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Cricket Equipment

Does anybody out there have the specifications for making cricket bats and wickets? Can you direct me to a website that might have some plans?

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Electrical Equipment

Zhejiang Tuanjie Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd. mainly manufactures transformer production. It’s main products including Low Voltage Current Transformer,High Voltage Transformer,Transformer,Panel Meter,Switching Power,Electrical Accessories, etc.Company Name: Zhejiang Tuanjie Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd.Add:#28 linyun Road,Dongfeng industry zone,liushi,yueqing,zhejiang P.R 325604 ChinaTel : 0086-577-27821888 Fax :0086-577-62781000 Email:trade@transformerfactory.comMSN:bethy282@hotmail.comWeb site:

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Diving Equipment

I am selling scuba, or diving gear. It hasn't been used for a while and it's taking up space. You can buy by piece, or you can buy everything. This is what is included. - Tank - Weight belt - Knife - Regulator - Etc. I will post pictures soon. Pm if interested. No price. Give a good offer. (This picture isn't it)

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Airsoft Equipment? Answered

Hey guys, I have an upcoming air soft field game coming up and was wondering what other gear I should get and what i should use. As of right now I have: Echo1 Tactical M4 Red Dot/Flip Up/Carry Handle Sight Grenade Launcher/Bi pod/Fore grip Secondary Gas Blow-back M1911 Modded Spring shotgun Rpg Tactical Gear Camo Shirt Pants Mag pouch Holster Gloves Boots Tactical Backpack

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Airsoft Equipment?

Hey guys, I have an upcoming air soft field game coming up and was wondering what other gear I should get and what i should use. As of right now I have:     Echo1 Tactical M4     Red Dot/Flip Up/Carry Handle Sight     Grenade Launcher/Bi pod/Fore grip Secondary     Gas Blow-back M1911     Modded Spring shotgun     Rpg Tactical Gear     Camo Shirt Pants     Mag pouch     Holster     Gloves     Boots     Tactical Backpack

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Lab Equipments

Look at the video attached. Those of you working in biology/chemistry  research labs may be familiar with these. One of them is a rotator (with small tubes fixed in the clips) and the other one is an orbital shaker (well, technically they're both sold as rotators). Can anyone please help me with building either or both of these. I have never done a DIY project before and would love to start with these. It doesn't have to be exact same design. It could be something very simple but functionally similar. It should be able to run for extended periods without overheating (24-48 hours). Also, I would prefer something that can run in a cold room (4 degree Celsius) but I can use anything right now. Much thanks in advance!

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Chemistry equipment list?

Hello Fellow Instructablers!       Its been a while since I have made a post but I am back with a burning question!  I have a great interest in science and chemistry and always wanted to preform experiments seen on page of authors like Nurdrage for example. But I have never had the required equipment or chemicals to do these. I have taken a high school chemistry class and gotten my stuff down and now am prepared to take on the challenge of the lab. I have a birthday coming on on the 24th and my parents said if I wanted to get into chemistry I should ask for equipment and chemicals or what I need for my birthday.      So I will, but I need help. From an experienced chemist or someone who has done this before. Can anyone give me a list of basic-intermediate lab equipment that is needed for most experiments? I don't want to get one of those chemistry kits for kids since those are so restricted and only let you do the experiments given to you, not very fun So I want to get free use equipment and chemicals for any procedure. But I have no idea what is needed most or least and would really appreciate it if someone were able to do this for me. Just in the comments or PM, have a list of stuff I should ask for if I wanted to kick start my chemistry, what that item is used for, the price and its frequency of use to determine what I should decide on if there were to be a conflict. I would really appreciate any help I can get from you guys cause my birthday is coming up soon! Thanks everyone! ~Ostomesto

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Kitchen Equipment Hacks

Hey everyone. What are your favorite kitchen hacks- alternative ways to use your kitchen equipment to make, bake, or cook?

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Old Pc equipment?

I recently(like in the last hour)n was taking apart some old PC equipment, i got a Creative 52x Cd drive and some thin copper wire about 6ft long what have you got out of old things lately?(electronics i mean not old people, etc.?

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heated confectionery equipment Answered

Hi. I need 3 heated rollers and a heated table for some confectionery making equipment I am designing. Both must be stainless steel and must have fairly precise temperature control at around 60 degrees Celsius. The table is 30 X 30 cm and the rollers are about 3 X 30 cm. Does anyone have any ideas of how could do this. Thanks in advance.

