improper engraving of laser engraver

I recently bought a EleksMaker® EleksLaser-A3 Pro 5500mW Laser Engraving Machine CNC Laser Printer,while engraving any pictures of human faces it is producing un wanted lines on the faces( i.e.,the trace marks of the laser pointer while the pointer shifting from one part of the face to there any provision for making the laser off while the pointer shifting from one location to another location of the drawing.

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Engraving a knife? Answered

 I recently bought a my first multi tool (leather man juice) and was wondering how after the fact I could get it engraved. I do not have an engraver nor do I know any friend who have one. Is there any place I could go to have it done?  Thanks in advance,                                     Pigpenguin

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Laser engraving on Leather - filling engraving with paint

I've just had two leather wristbands laser engraved with a custom graphic. Unfortunately, though the engraving is clear and crisp, the dark color of the engraving and the leather makes the graphic hard to see. It is only visible in bright, hard light. How would I go about making the engraved graphic more visible? I thought about perhaps filling in the engraving with a light-colored paint, but how would I go about doing that? With wood, I would just slop on acrylic paint and then wipe the excess off with a tissue, leaving the paint in the crevasses. But would that also work with leather? Would the paint wipe off properly? I'm too scared to do anything to the wristbands yet since I've spent a lot of time, effort and money getting them custom engraved. Any advice would be very helpful please! :D

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Laser engraving slate

Hi all Thinking about putting a project together based on some of the great instructables on here. Can anyone shed any light on how much power I will need for a laser that will engrave slate? I am not sure whether a diode laser will be up to the job or whether it will have to b a co2 laser. Any info would be appreciated.

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Laser engraving help

If I put a white vector over a black vector, will it engrave where the white vector overlaps with the black, or will leave it untouched? As you can see the picture, I have a white grasshopper vector overlapping a solid black hexagon. I don't want the grasshopper to be engraved, and I want the hexagon to be engraved. Will this work?

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DIY Laser Engraver?

I am starting a small business, and would like to engrave my company logo on the products, the box is black, and made of plastic. Anyone have any suggestions for how to build one under $100 out of old CD/DVD-RW Drives? I found this ( ) but dont understand entirely how its built, could anyone give me ideas, or help me understand this post better? Also, the box is 3x4x1.6 inches, and it needs to be a shallow engravment. Thanks

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Engraving...suppose you had to engrave a corporate logo/name into something like a laptop exterior. ? Answered

It has to be portable and reasonably compact, since clients don't want said items leaving the building. Chemical etches are probably no-go. A cut-out mask and sandblasting works but isn't very portable and you've got the noise of the compressor. Ideally what I'd like is something sort of like CNC where an image can be loaded, and the machine then takes over the engraving process. Let's say .25 mm deep. I have some thoughts but wanted to put it out into the hive mind. I'm a 'keep it simple' guy, so if there's an easy way to do this, I'd like to hear about it.?

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What wattage laser would I need for engraving ABS plastic?

I want to build a laser engraver that can engrave ABS to a high enough depth that the grooves can be filled with resin. How powerful a laser should I get?

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how i do an engraved brass gorget for a redcoat unoiform? Answered

Hi guys im making an accurate redcoat officers uniform....any ideas how i do an engraved brass gorget. it has the lion and unicorn crest that id like to make the order of the and garter star medal.....any ideas?. there are several kinds of gorget..some engraved some with the design pressed from behind the two pics are of the star.( about the size of a spread hand. and  the gorget is either brass or bronze)

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What material can I use to improve the visibility of etchings/engravings?

I am doing an engraving/etching for a gift and I want the lines and spaces to stand out from the metal in a more visual way. Please keep in mind that whatever material I use has to be able to stand up to standard pocket wear. I considered using a spray paint or enamel but I am not sure how well those would stand up to the pocket environment. Certain types of ink seem like they might be good until something wet touched it, but then would be a problem. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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what the type of laser can i use

Hi what the type of laser can i use 300 mw laser , 500mw laser or  1000mw ........ like this in ebay;=item3398a7331c or this;=item3cf0cb6fd2 i want to make my diy laser engraver i want to know if the laser removes the powder coated paint from the surface of the Zippo Lighter to reveal the bare brass metal underneath. like this video on youtube

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Engrave,Etch, or Emboss Silver?

