Instructables employees? Answered

Besides ewilhelm, Who are the employees of Instructables?

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no contests for me?

I am really bummed that there are all these cool contests, especially in the food category and I can't enter because my husband works at Autodesk? Is this true?  He has nothing to do with Instructables.  We did enter the Halloween contest for employees but all of the instructables on food are mine and not his.  Do I need to get a divorce? ;-)

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About Page Updated

The about page has been updated.  Check it out :)

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Question about Contests & Employees Winning?

I just have a quick question. I noticed that people who work for Instructables oftentimes submit their projects to contests. Then their instructables seem to be a lot more popular than regular submitters because they can feature theirs or have more of a following. I am used to contests or sweepstakes being setup so that employees or those associated with the sponsors can't have a part of it - so I am just wondering how it works here - as I noticed staffers participating in them? I don't mean anything negative towards the employees by the way, I just wanted to know how it works and if it is fair for all. Thanks!

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Autodesk Employee Halloween Contest

WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Want to win a Macbook Air for sharing a Halloween project? Instructables, the DIY project-sharing robotic arm of the Autodesk Consumer Group, would like to invite all Autodesk employees to participate in a special internal Halloween Contest. We run contests all the time, and we wanted to make one especially for us (since Autodesk employees are ineligible for our public contests.) All Autodesk employees are eligible to win something awesome just for sharing photos or a full step by step Instructable of your Halloween costumes, decorations, or food. The only requirement for entry? You must have done it yourself, and it must be Halloween-related. To enter: simply create an Instructable, then send the Instructable link to Neutral third parties will judge, and may the best Autodesk project win! Check out what has been entered so far! Your Instructable must be published between October 11 - November 7 to be eligible for the contest. Prizes Include: Grand Prize (1 winner): 11" 64GB Macbook Air First Prize (3 winners): the new iPad Second Prize (6 winners): Dremel Rotary Tool Kit

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Do the Instructables employees try to make every instructable that's published?

Do the Instructables employees try to make every instructable that's published?

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Is it true that Google makes employees learn all languages?

I don't know if I heard this right but I believe I heard this in the movie the movie The Internship. Does Google make their employees learn all different languages because Google is in all different countries?

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who was the very first (non-employee/intern) instructables member

Who was the very first Instructables member who was not already an employee or intern of instructables? are they still around? if yes then what was their last instructable? if not then who is the oldest active member and what was their last instructable/comment?

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Harware stores 80 Vs 30,000

Just out of interest... I was pondering as to whether the dimise of small chain harware stores is a world wide phenominum or is just an Australian trend... I am lucky enough to have started with my company, back when it was the type of store you could dash into and see Bob from electrical, that had that 1w LeD you were looking for, that never sells, just Bob has some stashed away just for special customers like yourself... Or Dave in plumbing that knows exactly what PSI rated pipe you need for the job..... Or even Tim in tools is still holding that $400 impact drill he ordered in just 'cause you said you wanted to check it out(even though he is not supposed to) Unfortunatley we have been taken over by a multi-million dollar company and things have changed.... Most of the old employees were sacked.... But some made it though... I have taking it apon myself to resurect the fallen company, one person at a time.... So far 5 of us remain (quality employees that LOVE our customers) I now am a manager and have trained over 15 employees. (these team members at times get VERY protective of their departments, which makes me wonder if I instilled a 'lil bit to much of myself in them) Those 15 have trained atleast 5 employees each... So far that's 80 employees... Hopefully this spontaniously continues... I might add, these employees act vastley different from the generic 16yr old kid, the new business employs, who doesn't care if a customers get's stuffed around for hours on end.... 80 vs 30,000 It's seems to be working as I have had MANY complements as to the QUALITY of service provided to customers, by these employees. In the mean time until we take control (I already have 90% of my staff converted to the dark side at my store ;p) It's off to go hide some LeD's, Switch's, Fitting's, Drill's etc down inside our racking so "other" managers don't find out and squeel to head office... Anyway's, is there any Bob's or Dave's left at your local hardware store that you can call on, for all those weird and wonderful things we needs to make all our Instructable dreams come true???

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Online Work Schedule with PHP?

