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EMERGENCY!!!!!!!! :(

I have 4 different trojan horses on my computer, I am posting this through a strict firewall exception for Internet Explorer.*Pauses to deny Internet access to another mutating Trojan*Someone help me out here? How do I get rid of them? One of them spits out thousands of duplicates of itself if you try to kill it. HELP!!!!!!

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Emergency phones? Answered

I would like it if you could post as comments your country's emergency medical telephone numbers

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Emergency heating.

Can you use a charcoal BBQ grill as an emergency heater for inside of a home if you were using wood as the fuel?How and what would be the safest way to do so?

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Emergency Light

I was just wondering if I can store some power on batteries then in an emergency I can turn on the light using the battery power. Please tell me if there is anything special needed like a switcher of something. Thanks.

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schematic for emergency lamp

Hi I have T4 Fluorescent Lights (8W 24v '1Feet length') and 6v 4Ah battery. I Would like to make an emergency lamp with these. Can anyone send me a curcuit diagram/schmatic.. Just manual switching on and off will also do. Thank  you  

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>i want a design of an EMERGENCY LIGHT circuit pcb> >i want it to run two 61 cm 20W florescent tube lamps> >the circuit should have a key to turn on or of and a key to operate one or two lamps> >u may use one key as u like , operation time on battery is 3 hours as minimum .> >i may buy the design after testing it .

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Emergency affordable shelter

Very unusual emergency shelter or for camping, made with plastic.

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emergency lighting system

We're planning to do an emergency lighting system and we want to add some twist on it. What do you think should we add? (it's like making it also charger or such) Plsss, help us. :)

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Switch to battery power when mains power is lost ?

Hey Guys & Girls I need a circuit, if anyone can help me please..... I have a 5.5v wall charger connected to a battery that charges the battery. This battery is used to power led's that i use when we have power outages. I would like to have a circuit where the battery is constantly plugged into the charger with something to divert the power or switch it off when the battery is fully charged, the other part of the circuit needs to "sense" when the mains power goes out and then automatically switch the led's on to run off of the battery. anyone have a circuit for this lying around? thanks in advance for any help :)

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Emergency Dash Light - Repair

Hello All - I am attempting to repair an Emergency Dash Light for a friend of mine.  It has blue LED lights it is similar to the one pictured in this link:;=USD&products;_id=11981  Initially the unit had all 4 LEDs burned out I fond a source for them and replaced same all worked fine.  After reassembling the unit I discovered in final test that the controlling chip went bad.  I think the chip is a EEPROM at least the package is a DIP-8.  The device has a function select push button and there are 4 flashing formats; wig-wag, flash twice wig-wag, all steady on; all on flash.  Any suggestions? 

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emergency led or strobe lights

Does any one have a way to construct a L.E.D flashing warning light or maybe strobe light for emergency uses? I am a paramedic in a rural area and some times have to use my own vehicle to respond. Warning device needs to be relatively compact and low power draw. i just want to put red led's in my grill and maybe strobes in my head and tail lights. they make the high watt strobes(50w-80w) with the hide away grommets but they are expensive and the power supplies aint cheap. is there a reason i cant take apart a regular home strobe and wire it into a poxer inverter? thanks for any info steve

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'73 Harley- Electrical Emergency! Answered

Ok, biker boys (and girls), I need help. After sitting all winter, I fired up my '73 Shovelhead. I had a battery charger attached (charging 12v @ 6 amps). The bike fired up on the fourth or fifth kick (YAY!!!), but then promptly fried the headlight, the taillight, and caught the charger on fire (in the carport). What do you think is wrong? Defective regulator? Poor regulator ground? I want to ride this weekend, so help me ASAP!!!!?

