Favourite instructable

I don't seem  to be able to favourite instructables. Can someone help me???

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Gift exchange

A few years ago, there has been a gift exchange. Could something like that be done again? https://www.instructables.com/contest/giftexchange/

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Starry night

For art class I have to paint a famous painting. I'm thinking about doing Starry night and writing an ible of the process. What do you think??? The original painting:

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My 3D print

It has been a few weeks since I received my 3d print but I still wanted to put this on. I really like the way it turned out!!!!! For some reason, the uploader turns my pictures :S

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Merry Christmas!

In a few days it's Christmas, and since Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year, I wanted to wish you all a merry Christmas! I also realised Christmas and creating are very much alike: they both bring joy, happiness and gifts, so that makes Christmas and Instructables an even better combination. Merry Christmas!!!

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Is it allowed for me to make guides in which I show the winners of past contests? It is something I would love to do, but I don't know if it is allowed. Who knows???

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Random button

Hey everybody! Have you tried the random button already? I suggest you do and replie here with which ible came first in line after clicking on RANDOM. I'll put the first 11 together in a guide. Who's in?

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Something is a bit odd here, who knows what to do?

Who knows how I can fix this?

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How to make a a tutu from plastic bags

My 13 year old would like to make a fairy costume using recycled materials.  Any ideas, suggestions, preventative thoughts are appreciated!  Best, EB

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Hey, guess what I got.

So, I just got a bunch of staples for my electric staple gun and want something to staple. I also want to make something for Emily. She'd like that. "Must affix everything to everything!"

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DIY Speakers

What we did was took different types of copper wire to find out which was the best for the quality of our speaker. We tried a wider gauged wire, a longer, and a couple other unsuccessful hypothesis´. The best one was the longer wire. About 1 meter long.  The things you need:  -copper wire -av cables -box without the lid -magnet from a speaker -av cables -stereo to connect to the av cable -tape to put you copper on the box

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Call to Makers for the Brighton Mini Maker Faire is OPEN

The biggest celebration of arts, crafts, science and technology in the South East returns to Sussex in September, and invites applications from all types of makers. Brighton Mini Maker Faire One of the county's most popular family events of the past two years, Brighton Mini Maker Faire was attended by over 7,000 people in 2012, and is back for a third time with an even bigger event over two days. Makers of all types are invited to apply to be part of the 2013 Maker Faire, which hopes to present an even more eclectic line-up, including workshops, talks and an educational programme. Says event co-founder and Build Brighton Director, Mike Pountney: “We’re looking for makers of all types to get involved with this year’s event. Whether you want to show off a project, teach skills to others, give a talk, run a workshop or just help out, we’d love to hear from you. The spirit of Maker Faire is very much innovation, experimentation and messing with convention – so the weirder and wilder your ideas and creations, the better. Alongside contemporary technology and hackery, we love to see people representing traditional, ancient or lost crafts, as well as practical projects and fine arts. If you make it, we want to hear about it!” Part of the Brighton Digital Festival, the Maker Faire features live demonstrations and hands-on activities run by Makers whose projects range from traditional arts and crafts, to science experiments, DIY, electronics and more. This year, a more extensive workshop and seminar programme is planned in addition to the main interactive exhibition. Organised by local volunteers, and Build Brighton Hackspace, Brighton Mini Maker Faire is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. Feedback from the past two events has been overwhelmingly positive: “The event was incredible fun…I have never manned such a busy stall, talked to so many people or got so much positive feedback about what I was doing.” Emily Wright, maker “Seeing kids faces light up as they learn to make stuff is just fantastic, especially when they then want to do more” Neil Ford, volunteer “Brighton Mini Maker Faire is wonderful. Literally full of wonders.” Kerry Turner, visitor Key dates: Main event: Saturday 7th September 2013 Workshops day: Sunday 8th September 2013 Maker applications are now open at http://www.makerfairebrighton.com/makers-2013/ , with a deadline of 7th June. Applicants are asked to detail the nature of their project and how they propose to share it with visitors to the event.  All applicants will be contacted by 1st July. Other volunteers and educators who’d like to be involved should get in touch here: http://www.makerfairebrighton.com/volunteer/

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USB Spacebar?

So Im not sure this is the right place to post. But please bear with me and forgive me if its the wrong place. Thanks! (Oh, and sorry this message is so long. I wanted to be extra thorough. :))Hi,My names Emily and Im in a band. Were a three piece: weve got a keyboardist, guitar/vocals (me), and a drummer. On the 28th we have a Battle of the Bands where were playing 4 songs. One of them, a new one, has just recently been recorded/mixed. On the recording, where weve worked very hard on getting it to sound very good, theres a sort of sparkly background melody thats going on behind the normal parts that was added in the mix. Since then, weve grown very attached to these sparkly noises. However, everyone has their hands full (quite literally) and cannot play the sparkly noises at the same time. We had to find a way to automate the noises playing.So, today we had a practice and we decided to try to get these sparkly things going. We did find a very unorthodox, time consuming and temporary way after a lot of time wasting. Our way of getting it to work involved getting a separate laptop, plugging it into the PA (the speakers, that is, for those who are less learned in audio), attaching a USB keyboard to the laptop, make a loop in the best way we could of the sparkly noise, and leaving the screen open so that the keyboardist could with his toe hit the spacebar to make the sparkly melody play. This method had a couple disadvantages:1) We simply cannot continue to use this USB keyboard. We only have one USB keyboard in my house, and its used on a computer that has no PS/2 ports. So I had to put it back today, and we just need another solution.2) The keyboardist kept accidentally hitting other buttons/the mouse pad when we used the built in laptop spacebar, making the automation stop, pulling up some weird program, etc. This was why we switched to the USB keyboard. However, he still occasionally hit the wrong button, caused problems, etc. We could, in theory remove all the buttons except for the spacebar on the keyboard, but like I said, I have to return the keyboard and I dont want to ruin anything.3) A KEYBOARD IS BULKY, can break, and looks weird on stage. We have a complicated enough set up already and this simply adds to the issue. I have no problem using an extra laptop, but the keyboard has to go!The solution:This is where you come in! My hope was to try to rig up a modified staples easy button, a keyboards sustain pedal, a Rock Band (the game) pedal, etc. (any sort of pedal) and just make it so that you just plug in the device and you have an assignable button. (In this case, a spacebar.)Im on a tight budget.Any ideas?PS: If youd like to hear the effect/song Im talking about, please go to www.power-pirate.com (my bands website), go to Music, listen to the “In Mind (DEMO)” mix. Feel free to skip to the chorus, the part Im talking about starts at 1:04.PPS: When I posted this text into the message body box, all my apostrophes turned into weird special characters! So yes, I do know basic grammar, but my computer doesn't. Sorry about that :p

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