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The clock that erases itself

This clock has an eraser in the hour hand so it can erase the marks on the face of the clock as it goes along. Pretty good way of clearing the way for more events, but you might want to write down those notes somewhere else as well. Dry Erase Clock

Topic by fungus amungus    |  last reply

Erasing Time - Clock Schedule

This Trace of Time clock is a unique way of planning out your day.  Notes are written on the glass surface of the clock with a dry erase marker and are erased by the hour hand as time passes. found via make

Topic by Carleyy    |  last reply

how to erase the data on a microchip

I want to see if any one can tall me how  to erase the data on a microchip I cant find it on YouTube

Question by ttravler    |  last reply

Duct Tape Dry-Erase

Just a little helpful note, that you can use dry-erase markers on Duct Tape. While I have not experimented with all brands it has worked for me in the past.

Topic by l33tjedibum  

Problem: can't erase on whiteboard

I recently decided I needed a bigger whiteboard and so, in true instructable style, made one out of a fridge door. Unfortunately the fridge door had some stickers on it and I removed them with orange oil and some other cleaners. Now when written on, the whiteboard marker will not erase. Instead it smudges and cannot be removed even with water. What can I do to make my whiteboard usable agian? I've heard car wax can be good, should I try this? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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How erase my member acount?

Deleting a membership acount

Question by DELETED_alexisbb    |  last reply

Erase a dvd+R using software

Ok so we all know its possible to write a dvd+r up to the limit. (one time only of course) So if it can write data once, that why cant we have it ignore the data or headers and just write all 1's or just random garbage to the disk to destory it? It actually sounds cooler than breaking it... If there is software than please provide a link (if its free/open source)

Topic by BeefyHaze    |  last reply

I want to erase data from a Mac but not the programs.

I have an old iMac (2004) with not too much personal stuff on it that I am worried about, but I am giving it to a friend, and I don't want to erase the music in iTunes or the applications like Photoshop and Word that can't be upgraded any longer.  When I Google how to erase a computer, the instructions for a Mac are sooooo easy - but all the directions talk about wiping out your "files". Are "files" programs that I can no longer load on to that Mac (because I no longer have the original disks, product serial numbers etc.)? If that is the case is there another way to make my information on that old computer (that I was using up until 3 months ago) safe? I just don't want to loose the software applications that it has, but I would like to loose their content, ie, a journal I kept on Word, art stuff on Photoshop, old emails I saved, love letters, naked photos (just kidding) - the usual stuff. I am not so worried about my friend but more about the next person down the road who might end up with this computer.

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How do I make the eraser larger on WINDOWS 7 MS paint? Answered

Hi! Another technical problem. I've been getting into paint to try doing some manga on it and I've run into a problem. I can't make the eraser larger. I've worked with the previous paints but none of those hotkeys work. I looked it up on the internet and it said to use fn+ctrl+? but it didn't make any difference. Remember this is windows 7! Any help?

Question by Tornado96    |  last reply

Too many layouts!!!

I am getting a little annoyed by how the layouts are always changing. And I bet a lot of other people  are too. I got an idea that there should be a poll, showing all of the previous layouts, and maybe a few new ones, where the Instructables community could vote and pick their favorite one. Leave a comment on what you think about this, or give some other suggestions...

Topic by zascecs    |  last reply

I have a pic16f72 and is burned can i erase it and reburn it?

What software should i use i have pony prog.

Question by ddeepu    |  last reply

How do you manually erase data from a microchip?

What will happen to a microchip if I short out all the pins together?  It is not in a working circuit, I just want to delete the data on it.  I really don't know how or want to connect it to a computer so somebody please help!

Question by aeronut01    |  last reply

Instructable steps being erased when I try to view them

I have been working on a QBasic instructable for some time now, and when ever I try to load a step, it takes it for ever to load, and in the process, it seems to end up saving the step during the loading when the old step is still displayed, pretty much erasing the step( I already lost a few steps. which is very annoying since a instructable like this one does not have a clear cut path that the step follow). The weird part is that it seems to work just fine when I open it on my old desktop running Windows XP, but when I open it on my laptop with Windows Vista, it gets buggy.(I'm using firefox, for the record) any suggestions?

Topic by dsman195276    |  last reply

Download an OS (like Linux) onto a totally erased hard drive. Answered

Some one I know nuked the hard drive of an old computer. I got my hands on it and now I would like to turn it into a server (or just a plane old PC), but I don't know any way of downloading anything onto it in that pretty-much-nothing-on-it state. I would like to download an OS (like Linux) to make it easier to download and program things. Any Ideas?

