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Essential Kitchen Tools

What kitchen tools are absolutely essential to you?

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how to make a sprayable leather scent?

Many years ago I purchased an essential oils mixture from a small company that sadly is no longer in business.  This spay smelled exactly like leather, but I have no idea what the actual makeup was.  The closest thing I have found commercially is the leather scented air freshener from Yankee Candle.  Aside from running the inventory of a Wilson's Leather Store through a juicer, does anyone know a recipe for a leather scent?

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Essential oil/Alchohol/Solvent purification and separation

Hi,I have a lot of impure essential oil that has a lot of water in it and was thinking about ways to get some of the water out. Would salting out with Epsom salts work? I've seen an Instructable where a nonpolar solvent is used to extract nepecatalone would one be able to use a solvent that is immiscible (I swear that's a word) in water to get the constituents that are not water soluble out of the water?Also can common solvents (I'm thinking alcohol, acetone, and toulene) be salted out to increase the concentration? Would this work with dilute hydrochloric acid?-mitch

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What would it take to make a power loop, that couldn't necessarily power anything, but could loop? Answered

 Like if you had a power source connected to 2 wire's and then you connected those 2 wires to a switch and then back to the original wire's. And then you'd switch the power from the original power source, to itself. What would it take to make a power loop that wouldn't power anything essentially, but would still run in a loop?

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Where do you get your essential oils?

I'm trying to find a place that sells essentials oils that are good but still at a nice price.  Also I know some say they are not safe for body use but only for things like candles, etc.  For shampoo, fabric softener, etc. wouldn't you want body safe oils?

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What essential tools should I include in my dorm room toolkit?

What are the obscure, but essential tools that you can't live with out? I'm building my toolkit for my dorm room (and for the rest of life) so I need suggestions!

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What stuff can you make that involve the use of essential oils?

Okay so a friend gave me a bottle of essential oil, Vanilla extract. I know you can make perfume/cologne with it but what else can I use it on? I don't want it to go to waste. So far, I've made a bottle of cologne and dabbed a bit in my Moleskine to make it smell nice. I still have plenty and I just feel the need to use it up. Anyone know any other good projects i could use it on? Please and thank you. :D

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Why are my essential oil scents disappearing from my Epsom salts?

I bagged (cellophane bags) and tied two pound bags of scented salts about 2 weeks ago and the scent has disappeared. Also, my food coloring doesn't mix well in the Epsom salts either.  For instance; red and blue is not making lavender color no matter how uch I increase or decrease the colors.

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Your essential "tools of the trade" ? / Ten Tools you couldn't live without?

I'm interested in starting to buy some tools to keep around for any things I may want to attempt to build. There are just so many different kinds of tools out there..and they are expensive. So before buying anything I'd like to know your top ten tools that you couldn't live without (excluding the really basic tools like screwdriver, hammer, pliers, wrench etc.)Also please share your experience with different brand name tools. Which brands would you reccomend, and which would you stay away from?

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how much essential current rating for adapter for same voltage supply the microcontroller board

i have a avr micro controller development board for which i have to require a 12volt/500 mamp adapter but  i have a 12volt/1amp adapter .Can i use the  1 amp rating adapter for same voltage?

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Is there currently a college dorm survival guide?

What materials, skills, or requirements are essential to successfully live in a relatively spacious college dorm.

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Acrylic car paint.?

Is the water based acrylic paint my car is painted with essentially the same as the artist acrylic paint I paint pictures with?

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I have a Psyclone Essentials wireless Wii sensor bar, but I lost the cable. Any cool projects for it?

I lost the cable for it, but I've already ordered a new (wired) sensor bar. This one doesn't have the option for batteries, since it charges directly from the console. Anyone have any ideas?

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Re- Entering an Instructable?

Are we able to re-enter a past instructable into a new Contest if we essentially re-write the instructable write up and re-submit it?

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Craft and tools

What tool do you consider as essential in the craft industry? what tool do you use the most? What is the best Power tool?

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CO2 extraction, SFE build ideas?

I'm wanting to build a SFE co2 extraction "plant" home or garage unit...i am trying to use it with essential oil extraction projects...especially with cedarwood ( i have a successful steam distillation business, distilling and fractionating cedarwood oil and blending it with various carriers to provide my cedar based pesticides and lawn care products)...but i want to increase efficiency and potency, etc. the USDA did testing with cedar and co2 SFE and had great success. i am trying to build a unit...many ideas out there...but very few clear details, videos, pictures, etc... i want to use for cedar, algae, kelp, bamboo, etc....various essential oil products... the sad thing is i can find vague info from either large commercial units or from cannabis users... IDEA's ?!?!?!?!?