Hi everyone! I am working on a project from my employer at work. She wants me to make a online schedule for her business. I've succeded in getting it mostly done. But I am stuck at saving the work selections to a php file. Then when the employees view it, they see what the boss set the schedule as. I've included the files below. The passwords for the login are: the boss's password is: flyinghotdogs the employees password: wetheemployees Thanks! And whoever helps me figure this out will get a 3 month pro membership and a patch!  

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Possible way to help the economy?

So, I was thinking for a few days, and have came up with a few questions, and some possible answers(solutions?) 1) Companies and buisnesses are loosing employees because they can't pay them, or employees are quiting because they aren't payed enough, and therefor, companies are loosing more money, correct? Well, what if people volunteer to work at buissnesses(for this example, we'll use a restaurant) to help out. Obviously, they wold have to be qualified, and still be "hired" In doing so, companies would more help, better work efficiency and hopefully, more buissness(more money) When they get more income, they can pay their volunteers and both the buissness, and the (now paid) vounteers make more income. 2)How are we loosing money? I never really understood how we're loosing money as a nation, and why the government can't make more. Who's to say that we can't print more money, and give it to people, and companies, and even other countries? 3) People can't buy products because of the price. Companies are raising prices, which means more people can't buy products. If companies and buisnesses were to lower prices, people would be able to buy the products, thus companies would make money. Maybe at a slower rate, but eventually companies would have more money to pay employees, and more money to hire and pay more employees. Employment rates would possibly go up, and so would the economy. What are your guys thoughts?

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Is there a way to .....? Answered

Is there a way to see a list of users who have posted the most answers. A quick survey of a few I can see suggest that UK users tend to post most answers With the highest 2 I can find being UK based. A number of the USA highest posters are employees.

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Looking to trigger a handheld "buzzer" using a motion detector, any advice?

Hey everyone! I am currently working on a project that would allow my employees to be alerted once somebody walks through our doors, without annoying anyone (so a bell is out of the question, haha). My idea is to have a motion detector above the door, and once someone walks through it, a handheld buzzer will go off (to alert my employees). I'm thinking that I'll need a PIR sensor, a vibration motor, possibly a micro-controller(?), and some kind of power source. Something I'm struggling with is finding a way to trigger the buzzer, without being physically connected to the PIR sensor. What do you guys think? P.S. Please excuse my lack off knowledge, as I'm more of a software guy ;)

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Nasa work standards

I saw this on engadget and thought you might be interestedThese are the standards for how nasa employees have to do stuff (soldering, welding, smd, painting, etc) you might like this too

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Instructables Restuarant

I've heard this idea before, but Adrian reminded me again today. Why not have an instructables restaurant to bring in money? Yeah I know you'll need more employees, a building, advertising, etc... But, its an idea. Use member's recipes on the menu, possibly a small gift shop, if its a single building, and not a chain. Just throwing out ideas.

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Micro Transceivers

Some years ago my university employees had trashed away some brand new stuff, included these micro ethernet tranceivers. I'm unacquainted regarding this equipment... does someone have some information about those specific models, and especially some idea about how to utilize them in a diy project? How they works? Thanks!

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Plattitude: Plaid Statistics from Instructables HQ

For the past month Devon of Instructables has been tracking the instances where plaid shows up in an Instructable's employees wardrobe. I just wanted everyone to be able to enjoy the awesome results. I will let everyone take what they will from the results; enjoy!

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Happy Holidays from Instructables!

Happy Holidays from everyone at Instructables! Autodesk gives all employees off from December 24th - January 1st 2014.  So we'll be working with a skeleton staff until then.  We'll still be here, but it might take longer to hear back from us! Hope everyone has a good vacation (for those of you who get one :P )!

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i am a java beginner can u help me with a couple of questions plz and if u know any websites to improve my jav?