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Equipment Transport Cases

I have a few military euipment cases to sell. I had to buy a pallet of several in order to get the two I needed. Now I want to sell the extras to recover some of my money. I will be using them to transport X Boxes. You can use yours for whatever you want. I will sell them for $75 SHIPPED (as long as shipping is $25 or less) Only the green boxes are for sale. Not the black one and not the X Box.

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Roadtripping Accommodations and Equipment?

My best friend and I are planning a cross-country roadtrip this summer 2010. Starting out in Kansas City, MO, we plan on driving to Los Angeles and back within two weeks or so. Most of our money will probably go towards gas and food, so saving as much as possible when it comes to sleeping is very important. We're more than willing to camp, both in a tent and even in the car. There is an idea of staying in towns and cities for a few days at a time to increase our time abroad // our overall experience. If anyone has any tips, tricks, or anything else to offer, please let me know! Thanks much.

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Dofus SAC Equipment

Are you str or agility sac? If you're using gob, I'd guess str. Treeset or Crackler set are both good sets for sacrier. Treechnid set cause of 8AP which will give you more room to sac/dancing sword/punishment/leek pies, increasing your buffs. Tree set total bonuses are 63~150 Strength 9~12 Damage 20% Fire Weakness 20% Air Weakness 20% Resist earth 21~24% Resist neutral 2 AP ~1 MP 72~135 Life 1 Range 1 Summons The -1MP doesn't matter so much because of attraction. You can get this at level 45. Crackler set is good cause of the reduction, means you'll take no damage from your buffs. It also give vitality instead of life, which is always a bonus for a sac. Crackler set total bonuses are 55~130 Strength 6~60 Vitality 2~25 Wisdom 1~20 Agility 1~10% Damage 1~5 Critical Hit 1%~5% Resist air 2%~10% Resist earth 1%~5% Resist fire 15% Resist neutral 8~20 Magical reduction 9~25 Physical reduction 1~100 Initiative 1~10 Prospecting 1~300 Pods If you have no enough dofus kamas to do these, please visit

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WANTED: Exercise equipment manufacturer

I am looking to manufacture a new piece of exercise equipment. A professional prototype is needed.

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Construction Equipment in Loving Detail

Belgian artist Wim Delvoye has approached construction equipment and reimagined them with an obsessive amount of detail to create new gothic items that need to be seen to be believed. With laser-cut and carved materials, the "vehicles" are far from functional, but still amazing.That's it, I need to plan a trip to see some new art in other countries. Linkvia Core77

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Music Equipment- What IS this stuff?

This equipment belonged to my friend's late son who passed away unexpectedly.   I'm trying to help her sell it, but first I need to know what it is and if it has any value?   I trust the knowledge of this community and would appreciate any information/advice you can offer. TIA- Thanks in advance!

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For Sale! Used medical equipment!

I have several pieces of used medical equipment for sale. These pieces would be EXCELENT for parts, projects, and experiments! If your interested please contact me...

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Basic equipment for a photography studio?

What are some some light ideas that I can use for photography without having to purchase expensive equipment? Do not want to invest in photo equipment until I make sure it's something that I decide that I want to take seriously! Hope someone can give me some helpful advise!

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Special hook for survival equipment


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CCTV video sniffing equipment

Hello. I'm hoping that someone knows how to rig a 2.4 ghz transmitter, antenna and video screen to capture and record cctv camera video, a.k.a. "video sniffing". My thanks.

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Frisbee golf equipment question.? Answered

I was idly browsing Frisbee equipment with a view to persuading an acquaintance in the local school sports hierarchy to start an Ultimate league going, when I noticed that there are different kinds of discs for Frisbee Golf - Distance Drivers Fairway Drivers Mid-Range Drivers Putt & Approach Yet, in the catalogue descriptions, they are all the same size, and all the same weight. What is the actual difference between these discs?  Or is it just a scam to make you buy more discs?

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Equipment tracking using RFID

Hello there. I have this project where i intend to track down equipments entering and leaving the room. My first problem is im a newbie to Arduino and i don't have any clue on where to start.  I've already installed the software but i dont know what to do. Anyone who can help me? Or can anyone give me the code on how my Arduino will connect to my RFID reader? THANKS A LOT. By the way, im using Aceduino - an Arduino clone here in the Philippines.