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Solar Generators - for emergencies and more

I've started an IndiGoGo campaign - 'Solar for Sandy' - to provide emergency solar generators to those devastated by Super Storm Sandy. I've started it because our Congress is useless.  It really, really, really bugged the hell out of me the way our Congress both disregarded and greatly delayed relief to the families suffering from Super Storm Sandy.  They made a bad situation much much more worse. So - unlike Congress - I decided to do something about it.  First, deliver mutual aid to New Jersey families with portable solar generators.  And the next time a climate disaster strikes we won't have to wait on Congress to do the right thing.  We'll route around their inaction and just get it done. I'm asking the Green Community on Instructables to join me.  Become a funder or spread the word widely so we can make this happen and provide relief.  One of the perks is a complete building manual for our iPower Station solar generator. Thanks for hearing me out - and providing a helping hand. Solar for Sandy  Excerpt from 'Build Your Own Solar Generator'

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SIGGRAPH2010 - Emerging Technologies Exhibition

Last week I went to Los Angeles to attend my first Siggraph conference. There were so many different events to attend throughout the week. I spent the majority of my time exploring the emerging technologies exhibit. With all the interactive and innovative demonstrations it felt like I had stepped into the future for a moment! In this slide show I will highlight my favorites from emerging technologies. Some of these pictures were taken by me and some I took of their website (you will be able to tell which are which). If you see something that interests you I would suggest following the links I provide to learn more. Organized by picture (put cursor in top left corner of picture to figure out what picture you are looking at) Colorful Touch Palette (1) This is an electro-tactile stimulation systems that allows the user to feel and experience the tactile sensations of painted textures. Blend and combine textures to create new sensations. Shaboned Display - An Interactive Substantial Display Using Soap Bubbles (Favorite) (2-5) This was my favorite exhibit in emerging technologies even though parts of the bubble machine weren't working. This system is designed to show images in a matrix of soap bubbles. Air pumps lie beneath the display controlling the size and shape of the bubbles by monitoring the amount of air released. This system is also interactive! When a bubble pops (touch a bubble with your finger) a musical note will play! LED Tile by Junichi Akita @ Kanazawa University (6-7) Use a laser pointer to draw on these tiles to create patterns on LEDs.  To create large display areas connect individual units of LEDs which will allow them to communicate.   You can also interact with these displays in various ways.  Tilt the tiles and the LED patterns will look like they're falling off the tile in the direction tilted. 360-Degree Autostereoscopic Display (8-9) 3D graphics with out 3D glasses.  Using 360-degree autostereoscopic display technology you are able to view all angles of a 3D volumetric objects. I don't understand all the technical details, but this I do can use this technology for 3D interactive games, cool!  You can see in the images there is an interface to play BrickBreaker.  Walk around the device as you are playing the game. Imaging Skyping with this!!!!!!!! Haptic Canvas: Dilatant Fluid-Based Haptic Interaction (10) This new technology allows you to experience new haptic sensation by putting your hand in a pool filled with dilatant fluid.. Dilatant fluid is just a 1:1 mixture of starch and water.  It has a solid-like state when an external force is applied to it (grabbed, pushed, or tapped).  And it has a liquid-like state when it is free from the external force. This research is to create a new haptic interaction using this dilatant fluid by controlling the change in state, or dilatancy, of the fluid.  They have created a glove with a sucking tube and a filter which creates a change in state of the dilatant fluid.  The haptic sensations come from the friction between the jammed particles around the finger and at the bottom of the pool. You can see me trying this device (I don't think the camera man understood what I asked him to get me in the frame, but you can see my hand!).  This video gives a great explanation. Meta Cookie (11-12) Imagine eating a lemon and it tasting like chocolate!  This is the worlds first "pseudo-gustation system" which allows humans to perceive various tastes by changing visual and olfactory information.

