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Ewilhelm I have a question for you!

Ewilhelm what is YOUR favorite instructable ever personally i really want to know (your awsome by the way)

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I'm so confused

How many erics are running around here? I count three: This guy: guy:, of course, plain 'ol EricWho is real and who is not? Are these accounts all Eric? Or are the others fake?

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I've beaten Eric!

I'll let the statistics speak for themselves...

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Caption Contest: What's Eric so happy about? UPDATED

Eric is so happy, but why? We want to know and only your caption can help us figure it out!The best caption will be picked this evening and the author will win a sweet tape measure from DIY Network who is hosting a Cool Tools Holiday Blitz that runs from tomorrow (11/27) to Sunday (11/30).Limit of 3 entries per person.UPDATE: We now how a Caption Contest Patch. See it here.UPDATE 2: We have a winner! "Eric just heard that the new Instructables hoodies will come with extra long sleeves!"by zieakOh, and be sure to check the forums on Friday for another caption contest.

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Eric...? Tomfoolery!

 So, someone selected my answer as the best answet to a question, and I looked at the email. "From the Instructables Robot" normal enough. I clikced on the email, and glanced over it, but at the bottom, it said "-Eric". This can mean one thing, Eric named the instructables Robot after him! But, why? Have a look for yourself:

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New button!

We need a new button on instructables pages...a printer friendly button! Like you see on other sites, you would click it and it would give you a nice, cleaned up, ads and image free, printer friendly version of the 'ible.What do you think?EDIT:aHA! I found it! But Canida is right, it dosen't turn out perfect. And, IMO, it needs to be way more prominent. It was like where's Waldo or something!:D

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We Need an 'Ibles Currency.

Most large bands of people have their own currency; E.G.: Countries "unions" of nations Disneyland pirates (maybe) ect. as a large band of internationally based do-ers, we need a currency to tie us together... this could be sold as instructables merchandise, used as a prize, or even used for inter-instructables transactions... I've been playing with Galvanic etchng, and this would only take two plates for each side. anyway, WHAT DO YOU THINK?

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Eric Wilhelm and Christy Canida on Popular Mechanics

Check out Christy Canida & Eric Wilhelm on Popular Mechanics website for the article: 25 Makers Who Are Reinventing the American Dream   "More than the work he did at MIT while earning a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, it was his passion for kite surfing that led Wilhelm to create Instructables. Launched in 2005 with his wife, Christy, and colleagues at the design firm Squid Labs, the DIY website quickly became a forum for step-by-step instructions—the kind Wilhelm had been distributing to fans of his handmade boards and sails. The site, which was bought by Autodesk in 2011, now features more than 100,000 user-generated projects in fields from cooking to woodworking to electronics." Check out the video interview with them on Popular Mechanics. Also, Totusmel gets a shout out!

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yay for eric

Picture does explain

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LA-based KROQ's Kevin and Bean interview Eric about Instructables

Kevin and Bean from LA's KROQ interviewed me about Instructables this past Tuesday on their morning show. Check out the interview here.The part of the interview that really made me laugh: "We usually don't recommend sites without boobies, but we really like Instructables!"More news articles about Instructables here.

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Random Instructable Button

Does anyone think that there should be a button that pulls up a random instructable? I mean, I want to make something, but I dont know what. ewilhelm might awnser?

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Is there a way to know if you are somewhat famous in instructables? Answered

More importantly, (Jk, Jk,) Am I resonably famous? Some people to name, NachoMama, Adrian Monk, Kiteman, ewilhelm, (I know, he's CEO but still,) Kipkay, and many others.

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Competition: Put-ewilhelms-head-on-a-book/cd/dvd/video-etc-cover-competition

This is my competition to put ewilhelms head on a media cover. See the example below. Entries must all be in by the 28th Feb, and voting finishes on 30th April. The winner will get a mention and all of their instructables, forum topics and groups will receive a 5 star rating as a prize. This is my entry. Post your entries in the comments!

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Instructables stickers

We have stickers!

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Hey, everybody, it's lizzie!

No, not THAT Lizzie...Eric and Christy's cousin!Greet her!Let's see how many people can greet Lizzie. Seeing as how she's family of staff, I think it would be cool for the community to welcome her.

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Instructables employees? Answered

Besides ewilhelm, Who are the employees of Instructables?

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Science Fair result are up!

Here are the results!

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Instructables Town Hall meeting!

Hey everyone! There will be a Town Hall meeting in the chat room, Monday, at 3:00 PM, PST. As some of you know I'm now an intern here at instructables. On Monday I will be answering any questions anyone has. I'll have the attention of Eric and Christy. So, if you have any questions, requests, or anything else, this is your opportunity! No one will be turned away. See you all there! Drinkmorecoffee

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Instructables goes Trapezing! (Updated with Videos!)