1.      The company pays “straight time” for the first 40 hours worked by each employee and pays “time-and-a-half” for all hours worked in excess of 40 hours. You’re given a list of the employees of the company, the number of hours each employee worked last week and the hourly rate of each employee. Your program should input this information for each employee, and should determine and display the employee's gross pay. This program should allow the user to enter the information of many employees until he/she enters -1.   Sample run: Enter the number of hours worked (-1 to end): 39 Enter hourly rate of the worker: 10 Salary is $390   Enter the number of hours worked (-1 to end): 40 Enter hourly rate of the worker: 10 Salary is $400   Enter the number of hours worked (-1 to end): 41 Enter hourly rate of the worker: 10 Salary is $415.00   Enter the number of hours worked (-1 to end): -1 2. Write a program that reads a series of integers; a positive followed by a negative then by a positive and so on. Once the user enters two successive positive or negatives numbers, the program should stop reading integers and displays the highest and lowest integers entered. (assume the first integer should be positive) Sample run: Enter a series of integers (2 successive negative or 2 successive positive to stop): 56 -896 74 -12 9 -85 319 -202 9584 -5 -96 The lowest integer is: -896 The highest integer is: 9584 3. A number n is called deficient if the sum of its proper divisors is less than n. 8 is a deficient number because the sum of divisors of 8: 1+2+4=7. Write a program that finds all the deficient numbers which are less than or equal 100, display 10 per line. Sample Run: Deficient numbers less than or equal 100: 2 3 4 5 7 8 9 10 11 13 14 15 16 17 19 21 22 23 25 26 27 29 31 32 33 34 35 37 38 39 41 43 44 45 46 47 49 50 51 52 53 55 57 58 59 61 62 63 64 65 67 68 69 71 73 74 75 76 77 79 81 82 83 85 86 87 89 91 92 93 94 95 97 98 99 4. Write a program that keeps prompting the user to enter a character different than a digit. The first digit entered by the user stops the input and the program should then display the number of punctuations characters entered (one of this list ! . , ; ?). When none is found, display a message “Characters entered without punctuation”. Sample run1: Enter any character (a digit 0-9 to stop): a B , R x u ! @ . C W 2 The list you entered contains 3 punctuations signs. Sample run2: Enter any character (a digit 0-9 to stop): r T 0 No punctuation. 5. Write a program that prompts the user to enter two digits (d1 and d2) between 1 and 9. Your program should then generate an integer (n) starting with the smallest digit between d1 and d2 and containing all digits in between till reaching the maximum among them two. Hint: if the integers d1 and d2 are 5 and 2, 2 is min and 5 is max, the integer n can be generated as follow: 2-->2 * 10 -->20 + 3 = 23-->23*10-->230+4-->234*10-->2340+5-->2345 Sample run1: Enter first digit between 1 and 9: 5 Enter second digit between 1 and 9: 2 Integer generated is 2345 Sample run2: Enter first digit: 4 Enter second digit: 9 Integer generated is 456789  

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Meet at Maker Faire

Hi Everyone! Sadly, Instructables will not have a booth at this year's Bay Area Maker Faire. BUT, some of our employees are going to meet up on Saturday for anyone that wants to get together and chat and take a group picture! The plan is to meet at in the middle of Zone 5 at 1PM on Saturday (I tried to circle it on the map, but there isn't a specific spot). We will try to Instagram a picture at 12:45PM to let people know where to meet. If you have it, wear your robot shirts, stickers, or patches (homemade or official)!

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Recycled Ticket Art

Japan takes reusing materials to the next level: a 10 x 7 mural, entirely out of old Metro tickets. Just goes to show that you can always find a use for things a second time around (or maybe a third, fourth, you name it).LinkIf you like this mural, it's not the first of its kind. In 2007, employees of a Japanese department store created their own art gallery out of Metro tickets. Check it out here

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Question: How Big is Instructables?

CameronSS asked: How big is Instructables? Counting all of the text, images, sounds, videos, etc. that are stored on the site, how much space does it take up? A few gigabytes? A few hundred gigabytes? A few terabytes?How big do you think Instructables is? The About page will tell you how many employees and associates Instructables has, but how big do you think Instructables is, information-wise?This is like a jelly-bean counting contest, except on a much bigger scale and with inedible jellybeans.Guess away!

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Anybody ever been to a fashion show? I need some tips...?

