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No entry

Hey, I entered my instructable in the Design Contest 3 days ago. It still hasn't been accepted. Why? It's a meets all the qualifications.

Topic by HavocRC    |  last reply

international entries?

Now international entries are not accepted so what if I only enter.If I win a prize i may not take the prize.Is it possible?and by what time would be international entries accepted .

Question by robot1398    |  last reply

Not accepting entries????!!!!!!!

I just tried to unpublish an instructable I just recently put up and republish it so I could enter it in the April Fool's Day contest. When I tried, it said (and I quote) "Instructable not entered in the April Fools contest because contest is not accepting entries. Can someone help???!!!

Topic by Adum24    |  last reply

International entries

Hi i am from Australia and i am not quite sure what krylon is, and i am pretty sure we dont have it over here. so if i wanted to enter the competition what would i use instead of krylon?

Topic by natman    |  last reply

Multiple entries

Hello all! I am sorry if this has been answered already, but i coldn't find an answer by looking around the site. I want to enter the "Make it glow" Contest and have two instructables that i feel could be good contenders. I'd like to know if it is allowed or OK to add two entries in the contest? What would be the judgment criteria? Would the two entries be valuated independently ? What about winner decisions?

Topic by Zen Innovations    |  last reply

international entries

Hi , I have been searching recently about international contests entries from countries that are not listed , and found out that I can enter my works but I can not claim the prizes and the solution for this is to have somebody in u.s or any other listed country who can receive the prizes , so I 'm asking I f any body can help me in this  by giving me his address so he can receive the prizes and then resend it to me , anyone who is ready and open for help please contact me on this email 

Topic by Ahmad-Jaber    |  last reply

Entries in a contest

How many entries can we give for a contest

Question by Gagan jain    |  last reply

Entry Votes

Is there a way to view how many votes are posted for an entry in the craft contest?? Thanks.

Topic by mrsnap1  

tnkit entry

My tnkit entry my m82 range around 40 feet please comment rate subscribe

Topic by knex mad    |  last reply

My entry

I entered my instructable into the burning questions round 7 contest and it has not been approved yet, but other peoples instructables have just been added after i entered mine. I am a bit confused?? :@

Topic by DELETED_JoshM96    |  last reply

Caribbean Entries

Our students would love to enter your contest but we are in Bahamas. Is there any way we can participate? 

Topic by MichelleM9    |  last reply

Contest entry

Hello everyone, I just want to know what is happening with my contest entry, I applied to a "build my lab" contest about three or four days ago and I still waiting for approval. Thank you in advance for all answers

Topic by kondzio29    |  last reply


I wanted to know that why has been my entry been rejected from the fiber arts contest. Please have a look at my instrcutable(I have only 1) and tell  me whetherr it completes the qualifiaction needs. The contest says you can sew it and for making the patterns in the cushion you have to sew it as shown in the video. Please reply.

Topic by sangeeta singh    |  last reply

International entries

Good day.  Unfortunately South Africa is not on  your "allowed to participate countries" list. Can We still enter a contest - and use our family in Canada to receive a prize  ( if any  :-)  for us? 

Topic by Domoreto    |  last reply

Call for Entry

Niza Knoll Gallery in Denver, Colorado, is pleased to invite national and international artists who incorporate digital fabrication methods such as 3D printing, Laser cutting/etching, Plasma cutting or CNC Routing in their art making, to submit work for a juried exhibit; DIGITAL DIMENSION. Please note that "digital fabrication" does NOT include such processes as digital print or gicleè. The exhibition will open August 29th and run through September 26th. To download the show prospectus and entry form, please go to:

Topic by jenga55    |  last reply

International entries ?

Hey, i reside in Fiji islands and my intention was to know whether international entries were legitimate. Cause i really want that laptop, i have been using my old compaq computer for a long time and this looks like a really good deal. I will write a really good instructable , but it's no use if i can't win it. So please do help me.