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Junk-box Testing Equipment

As inductance and capacitance testing is a frequent topic on instructables, N5ESE's GIZMOs page has several home-brew testing gadgets and misc. gizmos, including:-- inductance meter-- capacitance meter-- frequency generator-- crystal checker-- dummy loads and attenuators-- 'scope probesCool stuff...

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Keeping my equipment warm

Recently i went to take pictures in the middle of the night at Subfreezing temperatures and the front of my lens formed ice. so i need to keep the lens warm, there are many solutions but the one i thought would be fun to use is the use of a heating element. I found resistance heating wire, i would like to make an object that could fit around my lens and keep it warm. to prevent overheating i will use a microcontroller with temperature sensors to cut of the supply of electricity at a certain temperature. i just want to keep the lens at more than 5 degrees centigrade. I think my 12v lead acid battery will be enough for this kind of project. My question is how to do it, how much heating wire should i use? how much heat will it make? what wire should i use? Will it work? Any other ideas are welcome.

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Looking to manufacture a piece of fitness equipment

I am looking for a manufacturer to help produce a new piece of exercise equipment. A professional prototype is needed. 

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Inherited old electrical equipment -Teacher

I inherited a classroom full of old electrical equipment and parts. The high school's pathway has changed throughout the years and no one uses the equipment anymore. Some of the parts include resistors, soldering equipment, wires and cables and bulbs, multimeters, voltometers, alligator clips, etc. I teach an introduction to coding class and I have no background in electrical anything. I would like to create a maker space for these objects, but was wondering if anyone has ideas for starter projects that I could lead the students through, to get them familiar with these types of materials, and working with basic circuits? If we could throw in some coding, that would be even better! I'd love to use some of this equipment.

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Your best choice of VoIP equipment

Shenzhen LEAD Technology Development Ltd. is the profession one of developing, manufacturing and selling in VoIP field Now, our products is on sales. Main products is USB Phone, Gateway and IP Phone USB Phone have many styles, with LCD, without LCD, with USB disk. Gateway use the SIP as the main protocol, they have the compatibily with other SIP equipments IP Phone are very simple, similar with the normal phone, but have more functions?£ All the equipments is easily set up, has many styles And we also offer the SIP service The price isn't changeless, the bigger quantity, the cheaper price TEL: 86-755-27918959 MSN & E-mail: Skype: cobbyzhou Cobby Zhou

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Active Noise Cancellation for cars not equipped

I am playing with an idea. Higher end cars come with active noise cancellation systems to make the drive quieter and more enjoyable. However compact and subcompact class cars do not. With the noise canceling technology is available on every shelf for headphones, I am wondering if this could be hacked and repurposed to reduce road noise in a car. The system (Im presuming) would require one microphone, one noise canceling circuit board, and one speaker per wheel well. So it would require two pair of noise canceling headphones to accomplish. The idea is to improve the cabin noise quality in an off the shelf kind of way. Currently there are no aftermarket systems within the normal financial reach of most people. Only a hand full of aftermarket systems out there are available and priced @ 4K USD or more. If this works, it could be marketed at around 100 USD per unit. And provide a much nicer driving experience to the compact and subcompact cars.  By placing the microphones under the carpet and on the wheel wells metal surface the system should ignore the stereo, and correct road noise transmitted from the wheels to reduce cabin noise. Stereo interference is a common problem with cabin mounted microphones on OEM systems. So, your mission if you choose to accept it, is to devise a way to reduce road noise in a compact or subcompact car using off the shelf noise cancellation circuitry available to the average person. If your successful this should be a very easy way to upgrade most cars not equipped with such a system. Having a noise canceling system in a car reduces noise fatigue, and improves the driving experience for all of us.

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process for anodizing aluminum with limited equipment?