A group I'm in has set goals for this year, and one of them is to host a fashion show.  We know where to host it, how to get a store to lend us clothes, how to set up the room, music etc., but we are puzzled as to what happens in a fashion show- what happens first, last etc.  Any brochures from the store?  Does an employee have to come out and comment?  If you've ever been to one, please describe it as best as possible.

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Where does one find gutted electronics "shells?"

If you've ever been to IKEA, then you've probably found that the expensive electronics in the mock-up rooms (TV's, computers, etc.) aren't real, and are just plastic shells. I'd love to get my hands on a couple of laptop shells, leave them out in public, and see how long it takes for someone to try and steal one. The problem is, IKEA won't sell them to me! Does anyone else know a way to get a couple? Update: I managed to get an employee at Wal-mart to give me a fake mobile phone, but I need more.

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Has Anyone Here Installed Windows 7 Yet?

Has Anyone Here installed Windows 7 On their PC Yet? I Have,and if you Have,Post a screenshot,and Tell Us what you think about it(No,I am not a microsoft employee :P). Here is My Screenshot And My Specs: 1.6GHz Intel Centrino Processor 768Mb of RAM(Note that this is within an EMUlator,Virtual Box,I gave 7 400 MB of RAM) Post your Specs Too! Also,It runs Pretty Well On my Laptop Through Virtual Box,It Runs OK On virtual Pc,But it gets Slow And VPC additions Cause it to Blue screen.

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Google Burns Down, Twitter Knows First!

A blaze broke out at Google's British headquarters today, when a rooftop barbecue got out of control.The blaze broke out on the roof patio of the company's London offices at lunchtime, the fire brigade said.Around 5,000 Google staff and employees from other firms based in the six-floor building were evacuated.Within minutes nearby workers had posted pictures of the blaze on the social networking website Twitter.A spokesman from Google said: 'We have free food for staff at our offices and today was a barbecue day. We were having a barbecue on the patio where the fire started, but we're waiting to hear from the firefighters whether the two are linked.'Daily mail article.

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USB reader for gameboy

Hello! Have you ever needed to transfer a file on one of your USB drives to a second usb drive and dont always have a computer on hand? Sucks doesn't it.. I have an idea to build two usb ports into some kind of device with a screen so that you could transfer files. However this would require a skilled programmer and I am not that. So I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. It would be cool to incorporate a gameboy and perhaps make the gameboy into a MP3 player as well. Just sayin: it would be nice if things like kindles or ipads had usb ports! (thats for any apple employees who may be reading this lol) -cwix09

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How do you modify a thunder strobe to make it realistic?

I have  a Cannon Thunder Strobe w/sound effects.  I would like to make it act more like a real thunder/lightening storm.  The flash from the strobe and then the roll of thunder.  Right now, out of the box, it just flashes normally and the effect plays.  It does not look like a real lightening flash with thunder.  It needs to have a major pause between lightening flashes so the thunder can roll, then silence and darkness.  I have seen it done in Halloween Spirit stores, but the employees did not know how it was done.  It was fixed up by someone else.Any help will be appreciated.Jeff

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Blacked Out?

I was going to ask are you caught in the blackouts I'm seeing on the news? Dopey question. Anyhoo, if you're reading this after the power comes back on, how did you cope?  What Instructables could you use to make life easier? UPDATE:  And, if you're an engineer, could you design a better system where a single throw of a switch on a substation blacks out five million people, shuts down two nuclear reactors and even closes beaches? The outage was triggered after a piece of equipment was switched off at a substation in Arizona, officials said. ... Daniel Froetscher, a vice-president at APS, told the Associated Press news agency the malfunction at the substation was "not a deliberate act". "The employee was just switching out a piece of equipment that was problematic," Mr Froetscher said.