Topic by arylic    |  last reply

t.v.i.k.t entry

My entry for the t.v.i.k.t my slingshot rifle range 100-110 well thats what i got with my rubber bands 34/35s cant remember whichstrong body and stock 5 layers thick good looks and very coolcomfy handle and detachabe front grip and bi-boddont forget to subcribe rate and comment thanks for looking  =] 

Topic by knex mad    |  last reply

Contest Entry

Uh, Hello. I tried to enter my instructable into the game life contest and it has been pending moderator approval for about 2 weeks now. I also entered it into Make It Real contest and it was entered the next day. Why is it taking so long?  P.S. The first time I tried to enter, it didn't work for some reason. I tried re-entering and it had been under approval for 2 weeks.

Topic by bagrisham    |  last reply

T.V.I.K.T Entry

Here is my entry, it seems to be a mix between rail and slingshot crossbow.This makes it incredibly sturdy and enables me to put the trigger lower.The staircase shaped rubberband string is there to get more power out of a smaller area.Nice and heavy weapon, destroys cardboard easily and gets a nice 175 feet range.Camera on phone seems very sensitive to movement, sorry about the slight blur.

Topic by Wicky    |  last reply

Entry not listed

Hi, I posted an Instructable (video) two days ago, but still now I can' t see it in search results. I also tried to use the explore tool (technology-microcontrollers-video). I wonder if I missed something. Thank you.

Topic by andre72    |  last reply

International entries ?

I Am from Fiji islands and i am wondering if international entries where accepted for this competition. get the leds out challege . I won 2 burning question competition and recieved my prizes and i want to give a shot at this too. If yes then i wanted to know who would cover for the shipping and who has to pay taxation ?... I am willing to pay for tax but not sure about shipping. Anyways I am looking forward to your replies and wish the best to all competition mates. thanks instructables for the t-shirts they were wonderful.

Topic by arylic    |  last reply

Contest entry

Hi There,I created an instructable for the Assistive Tech Contest, however it seems I am unable to enter into this contest. Everytime I click "Enter", its asking me to create a new instructable.Please would you confirm if I may have already entered this? I'm thinking this maybe already in a que for review, possibly.Thanks for any help :-)

Topic by b33ma247    |  last reply

Scholarship Entry

I was thinking of a water exploration bot. First I would encase the bot in plexiglas, attach a microphone, webcam and lights to it. This way I could hook the webcam up to my laptop along with the microphone so I could see what is going on below. For movement I was thinking of either dropping it in the water till it hit the bottom and could walk, or attaching propellers to the plexiglas case that would probably be sealed with liquid nails or something like that. Feedback appreciated!

Topic by sardines454    |  last reply

Contest entry

Dear Inscrutables team! As a member of this forum since 2008, I am desperately waiting for my country to be listed in the valid list of participant countries mentioned on all the contest page.  I want to share my DIYs on this forum and also to enter this sensor contest, but my country PAKISTAN is not yet listed here, rather my neighbour country INDIA is already in the list since last year upon request from Indian members. So, I am again requesting on this forum to please add my country in the list, so many of this lovely DIY forum members form PAKISTAN may participate in those contests. Waiting for your reply with favourable response. Thank you all.

Topic by mjawed    |  last reply

Duplicated entries

Hi, I am new here and have a question. I was planning on taking part in the candy contest so I browsed the site, to find out how to successfully document my ideas. While doing so I saw, that out of the three most viewed projects in the contest, two concepts already won last year: last year: this year last year: this year: While the peppermint patties were made in a different way the Pop Rocks are basically the same. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of the contest, but I am kind of demotivated now to post something original. Is it taken into account in the judgement process, that a project has already been posted before? I have an idea on how to improve the Kryptonite Candy, would it be okay, to enter it in the contest? Sorry to post so many question, but I couldn't find out how the judgement process works and based on what criteria the projects are judged. Thanks a lot E

Topic by Subzeromaker    |  last reply

Are international entries allowed?

