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easiest ever

Um, hello? calvinball from calvin and hobbes? just need some flags, those metal hoops from a croquet set, a volleyball, and black masks. only rule is you can't do the same thing twice, and rules are made up as you go along.

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Ever been bullied?

So I'm in high school and I'm fresh. And I am being bullied by kids. And I wonder have this happen to you before? And how did you handle it?

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To my dear friends

You know who you are. What? You don"t? Well, assume I'm talking to you. Happy New Year. May it bring you all the pain, joy, dread, happiness, fear, and courage that make life worth waking up for. Should bald acquiescent be for not and never bought a mime........

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The best and the worst instructables ever!

As we know, the Wall-E Robot is the best ever instructable, because it has a rating of 4.62, and no instructable has a higher rating than the Wall-E Robot's instructable! And who wants to know the worst ever instructable? The worst ever instructable is Ghetto Hacks! Right now, It has a rating of 0.83, who wants to rate the instructable? Are you going to rate it as the "best ever" or "worthless"?If you want to know more worst ever instructables, visit this group, Worst. Instructables. Ever.

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has anyone hacked the crank ez pump and made one of their own.????

i would like to know if some one has hacked the crank ez pump advertised on the net, or made one of their own that pumps as good as this one.????

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Worst christmas ever

Hi everybody, Plasmana here...I have been been inactive lately because I have a lot of stuff do, and now, I have to say this is going to be the worst christmas I have ever experienced...Because,My granddad passed away...So, I am very sad at the moment..And there has been a lot of bad things happing to UK at the moment, some stores are shutting down, causing many people losing their jobs, and there has been severe flooding in some parts of the UK...Because a lot of bad things happened, I may be inactive from instructables for a long time, but I will still be able to post some comments....

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??? Worst Invention Ever ???

What do you think is the WORST invention ever this goes with my best invention ever Well???...

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the first instructable... ever

This is the first instructable ever. you might be surprised that this only has 1000 or so views, but it never caught oncongrats arwen you have the first instructable ever!

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Ever came across this?


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??? Best Invention Ever ???

Well people what do you think is the best invention ever well.... invented i personally think it is sliced bread cause you cant eat an entire loaf

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The Best Advertisment EVER

I was sincerely moved to buy their products. Image (couldnt upload for some reason :/)

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The Worst thing ever!

This is horrible! everyone is going to vote for their own! That is a big problem!. (I know the pic is random)

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Geekiest Advert Ever?

This has got to be one of the all-time geekiest adverts - all this fuss for a bit of lab kit.via Feedback

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Best Game Ever?

Does any one else think that Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is the best 360 game you've played in a while, possably ever. Gaz, Griggs... Noooo! (you have to have played the game to understand the Griggs thing. They force you to watch, you can't look away.)

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Worst Commercial Ever?

This commercial has been out for a while now, but I don't see why Burger King would be showing it, because it just makes them look really bad in front of millions of people... ...why would they even come up with such an idea in the first place...?  

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Best ible ever!

Ok so I just made and ible and this happenedXD, I know its just a small GUI glitch but I think its funny. I actually made an ible that was unviewed yet favorited by one person but not by me (note my favorite button). The problem was soon solved but I still think its funny:P Cheers! KnutKnackebröd

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Ever seen an 11x11

Now we've all seen the photo shopped pictures of 11x11s but have you seen a REAL one? This one is real, bought off of ebay, from a guy who got his hands on one while the company from Hong Kong (YU XIN) was still illegaly manufacturing the cube based on the illegaly obtained plans from V-cube. This is one of very few. Keep your eyes peeled.

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Will the Waves ever Die?

Think about it, the age is the Digital Dawn of the day, anologue Television is already being planned to me completely removed from the air waves in 2009 to make way for the "supposedly" DIGITAL SUPURIOUR HD crap. I don't watch that much TV to begin with so it doesn't bother me. But what about FM radio, is that ever going to die? Chances are probably not for a few years, seeing how the AM spectrum is still kicking around. How long can our traditional ways last? I'd be fairly sad to see FM leave the game. Really, we've had radio since the dawn of the technical age, from the 40's through the 80's (remember the days?). I just wanna see what anyone else has to say.

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Ever been hit?

By a car? Besides when I've managed to run over myself, all of the times that I've been hit have been at intersections, obeying the lights. I got hit by a 50cc scooter once, too. That was less painful than hilarious. I think I got hurt less than the gal on the scooter. I had to help her pick it up and get it started again...I cross busy 4-lane streets in the middle of the block, rather than the light, for precisely that reason. Every time I've tried crossing Federal at the light, I've been hit or nearly hit by some cholo in a junker of a lowrider. Crossing the same street in the middle of the block, I've only had once close call, and that was my English teacher trying to be funny and just buzzing me.One of my friends got laid out in the crosswalk by someone who jumped the light a few miles from our school. She was in a bad way for a while, with multiple compound fractures.How about you? Ever been hit? How do you handle traffic and crossing?