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Scholarship Submission: Emergency Pathfinder

Here is my idea on what the iCreate can be useful for, and quite possibly save lives: Have the robot follow the parameter of the house, using special indicators to map out the doors. This would most likely be something like shining a flashlight on it with the robot reconizing that through a photosensor. Once it maps the doors it lays dormant in it's initial starting position, either under a desk, in a hallway or wherever. It would enter a low power consumption sleep mode in which it would take carbon monoxide/smoke readings through a sensor every 1-2 seconds. If it detected a preset level of CO/smoke it would make a high speed pass to each of the doors it had learned about earlier and take additional CO/smoke readings as well as temperature. It would then return to the door with the lowest reading and use high intensity LEDs and a 15w or 30w siren to alert residents that there is in fact a fire and which exit is likely to be the best way out. This design isn't nearly as complicated as some of the others, but I believe it is something that could definately be pulled of and could actually provide some benefit to everyone.

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Home made "emergency lights

I'm a member of a Shriners riding unit that makes mini firetrucks and ambulances out of go-karts to ride in parades. Strictly for fun. Many of the guys have spent hundreds of dollars to purchase "official" police vehicle lights but I'm thinking I'd rather tinker and make my own. I can probably do more with them this way then be limited to what I could buy commercially. I'd figure that I can get most of what I need in the way of LEDs and such through Radio Scrap or a local equivalent but I'm wondering if anyone knows of a site with some DIY plans on how to do this?

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I just purchased a Sciphone 168 and it refuses to register under my T-Mobile SIM card. All it says is Emergency Calls

I have been on the phone with T-Mobile half the day and they are ready to shoot me just as much as I am ready to shoot myself. (joke) I have already done the whole change my IMEI number thing and that didn't work either. Any suggestions??? Claire

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What do I do with an emergency stop switch? project ideas

  So I have an emergency stop switch. It has a NC and NO switch contact block, well two, that can be independently wired, and thrown at the same time.It is KEY RESETABLE. What can I use it for? I was thinking some kind of alarm or something basic with LEDs? Open to any other ideas though

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been thinking of building an emergency freezer , any pointers ?

By emergency i mean something to be used in time of crisis. 

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Fluid dynamics: can you connect 55-gal barrels in series to lawn sprinklers to circulate and keep emergency water fresh?

I saw several Instructables about how to use barrels to collect and store rain water.  It doesn't rain enough where I live for this to be practical -- however, I have five blue 55 gal barrels that I use to store water for emergencies. I would like to hook all these together with PVC and run my lawn sprinkler system through them, so that the water stays fresh and drinkable. As it stands, I have to store the water with bleach, and dump it all out every 6 months and start all over again. Big waste, and a bigger hassle. Often as not, I am sitting on 275 gallons of undrinkable swamp water at any one moment in time! -- My question concerns the physics surrounding the fluid dynamics. Is this workable -- running PVC between each barrel in series? -- or does that reduce the pressure to zilch at the end, so pressure wouldn't be high enough to water the lawn and garden? Would you have to put a bleeder valve in the top of each barrel so you could completely evacuate all the air? I really hope someone has actually done this, so I don't waste my time and money making something Mr. Wizard would just laugh at!

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Party Button?

How to make something like this???

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Automatic Blackout Switch , Help ?

I have an emergency light in my room , the light turn on when blackout happen i wonder , can i make my room ceiling light like that ? when blackout happened , it's automaticaly switch to emergency power [ using deep cycle lead acid battery + inverter ] , but when electricity turn on again , the switch turn back using the normal electricity line , and charge the battery i have trouble design this , can somebody give me advice ?  the power to handle is 220V , 500W thanks Jeffry

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D.i.y. (plastic) nuts (for any kind of thread)