Question by GenAap    |  last reply

How to count the number of the button is pressed and use another button to erase the count.

I want to know about how to count the number of the button pushed  and how to display it on lcd.At the same time the count can be erase to 0 to start another counting. Is there any sketch or schematic that you can suggest to me?

Question by izzaty.anuar    |  last reply

Can I update jailbroken firmware without erasing and restoring my Ipod? Answered

I have an ipod touch 2g (MC) running iOS 4 that i jailbroke with jailbreakme.   is there a way to update this to 4.0.1 without having to delete all of my cydia apps (updating through iTunes and then re-jailbreaking)?  any help would be great. thanks

Question by budabob07    |  last reply

Can't post new questions

I can't post a new question to the site. Yesterday, it was erasing the title of the question at the preview stage and kicking back to the start, erasing your body text, today, the "preview this question" is greyed out and unselectable Cache refreshed etc etc.

Topic by steveastrouk    |  last reply

I got an EPROM without a window?

I got the AT27C040 that is a 4-Mbit "EPROM" without a window. After reading the datasheet, I was wondering: Why an Erasable PROM would not be housed in a package with a window? Is there any way I can erase it other than drilling a hole in it? (I've heard that you can 'refresh' the EPROM to get the same result as UV) Should I Just return the thing if there is a way to do so?

Question by Adrian Zayez Kelly    |  last reply

Police searching a computer put a 'black box' between the computer & drive, to read, but not write, alter or erase data.

How do you build such a device? I wish to add a second hard drive to my ThinkPad A22m laptop, for a protected archive of books, websites, programs, and pictures. I want to have a switch so that at intrevals I can add files, but if a virus got loose in the computer it could not get into the archives.

Question by Johenix    |  last reply

lost i tunes library

I recently re -formatted my computer i now 1600 songs on my i pod that are not in my new library   solution without erasing?

Question by electricman548    |  last reply

search input

Over a year ago I searched for "Swamp Cooler" in Instructables.  Ever since then, no matter what I search for, the search data is erased and "swamp cooler" is automatically entered.

Topic by wlgoode    |  last reply

I cant embed my videos :T

Every time I try to save it erases the embeded video.Any help? I've already restarted my computer too.

Topic by WhatTheDerp    |  last reply

question about kodak easy share

When I am putting my photo's into the easy share picture frame, the writing down on that bottom of each picture is showing. Can I erase them?

Topic by Sandeshell  

What happens if you wipe a PSP's memory? Answered

Not just format the memory stick, but completely erase all the files, could you from there boot up a version of linux or other unix-based system?

Question by Wasagi    |  last reply

Will Plumber's Goop destroy a USB? Answered

I'm thinking of using it for custom USB case. Like a lego/eraser case and all that. I have it from some other things, and was wondering if it contacted the USB's electronic stuff  will anything bad happen?

Question by Batryn    |  last reply

SmartMedia problem

I've got 4 SmartMedia cards for my camera, but only one of them works, and not for long... Years ago a PC card-reader screwed 3 of them-up, but I don't know how. The one I didn't put in that device has been used too much and now it's starting to fail. The still just about functional card is fine in my new card-reader, I can erase it "CARD NOT INITIALLISED", format as FAT and the camera likes it. The other three are fine in my new card-reader, I can erase them "CARD ERROR", format as FAT, "CARD ERROR" They appear to be identical, except when plugged into the camera Any ideas?

Topic by lemonie    |  last reply

I have several collectible vinyl LPs, but I need to clean them?

What chemicals or cloths may I use to clean old vinyl LPS?  How to store them? Is there a substance that may erase or partially clear up scratches?

Question by boogynbluz4700    |  last reply

What can I use to dissolve inkjet ink that won't harm mylar? Answered

I have a stock of large sheets of translucent mylar that I want to use as tracing medium. The trouble is that I got them from an engineering shop, so they have plans printed on them. I've had some success "erasing" the drawings using either alcohol hand sanitizer or acetone, but both require some elbow grease and some kind of abrasive, which leaves the surface mottled. Is there a solvent that will dissolve the ink and leave the surface of the mylar more-or-less undamaged? My research suggests that the ink was laid down by an inkjet printer, though I can't be entirely certain.

Question by yoyology    |  last reply

water meter?

