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Pro Expiration

Do I lose my ability to view all steps on one page if I signed up before Pro when my Pro membership expires? Because I had the ability to do that before I had Pro.

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pro membership expired

My account says that I no longer have a pro membership however my bank shows I paid $11.98 on October 8, 2012.  I did allow my account to lapse months ago and resigned up after having my computer repaired.  My computers motherboard fried and I was without a computer for a few months  which is why I no longer needed pro.  Can you please look into this matter for me? Thank you, Alison Burgess

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Security Certificate Expired

Has your security certificate expired? I am using Internet explorer 8 on Windows 7 32bit. Here are some pictures, because I suck at explaining things. Screenshots are of where the webpage should go, and the address bar edit: more pics

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Expiration date of meds?

Finding a beautiful small oak cabinet, with beveled windows, full with a first aid box, some more first aid stuff, and several antibiotics etc. The first aid stuff is fine! The band aids still stick, etc. The antibiotics, and the fungicide expired during the millennium scare.... But then, people store meds in very different circumstances. The warnings are of course based on legal possibilities, like storage in a leaking cabinet on the south section of the mobile home in South Florida of a hyper allergenic patient..., generally not met in most circumstances! Of course many folks will say: DON'T USE IT!! VERY DANGEROUS, ETC.... But I'm sceptical...  Of course big pharma would love me to take it to hazardous waste tomorrow. OK, I don't need these meds.  But suppose someone very poor, like many of my friends in 3rd world countries, got a bad cut, etc. Over there, you have to pay upfront to see a doc, and pay again to get (very common) antibiotics. They phone me. My question: generally speaking, what is the value of expired meds... Would there be a danger, would significant toxic by products be generated, or is the issue mostly a gradual breakdown of the active compound... Which would mean, double dose... Almost everyone has unused meds in their cabinet. This question is very important and the proper answers could result in saving many lives!

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Is there a pro membership expiration? Answered

I just received a 3 month and a one year pro membership for my featured Instructable (Soft Chocolate Chip With Walnut Cookie). Do these pro memberships ever expire if you don't activate/use them?

Question by fluffylicious    |  last reply

Pro memberships not expiring

Greetings ibles! So I've got a current pro membership that should be expired, and was about to redeem a new code - but it is still showing my expired membership as my current, my upcoming as still upcoming (even though it should be active by now) - and an unredeemed as it should.  See attached.  The existing membership expired at June 8, 2012...and it's August 2012 (in case anyone is reading this from the future). Am I okay with it being indefinite pro...sure...but dues where they're due, I like the motivation to crank out new projects! -Jamie (Frollard) PS: in case it is at all browser/OS specific: Firefox 5.0.1 portable on Win XP pro SP3 in the 'pro membership' tab.

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Why is there no expiration date on toothpaste? Answered

I just brushed my teeth and was thinking if tooth paste could rot, but when I looked at the tube, there was no expiration date on it. Why ?

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Pro Membership Code Expiration

When you receive a pro membership code for being featured on the homepage or winning a contest, does the code ever expire? I have a couple from about a year ago that I wanted to pass on to others, but I'd hate to give them something that doesn't work.  Is there an expiration period, or should the code work forever? Thanks!

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Cheap phone cards with no expiration?

Whats the best (and by best I mean cheapest) calling card I can get that doesn't have an expiration. I only need 30 or so minutes. I want to be able to call international (middle east) from my cell phone (T-mobile prepaid) without being charged ridiculous amounts. I want something that i can leave in my wallet for a year and not have to worry about it being expired when I need it. The picture is totally unrelated, its a windmill

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Pro Membership expired but still shows up and I can't renew

My Pro Membership has expired but still shows up in my profile. I need to renew but can't find a way to renew.

Topic by eboatman  

Bought 3 month Pro, expired 11 days later?