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Worst prank EVER

So I broke a wheel off my lawnmower, no big deal, just weld it back on. How was I supposed to know that a wooden stump would break it? Anyways, since i have a shitty flux core mig welder from Harbor Freight, I decided I'd ask a friend to use their gas mig to fix it. I bring the lawn mower over, bring the welder outside, clamp the wheel bracket back on, and start the weld. All of a sudden, there's a huge ball of fire all over my mask. I immediately stop welding, and jump backwards.. yelling out, while he sits there on the ground laughing. He switched the argon with acetylene, at 10psi. Not cool. It was hilarious, but not cool.

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Funniest Pranks You Ever Pulled!!

  I want to hear the funniest jokes you've ever done! Here's one from me: once, when I was 5, I loved to pulled pranks and once I was going to put a whoopiecushion on someone in the theater. I put it on a random chair. (no offense) A obiece guy sat on it and it popped and he said "ahh! my butt" So post some funny stuff!

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What (do you think) is The Best Rock Song Ever

I Know that this has nothing to do with making, but, I was wondering what everyone in the 'ibles community thought. Please state the name of the song, and than the name of the group/artist beneath it Ex. Don't Trust Me 3OH!3 BTW, I think it is Let It Rock Kevin Rudolph Long days, and pleasant nights, Aztof Du'Reth

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I don't know why it hasn't been done before...

Just had to make a group for the terrible instructables. If you've ever felt the urge to point out a lame instructable, here's the place to do it. Feel free to post nominations in here. Of course, it's hard to follow the "be nice" policy with something like this. Really, though, if the instructable was that bad, the instructor usually didn't actually care to do it well. If they did try, and it just turned out bad, then they can still be added. Including a few tips on their page to encourage improvement wouldn't be a bad thing to do. Mostly, though, this is for those really terrible instructables that really should be deleted. Something like "Make light from matches. Instructions: Go to a dark room and light some matches." Have at it.

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Once in a lifetime, people!

Ok, so maybe this isn't a burning question, but I had to post it, because I knew nothing like this would ever happen again. Ever. Check out the pic. Posts: 1111 Replies: 12534 (Re-arrange that. It goes 12345.) Now this moment will be forever remembered. Unless someone flags it :D But I know no one would do that. Please don't do that!

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Professor Splash Pool Dive

Watch and prepare your self...

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I made a one piece knex gun. Pick up ANY knex peice, and throw it!!!!!! Lol this was just meant to be a joke.

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First Bike

What was your first motor bike you learned to ride on, do you think it is a good idea to introduce your children to motor vehicles at a younger age. My first bike was a 1980's Honda z50, i first learned to ride when I was 5 or 6

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Eric's Big Idea!

Ads and such usually appear off to the side of forum pages, and instructables, most are scams (haha), but occasionally they are something worth checking into.Below is the ad I saw on the side of a forum topic, and decided to follow it.I got the address for Big Think, which is, from what I gathered, a plethora of ideas for many different things to better the nation.Below is Eric Wilhelm talking about Instructable's impact on education.LINKBTW, there is a typo on the second link..:D

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Challenge: Best Bookmark Ever!

 Bookworms often have a lot of use for this nifty device, now lets take it to it's the next evolution!  Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a new era we are about to unfold... I challenge someone to come up with the best possible bookmark that is: A. Possible B. Useful C. Won't ruin book/ Still is a bookmark No need for an instructable (although would be epic), I just challenge you to come up with a design and explain your design thoroughly and how normal everyday bookworms might make this device. Ideas: Highlighter Pen Pencil Paragraph indicator (where you are on page) Non-tearable Not heavy A way to make it STAY on page ...  

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Greatest K'nex Gun Ever?

Almost. Here is a prototype turreted NAR.  Discuss.

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wats the best instructable ever? Answered

I love instructables and want to know what you guys think is the best instructable

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The WORST Car Wash Ever!

The best comment: "I want my money back"...

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Coolest Business Card EVER!

This must be the best business card ever - if you work for Lego, they put together a minifig that matches your appearance as closely as possible, and then print your name and contact details on it.I am insanely jealous!Link

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this has to be the funniest thing ever

This is Chris rock and he is wicked funny. I can remove this as it has one swear.

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the best paper gun ever

It is the best paper guns that you see in your life so awesome paper guns.

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The Best Knex Gun Ever Answered

I would like to know which knex gun on this website is the best. I am looking for power, accuricy, and look? Could someone please tell me which one it is? If you can, could you also give the link to the gun?

