showing up? I just noticed them this morning... I like em..

Topic by SlickSqueegie    |  last reply

LED supplyers

This is a list of supplyers of LEDs posted by members of this Hongkongif you know of any others feel free to post them and i'll add em to the list

Topic by Ward_Nox    |  last reply

eletronic stimulation device

Hello fellow builders, I am having some trouble, for a rather important school project i need to perform some test and for one of the set of tests i need a device to deliver electric impulses on a person on regular basis. so i immediatly thought of medical devices like a TENS or EMS (if i remember correctly) unit. no the big problem is they are almost unobtainable in working conditions or they cost a fortune in shipping and stuff. is it possible to make a unit like this on my own ? 

Topic by sacredrose    |  last reply

Got any Burning Questions about COFFEE!?

Post em' here, and I will make one for ya!They will be entered into the new group, Cup of Joe

Topic by iMac    |  last reply

Chord Progressions? Answered

I am a beginner and I am trying to make a simple chord progression. So far I have G to Em, after that I can't seem to find the right chord.

Question by D5quar3    |  last reply

What to do with old memory chips?

I have a bunch of old memory chips boards from desktop PCs. Most are 256k. Any ideas what I could do with em???

Question by dmhoke    |  last reply

Ratchet gun?

What ratchet gun shall i make other than the striker pistol,any of viccies (just cause ive built like most of em) SRV1, SRV2 and ww2 springfield

Question by MegaMetal8    |  last reply

Where can I find strong ring magnets?

I want to make a magnetic levitated suspension. I am not sure it will work as I expected. But I need em' ...... Somebody please tell me where I can find em' I don't wanna spend so much for those mags neither do I want to damage costly things to take those mags outta them.... I thought of using electro magnetism....but i am still learning more about it and that procedure is damn expensive Please help

Question by SravanamE    |  last reply

Whats The Best Video Game?

I love playstation2 and 3 games also PC. So yah. Whats some of the favorite games for 'em like army of 2....or the sims3

Topic by EagleDude    |  last reply

where would i get a nerf gun maverick or nite finder in australia toys r us doesn't have em?

Online and in ebay i can't find any mavericks or nitefinder under about 30 plus p&H cause i want to do some modding or can anyone suggest a simlar looking gun to the nitefinder for cheap Thanks Klect960 Instructables pride 4 life lol :)

Question by Klect960    |  last reply

What to do with Ginseng Extract capsules?

What can I do with these once they're empty? They look very useful, so I save them, but I can't figure what to do with 'em.

Topic by 8bit    |  last reply

awsomest knex sidearms

I like big guns,but sometimes compact is the only way to go...... think u got one of the best knex sidearm(s) on ibles? well lets see em! (NO BLOCK TRIGGERS!!!!!!)  

Topic by kn3x person    |  last reply

New Purple Shoes

My old purple shoes were getting pretty beat up, so I just dyed another pair using the same formulation as my Purple Shoes Instructable. Check 'em out!

Topic by ewilhelm    |  last reply

My photo files . Where?

At one point, I think it was possible to view photos I had uploaded, whether I'd used em in an ible, draft, or topic.But I can't seem to locate those at the moment. A little help?

Topic by Toga_Dan    |  last reply

ultimate maze pics?

Hey! Somebody send me pics of an ultimate maze or two!! i wanna see if i can build one for next halloween...... Send em' to

Topic by whiskrs  

Windows Phone 7 "I Need This App" contest

Some of you probably already know this, but Windows Phone is having an app contest where you post an idea for an app and if you win they give you $5K and dev your app for you. These are some that I thought were cool. Post 'em if you got 'em :D BTW, you can vote anonymously. phone as POV display: level up your ingame characters from your phone: phone as 360 controller:

Topic by Aercimete  

Anyone have instructions for the TR-8/BR-8? Answered

I wanna make one of them so does anyone have instructions for em??? please do a link if you can megametal8

Question by MegaMetal8    |  last reply

Donut Party!

It's Friday and I picked up a dozen donuts for the office, but why shouldn't you guys be able to share in the fun? So I'm declaring a donut party. All you have to do is leave a new comment saying, "I want a donut!" and you'll get a donut patch. That's it!UPDATE: OK, this is gonna close down at 4:30 so get 'em if you still want 'em! I'm at almost two dozen so far.UPDATE 2: All right, the donut box has closed! Thanks everyone for taking some donuts and I hope you enjoy your donut patch. Have a great weekend!

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Could someone post an 'ible on making a prop of Emile's kukri from Halo: Reach?

Look at the title. A prop, preferably realistic, specs, blah blah blah.  "I'm ready! How 'bout you!"

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