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Is this even possible?

So a kid walks to and from school everyday, uphill both ways without ever walking downhill. how is this possible (think hard) I want to know your answers. once i get 5 answers I will tell you my answer and choose a best answer. thanks Don't answer here, answer Here

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Well as of a couple days ago no pictures on instructables will show. Not even the orange background. Only text and ads Answered

Well as of a couple days ago no pictures on instructables will show. Not even the orange background. Only text and ads. Any help?

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Cant even make an Instructable

I cant even start one because the damned title bar dosnt detect any text. I would write it all out, and it woulnt let me continue to the next step, because the damned site dosnt see any text there. How can I fix this, or has anyone else had a problem with this?

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even opening file is a problem?

I made a powerpoint presentation using a lot effects, one moment when I was saving .pptx file, the program hung. After, I opened it and got - The Presentation GorF09.pptx is incomplete. Please reload.

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Not even 1 view yet?

I posted this instructable 3 days ago and so far I haven't had a single view!  I'm wondering if there is a technical issue of some sort. Here's the link: Please let me know if you have any idea of what could be going on. Thanks nlinventor

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What?! How is this even possible?

...........................................................................................................................................................................................I just entered the book contest!Not many of my ibles are good, but I would at least feel important if 20 people minimum voted for my How to Draw Dragons Ible. The reason I post this, is because RS's ible is in the 100's, I want in too!I had forgotten to enterThis is gonna be one hell of a contest! I've voted like crazy!!!

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Shuttle Launch This Evening! - UPDATED

11:59pm Launch tonight - we're currently in the scheduled 9 minute countdown hold :)That is only if you're on the Eastern Seaboard (most of you should be able to see something). 80% chance of acceptable weather conditions!This could be the last night launch (only 6 more flights scheduled).Launch CountdownOfficial Countdown

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even more k'nex guns?

I know that there are alot of knex guns out there. like millions. but most of them are just modifications of killerk's guns. i noticed that i dont see very much rifles out there so i went to build a knex rifle.when i finished, i built a rifle that looks like a Mauser Karabiner 98k ( it is scale size (it could be a little bit smaller because i have short fingers). it shoots far, i dont know how far exactly because i lost my bullet somewhere across the road behind someones house. its single shot (as in it has a magazine but you have to pull the firing pins back, like real Mauser Karabiners.) and it has a strong stock, dose not use strange pieces like motors or wheels. and it has this true trigger that i think i invented. I will post the instructable when my camera gets fixed in a few daysDiscuss:1. can someone tell me if i invented this trigger for knex guns?2. Knex Rifles in general

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can i even make that motion sensor even if im in the philippines?

Can i even make that motion sensor even if im in the philippines?

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Arm tendon connection. Answered

If your arm's tendon was connected to point 2 instead of 1, then wouldn't we be like 3-4 times stronger than we are now? A bit like C-3PO in Star wars. Look at a picture of his arms.

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Arduino Instant Camera even possible?

Is it possible to combine an arduino board with a digital camera and a thermal printer to make an instant camera? I do know that an electronic instant camera was made earlier this year by Niklas Roy (from France), but his takes about 3 minutes to print a picture from the printer. If an arduino can make making an instant camera easier than making one from scratch, could it be done?

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ac or dc or does it even matter

I just saw a video on the web about a heater made out of a coffee can and some other odds and ends. My question is, its a 12v dc contraption. Can I use 12v ac instead ( like splice a 12v plug for a keyboard or something ) or will it not work? I can be more detailed if needed but i didnt want to post where or what the video was exactly since Im not sure Im allowed.

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LCD to 7 Seg or even better BCD?

The challenge: I need to change the LCD output of this chip to 7 seg and then eventually to BCD.  Personal Reason: I'm trying to make a Nixie tube Multimeter. I'm currently testing with some old 7 seg displays so that I don't worry my self with the high voltage of the Tubes, but eventually I need the output of the multimeter to be BCD so that I can use it with the drivers for the Nixie Tubes.