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Best Youtube Ad Ever

Wario's new game is coming out on the Wii and here's the Youtube video for it. Even if you don't now or care about Wario, check it out. Wario on youtube

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Best commercial series ever?

I absolutely love the Jack Links Beef Jerky Sasquatch commercials. They are really funny, this one is one of my favorites! Tell me what your favorite commercial is!

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What ever happened to NOT LIABLE?

Remember the old site that had a "cover page"? Before all of this flash stuff, there was a "Not Liable" section for supposedly dangerous Instructables. What ever happened to it? The majority of Instructables that I like would go in this category, and now it's a hassle to find them. I think the staff should bring back the Not Liable section, and automatically put a disclaimer at the beginning of any Instructable entered in the category.

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The Geekiest Status Ring Ever

Wow. This ring measures how many hits you get when you Google your name. It resets the number when you dock it.So geeky, so vain. link

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Longest comment chain ever!

I have notice that the instructable chat room has a very long comment chain. Most of the comments in the chain is mostly "O, RLY" and "YA RLY".Is this the longest comment chain ever on Instructables? Or are there other comment chains that are longer than this instructable chat room's comment chain?And guess who started this massive comment chain... The famous gmjhowe!Click here to go to the instructable chat room...

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What was the first ever Instructable?? Answered

What was the first: Instructable? Collection? Forum topic? Question? Group? Comment? User profile? Contest? Challenge? When was the first: Instructables T-Shirt made? Limited edition gear used as a prize? (e.g. Victorinox knife with Instructables engraved on it) Comment made? Time this idea was brought up and how long did it take before the site was a reality?

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What ever happened to the book?

Last I knew they used to have a book you could buy, you gave them a list of projects and they put it in the book for you and after buying the book, they would send it to you in color so that you could work on the projects. I've been in need of that book for some time, it's sorida a life and death matter. But not for a few years at least. So is the book still around to buy and could I buy it?

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Coolest Steampunk goggles ever!

Well, on my daily internet crawl i came across these.the 'The Titanium Photochromatic Variable-Aperture Spectacles.' are top of the range handcrafted items!They even have 'iris's' that 'I also added Iris diopters inside the housing. These serve two purposes. First they look really cool. Second, they actually do improve the sharpness of vision at long distances at their smallest aperture. They do this by increasing the depth of field by limiting the aperture similar to a camera lens.'Don't you just love them?Check it out hereThe Titanium Photochromatic Variable-Aperture Spectacles.

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Will Instructables ever reopen their store?

Has anybody heard whether Instructables is ever planning to reopen their store? Or alternative sources for Instructables gear?When I first joined, they had a store with some cool stuff in it. I'd LOVE to have an official Instructables t-shirt or other swag. Similarly, does anybody know of a 3rd party vendor for Instructables shirts/etc? (For example, there are a few vendors who sell on TeeSpring and eBay who have produced their own AvE t-shirts.) Failing any official or current source, I may just have to make my own. I will definitely publicize it if I do end up doing so.Instructables: Do you have any plans to bring back the store? If not, please consider this as an official request from a huge fan who wishes to support you (and wear your support on his sleeve!) Please, and thank you!(I know that Instructables employees occasionally browse these topics, so I'm hoping for the best here.)

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Has this ever happened to you??

I just got a new mobo for my computer and whatnot, so I was reinstalling xp on my 80 gig maxtor. It's all fine, get sp2 installed, all the updates, then I go to restart it for the last updates and it wouldn't boot, it got to the xp is loading screen and then the hd would make a loud clicking sound every 30 seconds, that seemed to click at the same time the hd light flashed, so I know it was the hd. I took it out, and it was HOT, and I was kinda freaking out. I let it sit for a couple hours to cool down, and it works fine, as of now, I'm sitting here looking at the screen. Does maxtor have some kind of heat protection so it prevents the computer from accessing the hd if it's too hot (and causing something to break or warp)??

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Ever saved a guys life??

Well have you? I did write a big long thing about the four times I have, but me computer crashed so I can't be arsed to type it out again. Anyway the other day at work, I'm a bin man(garbage man)by the way, me and another crewmen were working on the back of the dust cart when my bin came back down so I turned to put it back on the curb, as I did my mate still had his back to the traffic, I saw a big nasty van screeching towards us, so I grabbed him by his neck/face and dived on the grass verge, narrowly missing getting squashed to death by two pieces of machinery, which smashed together quite horrifically. Theirs no doubt that if I was stood were I was I wouldn't be typing this now. Anyone else had something like this? I had a load of pyro stories but as I said I can't be arsed to type um out again.

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