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What would you bring along with you when camping?

I want to invite you to make a list of anything that you feel are essential when camping.

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Customizable soundboard?

I would like to make what is essentiallya customizable easy button, essentially a button that when pressed plays a wav/mp3 file from an SD card. Could someone make a guide?

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Collaboration experiment

Does anyone want to try the collaboration experiment again? I forget why it stopped the first time but I thought it was fun. It would essentially be the same except for a few things that I think would improve it

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Anyone know how to make the Claire Burke Original fragrance oil for an effusion lamp?

I'm trying to locate "recipes" for a DIY effusion lamp oil. I found the basics-10-12 drops of essential oil per 16 oz. at least 91% alcohol, but some of these oils are expensive also. I'd like to recreate the Claire Burke Original scent-it, of course, has been discontinued.Any directions for the Applejack and Peel scent would be helpful too! I have the lamps, but the refill oils for all brands are really expensive;the alcohol can be found at drugstores and Wally-world for about $1.50/16 oz. bottle.The Essential oils are a bit more expensive, but all the info says one must use these-Not the fragrance oils. Apparently, those mixtures will clog the lamp wick or stone .Any and all suggestions for recipes and how many drops/Ml. of  the different oils-for ANY fragrances- will be welcomed.

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How To get More Viewers & Teach online?

How do I get more viewers on Instructables.  And how could I teach upcycling on instructables?

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Variable capacitor and discharge question?

I don't have a variable capacitor of my own to test this so I am relying on the instructable community. What if you have a variable capacitor tuned so that it is at its maximum capacitance and then charge it in a circuit for 5 tau (essentially full charge). Then you completely removed it from any circuit so that you only had a variable capacitor with two (short) leads not connected to anything. Lastly, you turned the tuning knob so that the capacitor had less capacitance all the way to essentially 0 farads. What happens to the stored energy?

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Accepted in a contest

I've published my instructable 3 days ago and it is still not accepted in the contest Am I doing something wrong? This is my instructable

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vacuum pump wanted

Hoping someone would have a vacuum pump (manual or electric) they wouldn't mind giving me, hoping to make a vacuum cannon but missing a quite essential part ha ha

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chew toy?

I have a very strong, large breed dog who essentially destroys nearly all store-bought chew toys in a matter of minutes.  One might say he seems to view these as child's play (puppy's play).

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my brother is building a recumbent motorcycle (feet first) can anyone recomment a good tech manual for this?

He is a low tech sort of guy so hard copy manual is best, but not essential. oh time is a factor as his birthday approacheth!

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How to build soler panel?

Any body help me about to make a solar panel for over 4.5 V at home, required material and other essentials?  material should be cheapest. I will be very thank full to you! Adeel naveed

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How do I adapt a laser trip wire alarm. to work in reverse?

I need a schematic of a circuit that provides a 12v output when a laser is picked up on a phototransistor.  Essentially working in reverse of the laser trip wire alarm.

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Rear view camera?

I'm trying to figure out the best route to make a wired rear view camera for a project I'm working on, it'll essentially work exactly like a rear view camera just like a car, just button activated and small and simple. Any ideas?

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Cloud sync existing outlook emails?

Hi all, i want to essentially clone my outlook(2010 pro plus) into the cloud so i can access old emails whilst away from home. so emails (with folder structure), calendar & contacts. a free option would be appreciated.

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How-To: "Kill" yourself by not getting enough sleep...

I'm just wondering if anyone else in high school (specifically junior year) is frequently pulling all nighters to get their work done, and essentially "dying" from the process. I am in serious sleep deprivation now, and I'm pretty sure that my eyes are going to implode....

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Changes after submission...

I have made small changes to projects entered into the teacher contest... Just added some pics and changed some language. essentially the same though. do i need to re-submit? When the submissions are judged to they refer to the current version saved online or to the one submitted originally? thanks! -stu

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Keychain IR beacon

What do you think about a IR beacon on a keychain that flashes every 10 secs or so while its not moving. (And optionally flash brightly before going into energy saving mode turns when touched) essentially you can use your mobile phone to locate your keys when lost.

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um...somethings wrong here

I just notice that even though this group has a bunch of instructables, we have essentially no members, few ratings, and only one forum topic, which is this one. We need to find a way to get more viewers, members, ratings, etc.

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Quick question about turrets

I planning on maybe building a turret gun and I was just wondering if the White rod mini pins on the tr-8 are essential for good ranges from a turret, as, if it is viable, I would quite like to build a turret without the mini pins. thanks, I.E.

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Ozonator Insturctable please?

