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pvc in England?

Hi I live in England but i have no idea where to get pvc, there are loads of projects I would like to do that involve it but I just can't seem to get hold of it. I've tried B&Q plus a few others but they don't seem to have it. Does anybody know where it is sold?

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Makers in England!?

Hey! I'm going to the United Kingdom and I wanna meet all the hep cats hanging out and building things! Where should I go, and what should I absolutely go see? Maker-wise. *

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Any Knexers in England?

Any Knexers in England? If so, please tell me (if you want to), which town you live in. I will tell you that I live in England, Blackpool.

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Any IE/UK Friends?

Hey everybody! I've ventured outside of Maine and the USA, and I'm currently staying with my grandparents in Falcarragh, Co Donegal, Ireland. Does anyone else live around here? And the second week of August I'll be visiting more family Cambridge and Oxford. Who lives nearby?

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Michael Savadge was bannen from England!!!!!!!!!!!!

Opinions on Michael Savadge being banned from England.......................... neither of us are huge fans of obma either....

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K'nex War UK England

I was wandering if there would be any interest from you all in a K'nex war during this summer holiday, it would probably end up being around Birmingham in England. If there is much interest then we can arrange a date and location for it.

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K'nex for sale, UK only

So i have some knex that i have for sale it is around 400-600 peices, from a few random sets, it is a mix between original knex, mini knex and that lego knex blocks thing i dont know how much it would go for so make an offer :)  UK ONLY I WILL POST TO UK!!! thanks -Zak PS pictures will be taken and put up when some one asks for them :)

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Help wanted in the UK: Dealing with SNOW

Hello there all, As you might be aware, us here in the UK are having a fair amount of snow, which as you might also be aware, causes our country to slowly collapse... Since those of you who live in Canada and northern states of the USA are quite a bit more used to the snow, I wondered if the collective genius of Instructables could give us some tips on dealing with snow... Things which'd be interesting to know about: -Footwear -Driving -Clothing -Shovelling I think you get the picture. Cheers!

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God save the Queen!

It has been brought to my attention, after many years of being a proud American, that we are all believing a lie. We are all subjects of the British monarchy. Our good people, the conspiracy theorists, whom never have lied to us before are informing us to that fact. Therefore to show my new allegiance to the Crown, I will sing "Rule Britannia" every morning and I will renounce baseball as my favorite sport and I am gladly replacing cricket as my new spectator sport (I still have no idea how the game is played but I will learn sooner or later). God save the Queen! Watch the video!

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UK Mini Maker Faire - The Derby Silk Mill - New Poster to Share!

Seems that the folks at Nottingham Hackspace (Nottinghack) and some new folks called Derby Makers are putting on a Mini Maker Faire bang in the middle of the UK, on Sunday the 3rd of June. We've just put up some cash to help things along and will be attending. Who's with us? The Mini Maker will be held at the Silk Mill, which is reputed to be oldest factory in the UK, and up until recently was an industrial museum. It's still part of the museums trust and has some fantastic exhibits inside (Rolls Royce Merlin engine is my favourite!) which will be nestled alongside all manner of makers. So are you coming? If not why not?

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Where can i buy CPVC in the UK?

I would prefer it if you gave a shop name rather than just 'most hardware stores'

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Going PRO?

I live in England and was wondering weather I can go PRO and if so how much does it cost?

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Nottingham Hackspace - Grand Opening Party ALL INVITED

Dear Fellow Makers of You are cordially invited to the Nottingham Hackspace to help us celebrate moving into our new workshops in Nottingham UK. There will be an open day (from 11am) and Party (bring-a-bottle from about 2pm) on Sunday 29th May 2011.  Nottingham Hackspace has on street FREE parking and is just 10 minutes walk from either the Old Market Square in Nottingham or the Midland Train Station. Many of our members are PRO members of and we're very likely to share an interest with you. We're keen to meet makers from all over the UK so if you can make it why not come and see the Hackspace.  There will be representatives from London Hackspace, Northackton, FizzPop Birmingham, Leeds Hackspace and HACMan (Manchester) to name a few!  We hope also to have presentations, hands on projects you can try as well as lots of nifty things to see and do!  We look forward to meeting you and if you are reading this and can make it... you are invited!  Find out more about us at  We think that makers Should make a point of visiting other people maker spaces... 