For emergencies or simple application: how to make your own nuts out of (p.e.t.)-plastic bottles:take a bottle (#1 plastic, preferably smooth, w/o imprinted patterns or design etc) > cut off bottom and neck > start cutting (scissors) > the resulting ´tube´ into a consistent (width, depending on desired usage), slightly diagonally, thus sort of ´peeling´ it > wrap the strip around the screw/threaded-part/etc you need the nut for twice (for a start) > ´melt´ the edges of the wrapped part = joining them (i use a little solder-iron) > this way the wrapped beginning of the strip wont come loose > ´brush´ with the solder-iron (or whatever other source of heat) over the wrapped part (w/o) burning holes in it > this causes the plastic to shrink and press down into the thread and adopt its shape > once set keep doing more wraps of the rest of the strip until you reach a desired diameter > now, again, join the edges of the wrap with heat, and afterwards brush again over the outside of the created ´nut´, so that the plastic shrinks down & compacts > after having cooled off: unscrew the ´nut´ with pliers > ready for useps this is just a simple sketch. got no camera to take photos. sorry. so, please, ask whatever if you got any question. and any kind of feedback is more than welcome. bowing.

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And the winner of the improvisation contest is...

I was just going for a walk, and what do I see? One of those heaters, as shown in the picture.  I immediately saw (pun and hint not intended) the switches, and was anxious to get them home. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to remove the connectors by hand, and didn't have and pliers or wire cutters.  I was 25 meters - less than 5 minutes away from home, and way too lazy to go back and bring some tools. What do I do? Look at the net/grill/cover/protector thing and immediately think that it's sharp and cut through the wires easily, DUH!  Not sure where I got the idea, but I thought that the side, where all of the smaller rods are welded onto the main one, would be pretty sharp. On a second thought, it might not have actually sawed through, but might have ripped through the wires, strand by strand, since it was soft copper. Just thought I'd b̶r̶a̶g̶ share :)

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Can I build an Emergency generator?

I have an old 30hp brushcutter motor (Einhell SBC) with square drive. Can I use this to build an 230V AC emergency generator and, if so, what would I need in the way of an alternator.

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how emergency call works (technically) ?

Need to know more about how the emergency call happened because even if you have not a SIM card in your mobile phone the call will delivered . how the nearest antennas deals with the request from your mobile phone  that's all . thanks for concerning ......

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How to build an emergency party button? Answered

I was looking at the website for the Emergency party button, when I realized that it came with no instructions on how to build it. I know this is a big question but i really just need help with the basic stamp/button part, I get the whole concept of x10 but programming the basic stamp 2.... im a little shakey on.....Any help would be appreciated

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fluorescent emergency lamp convert to LED

I have a fluorescent lamp input220v,6.5w, its battery is 6.9v. i want to convert this to led lamp. so pls provide the proper circuit diagram for this. and how many LEDs can handle this battery for 4hours 

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Extemely simple automatic emergency light.

I'd like some help to settle an argument regarding my extemely simple automatic emergency light.According to my friend, who installs emergency lighting, this circuit is too simple and has too many components missing but I say he's wrong, if one part fails it can easily be replaced. I'm not and electronics expert either.I'll explain the circuit...5v comes from a 5v 2A phone charger. Battery is a 32Ah 12v SLA. 12v charger is a smart charger with built-in status monitor.SPDT 5v relay rated to switch 12v @ 17amp maxThe light is a 12v 5 metre LED Strip with built in current-limiters and draws arount 2A.Basically, 5v powers the relay which means the battery is connected to the smart charger that keeps it topped up while there is mains power (240v here in UK). If there is a power cut the relay turns off and battery is switches over to the LED light Strip. Its that simple.It works as designed, no parts have failed and I haven't found any signs of over-heating. My friend believes it should all be one circuit and not seperate parts and is a fire risk as it is.He just won't let it go, so does he have a point or is he just being a/an _________ (fill in the blank, lol)? I've included a schematic of the circuit. Not sure if I've drawn the relay properly though.

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How are you preparing for z-day?

I was wondering if anyone on here is laying plans for the zombie apocalypse? or for that matter, is anyone preparing for major emergencies of any kind?

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How can I make a thermoelectric ipod charger using a mintyboost, a peltier, and lots of heat?