I want to imprint the white tree of Gondor on a silver disc that is 1 1/2 inch in diameter, given the complexity of the design, what would be the best way to achieve this? and what tools would I need to do it?

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What is a good material for engraving? Answered

Hi creative people! I want to engrave a delicate pattern into a flat piece of material. The material needs to be sturdy and it needs to be acetone resistant. I tried using plaster of paris, but it's not sturdy enough. I can either engrave the material by hand, or with a Dremel. After the piece is engraved, I plan on pressing acetone liquefied ABS plastic with a rolling pin into it. That's why it needs to be unaffected by acetone, and also why it needs to withstand some pressure. Once the ABS had time to harden I want to pull it out of the engraved "mold". Thanks for any ideas!

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Who has a laser engraver?

Who here has a laser engraver?  What make and model is it?  How much did it cost? Do you like it. Feel free to not answer questions you prefer not to.  I am just trying to group souce a little info that seems difficult to find in forums and blog posts. Thanks in advance.

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Laser cutting and engraving machine

Hey i wanted to ask you people that has any one used Epilog Mini 18"x12" company's (U.S.A.) laser cutting and engraving machine as am planning to buy in sometime so i want to know hows its performance :) as am from india so suggest me accordingly

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Laser Engraving Under Glass.

Just put a video on Youtube about Laser Engraving under glass.A lot of people have made their own Laser Engravers using one method or another.I did the same using old DVD drive mechanism's a couple of Easydrivers an Arduino UNO and a 2 Watt Laser Diode and a Constant Current Laser Driver with TTL / PWM.Arduino has GRBL 1.1f loaded on to it and I use LaserGRBL (free program) to do the image settings, generate the GCode and burn the image.It's a good little machine, although the workpiece size is only 39mm x 39mm max.Eventually I'll build a bigger machine, but for now it does what I want it to do.Recently I removed the fan that blows the smoke away because it was whining a bit and getting on my nerves.So instead I tried using a piece of glass cut from an old flatbed scanner, on top of the workpiece.Seems to be good quality clear glass, I suppose it had to be if it was in a scanner.This stops the Laser from producing smoke and also soot.It does however produce a sticky residue on the back of the glass, but that can be cleaned off in soapy water.I was quite surprised at the results.Laser Engraving Under Glass.

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Laser Engraver Circuit Help

Hello. I am making my own laser engraver out of 2 DVD burners just like Groovers version. I have some questions about the circuit that im going to use: I have seen the typical LM317 circuit for laser diodes (LINK HERE) I dont completely understand the circuit Groover made. He says that he uses the LM317 circuit over, but it does not look exactly the same. Can someone explain to me a bit why his values on the resistors/capacitors etc. is so damn different? (Though he also use relays and stuff for outputs for fans ) (LINK TO GROOVERS CIRCUIT) I made my own circuit that uses the typical LM317 circuit over, but will my circuit work fine? (Instead of the battery in the circuit, I will connect the Voltage In-ping on the LM317 to my arduino, but not exactly sure where to connect it on the arduino since i need about 7.5 V in, and not sure if the arduino got a pin that can output that much?) (LINK TO MY CIRCUIT) Thank you for your reply!

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Laser engraver from a printer? Answered

Hello, I was wondering if it would be possible to create a laser engraver from an old printer? I want to create it from a printer because it would be a cheap and easy project. It also gives me the advantage that I don't need to create driver electronics and programming tools for creating the cutting pattern. It would work just the normal way as a printer works: You create an image, in Paint or something really simple. You press Print, and then the cutter starts printing the pattern. I would need a contact or relay or something that closes right at the moment when the laser needs to go On and Off. (The laser I already have, that's not a problem). Is there any contact inside the printer like that? (perhaps some signal that tells the cartridges when to spray ink and when not to. The cartridges will also have to be removed, without me getting the "please replace your cartridges" message. (how can I do that?) It might be a little weird project, but if you think about it, it should be possible! The cutting process is for engraving plastics, not for really Cutting trough objects. I also know that the printer won't move backwards, only sideways and forwards, but I want to try it. Thanks in advance, Electorials