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Leds on trailer still on even if the car is off

So, I changed tail light on my trailer for new led ones the problem is the car outputs 12v at all time (which is normal) 12v then splits to 6v. But when 6v is comming to led light its slightly light up (the lights are 12v 0,5w). when i switch on lights, 12v is comming to led lights and they work how they should. So I need a way to light up the leds only at 12v any ideas ?

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Can't even find link to download ebooks

I became a pro member yesterday, and the membership appears to be working correctly -- I can download full instructables including pdfs. But I'm having trouble with ebooks. When I click on "Download the ebook" I'm taken to a page that allows me to download Adobe Reader, Calibre, and the iBooks app. But I don't see links anywhere to download the actual book. (PDF is my preferred format.) I can see from this forum that many others are having similar problems, so this is clearly a frequently asked question. But I don't see a hint of an answer anywhere. Can someone please help?

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Computer recycling: Dangers for even the well intentioned

Are we really making it impossible to live in this ever increasingly "darned if you do, darned if you don't" society? Disposal of computer repercussions" Picture a stack of used PCs packed with corporate data sitting unattended on a shipping company loading dock. Imagine what happens to your company's stock price when the Environmental Protection Agency tracks the serial numbers of lead-filled monitors from an illegal landfill back to you. Think about a villager in a third-world nation burning circuit boards in an open-air shop to recover a few cents' worth of precious metals. Now, what's going to be generated by that 3-year-old PC your administrator just pulled from an employee's desk? Data theft? Lawsuit? Poison? Finally, consider research firm IDC's estimate that 269 million PCs were sold worldwide last year, along with 8 million servers. The bulk of them likely were replacements for systems moved into recycling or reuse. You start to get a sense of the dangers associated with disposing of outdated computer equipment.Concerns about computer disposal fall into three main categories: Eradicating data, finding a market for outdated but usable equipment and recycling or disposing of materials in an environmentally safe manner...."Anyone have any suggestions for are "fearless leaders" ? Image is of SKILLS from the PA recycling center and can be read about at this link for SKILLS

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how to make an awesome mountian bike even better? Answered

Ok so i have a mongoose mountain bike, its silver and black , has a awesome stereo system , and some ok spokes is there some doable ways to make this bike better????????????

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can't enter contest even though instructable not published

I'm trying to enter an instructable into the woodworking contest but it says I'm not eligible. I confirmed that i hadn't published already so now I'm very confused. Can someone help?

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How do I use this? Is it even a soldering iron? Answered

I know I'm a noob to this, but how do you use this thing? I need to solder two wires together because they come loose very easily. If I can't solder them, what else can I do to keep them firmly connected?

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Anyone from the UK. - near Bedford even better

Hi - just like it says - anyone around from the UK, I live in Bedford (not that that matters too much). I am looking to get in touch with some like minded folks to chat, swap ideas etc. I am on Facebook and always around sometime in the day. Cheers for now.

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Gluten free and sugar free this even possible? Answered

I have a friend who is gluten and sugar intolerant. I have always prided myself on being able to make cupcakes for everyone with any allergy but for this I am stumped. I am not 100% but I am fairly certain she said she cannot have even the fake sweeteners (ie Splenda). Anyway, I was hoping to make her some going away cupcakes as a surprise when she goes back to college, so any ideas are greatly welcomed!!! Thank you in advance! 

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Nichrome wire won't heat even with a car battery.

I have some very thin nichrome wire that I pulled out of an aquarium heater. I think its about as thin as the smallest wire on an acustic guitar. I'm trying to use it to cut foam for an rc plane but it just won't heat up enough. I'm trying to heat up a good 20 inches of wire so its quite a lot, but I thought for sure a car battery would handle the job. Right now it barely gets warm, I can leave my hand on it indefinitely without it feeling hot.Should I just strip a power cord and plug it straight into a wall socket? Also do I need a thicker wire? I know a thicker wire would take more to heat up, but this thin wire breaks easy so I'm unsure if it will be able to withstand tension when it actually gets hot.I really don't want to have to order a bunch of crap to start working on this plane but I guess if I absolutely HAVE to then I will.

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How to make the best gun in the universe even better.