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Discriminatory hiring/racist/culturist/personalitist

I have been doing a lot of applications recently. I have a long gap in my work history since my last job. The jobs I am applying for our all low-wage nonskilled jobs such as cashier, stocker, low-level restaurant employee, etc. I have an open availability. The thing about the jobs that I'm applying for, is that ANYBODY could do them. To not have them be first come first serve, is discriminatory. How many years of experience do you need to give someone change or make a sandwich? Furthermore I have many years of experience doing those things. But they take a look at me, listen to me, size me up, and make a snap judgment that I would be a poor employee. I'm not saying that there snap judgment is wrong, but it is discriminatory.                Some places I applied to are over equal opportunity employers, as in if you are a minority you will more likely be hired due to the company needing to meet a diversity quota. Im not saying that in the long run that isn't better for the world and equality, but in the short run it is incredibly discriminatory.         When you think about it, employers are looking for certain traits in the people that they hire. Some of these traits are professionalism, punctuality, subservience/desire to follow orders, outgoingness, etc. These traits however are not universally considered as desirable personality traits by people of all cultures. Culture is the way a group of people think, talk, dress, interact, etc. By making hiring decisions based on those factors an employer is being culturalist, which is a type of discrimination. They may not be discriminating against any obvious easily classifiable minority culture. But everyone has a culture, individual to them. And by not hiring someone who is qualified to do a job, by not hiring a person for a job in which no experience is necessary, an employer is being discriminatory. Thoughts?

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Power Point only works over remote assistance? Answered

One of our employees has a problem with pptx files in PowerPoint 2010. When  she opens her pptx file it only opens  the first slide and all the top tool bars in PowerPoint are grey and can’t be accessed. The steps I have taken are as follows: Installed the office 2007 compatibility pack although only some of the PowerPoint files were pptx. I tried open with Office 2007 but without success. I thought maybe it was created in Office 2007.   I have searched the web high and low for a solution for this and can’t find one single case with the same issues. I myself have never seen this before. The user is a local admin on her laptop. I have to add that there are no errors or warnings in event viewer. Has anyone seen anything like this?

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wet scrubber

I am setting up a factory for making vacuum-formed acrylic shower bases reinforced with fiberglass. I will be dealing with resin fumes, microscopic glass fibers (from cutting and handling the fiberglass batts) and larger dust particles of acrylic, fiberglass and cured resin from cutting off the bottoms of these units. I am in China, and the factoryies I have seen merely have fans and blow the stuff outside, with some directing the dusty air over a bit of water that supposedly collects the dust. Being from Canada I cannot accept such a poor solution, but my newly hired employee seems to think that the concept is best. I will be looking into cyclone systems, of which a few posts are made on this site, but can anyone post a fairly simple instructable on how to make a water based system for collecting the dust?

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Instructable Not Showing Up In Searches

   Hello, I have made an Instructable here out of Marshmallows: (    It is a sort of Pyrotechnic Putty that I have made for use as a easily mold-able solid state fuel, I know that it has probably been caught up by the automatic filters, but it is almost 11:00 Am here in Michigan and it still has not cleared...   Does anyone know what hours that the Employees over at Instructables work..? Otherwise should I not expect it to be approved before a certain time, or is this happening because over the weekend their Instrutables HQ gets a little backed up, by the new Filter Catches, and their just getting to it..? Also if an Instructable was rejected is their anyway for me to know? Email, Notification (Ect..?) Thanks, -Shaye

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What craft can I demonstrate or teach at a lunch & learn session for a 40-something aged crowd?

I volunteered to demonstrate a craft at my husband's office (insurance adjustors) early December.  Purpose is to have fun and give employees opportunity to interact.  I find people are generally creative or not, and I'd like something that can appeal to both groups.  I was thinking Chocolate Cherry Mice but question if I could accomodate a group of more than 5 with double boiler.  Office policy forbids use of office resources (photocopier, computer) for personal use.  Microwave is ok.  I would like to limit the craft to $2-$3/person as I will cover the cost of all materials and supplies.  I suspect people will not want to bring ANYTHING to the session (e.g. photos, ideas, etc)  Many thanks for ANY suggestions!

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Is there a Maker project bigger than this?

I've just come across an incredible engineering project - workshops around the UK are working together to build a brand new Patriot Class steam loco, from scratch. They're working to keep it as close to the original design from between the Wars as modern laws and bridge-heights allow. Why is this project important?  The Patriot class was named and created in honour of the railway employees who fell in the Great War.  The class became very successful, but, unfortunately, every example was scrapped in the change from steam to diesel. This project will be an engine that will be a National Memorial, and is being backed by the Royal British Legion, and the aim is to get the loco finished and certified for main-line running by the centenary of the Armistice in 2018. To find out more, visit their website (below), and share the project with as many people as you can.