Hi, I'd like to know if international entries are allowed for this contest...

Topic by syribia    |  last reply

Contest Entry Loading

I know the new contest page is still very new, but I ran into a frustrating issue. I was looking at a contest with several hundred entries and had clicked the "load more entries" button several times before I clicked on an instructable to take a closer look. When I hit the back button to continue browsing the entries, it loaded with only the most recent entries loaded again. It's frustrating to have to reload all those extensions over again and may ultimately lead to less viewers seeing the earliest entries in a large contest. If reloading the contest page where you left off isn't feasible, perhaps entries on contest pages could automatically open in a new window/tab.

Topic by Brooklyntonia    |  last reply

are international entries acceptable?

Are international entries accepatable in summer yarn contest?

Topic by creativegirlz    |  last reply

Total number of entries?

Does anyone know if there is an easy way (short of counting) how many entries a contest had? I feel like in the older layout it told you... I was a finalist on a few different contests and it would be great to reference the size of the contests for a section I'm working on in my resume... Thanks!

Topic by travis7s    |  last reply

Instructable entry limit

Is there a limit on the amount of instructables I can submit for this contest, I have two in mind but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to enter both.

Topic by guitarist24000    |  last reply

Are international entries accepted?

Well? I assume this is only for USA because instructables team are only giving away Sears gift cards. And Sears are only found in USA...?

Topic by Plasmana    |  last reply

Entries from romania

Two years ago, the contests said that entries are accepted from any country That was all nice until i noticed that lately the contest policy has changed and there is only a small list of countries now. I've always hated the idea of country-exclusive stuff going on on the internet. Will it be possible in the future to submit entries from Romania too?  Also, based on what criteria do the admins here choose what countries can participate?

Topic by Vladmakesstuff    |  last reply

Instructable contest entry? Answered

I published my instructable and entered it in the robot contest 30 mins before the contest ended and after the contest has ended it is moderated approval.So can it get approved after the contest has ended as I posted it before the contest had ended.

Question by Bot1398    |  last reply

Editing entries in contests

From time to time people ask if it's OK to edit their Instructables after the contest has closed for entries? The concern being that it could be seen as cheating. The answer is YES, oh absolutely YES, you can edit as much as you want whenever you want. If you can clean up your Instructable, add more useful detail or information, or add a video, then go for it. There are a couple of reasons for this. The big reason is that the project itself, whatever was built or done for the entry, is not going to be changed by these edits. Any change will be to the presentation of that project. Of course, we also don't recommend publishing and entering an Instructable that is in disarray and making it whole over the next couple of days. It's always helpful for you to make a good first impression. The other reason that we're fine with edits is that we want authors to see each Instructable as a living document. If you realize that some information is incorrect or could be clarified, then you should be free to go in and make a change whenever you want. Many of these changes are brought about by comments from others right after publication and we don't want to hold you back from that. So I hope that clears things up for authors and if you have any more questions about it, feel free to ask away in the comments.

Topic by fungus amungus    |  last reply

Retrospective transparency entries?

I hope retrospective entries are acceptable for Carleyy's challenge?

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

Entry Moderating Time

How long does it take for them to decide wether my contest entry should be accepted or not? I submitted entry "A" to contest "A", and I submitted entry "B" to contests "B", "C", and "D" only an hour after entry "A". Entry "A" got accepted into contest "A" in 17 hours, entry "B" got rejected from contest "B" in 20 hours, and it's been over 2 days and I have not heard anything about contests "C" or "D".  How long will this process take? 

Topic by nhtexan    |  last reply

Party Contest Entry

I entered two entries into the party contest before the deadline, May 1st. When I looked today, I couldn't see either entry. I am getting worried that the entries are not in the contest ! Please help

Topic by yellowdude8    |  last reply

immediate contest entry?