Hello everyone, I have the water meter (it's just having piston and analog meter). I want to connect this meter to msp430g2553 chip. In this the output of the water meter should be A(low)  A(low)B(low) B(low), i.e. when one input is connected to chip the output will be 2 pulse. I am doing code in IAR embedded workbench. can anyone help me with the code. #include void main( void) {     P1DIR = 0XFF;P1OUT = 0X00;                      // Clear port 1     P2DIR = 0XFF;P2OUT = 0X00;                      // Clear port 2     P3DIR = 0XFF;P3OUT = 0X00;                      // Clear port 3       WDTCTL = WDTPW + WDTHOLD;                                            // Stop watchdog timer                               if (CALBC1_1MHZ == 0xFF || CALDCO_1MHZ == 0xFF)                                       {      while(1);                                                                                         // If calibration constants erased   }   DCOCTL = CALDCO_16MHZ;                                                      // Set MCU to run at approximately 16 Mhz   BCSCTL1 = CALBC1_16MHZ; /*****Initialize Port 1 & 2******/   P1DIR = 0x01;                                                                                   // Set P1.1 input (C)   P1SEL = 0x01;                                                                                  // Set as I/O port   P1SEL2 &=~ 0x01;   P1SEL &= ~0x10;   P1SEL2 &= ~0x10;   P1DIR |= 0x10;                                                                                  // Set P1.4 output   P1OUT |= 0x10; /************flash********/ void write_SegC (char value) {   char *Flash_ptr;                                 // Flash pointer   unsigned int i;   Flash_ptr = (char *) 0x1040;                     // Initialize Flash pointer   FCTL1 = FWKEY + ERASE;                           // Set Erase bit   FCTL3 = FWKEY;                                   // Clear Lock bit   *Flash_ptr = 0;                                  // Dummy write to erase Flash segment   FCTL1 = FWKEY + WRT;                             // Set WRT bit for write operation   for (i=0; i<64; i++)   {     *Flash_ptr++ = value;                          // Write value to flash   }   FCTL1 = FWKEY;                                   // Clear WRT bit   FCTL3 = FWKEY + LOCK;                            // Set LOCK bit } /********prog******//////// int i; while(1) {   e=getdata() i have written till here. suggest me how i will take the data from meter and i will produce the 2 pulse at the output? thank you

Question by Dushyant KumarS    |  last reply

On iPhone iOS 10 Safari how do you bulk erase ALL bookmarks not in a subfolder w/o having to reset the whole phone?

I'm using Safari on the iPhone 6 with iOS 10 and am looking for a way to erase ALL bookmarks (and only the bookmarks) that are not in a subfolder, without having to reset the whole phone, or having to delete or reset the rest of the data on the iPhone or other applications. Just Safari. Over the past few years I evidently accumulated several thousand bookmarks on Safari on my iPhone.  I never created any folders, so they are all directly in the top level "Favorites". I can find no buttons in Safari to bulk move them all into a subfolder or delete them, the only way I have found so far is to go into edit mode and individually delete each one by tapping the red minus sign, which takes forever.  Especially if you have like 8000 bookmarks.  WTF. I looked it up on the Web and all I'm seeing are older threads saying that to clear all your bookmarks in bulk, you have to reset the data for your entire iPhone.  That would be a nightmare, as I have settings and data for hundreds of other apps and e-mail that I cannot afford to lose or redo. I don't have the countless hours that would be needed to back up my phone, wipe it, and then restore it. I also found a couple of 3rd party tools that claimed to be able to wipe out the bookmarks, but in the details they all seem to be variants of the above wiping out the phone, the only difference being that these tools just use their own method to back up and restore the phone - it's still the same time consuming and invasive kludge. As a workaround I tried turning on iCloud to sync iOS Safari bookmarks to the browsers on my Windows 10 PC, hoping if I then delete them on the PC, that iCloud will delete them from Safari on my iPhone. I turned on iCloud syncing for Safari on my iPhone, and I turned on iCloud syncing for my browser on my PC (I actually tried it for several browsers - IE, Chrome AND Firefox). After a few days(!) all the bookmarks from my iPhone eventually appeared in the bookmarks on my PC, but when then tried deleting or editing the bookmarks in my browsers, the changes did NOT appear on the iPhone. Rather, any changes I made to the bookmarks on my PC were overwritten by what's on the iPhone the next time iCloud synced.  In fact, I started to see many duplicates appearing in my PC's bookmarks, and the folders and bookmarks were all out of order.  What's more, any date information that was preserved for each bookmark on my PC was reset to the date/time of sync.  I often go to my Favorites folder in Windows and sort by Date Modified, so now that is gone.  WTF. But back to the main question, how do you bulk clear out all the bookmarks in Safari on the iPhone without affecting any other apps or settings on the device?  It would be nice if Apple supported the concept of a "Select All" button in iOS (this would be useful in lots of places!) As is I am ready to just quit using Safari and find another browser (alas not Chrome because it just crashes constantly since iOS 10).  Any help appreciated.