Hello, I purchased a 3 month pro membership for $8.85 on September 14 and got my e-mail receipt the same day. Today I received an e-mail saying that my Pro has expired (not expiring like previous e-mails from when I had Pro before) and when I come to the website I am indeed a normal user. It has to be a bug (since I don't think there has ever been a way to buy less than a month at a time, even if I had done that by mistake) but I need to know what to do to fix it. Thanks!

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this copy of windows must be activated with Microsoft before you can logon. Do you want to activate windows now "

Hi all! Currently your computer using Windows 2K3 64bit but present it to the logon error message this copy of windows must be activated with Microsoft before you can logon. Do you want to activate windows now " Activate your click report it is activated then log off out. Now you can not logon to be more, so ask yourself how can overcome this error is not? TKS! sorry for poor English

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How to use --expired yogurt-- ~3 months past the sell-by date? (besides eating it)

I have a quart of expired lowfat organic yogurt-- that expired in January (about 3 months ago) I do NOT want to eat it. I am not much for using facial masks, which seems to be the most common answer. And I don't have a need for the Reader's Digest suggestions I found online for moss paint and finger paint. What secrets for non-eating uses for yogurt do you have?

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Does A Time'd Membership Expire if not used?

I Have recently been Gifted a 3-month Pro Membership. If i do not activate it, will it ever expire??? Please Reply Back

Topic by DELETED_JakeMan314    |  last reply

Pro memberships not expiring with no way to renew

My Pro memberships expired and there is no way to renew. This is what the Pro memberships page shows: Thanks for going Pro and supporting Instructables! Membership Details Length 2 Year Pro Membership  ($39.95) Started on Jun 22, 2010 Ends on Jun 21, 2012 Auto-renewal Turned Off

Topic by eboatman    |  last reply

Patches after pro membership expires? Answered

If I still have, say, 6 patches left when my pro membership expires, will I still be able to send them? If I don't renew it for another month will they still be there? Can I give them to someone else to send?

Question by kcls    |  last reply

Untimely subscription expired e-mail

  I've just received an e-mail informing me my (paid for) pro membership has expired and my account has reverted to the regular level, despite having two 3-month free extensions pending.  It looks like the free subscription has kicked in as my account hasn't reverted, but the e-mail is misleading. (I believe I'm owed a year's prize membership, but I'll follow that up privately.)

Topic by AndyGadget    |  last reply

[FIXED] Bought new 2-Year-Pro yesterday, Today it tells me: Expired --> Basic

I renewed / bought a new 2-year pro memebership yesterday. I did that over the official channels with PayPal. All went good and i have the receipt. However, today i get a eMail, that my pro membership is expired. Hm... May be the OLD pro. But it is weird the system doesnt see that i bought a seamless extension of my pro. Checkin on the page here, it doesnt see my pro-status and deals me like a basic member. To whom can i send the PayPal-recepit to get my pro activated again?? Troy? Yours. Orngrimm

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What is the difference between expired and new film? Answered

I am looking to buy film for my new Polaroid cheaply and have found expired film to be much less costly. However, is it risky taking photos with expired film? Will they come out differently or not even develop at all? Does the date it expired matter?

Question by likls    |  last reply

Same Deal: New Pro Membership Expiring

I'm pretty sure that I'm good until April of 2013, but I got two emails stating that my pro membership is expiring.  I passed the first one off as a bug but now I'm a little concerned.  Are the ones I receive as gifts, sitting in my pro membership tab, have an expiration date?   Thank you. Zurichko

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Pro Membership expired but still shows up

For some reason my three monthe pro membership which was supposed to end on July 19th is still in my current memberships section and I feel guilty about letting this happen!  I have plenty of other memberships but this three monthe has lasted more than 4 months!  Please help me!

Topic by DoctorDv    |  last reply

The Mad Scientists' Weekly Contests- Cardboard (expired)

Have a really good Instructable about cardboard? Want to win a spot in "The Mad Scientists' Weekly Contests- Cardboard" Collection? You can submit your entry by commenting below and providing a link to your Instructable. The Mad Scientists will judge this contest and the winners will be announced shortly and will be included in the "The Mad Scientists' Weekly Contests- Cardboard" Collection. All submitted Instructables must be cardboard themed. Users are limited to one Instructable per contest. They can be both new Instructables and existing ones. Good luck!