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could anyone tell me what i coud use to seal my etched glass and slate without it losing the whiteness please thanks? Answered

Im sure i read somewhere that stone sealant ?? what ever that is would do but i cant remember where i saw it,im engraving a huge piece of welsh stone slate and when its cleaned it loses its etched bits and i really wanted to keep away from painting in the engraved bits as i like the very o naturelle look thanks :)

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What's the best Dremel bit for engraving aluminum? Answered

I want to engrave a design into a block of aluminum with my Dremel. It needs to be about 1/16" deep and 1/16" wide and consists of curves and lines. What is the best bit to use?

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Need a 30 watt "LASER"

Looking for an inexpensive laser cutting/engraving system. I will be taking it apart and  customizing it to fit onto another machine.  Currently, we have a rotating blade to cut sheets of material, but this set-up causes many issues.  A contact free solution would be best.  So I want to mount the laser carriage above the cutting area; the rest of the laser parts will be contained in a metal cabinet under the machine.  The laser would need to be able to travel 12-16 inches in 1-2 seconds and cut through 1-5 mil paper/poly material. I have a fair amount of experience with lasers, I have know how to sight them in and understand the technology.  We currently have 45, 100 and 400 watt galvo head lasers, as well as a 90 watt XY laser set-up. So, what website would you direct me to, to purchase an inexpensive laser system?

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how to make a engrave from brass?

How to make a engrave from brass?

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Custom tube engraving/printing/branding

First post! I was on Google looking for a good forum to join and am glad that I thought to see if instructables had one :D <3 I am looking to brand my own products for my store. The first products are electronic cigarettes, there's a couple pics attached. The products are small tube batteries about the size of a sharpie's body. They come in two materials, a plastic/rubber material that is difficult to scratch/dent but has a soft feel and the other is a stainless or anodized metal. I see two possibilities for branding but need help figuring out how to accomplish the desired effect. 2) I transfer my logo onto the tube by rolling it over a stamp with an ink/epoxy of some sort ( *magic ink* product unknown)\ 3) I get decals printed/made and transfer them onto the material. I don't know much about decals or permanent printing liquids, and would like to hear from you what you think! Please check out the attached picture as well

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how to make an engrave plate out of copper?

How to  make an engrave plate out of copper?

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3D or correctly 2.5D engravings on wood with a CO2 laser

Due a lack of correct forum sections I just post in the tech department, hoping the right people will find it ;) I did some tests with my CO2 laser cutter to find out how good or bad it works for 2.5D engravings. Turns out not too bad really. But during those tests I often noticed that I have areas where the wood is burnt while in areas with other power levels the wood is vaporised without charring, looks totally clean. So of course this meant further investigation on the topic but to my surprise my Google skills seem to get rusty as I could not find anything of use. As I am still planning to do a full Instructable on the topic of 2.5D engraving it was time to do more detailed tests myself. My machine uses an Arduino Mega as the controller, running on a modified MarlinKimbra release, so I had no problem adjusting all required parameters. Here are some of my findings so far: Once the power levels are high enough to do real damage to wood instead of just darkening it, there are levels that just vaporise the wood. I did not test the full power range but there seem to be several "sweet spots" for the power, above and below the wood will be burnt instead of a clean vaporising. Next step was to check this behaviour with changing PWM frewunecies for the laser firing. Started with a know power level that vaporises and adjusted only the PWM frequency. Lowering the frequency soon caused charring, increasing the frequency had very little effect. Next was a lower power level that with the original PWM frequency would charr the wood. Here lowering the frequency caused more charring, at quite low frequencies to the point that the kerf suffered massively. Increasing the frequency again allowed to find a sweet spot where the wood would vaporise rather than burn. So I am wondering if anyone else has done tests in this regard or knows of any links with more info?