Question by madscijr    |  last reply

information related to arduino duminilove

Hiii friends i am new to instruct table even i am not able to use arduino proparly so friends i want to know that:- if i want to erase the earlier programe from my arduino and want to upload a new one to it so how will i do it. please help me 

Question by armaghan rehman    |  last reply

Lesser known groups (so they aren't so less well known)

Did you know there are more than 2000 groups turn up from a search (mind you, they ain't all active...)? Here are some in need of members: Squirrel Snipers The group for those who love squirrels and K'NEX! ERASERS ROCK I LIKE ERASERS AND I WANT TO KNOW I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE. A minority interest, but someone else must get excited by erasers? Internet lovers "if u use the internet join" myspace lovers Guess what? - "join if u like myspace" facebook lovers (Guess) the bomb sqaud "Thanks for joining" "i like sports" nicks group "This is easy." Love Grilled cheese For people who LOVE grilled cheese the hubablybubably group "for all instructables members who like to run around in circles screaming, throw a jar of peanutbutter in the bathtub, then g.....................CORN! yay! sasafras! :()<------- its a duck!" helper "i help you with prombles" - I think they're delinquent Wombles? Knex Loathers "This is a group for folks who are tired of seeing 100's of knex instructables when they are not looking for knex instructables, or if you just hate Knex. No offense to you knex enthusiasts." Inactive: GUNZ "please no k-nex they're hard to make and too many peices." Inactive: ki shunners! thhis is a group for all the people who hate mepain and knex innvination by knexsuperbulderfreak

Topic by lemonie    |  last reply

flash drive music player

I have no idea how to make this, but i thought it would be cool if, instead of erasing music from your mp3 player to put more on you could just take a storage bit off and put a new one on. In essance there would be two parts to the player. A storage device (in this case a flash drive) and a audio player. Any ideas?

Topic by jameso    |  last reply

Video submission glitch?

I'm new at posting video instructables.  In the required box that says "embed video code", does that mean the URL of the video that I have posted on Youtube, or something else?   When I enter the URL and click SAVE, it erases the URL.  I can't publish it without something in the video code box.  Help, please!

Topic by Thinkenstein    |  last reply

How do u move ur itunes library to another file?

I download all my songs from my moms file but she kicked me out and now my file wont let me unless i erase everything and i dont want to start all over   help!!!!!!

Question by EmmettCullenrocks    |  last reply

How i wipe the arduino bootloader from the ATMega328p?

I have an "ATMega328p" microcontroller with arduino bootloader burned on it but now i want to erase the bootloader so i can write the code in Embedded C and use an AVR ISP Programmer ,, i want to know how i wipe the bootloader from the chip ?? Thanks in advance

Question by ahmed.hzzaa    |  last reply


1.- my images where uploaded a 56 times because I kept pressing the image (stupid me) but anyways..... I have to delete one - by one!!!!! Are you kidding me. Cant I select all and then just erase them . Or erase a folder or something in my library... <------If you know how to do this tell me update: (Note: Use Ctrl-/Cmd- and Shift-select for multiple files) ...I just saw it after trying it again. I didnt want to delete it because It might help some other frustated robot2. The second Bug I am reporting is: MY FLICKER IMAGES LOSE THEIR NAME WHEN I ADD THEM TO MY LIBRARY (I put it in caps so a developer from flicker can fix this.) Cant I use the name they already had? Might as well Upload one by one. Its gonna take me the same time than to change all their name.

Topic by onelmo    |  last reply

Magnetic reactive writing pad.

I need help figuring out the best way to do the following. And i have been searching and apparently I don't know the proper way to phrase this to find the information on google/instructables. What I need -  a small surface that is magneticly reactive, to be able to Write with a magnet. It also needs to be able to be erased, probably also with a magnet.  I want it to be decently small, and I am sure there is material out there, but i don't know what it is.  And no I dont want a dry erase board.  Think of the Magnadoodle, where it would react to what is being drawn with the magnet, but i wnat something that is more like a Slate, and not a series of pockets that have a certain amount of filaments that react to the magnet.  I am sure there is some kind of material like this out there. I just dont know what to call it, and i need to be able to make it decently small and thin.  A basic idea, is like an impression pad. If you wrote something on the top sheet, or a couple of sheets of the pad, under the sheets, it would take an impression of it, (assuming it was written with a magnetic pen), you could then see what was written on the sheet originally, on the surface. Also it would need some way to be erasable so it could be used again.  A concept like carbon paper, but with magnets.  Please point me in the right direction, I am very hands on, and a long term DIYer, i just need to know what basic material i need to accomplish this. I know it exists, i just don't know what to call it. 