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what does this mean? find out and you have just made a hisorical contribution

Historians believe the following intricate square written on a Roman wall in England (yes england) was a coded message left by an early Christian while eluding persecution. sator arepo tenet opera rotas

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RIP Sir Bernard Lovell

One of England's most important radio astronomers, really the founder of the field in the UK, and an important member of the radar design team of WWII died today - he would have been 99 at the end of the month

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alternative ways to cool house in new england humid summers

I live in new england where we get some pretty hot and humid days in the summer. I hate ac units so I am trying to find other ways to cool my 180 years old house. It's well insulated and has a full basement that is 5 feet under ground level so it's usually pretty cool. A the temperature rises, the first floor is usually warmer and the second floor gets plain hot Has any one tinkered with fans and ducts to move that cool air up from the basement to the upper floors. Thanks

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HGTV Home Renovation & New England Patriots FLASH MOB!!!

HGTV is looking for football and home renovation fanatics, who would LOVE to be part of a FLASH MOB! If you love home makeovers, yard work and want to be part of a huge New England Patriots themed FLASH MOB, come volunteer your time and help homeowners renovate their backyard for a new TV show! WHERE: Foxboro, MA WHEN: Tues. May 8th Thurs. 10th Sat. 12th Wed. 16th (Come out for one day or all four!) Here’s your chance to meet new people, see how TV works and be part of a flash mob that will blow homeowners and TV viewers away! If you're interested and available on any of the dates, please RSVP yes and BE SURE to email us at with your contact information, so we can get in touch with you about all the specifics!

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nintendo DSI black for sale - reduced

I am selling my nintendo DSI black witch includes all of the following: DSI console charger lead 5 stylus's (2 of which are extendible) black case 2 game cartridge storage cases all of the manuals the original box and comes fully charged so you can play quicker it costs £69 for everything you see with free postage and packaging. I will only post it to to people in the UK. it is in a good working condition and has been tested. it is PAL format. if you have any questions or you would like to buy it then please leave a comment or private message me.

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i don't know if this a topic but it is a question

Well i'm canadian but my mom's hole family is from england so half of my background is english. also i have been to england 6 times and i'm only 11. would i still be able to post topics?if someone can send me a private message that would be great!

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My gun

This is my gun, i am showing you it here because in england (whwere i live) use mp5s

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where can i get a bic mechanical pen ? Answered

I live in england , surrey , so i cant go to walmart or staples ;)

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Remote Control Builds and RC hydraulics

Doe anyone have experience of remote control builds and Rc hydraulics from ENGLAND, not USA or Germany. John

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Bicycle Trailer

Hi everyone I am going to start buildin a cycle (bike) trailer but is there a law what says it can't be bigger then.......? Please? Thank you  :-)  From Kris in England 

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European Electronic Components Stores That Sell On-Line? Answered

Do you know some European electronic stores that sell electronic components such as servos, DC motors, LEDs, resistors, online??? If you do, please post the link to their site! Thank you!

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Im selling my knex. i dont want it £30-£50'd be nice :) only people in the midlands in england please it weighs about 9kg lemme know. slow to respond as i'll be on holiday tomorrow.

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Monster Jellyfish Crop Circle

Check out this giant crop circle that was made/created on farmland in Oxfordshire.This jelly fish is about 600 feet (or 250m) check it out!link to vid:

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How does one make a liquid plastic dip?

It is no longer sold in craft stores except in England and Europe. It was used to make plastic flowers. Dip in a wire form and it makes a minimum surface like a soap bubble.

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Introduce Yourself

Hi, Here you can introduce youreself to other people. Hi, I'm Karl im 13 from Ipswich, England, I like to make K'Nex guns and contraptions like Ipod docks :)

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How do you claim prizes?

How do you claim an instructable prize. What is the process, i filled in the form with address and stuff  (exept for state, since I'm in england) but it said it will be processed. What comes after that?

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Fake Fur

I need to know where to get some fake fur from somewhere in england (preferably near Preston) to make a modded version of thewrist wallet so if anyone lives near or knows somewhere to get some from.also how mush does the stuff cost?

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UK members : Open Source Hardware Camp 2012

Http:// In the north of England a day of talks, and a day of workshops relateed to Android ADK, Raspberry Pi (got mine, doesn't work yet...), Arduino, 3d printing etc etc. 10 quid a ticket.

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Where can I buy dry ice from locally? Answered

I live in London England, and was wondering where I would be able to buy dry ice, on a consumer level. Eg, maybe a kg worth. If anyone knows the name of a supplier, it would be most helpful.

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What is this plant?

My mum asked me to find out for her what this plant is. Any ideas anyone? We presume it's from one of the seeds that's fallen out of the bird feeder. She let it grow so she could find out what it is. If it helps, she lives in the SE of England. Thanks.

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A New (Piccadilly) Circus in town

 Most of us know that the Piccadilly circus in England is not a "circus" as many think of it.  Pennsylvania USA however is hosting a circus of that name with a circus using the name Piccadilly Circus.       For anyone interested in the Original Piccadilly Circus, they can go here (or  Google it). The pictures below are of the Circus (in the USA) and the original place named Piccadilly Circus.   