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How can I set up a dental tool as a high speed hobby engraver? Answered

I have this:  Compressor and I know it can't run it with something like this: or can I? What I don't know is can it run a dental tool. Something like this:;=item3aab3579f6 Though that thing says / w compressor... I don't think that thing is a compressor.  Can anyone shed some light on this for me? I would love to be able to carve into wood or eggs or do calligraphy with one of these tools

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What technique would be recommended for cutting through thin gauges of sheet brass and copper (Preferably cheap)?

I am currently trying to find a solution to a year and a half long problem I've been working at, and was hoping the community could help me out.  I ma trying to create miniature armatures that will always have the right proportions by etching the 'skeleton' out of thin brass (I believe it's somewhere around .02 inches thick).  I've tried toner transfer and ferric chloride etching, but I am not getting steady results with the toner transfer.  Since this isn't a circuit board, are there any other techniques I can use to cut through the metal quickly?  If it's something along the lines of a CnC machine, as long as I can make it to cut down on the costs, I'm open to the idea.  Just to give you an idea of what I'm trying now, at the moment I'm making stencils that I will spray acrylic or spray paint through onto the metal to allow for the same design every time.  Acrylic and spray paint are also resistant to ferric chloride. Thanks

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Can you engrave on an item that has been painted?

I wondered if a wood item can be painted before or after engraving?

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How should I go about engraving this handle?

So I've recently being trying to replicate Prince Nuada's spear from Hellboy II, and it seems that the hardest bit will be the middle bit with all its fancy engravings and whatnot (The section between the blade and the handle). Im unsure what I should use and how exactly to engrave it all. I would really rather not resort to painting it on, but if I engrave it into wood I'm worried that after a couple of coats of primer and paint I will loose all the detail. I want it to be fairly strong so I may have to resin over the engravings if I dremel the design out of wood, which would make it even less visible. What do you think would be the best way to engrave it all out?

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How can I engrave a drawling or initials into glass for cheep? Answered

I just got a slab of pressurized glass (security glass) and I would like to put a cool design on it. Is that possible ?

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HELP! An engraver bit is stuck in my dremel! Answered

I just got a dremel on Monday. I've been testing it out with the different bits I got with it. I just used the No. 107 engraver bit to practice engraving on some scrap wood. I used the right collet (3/32) and didn't tighten it too hard. I have a dremel 4000. I wanted to use the multipurpose cutter bit so I unscrewed the the collet nut and expected to be able to slip the bit out, but I couldn't . I couldn't even get it out with pliers. PLEASE HELP ME! 

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Is there a web site for mini mill engraver users?

Is there a web community out there that will have answers to some of the obvious questions that are going to arise when someone gets one of these machines? It has been a real dog fight to find any info on fine tuning these machines. Some of them are confusing to say the least. I am not talking about G or M code, I am talking about machine specs. Setting micro steps for better resolution. Fixing known problems with various machines, that kind of thing. There sure needs to be one somewhere.

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Inkless printer- Laser or Heat to engrave Paper

Hello,I am currently searching for projects that print on paper using heat, lasers or other inkless technology. The problem I ran into is that a search for burn, laser and thermal in combination with printer and paper allways brings many results that are irrelevant (laser printers, thermal transfer printers and such).What I did find is for example. Though commercial laser solutions seem a bit "too much" and overpriced to plot a bit on paper.Does anyone here have any links to projects that use heat or other methods to print on paper?I guess it could be as simple as a plotter using a weak soldering iron ;-)

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How can I adhere an engraved nameplate to my leather Bible cover?

Adhere metal to leather

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Cutting Help?

Does anyone have any tips/ideas on how to engrave designs into acrylic? Preferably letters, i would like to know how to engrave letters clearly Thank You

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does anyone know an easy(ish) way to engrave a guitar pick???

I have a regular guitar pick, and one i've made out of a cd, and as it is a gift I'd like to engrave something on it. Does anyone know how i might go about this? or what materials i should use? thanks!

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CNC Stepper Motor and Controller Board Inquiry: What is the torque, motor size, threshold for dremel tool to engrave ?