Topic by Panther    |  last reply

deleteing photos from library that is in use

Can I erase a photo in my library that is in use in an instuctable, without damaging said Instructable? In the 'Ible                       (sorry folks, haven't quite figured out the link thingie)                  the Author  fireballxl5  - certainly seemed to think so. I had wanted to de-clutter and was wondering......

Topic by Karroo Oakey    |  last reply

Hard drive wiping problems REFRASED

 Hi, I posted another question on the same topic, but I don't think I got my point across. I'll lay down the basics - Is there any way to erase a hard drive WITHOUT having to boot from a cd (like dban or the windows xp install cd) and WITHOUT having to access the accounts. My computer is so corrupt, I can't do either. Don't tell me what I could check to make it work, just answer the question. No, I don't want to take the hard drive out and use another computer to erase it. I do know that I would need the XP disk to reinstall it, but I would need that if I weren't going to install Ubuntu instead. Yes, I tried booting from the ubuntu disk, it didn't work. Also, don't say "well, you're out of luck, take it into a repair shop." That's NOT answering the question. Thanks in advance.

Question by guitarmonk15    |  last reply

Computer hard drive wiping problems

 Hi, I have a  custom made computer that has gotten very corrupt (viruses, useless crap, etc.) over the years, and I would like to erase the hard drive. I've tried stuff like Dban (Darik's boot and nuke), only for some reason, when I try to boot from the cd, it just gives me an error like "ERROR CANNOT BOOT FROM CD".  No, I don't have the Windows XP install disk, or any other installation disks. I haven't used it in years, so I don't remember the password. What I'm asking is, is there any way to erase the hard drive without having to get into the account. By the way, yes, I know I would need the XP disk if I were to install XP after, but instead I'm going to install Ubuntu. I can't even boot from the Ubuntu disk, I've tried it. Thanks in advance.

Question by guitarmonk15    |  last reply

Hi everyone

Is there any way to rip off all the media off of my iPod touch 4? The computer I was syncing from just crashed and I lost all of my media. The only other copy is on the iPod and I want to recover it. Is there any way to recover my music, apps, and videos from another computer without it being erased? Thank You so much, mr_e I can provide information as requested

Question by Mr_Electric    |  last reply

Questions about AC motors and removing printing from canvas tote bags

I found ahem dived for a motor a few weeks ago that runs on ac. Could I use 2 relays and a 555 to get 60hz AC with a square wave or does it have to be a sine wave to run properly?Second question:How do you erase fabric paint or screen printing from a canvas tote bag?Thanks

Topic by LinuxH4x0r    |  last reply

ipod nano froze at language selection after restore?

 My apple i-Pod nano ( 1st gen), froze, after I restored it. It is stuck on the language selection, and no buttons work, I have tried a reset, and a hard reset to no avail.Nor can I get it to disk mode.  If this is a flash drive problem, is there a way I can erase the flash, download from another i-pod, and reinstall.  If its a hardware problem, is there a way to fix that?

Question by drh1919    |  last reply

One of the dumbest things a company could ever do....

Ok, picture the scene, you use your own laptop for work, and after some time, decide you need a better job, and so start looking. Some people find out you are looking and your company TAKES (pilfers, steals, lifts....) your laptop and erases the HD ! WOW, did they ever pay for THAT little blunder.....go here for the FULL story...

Topic by Goodhart    |  last reply

How do I fix a gamecube disc?

So I've been playing legend of Zelda ocarina of time for years. But It broke, and now I don't know how to fix it. Toothpaste I've already tried, penut butter is too messy, and I don't think we have any disc cleaner. It has light scratches all over the edges of the back. I've also tried an eraser. Please help

Question by Jconard234    |  last reply

What are the pros and cons of using Skimlinks (

After reading what the company says about itself, I am interested inwhat customers have to say about its ease of use and profitability, andwhether it is worthwhile for viewers to have Proxomitron or Greasemonkey erase references to skimlinks.js(I'll put one item in the "cons" myself. The web filter at this community college marked it as a high threat and "web security violation". But that may simply be an overzealous response by Trend Micro.)

Question by NobodyInParticular    |  last reply