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Adding Other Materials to the Mix

Over the past couple of years, I've evolved from being totally captivated by my 3D printer, making everything I could think of out of the three plastics I can print with, ABS, PLA and Nylon, to having the Replicator, sitting in my shop and becoming "another tool".  A tool that stands in as an "employee", who can make things while I do other things. Along with doing a pretty good job of making my designs, I've experimented with stepping in, during the print, adding components made of other materials, such as cloth, metal and other plastics.  I've successfully made pulls on tie bags, an electric push button, aluminum mounts for my project car and spring clips to hang my wife's potato chip and popcorn bags in the kitchen. Has anyone else been able to use their printer to make items, not 100% plastic?

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Survey on

I'm writing a Web Site Evaluation Paper for freshman English.   Obviously I could think of a better website to evaluate.  I would love to get some feedback from random authors and forum onlookers.  Please feel free to answer as many or as few questions as you would like.  I need info/ DATA to satisfy my professor.  Also I intend to make a larger Instructable about writing this paper.   1. How often do you frequent Instructables? 2. When you come here, are you looking for something specific or just browsing for cool stuff?  What other reasons might bring you here? 3. Do you author @ Instructables?  If so, Why? 4. What is your absolute favorite Instructable? 5. What has been your experience with the service, employees and other users if this site? 6. If anything, what would you like to see different around here? 7. Have you won any contests? 8. Any other thoughts you like to share?

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Solar-powered hearing aids for the 3rd world

What's a partially deaf person in sub-Saharan Africa to do, when hearing aids typically cost hundreds of dollars, and he can't even afford the $1 a week to buy new batteries?Retired Canadian business executive Howard Weinstein came up with a solution - a cheap hearing aid for the 3rd world, redesigned with some donated 1st world technology knowhow. It's powered by rechargeable, rather than throw-away batteries - at about the same $1 cost per battery, except they last 2-3 years, and can be recharged using a pocket-sized solar charger. Oh, and he also found that the local deaf people make excellent employees to put these things together, because mastering sign language takes acute hand-eye coordination, needed to do the fine soldering and microelectronics.Sometimes the small things in life make a big difference...Something to Shout About - Africa needed hearing aids. Howard Weinstein got a chance to start over

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Instructables + Autodesk, the beginning!

Yesterday was my first day as an "artist in residence" here at Instructables - which also happens to be the first day that we all became employees of Autodesk! Good timing on my part, I think. :) Last night we got to visit the Autodesk offices here in San Francisco to become official employees and get a tour of their gallery. They also fed us lots of fancy tiny foods (if Autodesk ever offers to feed you, I recommend the spring rolls, samosas, and brownies. nom.) and gave us drinks. Oh, and water bottles and books. We have been courted! And I have to say that everyone I met on the Autodesk staff was so nice and so excited about bringing Instructables on - they all had so many questions about how the site worked and how it was run. They were very curious about every little thing, and wanted to hear our suggestions as well. Many people had already looked at the site and talked to me about specific projects they liked or asked me about what projects I had worked on. They also told us tons about projects they were working on - all the stuff they thought we could work into the site in the future to help our users. It sounds like there a lot of possibilities out there for us right now. :D I am feeling very optimistic after meeting the Autodesk folks... they showed so much enthusiasm for the site the general gist of all of my conversations with them is that we're only going to improve on what we've got here. I'm excited to see where this will go! I can say that nothing has really changed as far as the interns and crazy projects from when I was here a few years ago - just yesterday SHIFT!, penfoldplant, and I were on the roof finishing up penfoldplant's latest ible, which should be quite exciting. (Let's just say it involves giant plastic bags, duct tape, safety goggles, and shooting each other in the face.) And today the office is busy as usual... people are working on projects, Eric and Christy are doing the live chat, contests are being worked on, moderation is happening, bugs are being fixed, the internets are being scoured for new content, etc. So, you know, business as usual. Hopefully made more awesome in the near future. :D P.S. Random photos from the gallery below... I didn't take as many as I liked because I was eating and drinking and talking!