I recently found a article about a Japanese company creating a camp-fire ipod/phone charger. (not spam) It appears to use a peltier thermoelectric hooked up in reverse embedded in the layers of the bottom of the pot. And the black control box is either a joule thief or a circuit similar to a mintyboost. As it is so tiny I can not imagine it has a 7805 5v voltage regulator or other similar overly simple circuit. I thought why should I spend nearly $300 on something I can make for $10-$50? I have also noticed there is a thermoelectric powered lamp on this site. My question is this, does anyone see there being an issue if I modify the thermoelectric lamp project and instead hook it upto a mintyboost to charge a couple of rechargeable batteries. I am not sure what sort of amps lets say a 100w 12v peltier would put out when reversed. I have found one for $8.09 here. And if I did attempt this (and document it for an instructables), what might I need to do to modify the mintyboost to directly charge from the peltier? I know only very basic electronics, such as what every component on a mintyboost does. So this is basically a project to learn more about electronics. Should I simply follow a solar power mintyboost tutorial? I have a couple of ideas of how to create the temperature difference for my needs. I was thinking of buying a pack of sterno cans, so I can quickly produce the heat needed and charge my all-important ipod touch in an emergency "holy crap the entire electric grid was fried by a solar flare and I won't be able to charge it ever again" situation. And also experimenting with producing enough heat from direct sunlight using black materials and a "hotbox" (this method will come later as it takes more experimenting). Side note: This is not my only emergency ipod charging project I am putting together. I am also cannibalizing some garden solar chargers and their joulel thieves, but it's been done to death, and a thermoelectric charger is so much cooler is it not? .. or hotter..

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how would i create strobe lighting with and "emergency Exit" sign

How would i go about making the emergency flood lights on an "emergency exit" sign w/ battery pack, strobe or flash with 110V power supply? any suggestions. thanks

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Looking to buy 8-10 hour emergency candles anyone know where to buy some?

I am looking to buy some 8-10 hours emergency candles for a survival pack I'm putting together. Does anyone know where to buy some cheaply? I don't want to have to buy it off Amazon or eBay.

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K. My science fair is coming up soon. I had chosen a solar robot from Make. K. The science fair is coming up in a while (I am writing up the papers as I type, since I have to give them in by tomorrow) and I had no idea what I had gotten myself into.Its not that the project is hard, its just the parts. Too many big words. So, bascially Im looking for any links or explanations, or info, or places to find the materials listed.Link:!!!!!!!!!

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Any ideas making rechargable ni-mh accu ,emergency usb charger for phones,pda etc.?

Any ideas making rechargable ni-mh accu ,emergency usb charger for phones,pda etc ?. it could be the same look like battery charger,thanks

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Emergency charging car battery with 4 li-ion cells, possible?

Hello, I'm trying to make a DIY emergency charger for my car battery. Is it possible to use 4 li-ion cells in series? That will be 4x4.2volts at full charge of the cells. I think i should limit the voltage and also the current with some sort of circuitry. Considering that I will use this when the car battery is almost fully discharged, there will be a huge power draw. Any suggestions?

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Transistor and inductor based 1W emergency light.

I made this 1w emergency light circuit for the maximum output (consuming less power to deliver maximum brightnes) from the LED. But during its functioning, i found that the led glows with same brightness as it was without the circuit ( directly connecting it with battery). Please, suggest some alternatives or amendments to be made. I have uploaded an image of my circuit.