CNC Stepper Motor and Controller Board Inquiry:Even with the extensive research and links I have visited it seems I got the cart before the horse with a bit of ebay bidding fever in purchasing my stepper motor.I just purchased 4 pieces new SHINANO KENSHI Co. ball bearing stepper motors Part # STP-42D201-36, 1.8 DEG, 200 Step/Rev, 3.7V, 3.1A/Phase, Size 17 with a 5mm shaft. I will be making a computerized dremel tool ENGRAVER (not cutter) to start. I do understand that a CNC, for cutting out shapes, requires more torque than the STP-42D201-36 will put out. I however wish to engrave, only partially cut into the surface of wood to render my artwork, some which can be seen at These will initially consist of line work but then later I will render halftone work.I do own and work with Gerber Advantage 6.0 Premier and Omega software with Gerber HS/15 PLUS plotter creating vinyl graphics and logos that you might see on store windows, car, truck and van lettering. So I do have a working knowledge of the basic skills needed.I need help on what sort of setup I should be leaning towards that would work with my CURRENT purchase. What is the torque rating, motor size, specs threshold for dremel tool to engrave properly?Some have been very helpful via email and for that I thank you and others have just lived up to thier names of being cranky, claiming they invented everthing under the sun, with short two word sarcastic answers when I actually wished to purchase their plans.. go figure.Thank you in advance for your timecnc, stepper motor, stepper motor control board, computerized router, engraving, CNC Router Plans, cnc engraver plans, CNC Milling Machine, homemade DIY cnc mill router machine,x axis y axis z axis, GCode, Computer Numeric Control, robotic systems ,computer parallel port, step and direction, DXF, plot, plt

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What would you like to do with a laser engraver?

I've recently seriously looked at what they are capable of.I saw a few demo's at the Maker Faire and I got a little Aztec calendar at the Epilog booth. The detail these laser engravers are capable of is amazing. just instantly opens up a lot of doors in ideas and making things. Craft Technology Lab a group from Colorado had a verry cool booth. Besides the wearable e-textiles peices they had fun laser cut kinetic sculptures. A little twist of a crank and it spun a ball balanced on a seals nose and waved his tail. The sliceforms were another amazingly designed laser cut project. Imagine larger scale peices with cushions! Could make every furniture peice in your house!Anyhow here is their page, they had a lot more laser cut kinetic sculptures at the faire though that arent on the webpage. some of the things I'd make is ships and airplanes frames.Remember this burning man peice? be too hard tracking down who has the files on their computer. With a litle manipulation you'd have a minerature model of it.I'd have to make my familys home. Scale replicas of things you own is always fun.With a laser cutter your xmas and b-day gift ideas are set for life.

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Fine tip marker for guiding cutting/engraving small metal?

This is probably a simple question, but I'm having trouble finding something that works. I'm looking for a marker to make guide marks on where to cut or engrave metal. This is for jewelry, so I need a fine tip since it's small metal. It needs to be permanent enough to withstand the cutting/engraving while still being able to be washed off once I'm done.

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How can i safely clean my dog tag? Answered

I recently bought a nickle plated dog tag that has a picture engraved onto it. I want to know how to clean it without the risk of messing up the picture. What kind of cleaner/cloth should i use? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Anyone have a instructions on how to build an electric arc engraver?

I want to build my own electric arc engraver similar to an Actograph or a Martindale. Not prepared to spend $400+ for one. Not the vibrating kind like a Dremel but one that burns into the metal. Had one at a shop I used to work at but I never got around to copying it. I recall that it was fairly simple--a hunk of plywood with a metal plate with ground wire attatched & a heavy duty cork insulated cord with copper tip as the business end. Any info would be appreciated.

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K40 Chinese laser conversion to Arduino

After fixing most of the issues on cheap laser cutter I am about to do the next step and install an Arduino board to get rid of the dongle and crappy controller. I also would like to put this in the form of a nice Instructable so others can upgrade their machines as well. But during my research I noticed that several different versions of the controller, laser power supply and control panel exist. If you are interested in upgrading your machine so you can use Inkscape directly and no longer need a dongle and crappy software: Post a pic of your laser power supply (including a clear pic of the connection terminals), a pic of your control panel (both from the outside and the bottom), let me know if you already have safety switches for the lid and water flow. Everything posted here in time will be included in the Instructable if it is different from my machine. Once the Ible is finnished you will get detailed instructions on what you need, how to program the Arduino, get the plugins working in Inkscape and how to do your first real engravings and cuttings on the new setup after calibrating everything. Here is a video showing raster and vector engraving followed by cutting the piece out - what more can I ask for if only spare parts are used? ;)  

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Pocket Siren updated!