Recently I have learned the basics of anodizing aluminum, and from what I understand the basic process is to clean of the aluminum bit to be anodized, stick it in a bath of a dilute solution of sulfuric acid, and do some electrolysis with the anodizing bit connected to the anode or positive of a supply, then pulling it out some time later and cleaning it off with soapy water and rinsing, and coloring the metal in a thin runny die, then wiping off excess and boiling the part. So first of all, do I need sulfuric acid? Any substitutes? Will HCL work, or a weak acid like vinegar or even salty water?  If the purpose of the sulfuric acid is to allow free ions to flow in the water, I do not see why it would not work. However, I am not a chemist, and my experimentation with electrolysis is limited to 6th grade science and dropping 9V batteries in salty water. (My favorite experiment was at home when using copper  and coins as the electrodes and watching blue-green corrosion develop and sink until the copper wire was made brittle and thin. Caused some AA rechargeable batteries to explode in the process though lol!) Also, will any die work? For really small parts, will it be possible to evenly die them with sharpie, standard paper markers, and/or highlighters? What dies will work well? Should the dies be water based, or based on some other thinner?

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can anyone help with a martial arts wooden (wing chun) dummy?

I have been learning about the fighting and trapping techniques of kung fu and would like a cheep alternative to the 'mok jong' wooden dummy as they are verry expensive,i could use any plans and technical details possible,thanks mike1969

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how to make a pilates machine from a rower , exercise bands and a stair stepper?

Please tell me how to make a pilates machine from the above parts. It seems athat they are all part of a pilates machine and I have them and hate to use them by themselves but would love to try pilates. I know someone will come up with a good solution and the know how

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Cystic Fibrosis patient needs an inexpensive respirator generator

My daughter with cystic fibrosis, uses a "bio vest system" that includes the vest with hoses that attach to a generator which weighs about 50 lbs. Hillrom makes a 17 lb vest system ( but it costs $16,000.00. I don't understand why it has to cost so much. We can't afford the 17 lb version. My daughter who has just graduated from college and wants to travel in her career is faced with not taking her vest along with her for weeks at a time because she can't handle carrying the heavier version on and off planes, trains, etc. This leaves her without getting her breathing treatments. Is there a solution to this problem? Can the bio-vest be made any cheaper so that everyone can have the 17 lb version??

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What other Weapons and equipment are good for a base?

This is about all the other weapons and equipment that could be helpful to have in a base. This includes grenades, mines, and bombs (lol). So if you have any please feel free to post them. Here are a few of my favorites (these are not mine!).

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Roland JWX 10 Milling Machine

I currently have a Roland JWX 10 Milling Machine for sale.  It has been used MAYBE 3 times and has the ProtoWizard software along with all manuals.  Will gladly email pictures to serious inquiries only. Thanks.

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how to control home equipments with remote control ? Answered

I want to that , how can i remotely control my room LIGHTS , FANS etc.. or is there any product like this ?

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Wanted-machinist who has own equipment

I need a machinist to give me an idea if something can be made from a set of "not well drawn" plans i purchased off a website. We have to buy our own equipment for our job, and if this project is practical, it would save me a lot of money in the long run IF it's practical and reliable, plus of course Safe to use.

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Is there a way to cut stone without special equipment? Answered

I have some small blocks of granite and marble that were left over from some builder's samples. I was thinking that it might be cool to make some whiskey stones with them, but I don't have any special stone cutting equipment. I don't need them to be perfect cubes or anything, a rough look is alright. Is this something that I might be able to accomplish using a hammer and chisel or by using a certain type of saw blade? I'd like to get an idea of what might work best before I run out and buy something only to find out it's not going to work like I want it too.

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I want the best equipment there is for a recording studio, what do I need?

I'm a young up-and-coming artist, with intentions of recording, but I want to build my own studio, and learn everything off on my own. The only problem is, I'm not sure what equipment I need, and then which ones are good or not. If someone could provide me with a list, that would be a great help!

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I finally unpacked my equipment bag I took to the Maker Faire and Whoa....

I realized that I had taken some things I had wanted to share with the group that I had acquired over the past few years, and totally forgot I even had them on my person (much like I kept forgetting I had a camera on me). Below are the few bit of things, one of them of course I DID demonstrate.  :-) I also purchased one book (I had limited funds) and although I decided, because of the lower price, on the book Geek Dad,  I kind of wish I had spent the extra $9 and picked up The Best Of Make.  I have gotten a few ideas from the book so far though, so it is not a total wash out :-)

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I have just started playing airsoft and need some suggestions on how to prepare and learn what happens in the guns?

I only have one gun (a pistol i found in the woods) and only street clothes to play with could anyone suggest some websites and/or instructables that could help me or just pass on your knowledge please.  THANK YOU!!!!!!

Question by snorelaxy7  

Large automated nut roaster?