On the 16th of October, team instructables decided to head over to Trapeze Arts for a day of fun and adventure! As a reward for our one millionth registered user, I was given the option to choose how we got to celebrate the occasion.  After researching for a little while, a friend mentioned that she'd recently gone to a one day trapeze class.  I looked into it, and it seemed like a fun idea.  Several people brought cameras and a bunch of videos were taken. You can see photo's of the event below, sadly the video's haven't been cut together yet.  Hopefully I'll be able to add that soon! ----- Well, I finally managed to get the videos all put together, I hope you enjoy! You can find them on our youtube channel. However, I'll just embed them here for ease of browsing! I figured it'd be nice to show off one complete run by everyone. Sadly we didn't get video of everyone getting caught, so I had to make do with what I had. Now a video of everyone's practice runs. We had to just practice swinging and getting our legs up and over the bar, then jumping back into the net. The guy who does the double flip out of the net at the end of the video is the instructor who's catching us in the following video. Then we all got a chance to get caught. this is another mashed up video of all of us on our runs to get caught by one of the instructors. Finally, after we finished the trapezing, we went to the equipment room to have some more fun. There were trampolines, tight rope (that was a couple feet of the ground), plate spinning, super yo-yo's, and a whole ton more. Again, we were all having fun, so video didn't get taken of everything, but I think this mash-up kind of shows off some of what we got to do. ...And that was our trip to Trapeze Arts! Everyone who worked there was great, and we had a blast! Thanks!

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Want to try out the Instructables superbeta?

We've got some awesome new features including forums, private messaging, and comment tracking that we need help testing out today. Send me an email (ewilhelm instructables) if you're interested in breaking the new site!

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Valentine's Day is almost here!

I hope everyone is busily finishing their projects!

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New Instructables Robot Patches

Check out the new Instructables Robot patches!

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Marshmellow Shooters!

Marshmellow. xkcd. 'nuff said.Seriously though, I wonder if he means ewilhelm's shooter?

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Comments not working -- we're working on it

It's affecting me too!  We're trying to get it fixed.

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Human flip book

Check out this human flip book, and how they made it:

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Chandelier Made from Lightbulbs

Chandeliers made form lightbulbs!link via ivan.veretelnyk.

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Nice Job Instructables

Nice job ewilhelm This websites doing great i Can't wait till the next update!

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R2D2 is at Instructables HQ Right Now!

R2D2 just arrived for tonight's Make SF event!

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Tall bikes in NYC and Boston

Here are a couple of tall bikes I spotted while traveling in NYC and Boston.

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Introducing Slideshows and Videos!

Check out the latest new sections on Instructables! Introduction to Slideshows and Videos here on the blog.

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reply button on PM's

It's missing, I know. Getting fixed tonight. Sorry for the screw up!

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Mr. Woo Robotics

Mr. Woo builds robots from other's people's junk. Be sure to watch to the end to his rickshaw!

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Forbidden Lego

Projects developed by Lego designers that were deemed inappropriate for children. From here:

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Stats are fixed

We fixed the stats, and even gave them a little upgrade -- they now update more frequently. More fixes and new stuff coming soon.

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Flickr uploader

We have one now. It's in your upload page: Read more about it here on the blog.

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World's Strangest Vehicles

Let's build some of these!

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Instructables mentioned in Jane Mag

The June-July issue of Jane Mag mentions Instructables as "DIY mecca." Check out the page from the magazine here.

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Instructables and Squid Labs have moved!

We ran out of space and moved!Full details here:

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Valleyschwag Hoedown

Some of the Instructables team will be at the Valleyschwag Hoedown tonight in San Francisco. If you're there, be sure to introduce yourself. I'll be easy to recognize -- look for the guy in a green tie.

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Are scrapbookers the furries of the crafting world?

I heard someone say today that "scrapbookers are the furries of the crafting world." What do you think?

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Instructables Robot Christmas Ornament

Check out this awesome robot ornament we've been giving away as Christmas/New Year/Holiday presents!

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What's Hot on Instructables Today?

See which Instructables are getting the most pageviews today:

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I just answered this question in a personal message, but it's only fair to make the information public: We will be having a Halloween contest this year. Full details will be announced in a few weeks.

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Make Interviews turkey-tek and canida

Instructables members turkey tek and canida were interviewed on the Make blog here and here about their Thanksgiving exploits.

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Giant ship rolls on by the tower

It's just another day working at Instructables/Squid Labs when a giant wooden ship rolls past the control tower.

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Homeschool Instructables

Can any homeschoolers out there suggest their favorite Instructables? We're putting together guides for "Homeschool Activities" and "Homeschool Science". Thanks!

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Lockheed Hybrid Blimp

Looks like it gets some lift from forward motion, some from propellers, and some from buoyancy.

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Website update

We made a few changes and updates to the website yesterday, the most notable being adding a Solr search server. More information is over here in the forums.

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Help, I'm stuck in a 3D printer factory!

Check out some pictures from the Spark 3D printer factory!

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