I've just updated my popular Pocket Siren instructable with improved cutting files. The changes I have made are: Turbine blades widened at the base - massive amounts of use revealed a weakness in the base of the first version. Turbines engraved in the laser - rather than sanding them down, I placed a circle of engraving over the blades (watch your laser settings, make sure it's set to engrave). The axle is now also acrylic, not wooden, but you don't have to buy any acrylic rod! Lanyard/key-chain loop added to the central layer.

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Will a Laser Cutter cut Phenolic?

My dad's engineering company just "bought" a $20,000 engraver to engrave phenolic tags. (They cost $8 a piece normally, but the raw materials is only $0.25 a tag). The reason I say "bought" is because they have it, but theres been problems with it so they haven't paid for it yet, and can return it. The engraver takes 15 minutes to do 15 tags, and requires constant monitoring to make sure that the vacuum that sucks up the shavings doesn't suck the tag up itself. I thought a laser cutter would be much, much simpler. (And after engraving about 200 of these, in batches of 5, I know it would be) The major block is weather or not it can cut the phenolic tags, and if theres some way to create the layout from an excel spreadsheet.(IE importing an excel spreadsheet, and it creates a template with the vars in the spreadsheet) The latter is not as great an issue, as I can probably do some programming myself to fix it. Thanks!

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How can I transfer an image onto a wine bottle? Answered

I want to hand engrave a wine bottle with my Dremel but can't seem to find a way to transfer an image onto it. I don't want to go the stencil and chemical etching route. I haven't been successful sliding the print of the image inside the bottle and doing it that way either. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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help please. I have just built a small cnc machine frame. this for an engraving machine

This is a small machine for engraving pens and tool/cutlery handles . It has a z axis to raise and lower the tool/cutter. the z axis tranverses in the usual manner. The third axis is ratary spinning the workpieces. I need good accurancy so what is best in terms of motors I have many motors liberated from printers scanners etc and access to new motors at reasonable price including 200 and 400 step per rotation . Is an arduino suitable for this or should i go for more mainstream breakout driver boards? I have mach3 Cad std Inkscape image to cad  etc

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Transform a conventional ink-jet printer into a 8000$ laser etcher?

I believe everything is possible, with a little bit of help and that's what I need now. I can't build out those fancy CNC machine found here, since it's beyond my knowledge and skills. However, I thought about modifying a cheap ink-jet printer to make it into a DIY laser etcher this way: -Replace the ink part with a custom laser - instead of giving a current in order to flow ink, the laser will be powered. Laser requires different power level depending on the material, perhaps a potentiometer knob on the laser power supply could do it? -Remove any rolls and paper-only specification: instead, make THINGS able to go inside by simply destroying the printer, rising it up, and use the bottom paper rolls as the Y axis motorization. (The ink-jet head will be the X axis). Why would I do this? I have no idea how to programm small electronic chips, even less how to hook them up to computer or software. I, however, am able to print black and white images, and believe the black can simply be a signal to "laser on". I strongly believe this is possible. Since I can't, as stated above, mess with microcontrollers, I suggest adding potentiometers to the motors and laser and calibrate it myself, and adding physical marks (e.g: sharpie marks) to mark my settings. My question is: Do you think it is? What else could be required? Did I miss some obvious point that would render the previous idea totally worthless, and is this point solvable? Please comment :)

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Laser knife that cuts?

Does anyone know how to make a small handheld laser knife that cuts like a engraver but more handheld and able to adjust power? thanks!

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How to cut different plastics using epilog legend 32, 30 watt laser cuter/engraver?

So my school has an epilog legend 32 laser cutter engraver. I'm trying to cut some plastics but at slow speeds it barely touches the top and melts it. i have tryed higher speed and lower power but i get the same results. the frequency is at 2500 and can go to 5000. any sort of advice to how to configure the laser to cut plastics right and with out it burning?

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