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Canoe made out of chopsticks

Angry at seeing thousands of chopsticks used once and then tossed, this guy decided to make a full canoe out of them! Nice work.A former city employee in the Fukushima prefecture town of Koriyama has built a 4-meter (13-ft) long canoe from thousands of used disposable chopsticks recovered from the city hall cafeteria. Bothered that perfectly good wood was going to waste after a single use, Shuhei Ogawara — whose job at city hall involved working with the local forestry industry — spent the last two years of his career collecting used chopsticks from the cafeteria. An experienced canoe builder, Ogawara spent over 3 months gluing 7,382 chopsticks together into strips to form the canoe shell, to which he added a polyester resin coat. The canoe weighs about 30 kilograms (66 lbs), which is a bit heavier than an ordinary cedar canoe, but Ogawara is confident it will float. A launching ceremony is planned for May at nearby Lake Inawashiro. Pink Tentaclevia Neatorama

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How can I Make this cable stay safeley in place?(PIC INCLUDED)

Aperently,Some Clever Employee/Engineer/Boss Thought "Hey,Why dont we Make thease batteries with cables just sticking out of the front!,No Connector,So that its uterly Useless!".Now,I ended up with 2 of thease Batteries,Lead acid,that don't have connectors,Instead,They just have Cables sticking out of where you would expect the connector to be at.You know,A picture is worth a million words,Said someone.If you don't get what i mean,Just look at the pictures,What i need to do,Is somehow Secure the Cables with some Tab Or something,To make it like a regular SLA...~ReCreateEdit:Darn,I is telling me a ERROR 400: no files! Error when i Try to upload Them.I Uploaded them in ImageshackPIC1 - have more Pictures,I will upload then in a few minutes

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Will Instructables ever reopen their store?

Has anybody heard whether Instructables is ever planning to reopen their store? Or alternative sources for Instructables gear?When I first joined, they had a store with some cool stuff in it. I'd LOVE to have an official Instructables t-shirt or other swag. Similarly, does anybody know of a 3rd party vendor for Instructables shirts/etc? (For example, there are a few vendors who sell on TeeSpring and eBay who have produced their own AvE t-shirts.) Failing any official or current source, I may just have to make my own. I will definitely publicize it if I do end up doing so.Instructables: Do you have any plans to bring back the store? If not, please consider this as an official request from a huge fan who wishes to support you (and wear your support on his sleeve!) Please, and thank you!(I know that Instructables employees occasionally browse these topics, so I'm hoping for the best here.)

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Shell says "Peak oil in 7 years."

In a recent e-mail to Shell employees, Shell CEO Jeroen van der Veer writes:"Regardless of which route we choose, the world's current predicament limits our maneuvering room. We are experiencing a step-change in the growth rate of energy demand due to population growth and economic development, and Shell estimates that after 2015 supplies of easy-to-access oil and gas will no longer keep up with demand."2015 is seven years away and with limited resources and an expanding population we are sure to see more and more limitations on resources we take for granted. Water, cooking oil, and food are also in that list.The e-mail goes on to say that little will likely be done about this situation by any governments until the poop has really hit the fan and by then it will probably be too late. Two scenarios are laid out in the e-mail, Scramble and Blueprints. One is a mad dash towards a solution as we hit the problem head-on and the other is to make a plan now for the inevitable.Personally, I hope for the Blueprints scenario, but I feel like the Scramble is likely what we'll be doing. link

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worst customer experience

Has anybody had a real bad experience with a customer? or a customer with an employee? So i was once worked at an ice cream parlor.A woman says to me in Spanish and the only word i recognized was chocolate (there's actually two chocolate flavors, regular and chocolate pecan ) so i gave her the pecan one ...she tastes it and she threw it at me, (lucky for me i had to do the long shift). On that same day another woman showed up and asked for chocolate pecan in broken English and i asked waffle or cone (people never specify waffle or cone) she gave me a dirty look and i gave her the cone,she throws it down on the ground, Being the only one there and I had to mop it up, some customers are yelling at me in spanish (later i figured out it was bad words). So by the end of that day i had about 5 people throw ice cream at me 2 were adults and 3 were kids. But i didnt quit because of that it was because the manager keep making me work on days i had school