Is it possible to change the moderated contest entry process? I think it would be better if we could enter a contest on a probationary basis when we post an instructable. That way viewers can vote on recent instructables. If the instructable doesn't meet the contest criteria then the entry is cancelled, no harm, no foul. It seems that there are times when contest acceptance is slower (weekends).

Topic by artlife    |  last reply

International Epliog entries

I would like some clarification regarding this year's Epilog Challenge. It states "International entries are accepted." but there is someone in the comments (Culturespy) authoritatively  claiming "International entries are not allowed due to international shipping restrictions on lasers. Sorry guys." Is Culturespy right, or misguided? My contest entry is going to cost me more then any of the other prizes are worth, so it is only worth me pursuing if I have a shot at the laser cutter.

Topic by NathanWilliams    |  last reply

Contest entry disappeared? Answered

I entered my workspace into the workspace contest. I received a confirmation that it entered the contest and it showed up under the point "Recognition" in my profile. Today I checked my profile, and the recognition for the workspace contest is gone. Do the entrys disappear once a contest is closed? Update: I just checked the entries of the contest and couldn't even find my workspace there (I made sure to check all entries). Any idea what could have happened here?

Question by Mike73    |  last reply

Why are my entries not in? Answered

I entered the summer camp contest with two projects on sunday yesterday, and other entries are being accepted while I don't know if mine are rejected or accepted. Can someone help me with this?

Question by zakbobdop    |  last reply

Multiple entries in Contest

Hi I've been visiting this website since I started learning electronics. I saw an open contest for members, so I signed up. This will be my first instructable and contest, is it okay to submit one (1) entry to multiple categories as long as it fits the category?

Question by jiann.wong96    |  last reply

Max Contest Entries

There has been some question about the max number of contest entries allowed in the contest FAQ forum. There are few ibles that have won a Halloween contest and then are entered in more contests that equal more than 3 total contests. Until now, it seemed that Halloween  was the exception to the rule. However, with this example, it seems that there is a bug in the contest entry system. This ible has won a contest and is entered in 4 more.

Topic by Brooklyntonia    |  last reply

K'nex ATV entry

Here's my entry for the contest "Random Knex Contest #1" from kNeXFreek I tried to stick to the colors in the image given by kNeXFreek It has independent suspension on all 4 wheels and it can steer with the front wheels edit: I changed the wheels, see the new (first 3) images

Topic by floris2burn    |  last reply

craftman entry problems

I created an instructable TODAY to enter into the craftsman contest and when I try to enter it I get an error message. What am I doing wrong?

Topic by jonkmiller    |  last reply

contest entries ideas?

I saw many contests on this site but coudent find ideas for them so ideas for contests like the spy , robot, remote control,green tech challenges are apritiated

Question by robot1398    |  last reply

My T.N.K.I.T Entry

Here is my entry for the T.N.K.I.T. Its a Full auto/ Repeater Duo. What i basicly mean is that its a 2 in 1 gun. I am using 64#'s on the gun so i only shot 4. Here is a video: It doesn't normally jam, but a piece had fallen out of the mag.

Topic by Millawi Legend    |  last reply

Papercraft contest entry? Answered

If someone online has released plans on how to make a paper-craft, and have allowed others to print and use them as they like with free copyrights for commercial or non-commercial purposes, will an entry be considered if a tutorial on how to make the paper-craft and step by step instructions for how to make the paper-craft are given since the author of the plans only gave the plans and final product with no tutorial of any sort so its hard to make it. thanks for the help

Question by alienswamp    |  last reply

Deleting Competition Entry

I have entered my Arduino Word Clock Mini the Woodworking Competition by mistake. How to I remove it so I can add it to the correct one?Thanks.oliverb

Question by oliverb  

Question on contest entry! Answered

It has been 5 days since I entered my instructable in the Launch it Contest, but it still says pending moderator approval? Is there something wrong or will it just take some more time The instructable is

Question by vishalapr    |  last reply