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Copy a eprom

Hello Is it possible to copy a eprom?

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Arduino EPROM Programming?

Ok, so I have decided to make an EPROM programmer so I can upload NES games to cartridges ( home-brew, not pirated. ) Does anyone know how to do this? I am a novice at coding, and, when it comes down to wiring, I can't really discern which resistor goes here and there and what value it should be, things like that. When I google "arduino eprom writer" All I get is EEPROM writers. I just want to know if someone on instructables has done it, and how.

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Need help with b88an eprom

Evening all, I have a martin 218 disco light that i would like to flash a new firmware to. I've taken a look at the chip and this is the model number ST - B88AN 9605E Image - Can't seam to find any infomation on the chip :( i wondered if any one could point me in the right direction on what eprom programmer to use? Rom link -;=RoboScan+Pro+218+Mk+II&thisprod;=roboscanpro218mkii many thanks

Topic by gareth_2008  

I got an EPROM without a window?

I got the AT27C040 that is a 4-Mbit "EPROM" without a window. After reading the datasheet, I was wondering: Why an Erasable PROM would not be housed in a package with a window? Is there any way I can erase it other than drilling a hole in it? (I've heard that you can 'refresh' the EPROM to get the same result as UV) Should I Just return the thing if there is a way to do so?

Question by Adrian Zayez Kelly    |  last reply

Poll:Do you use an EPROM PROGRAMMER?

1.Do you have an eprom programmer? 2.Have you recently used or thought about using an Eprom in a project? 3.If you don't have an eprom programmer, would you be interested in Making or having one? 4.Do you think eproms are obsolete? 5.Can you think of a use for an eprom? 6.Are eproms too unusual to use in a Make or Instructable project?

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Is there a way to wipe an EPROM that's packaged without a window?

Seeing the post on about opening up IC packages with a propane torch reminds me that I have a few salvaged EPROM microcontrollers and chips that were, for some reason, packaged without a window to erase them. I'm wondering, for the sake of ingenuity, if anyone knows a way to wipe these and reprogram them. I've read that x-rays might work, but I have no access to an x-ray machine.

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please, can any body tell me what exactly is this and what it is used for?

Is it some kind of controller or somthing , because it's programmable

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How can I make a homebrew EEPROM programmer?

Hi everyone!  I have some EEPROMS I would like to burn (27C512, 27C256, 24C256).  I have a Parallax Propeller, a Z80, a 6502, and an Arduino Uno to help me make an EEPROM burner.  I know that EEPROM burners run $40+ commercially (even on EBAY!), so I would like to try building my own at home.  I have an abundant supply of 74XXXX chips at home, as well as a good supply of capacitors and resistors.   I don't have a Parallel Port on my computer, but I have a USB port as well as an RS232 to USB converter.  I'm running Windows XP and Ubuntu - Lucid Lynx 10.04, so if I need a specific OS to burn these EEPROMS, I have Windows and Linux. I need an EEPROM burner that could  erase/burn the 27CXXX EEPROMS/EPROMS/PROMS.  I know through using the Propeller that I can write to the 24C256 through the Propeller, but could someone please help me in building a homebrew EEPROM burner?

Question by prrgg14935    |  last reply

i am selling a MSP-FET430PIF

I am selling a MSP-FET430PIF - brand: TI - model : msp-fet430pif - $75 - pay by paypal. - this device allow you to program onboard MSP430 microcontroller.serie from - i can also give you a few micro-controller samples. - no need for eprom and expansive device to program your micro. - USB type

Topic by marquisparent73  

i am selling a USB-ICP

I am selling a USB-ICP - brand: futur design - model: USB-ICP - $50 - pay by paypal. - this device allow you to program onboard 8031/8051 microcontroller. - i can also give you a few micro-controller samples. - no need for eprom and expansive device to program your micro.

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Drag racing "christmas tree" lite sequencer circuit?

A drag racing "Christmas Tree" flashes six (6) lites in sequence to initiate a race. The rate should be adjustable and no programable eproms please. The lites should flash "on" then "off" only once with a reset switch to start again. Just a plain simple adjustable timer circuit that a middle school student could understand and use.

Question by Mr. Thumbs    |  last reply

what can i do with old nokia 3310 components. are they useful at all?

I have an old nokia lying around its a 3310. and i have cracked it open to see whats inside. it luks like there are some very useful components for making something useful. im a real newbie at robotics and microchips and that sort of thing but there must be something useful amoung its mases of black square eprom looking things...

Question by icey--t    |  last reply

How to build a simple CPU from 74XX Logic Chips? Answered

Hi everyone! I'm wondering what are some good resources to learn how to build a simple programmable CPU from 74XX logic chips.  I'd like to build one where I use DIP switches to program the CPU.  I don't have an EEPROM/EPROM/PROM burner, so using those are out of the question.  I've seen some CPU's already that run an internet server, but they are too complicated/expensive to build and understand.  I want to learn how a CPU can be built and the principles behind it.   I have about 150 74XX chips, including a 74LS181 ALU unit.  I also have enough capacitors and resistors for the project. Thank you! 

Question by prrgg14935    |  last reply

Anyone able to help suggest parts for a digital dogtag?

Hey all, I'm a first timer on the site and had a question that I was wondering if people could help me solve.I am trying to make a digital dogtag to display some text (3 or four lines in blue) and be hung around my neck. I figure I was looking at a screen about business card size in width and trying to not get much larger than a centimeter if I can for all the components and cover. I was thinking just a simple plastic or latext shell for it would work. My main problem has been sourcing the screen, controller and batteries to run it. Ideally I'd want a black screen that can render crisp, coloured text (or maybe even images if it can). It's also like to keep the whole package thin as mentioned above. Also, if I don't have to burn an EPROM and can interface with it in another manner that would be super awesome. Does anyone have any experience with this or can suggest some components? I've tried looking but I have to admit my knowledge of proper components and where to look is limited. Thanks all in advance.

Question by Pat The Fox    |  last reply