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Talking Clock

Hi Everybody, I'm new to the forum of inscrutables, but I've been bored at work recently and been thinking of things to brighten the place up. I've come up with an idea, but have very limited technical skills, if somebody could just point me in the right direction so that I could start this project I would be really appreciative and would post up pictures and videos of the final product. Idea: Essentially, I work at a pool where the lifeguards rotate every 15 mins, which they forget to do OFTEN! Me and a few others have decided to make a clock to replace our current one that would, every 15 mins make a noise, or say "rotate" to remind them to rotate on time. It would also be fun if we could have several different voices saying "rotate" of different employees. I'm pretty sure this can be done because I've seen clocks that make bird chirping noises, But I can't figure out how they work. Any help would be awesome, I really want to learn new things, which I think is everybody's reason for being on instructables anyway. Thanks, George

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So I'm Totally Official Now

This is a bit belated, but a few weeks ago I became an official employee here at Instructables. Today is the end of my third week here. I've been busy digging in to all of the duties and learning all of the behind-the-scenes stuff, but it's better late than never to make some kind of announcement, right? I think that Instructables is an awesome place and I'm totally grateful that Eric hired me on. To be able to use your skills in an area where you want to use them is a rare thing. That is why I've been able to spend a lot more time on the site and the forums. So feel free to ask me any questions about what's going on. I also promise to get back on doing some Instructables really soon. This summer has been busy for me. I got married in Italy, got a new job, and am moving to a new house next weekend. So I've been a bit preoccupied. But I'll soon be working through my queue of at least a dozen projects and get them up soon. Cheers.

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What is the best way to fund graduate school?

Right now there are thousands of university employees rummaging through and scrutinizing even more thousands of graduate school applications all over America (as well as other places, I would presume). Five of those applications are mine. Let's assume one of those five is a Yes. Now that I've been accepted, next Fall will start a trend of large amounts of money leaving my bank account rather than entering it as is the case with my current full-time job. I am guessing that a good chunk of people on here have probably gone through a similar situation, and I would like to know what the best way to pay for graduate school is. I have $10k of loans still haunting me from undergrad. Not too much in the grand scheme of things, but it's there. Grad studies will add quite a bit to that heap. Summary: What is the best way to pay for graduate school? What are reasonable living expenses during graduate school? (not a big spender here)

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Mobile Device Programmers Contest !

Prize/Contest InformationTen winners based on popular vote by registered voters will be selected, who will all receive a Mobile Internet Device as well as USD $1,000 (total value USD $1,500.00). The top 10 winners will only be eligible to receive prizes if they agree to compete for the grand prize and submit working beta applications for MID devices.Grand Prize winners will receive 2 round-trip airline tickets to anywhere in the world to an Open Source event, including 1 week of accommodations. Grand prize valued at up to USD $6,000. Intel and Moblin will pick the airline and hotels for the grand Prize winners.Terms and ConditionThe contest is open to individuals and companies eligible to work and live in USA. Individuals must be 18 or older to enter. Employees of Intel Corporation, its affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising and promotion agencies, and the immediate families of each may not enter. Companies with an existing technology enabling account with Intel Corporation are not eligible to enter. Past winners in any category will not be eligible for re-entry with the same game that previously won. Void where prohibited.You must have legal right to commercially distribute your entry in order to be eligible...Here is the SOURCE link...

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Internship Search

Hello, I am in search of companies that offer internships to high school graduates going into college as a way to gain experience. The problem is that companies I want to intern for all want (Idaho Power, Union Pacific Railroad) college experience and previous college education in that field. I am primarily interested in the industry side of things, because I want to see how things work and experience them myself. The industry is considered “dangerous” so therefore I have not been able to find any companies willing to offer internships to high school graduates. I really don’t care about pay, because I am only interested in education as of right now and this would be very valuable. I would prefer local companies, but I would be willing to go out of state. What I really want to know is: How can I convince companies to let me shadow an employee or be an unofficial intern? Do you need documentation from companies that you interned with them when writing college resumes? What sort of companies would be interesting (Idaho Power, Union Pacific, Norco, etc.)? Anything else you may be able to suggest. Thanks!

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