Sorry for the extremely braggy title, I just needed something to grab attention, because these mods are MANDATORY. I have made some mods to the bolt, ram and barrel that are required for my AR-4 v3 Picture 1- Ram mod.  Add these spacers in there.  This keeps the ram from breaking the bolt when you fire. Picture 2- Bolt mod.  I change the number of 1- slot connectors that hold the bolt from 2 to 3.  I also mod the ram so that the part that goes before the bolt is 1 orange connector, and 2 blue caps. Picture 3- 2 barrel mods.  There is a third mod, but I will go ahead and explain this first.  The top of the barrel is changed a little bit.  Note it.   The second barrel mod was actually made by makers of my AR-4 v3.  It required  me to remove the white connector from the front of the barrel.  This somehow increases the power to a staggering 45 feet with 1 rubberband, around 70 with 3 (doubled up), making this the most powerful bolt action gun ever posted. Picture 4- Bullet lock mod.  Sorry for the crappy picture, but it has too much shadow.  Anyways, where the new ram sticks out, you place the ball joint socket.  This also increases the power, and gives you the ability to point it down. With all the mods I made, you can load and fire the gun sideways.

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Why is my laptop not even finding the wi-fi signal? Answered

I took my lap top to a friends house for the day and when I returned, it wouldn't even find the signal.  I tried my desktop to be sure it wasn't the laptop, but the signal, and the desktop worked fine.  I even went and sat next to the router but the laptop still could not find the signal!  Anyone got any advice?

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Would it be possible to focus a laser beam to an even smaller point? Answered

I was thinking maybe fresnel lens+ high powered laser+ even more high powered laser!!

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posting comments will post to facebook even if box left unticked

When i post comments i leave the box called "post to facebook" unticked. yet it still will apear on my wall

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Do I even need a laptop cooler/cooling fan?

I was actually wondering if my laptop even needs a cooler/cooling fans at all? The max temp. that it goes to (I check with HWMonitor) is 49 - 51 degrees. I've heard new laptops going up to 80 degrees or more. So my laptop is still running 30 degress lower. Should i consider getting a laptop cooler at all? I read a review of the belkin laptop cooling stand and it seems very nice. But, I may not even need one at this temp. Or do I? Please shed some light, someone. 

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Download is still not working. Even with Mozilla, I get a 404?

I am still getting no downloads.  With Mozilla Firefox I get Error 404.  I am a member in good standing. What is up? Peter E. Hughes

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Do sights for high powered K'NEX guns even work? Answered

Alot of K'NEX guns use "sights" to improve accuracy. Thing is, they never work because the gun is usually weak and not accurate. are they mostly for decoration or do they have a purpose?

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where to get chemicals, or can I even get them..?

I wanted to make some glow stick material at home for a holiday party, but Alfa Aesar will not sell the chemicals to me or deliver to a residence.  my work sure isn't going to let me walk out the door with chemicals, even if I pay for them, but have them delivered to my work place.  Are the chemicals needed for this restricted by the feds or something?  Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

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Hey all, in case I dissappear until Tues evening.....

It will because I am having difficulties with my computer. It will not boot to SAFE MODE, and is acting very flakey when I boot to normal mode. I appears as though my "restore points" have all been wiped too, but I can't be sure as I can not access that either. Tues. evening, I will be back to work, so if there is anything to update on this situation, I will be able to post it then.

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Help someone or even just make them a bit happier

I was talking on the phone to my sister an hour or so ago and she told me about So I went and looked at it and it looks like a really good website. People post their wishes which can be needs or wants and then and then other people grant them. Some of the wishes aren't very big even, but can mean a lot to someone.Just thought I would share this with all of you. :)

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how can i make a good stopmotion? Answered

Ok im gonna try and make a stop motion with legos and other stuff but i have not done a stop motion before and dont have windows movie maker even though i should have it

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New Forum Topics Not Appearing (even after 5 days)

I posted a new forum topic in Burning Questions which did not appear. After a few days I figured that maybe I had posted in the wrong section so I reposted in Science, Tech, and Wanted. Non of which are appearing. I deleted the post under Burning Questions, but the rest are not appearing. Any thoughts?