Can someone make a instructable about how to make an "Ozonator" for water purification similar to that which was on a Discovery TV show called "The Colony"?  Essentially they created a water purification station using an Ozone generator they created to purify all of the water they were drinking from the LA storm gutters.  Thanks

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Using both carrot oil and carrot seed oil in a homemade sunscreen

I've been researching making my own natural sunscreen using coconut oil and shea butter as a carrier for a few base oils (like avocado oil and red raspberry seed oil) as well as aloe and beeswax. All of the recipes I've found online say to use carrot seed oil, which is an essential oil, although they don't specify this and a lot have pictures of what looks like base carrot oil. (carrot seed essential oil being more light yellow in color and carrot oil being more golden) That's a link to one of many articles that talk about the difference between the carrot seed essential oil and base carrot oil. There are others you can find on the first page of google that go into a little bit more depth about the differences. From what I gather, the carrot seed oil is supposed to have a really high SPF, while the carrot oil is supposed to be great for sun tanning and evening out skin tone, etc. What I can't find is any documentation on whether both can or should be used in making your own natural sunscreen. I am hoping to use both and just wanted to know if it would be a good idea. Thanks.

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What should I do with this tripod I found? Answered

So a couple weeks ago, I found a camera tripod with telescoping legs in somebody's garbage. It doesn't fit my camera, but there is essentially nothing wrong with it. So basically I need some ideas for what I should use said tripod for.

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How to get fragrance to hold in hot processed soap?

How do I make hot processed soap and how can I get fragrance oil or essential oil to hold in the soap after it is made. What is the amount to use that will be enough and how do I make it happen?

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Oscilloscope Features

I would like to buy an Oscilloscope but don't knowing what features are essential to have and what are not.  There is so many different way to buy one, 60Hz  100Hz  200Hz   400Hz. I see digital and analog scopes. 2 trace   4 trace among many other options. What would be the key things i would want to try and look for in a scope? 

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How can i make a 10,000 guass electromagnet without spending a bundle.?

It doesn't need to be exactly 10000.  that's just my goal.   It doesnt need to be mobile and can run off 120vAC.  Conversion to DC is expected.   Essentially.  I need to try and get a handle on the math and practicality of this to understand the scale.  Any input is welcome

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Reuse of old mobile

I am using a mobile phone  tracker site to track my car in case it is stolen.  I wanted to adapt the old mobile phone by stripping it down to essentials to ensure that the sim signal was still running but there was no need for the display / keyboard.  Is there an instructable or website that offers advice on how to do that? The phones are old nokia phones so not worried if they get trashed.

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anyone got help for the newbie? Answered

Okay so silly question but for a newbie like myself, is there any sort of section for newbies that don't have any idea how to solder or have any experience with electronics? like maybe instructables that just explain how to make simple electronics like... i have no idea how a circuit board works but they are essential to the cooler projects.

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Xbox battery charger and plug and play: combine the two? Answered

I'm looking to wire up a plug and play cord to a xbox battery charging station so the cord used to power the station would essentially charge two batteries and a controller. I've never dealt with USB charging, so any and all help would be great. Thanks in advance!

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How can I make a small book in Word?

I'm trying to find a way in Microsoft Word, to make a small pocket sized book.  essentially one that is printed in a way you can fold/cut it and make it work.  I'm looking at like 2"X3".  I've seen one one done, but don't know how.  Any help?

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I have a question about making my own herbal extracts with alcohol, using fresh herbs...

I had a bunch of fresh herbs, and some home-distilled 180 proof alcohol that a friend brewed. SO, I thought I'd try to make some smelly stuff. I packed a jar with the fresh herbs, and filled it with the alcohol, plus a little tad bit of water. I let it sit for two weeks, and now it's ready to be strained. BUT, I'm not sure what to do with it. Do I use it to make a perfume, room spray, body spray? Can I use it to make an essential oil? Is what I now have called an herbal extract? One jar is fresh sage and rosemary, Jar 2 is rose geranium leaves and rose petals, Jar 3 is lemon verbena, and Jar 4 is lavendar and sage. All advice is welcome!

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Need information on 3D printing

So I am looking to make decorative phone cases using a 3D printer. But I have no experience with them. Essentially what I am hoping to do is make snap on or slide on covers. What kind of 3D printer would be able to do this? What sort of designs/colours would I be able to do? Anything I have to take into consideration?

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Is feedback compulsory for a pmdc motor controller?

I am designing a controller circuit(pwm based) to control a 36V,12A pmdc motor to be used in an electric cycle.  As i won't have any load changing situation, is it essential to have a tachogenerator feedback or is it fine to just have a current limiting algorithm?  Please help me out , am stuck with this for a long time..

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