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The Rocket Office Chair for Your Emergency Getaways

If you think that you might need the option to blast through the roof to safety, this chair can do it for you. With enough thrust to keep you up in the air for 45 seconds you'll have plenty of time to escape and plan for what you're going to do when you come back down again without a parachute. Linkvia Boing Boing Gadgets

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Chip Bag Survival

Hello Everyone: This is my first post in this forum. I have a website on preparedness and survival. I have posted also my first instructable as well basted on this topic. So my challenge to everyone is to use only chip bags and duct tape to come up with something that could save your life. Other than the fact that potatoe chips are part of a well balanced diet. The bags can be used to make all sorts of things. Have fun. Like this one below. Robert (Survival Central editor)

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How does the emergency shut off work on a LifeFitness treadmill? Answered

First let me say that  I DON'T want to defeat the system.  If I or anyone else  trips, stumbles, passes out, or whatever,  I WANT  the thing to shut down.  I don't want anyone using the machine without  being clipped in to the shut-off.  LifeFitness has a good system in which nothing moves unless the emergency shut off is in place. I'm asking for the obvious reason, the string and clip with the little magnet(?) thing  is lost.  If this is a fast and easy thing to put together, I'd rather do that than order one from the company.   If you know but aren't comfortable putting the information out in public,  please PM me.   

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Eyewriter 2.0, Urban Survival Kit, Emergency Rescue Gun

The Eyewriter 2.0 Urban Survival Kit Emergency Rescue Gun 3D Paper Snowflake Magic Photo Cube Adjustable TV Oscilloscope Eggnog Recipe Schoolhouse Rocks Recycled Lumber Sidewalk Utensils for Kids Tricky Wine Bottle Puzzle Daily Gift Giveaways Featured Author: caitlinsdad Adult Johnny Jumper

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I get the message "replace the emergency stop switch" in my treadmill.

Hi. The treadmill is a Life Fitness T7. I would really appreciate any help on how to solve this problem.Thank you very much in advance.

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Whats wrong with my code and hardware for this emergency light?

I am making this emergency light which comes on when theres no power and the light is low... I use an LDR to detect the light level and an external 3 volt power supply wall adapter to see if the power is on or not... i am using the ADC  here, but I guess there might be something wrong with my idea... :( the ldr is connected to ADC0 and the 3V supply to ADC3. The schematic is attached... it reads the ADC0 result only  when the ADC3 is not connected otherwise it returns the result of ADC3. I have also attached the code, see and spot something I couldnt understand... It has been taken in bits and pieces from other codes but I cant understand what the problem is,.... :( #include #include #define F_CPU 800000 #include void disp(int i) { switch (i) { case 1: PORTD = 0b10110111;break; // 76543210 case 2: PORTD = 0b11000010;break; // 76543210 case 3: PORTD = 0b10010010;break; // 76543210 case 4: PORTD = 0b10110100;break; // 76543210 case 5: PORTD = 0b10011000;break; // 76543210 case 6: PORTD = 0b10001000;break; // 76543210 case 7: PORTD = 0b10110011;break; // 76543210 case 8: PORTD = 0b10000000;break; // 76543210 case 9: PORTD = 0b10010000;break; // 76543210 case 0: PORTD = 0b10000001;break; // 76543210 default:PORTD = 0b11111110;break; } } void dispLeft(int i) { PORTB = 0b00000001; disp(i); _delay_ms(2); } int dispRight(int i) { PORTB = 0b00000010; disp(i); _delay_ms(2); return(i); } void InitADC() { ADMUX=(1< ADCSRA=(1<8MHz/64=125kHz } //|(1< uint16_t ReadADC(uint8_t ch) { //Select ADC Channel ch must be 0-7 ch=ch&0b00000111; ADMUX|=ch; //Start Single conversion ADCSRA|=(1< //Wait for conversion to complete while(!(ADCSRA & (1< //Clear ADIF by writing one to it //Note you may be wondering why we have write one to clear it //This is standard way of clearing bits in io as said in datasheets. //The code writes '1' but it result in setting bit to '0' !!! ADCSRA|=(1< return(ADC); } void Wait() { uint8_t i; for(i=0;i<20;i++) _delay_loop_2(0); } void switch_toggle(int swtch) { switch (swtch) { case 0 : PORTB=0b00000000; break; case 1 : PORTB=0b00000100; break; } } void main() { uint8_t power_state; uint16_t ldr_result = 512; uint16_t power_result = 512; //Initialize ADC InitADC(); DDRD = 0b11111111; DDRB = 0b00000111; int count = 200; while(count) { PORTB = 0b00000001; PORTD = 0b10001110; //O _delay_ms(2); PORTB = 0b00000010; PORTD = 0b10101110; //n _delay_ms(1); count--; } while(1) { // Read Analog value from channel-0 and 3 ldr_result=ReadADC(0); _delay_ms(500); power_result=ReadADC(3); uint16_t to_disp = ldr_result; uint8_t t1[4]; int i=3; while(i>=0) { t1[i] = to_disp%10; to_disp/=10; i--; } i=0; while(i<=3) { int count = 100; while(count>0) { dispRight(t1[i]); _delay_ms(1); dispLeft(t1[i-1]); _delay_ms(1); count--; } i++; } if(power_result>100) { power_state=1; } else { power_state=0; } if(power_state==1) { switch_toggle(0); } else { if(ldr_result>300) { switch_toggle(0); } else { switch_toggle(1); } } } //while } //main