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Paint laminate cabinets? Is this even possible? Maybe reface them?

I have almond colored with faux oak trim laminate cabinets in kitchen and baths.  Would like to update as I plan on selling fairly soon and don't want to invest a lot of $$.  My condo was build in the mid-80-'s and the cabinets look very dated.  I'm not very handy with tools but can manage the simple ones.  Thanks for any advice. Kahy

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how do i even out my dual gearbox? Answered

I have a tamiya dual gearbox hooked up to a tamiya tank base. i found the one side's track goes faster that the other.. how can i fix that? i tried reversing polarity but the same side goes faster... i have the motors hooked up in series.. thanks!

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Should i remake my p90 and make it even better?

Well i was thinking about remaking my p90. i tried it before, and that version took a turn for the worst. if i remake it, it will have as much detail as the real one, and also have some attachments. also if you guys have any ideas to help me with it, just tell me, or you could make a part of the gun if i get stuck making it and i will add you as a collaborator on the instructable. if i get alot of people who want me to remake it, i will. (the picture below is the p90 im thinking of making, a rail would be better for attachments instead of having a red dot or iron sights only)

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Is this idea for a skateboard kite attachment practical or even a good idea? Answered

I was looking at some of the kite Ible's and had this random idea pop into my head about a way to attach a sail to a longboard to reduce arm fatigue and put more of the force directly on the board. I really don't know much about the physics or anything involved, but i would like to try this.  the image is a two minute MS paint picture to get my point across. shown is a two-tether design, but i assume this could easily be done with a multiple tether set up, and that might be better. Just throwing this out for ideas/comments/criticism.

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The Land Where Death is Illegal (Update: even for my Dad!)

There are weird laws, and then there are Norwegian laws!The government of Norway's Svalbard Islands have made it illegal to die there. If you are close to death - through age or illness - they ship you off to the mainland.If you die quickly, through accident or sudden illness, they refuse to bury you.The town's small graveyard stopped accepting newcomers 70 years ago, after it was discovered that the bodies were failing to decompose.But although there is no old people's home, there is a kindergarten.In winter - when the darkness lasts for months on end - the children make images of the sun with yellow paint and tissue paper and stick them to the windows. Trips outside the kindergarten's walls carry a more immediate danger for the children and, for this reason, the teacher carries a gun.Longyearbyen is in the land of the polar bear, an animal which causes real dread among its residents.Every student at the university spends their first day learning how to shoot bears. Aim toward the chest, runs the advice, rather than the head which is easy to miss.If you are unarmed when you encounter a bear, toss your mittens on the snow in the hope of distracting it.Full BBC StorySvalbard Tourist Information.EDITI just found out - this is where my Dad is going on holiday in a few days, specifically to go see the polar bears.Check out the webcams on the Svalbard Tourist Information site - Ee, it's grim up North! (UK-specific joke)

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Why is ibles going downhill i can stay loged on even for 5mins and cant post on orange borads or even join a group!

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Can anyone send me a patch, even though I'm not a PRO?

I'm not a PRO,can anyone send me a PATCH? I'm 'sk8er man', if that helps.

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Dragon Armor, so strong, even grenades wont go through it

Really, this stuff is crazy. I wonder why we dont hear more about it.

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Why can't access the internet even though i'm connected to the wifi?

My netbook's model is SAMSUNG N148 Plus. comment for additional details because i don't know what details to give you

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my computer shutting down even when it has a full charge.

My computer keeps shutting down without any warning. Usually, the icon with battery @14% low. Then 11% and so on, but lately it just powers off. What could be the cause?

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Why do 'shortcuts' not appear even though I've highlighted them? Answered

When I go into shortcuts and highlight all my preferences they do not appear between 'You' and 'Logout' like the instructions says, what am I doing wrong?  Yes I am saving them.

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Can a net gun be made using CO2 cartridges or even blanks?

The instructable for a net gun is a good one, and I was wondering if a more compact propulsion system would be practical for the home builder.  It seems that commercial net guns use CO2 or maybe blanks as they clearly do not require pumping up.

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