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Minecrafted Britain

Ordnance Survey, the UK's official mapping organisation, have used their own OS OpenData to turn mainland England, Wales and Scotland into an enormous Minecraft map made of 22 billion blocks! They're calling it Minecraft GB. To download the map, and find out how they made it, follow this link here.

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Pedal-Powered Blimp to Cross English Channel

Over in England, plans are afoot to cross the English Channel in a pedal-powered blimp. The semi-recumbent bike will power two propellers and French pilot Stephane Rousson hopes to complete the trip in five hours. Looking forward to hearing the results. Linkvia Treehugger

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why you like to play cricket? what is my favourite team? what is my favourite player?

Because I like to play cricket when I play with my friend my high score is 205 on test match my fevered team is england and my fevered player is said afraid from pakistan .

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TBOS VS TBAP? Answered

Which one?!?!? Its like the ultimate showdown Both guns are by killer safecracker ill make both and decide myself but you guys vote as well!!! voting finishes on friday this week (im in england and right now its 5:50PM on tuesday mm8

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Secret Resource: Waterproofing!

Everywhere I look, people are throwing out umbrellas. I've started scavenging the skins and (in rainy England) sewing them onto *everything*. It's great. There are tons of umbrellas that break, etc. and are thrown out every day. You can sew them together to make a big tarp, make a cover for your bag/laptop, etc. Wonderful!

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Project Sooky You

Hi all, Just to say that Project Souquillou - sooky you - just went facebook. Yes there will be weird 'other than english' languages also, but base-camp is in France, destination in England and the carver is a Belgian, so. Steady building, that canoe. The horizon is getting closer every day.. Thanx for watching! bart

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Which wood would be good for making a crossbow??

I want to make a crossbow, not a proper one one, just a toy one so that I can have some fun. However, I'm not sure which wood would be best for the bendy bow bit. I'm located in England, and I would like an easily accessible wood to make it. 

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I'm trying to find a simple 365 project... any ideas? Answered

I have sewing, drawing, baking, photography, general crafting, and painting skills. I have some experience with crocheting, knitting, woodworking, gardening, writing, and scrapbooking. I like history (specifically American Revolution, Napoleonic Era England & France, and Victorian England & America), art (Impressionists are high on my list), anime and manga (although I'm still new to it), and science fiction. I don't know if I'm looking for one project to do every day for a year, or a "genre" of projects so I can mix up my weeks. I don't have a ton of funds to pour into this, but I have a lot of supplies for the things I mentioned above. Any help in narrowing down ideas would be greatly appreciated... I feel like I'm drowning in ideas and don't know where to swim.

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Barco Cine 600s CRT projector

I have for sale here a late 1980's Barco Cine600 CRT projector. Powers up ok but I've no idea how to plug anything into it. I can imagine in the right hands there is nothing wrong with it, but i'm no expert so sold as seen £200 I'm in South England and can deliver it anywhere in a 25 mile radius from Salisbury in Wiltshire. £200

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How to take good pictures in fading light 'ible request

Here in England the light fades fast and i cant take instructable photos after about 5:30 pm because they look dark and crappy. Does anyone know of a cheap way to replicate natural-ish light, like a soft glow not a big glare Thanks :P (like the picture below, its too dark)

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I Have a Harley Davidson motor bike Im a granny and my harley is beautiful, I have had L.E.D. put into my fairing 500 in all I DIDNT KNOW HOW HARD THIS WOULD BE TO GET THEM WIRED UP.Im in England are any of your members over here so that they could  give me an estimate and do this for job for me???????? Sue

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UK Goofy Golf National Championships....

Only A Game's Karen Given recently traveled to Hastings on the southern coast of England for the World Crazy Golf Championships to explore the sport of crazy golf, the U.K.'s version of mini-golf. Click here to see more pictures from the wacky tournament. You may download the podcast of the show from here.Link to the News Post "Only a Game"

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Does anyone have a good current world atlas?

I'm looking for one that dosen't have a lot of photos on the map area and puts boarders between countries like Scotland & England or atleast acknowledges that they might be different from each other. Thanks! Simple to use wold be great. Ours is about 50 years old and has USSR and I think East & West Germany.

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Cambridge Science Festival

I hope this is not a repeat, but I have read that the Cambridge Science Festival will be held on March 10-20 in Cambridge, EnglandCambridge Science FestivalGrand Opening EventCarol Vorderman, the Vice-Chancellor and aliens from Dr Who will open the Festival and invite you to discover the world of Science.With activities exploring the South Pole to China, there's something to suit all ages. This does look like it is an event aimed mostly at the younger crowd, however.

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