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Which wire goes where (emergency stop button)? Answered

I'm trying to wire up an emergency stop button. Australian power outlets have 3 prongs, active, neutral and earth. My switch has 2 connections, one Normally Open one Normally Closed.  I think I need to have the active line connected to NC (so connected when the switch is in the ON position) and the neutral connected to NO, and the earth remaining connected regardless. This should mean that when it's on the Active line is connected to ground and this the power is on past the switch. When the switch is OFF the neutral is connected to earth and it is safely off (any remaining power in devices connected to it can drain to earth). Am I right in thinking this? or is there something I've overlooked? I am also aware that mains power (240V AC in Australia) is deadly, and not a good idea to play with unless you are a qualified expert. I do intend to have this checked before use, however I would like to have a proper understanding before I go any further. The emergency stop button I have is rated for sufficient volts and amps to use on Australian mains power, and is suitable for the intended use (before a corded drill or circular saw).

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How do I get the god mode and emergency airdrop hack for ps3. NO viruses just the real thing. Thanks!?

Please help. I just want the real thing. In a not so complicated format explaining how to get it. Preferably a DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK. Thanks!

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electroplating science fair help?

I was wondering if anyone knows an experiment i can do that involves electroplating (the experiment should not be just "electroplate something". i need a question so to create a hypothesis). if anyone has one, i need it as soon as possible.

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So if you purchased a used ambulance... What would you do with it?

I work at a private ambulance company, and I made friends with the head mechanic and found out he may sell me a used diesel ambulance, fully functioning, for a little more than $1000. In order to justify my purchase, I would need an idea of what I could construct out of the ambulance I would now have in my possession.  My first thought was: A-TEAM VAN REPLICA I would speak with a couple tech colleges and offer them the ambulance for a semester, free of charge, for them to train on. It would be a prime example of the real world of a diesel mechanic's future career. Then go to the same, or a new tech college and find the car detailing or modification department and let them create the projected A-TEAM replica van. I would not only let them use a fully operational vehicle to modify to their liking, I would also use my above average graphic arts skills, and work history in direct mail advertising, to design a mailing to put out for them promoting their school and department of it, and then show awesome before and after pictures of the ambulance, and use it as an attentioN-getter to draw new students into their programs. A-TEAM VAN, with paint mods and maybe diesel engine modifications. ...Or I could mount large speakers in the external cabinets that i could just open up and lock them at 45 degrees, and stand in the middle of the back doors with a microphone and a couple computers mixing dance music. ...The lights and sirens and PA horns are all still in it and working.... I am just trying to drum up some of your creative passions and make you get out your thinking caps to run ideas by me and see what I might be able to do with this new toy! Lets get the ball rolling! I say an A-TEAM van would be sweet... What do you think? See attd, pictures.

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