I am not particularly gifted at the finer points of building things and would love your thoughts: Have you made, seen, or have ideas for a very simple automated, rotating DIY roaster that could be used to roast a large amount of nuts? Or on a simpler scale, Ideas for adding a motor to one of those whirley pop popcorn stovetop jobbies to get the handle turning automatically? Thanks all!

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need help with finding/buying an oscilloscope

I am about ready to start working on electronic projects on my own soon. i am in the middle of a physics class that is teaching me alot about wiring and such and i want to jump right on it after its over. the problem is i dont know what im looking for. i mean i just need one to do the cool electronic projects on here and other things. i dont know what types there are really and what specs i need to consider. i mean i dont want to get a $1000 oscilloscope and i only use 10% of its features. so can anyone help me. i reall would appreciate it. thanks. p.s. i saw something called a PC oscilloscope and wondering if anyone knows about this one specifically. it looks like something i could use. thanks

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One-Stop Shop for Makers

Hi Everyone,  I'm Sarah Calvillo, a visual artist and interactive designer based in San Francisco. I created Steampunk Mr. Potato Head on instructables a while back.  I recently built the first one-stop shop for makers in the U.S. to find and book affordable studio time. Growing up, I've watched my father build our house from his personal workshop. Living in the city, I've found there is limited space to build my own projects. I wanted to create a platform where you could rent space and resources from your community. Funding this project was a major challenge, so I resorted to bartering design for development services with a friend to build Concourse. It took us a couple months to build and launch the site. My only advice for someone replicating this project like this is not to fear being scrappy or hacky. Build what you can, then iterate on what you've built. As a one-woman operation, I’ve been focusing my efforts on helping the Bay Area to start. However, Concourse is open for anyone anywhere to use. You can either rent out your workshop or rent someone else. Visit us  Hope I can help you continue making a create cool stuff on Instructables. DM me for more information about Concourse. Alright ladies and gents, take good care and thanks for your time. All the best, Sarah

Topic by saritamarianyc  

Audio Equipment Question: What is this Jack/Port called?

My friend and I are the only two members on our school's "Tech Team". We handle the audio during events in the auditorium. Well, the audio equipment is pretty old, and not very well taken care of. We came back from summer vacation and only have 4 working mics. Uh-oh. We have a bunch of dead cords, dead mics, an audio snake (is there a "proper" name for this?) with more than half the ports dead, and missing cables. Long story short, we have the task of getting new equipment (yay!). But first I need to know what this plug is called :/ So help me out? Anyone know this thing's official name?

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is rock band equipment capable of playing guitar hero???????

Can rock band equipment play on guitar hero world tour

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Electronic Test Equipment Building/Design Contest(s)

Is there any up coming contest(s) that will be the involvement of designing/building electronic test equipments? not pc related and or software driven, just electronic component to make it at ease for most Technicians out there to share the results of an test equipment that can be easily made from easy to get component? And will Trinidad & Tobago be able to enter such contest(s)?  Thanks for any info.... aNGELdREAD RandyXi

Topic by randyxi  

Simple, efficient, low-cost, solar energy equipment

I am looking for a DIY simple, low-cost solar water heater and solar light that will work in any kind of weather and still be able to supply atleast some working heat and light. Please suggest.

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Need advice on video cameras and equipment for workshop recordings

I’m renovating my basement and getting a new craft workspace.  I dabble primarily in costumes/cosplay and terrariums.  I’d like to install a few permanent video cameras to do overhead recording of my primary workbench and my sewing bench to capture time-lapse and real-time recordings of my work. I need some recommendations for:   -  Cameras I can permanently affix to the ceiling and plug directly into power and run a feed right to my Mac Mini.    -  Something that will produce a nice quality video appropriate for instructional videos – I don’t have an abundance of natural light in my workshop, though I plan to install plenty of supplemental lighting.  Looking for something under $200 (under $100 would be even better so I can get 2!)     -  Advice for setting up those cameras to record directly onto a Mac Mini and being able to have a feed show on my monitor.    -  Can I get cameras/software that can do both time-lapse and real-time recordings?  If I’m working on a project that takes 20 hours to build, I don’t need 20 hours of real-time recording - I’m assuming time-lapse would be much more manageable from a file–size standpoint. Any help or advice is welcome!  Thanks in advance!

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