Topic by The Mad Scientists    |  last reply

Can An Instructables 3 Month Pro Membership Expire? Answered

Can An Instructables 3 Month Pro Membership Expire? Thanks :)

Question by Yonatan24    |  last reply

What can I do with expired circular crackers? Answered

I recently found a box of Ritz biscuits (crackers for those of you who don't know them) but they expired last year. The box contains 24 rolls containing about 15 crackers each, what can I do with them?

Question by SirNoodlehe    |  last reply

Pro membership expiration date is the same of the creation date

Hi, I just created my Pro membership account and paid it for 2 years on 8th this month, I received an mail telling me that my account will expire: {{{ Hello We've noticed your Instructables Pro membership is about to expire!  To extend your Pro membership, log in and go to: Thanks for being part of our community! Instructables Team @ Autodesk | }}} I saw on the setting that : Membership Details Length 2 Year Pro Membership  ($39.99) Started on Sep 8, 2014 Ends on Sep 8, 2014 Auto-renewal Turned Off Purchaser Name   How can I solve this? Thanks

Topic by rodrigomerces  

How do freezing food/expiration dates work?

There's a supermarket right next to my apartment, so I usually go there once a week to buy groceries for the next 7 days or so. I notice that a lot of food has an expiration date that is not far off, so it feels like I have to hurry and eat all of my meat and fruits in vegetables and then if I'm trying to stretch food for another week, all I have left is rice and some odds and ends. I don't know much about freezing/thawing and what you can and can't freeze. My question is, how can I learn about the proper ways to freeze things to extend their usability and not have to buy food again every week. Any pointers

Topic by SheldonTrever    |  last reply

How can I see when my PRO membership expires?

Is there anyway to see the exact date and year your PRO membership will expire? Thanks!

Topic by J@50n    |  last reply

Newly redeemed one-year Pro membership about to expire?

Howdy, Could not find an answer anywhere -- I redeemed a one-year (prize) membership last Saturday, and the correct expiration date shows up in my profile on the Instructables website, but I just received a new message which tells me it's about to expire. Here's the slightly modified membership info from my profile: Length 1 Year Pro Membership  Started on May 26, 2012 Given by Instructables Robot (Gift code: ************) Ends on May 26, 2013 So, should I panic?  Thanks for any clues.

Topic by Ex Machina    |  last reply

When do Pro Memberships expire, if they are given for a featured 'able?

Hi,  I recently had a featured instructable. They gave me a one year, and a six month free Pro membership. In eight months, i am going to be putting together a workshop and working on *lots* of projects. My question is... When do these expire? I'd like to activate them, then, so I can reap the benefits whilst churning out many 'ables.

Topic by tundrawolf    |  last reply

My passport is expired, can i still get a driving permit?

I'm foreign, and my passport expired when i turned 16.... and my birth certificate is in Russian.. so can i use the expired passport or Russian birth certificate to obtain my permit? thanks help me and i'll reward you with over 9000 internets

Question by Sandisk1duo    |  last reply

Anybody got any idea what to do with the expired contact lenses solution?

I have many expired contact lenses solutions eating dusts in my room. what do you do with yours?

Question by ahburn    |  last reply

What are the benefits to Premium Membership? Also, do redeemable memberships expire?

I recently was rewarded 2 coupons for 3-months of free Premium Membership. What I want to know is what's exceptional about Premium, and if Premium coupons can expire.

Question by Ethan1023    |  last reply

renewal email

I inadvertently deleted my email advising that my pro membership was about to expire (2 days) and offering the option of a renewal. How do I renew without waiting for my membership to expire and starting over?

Topic by jkmet    |  last reply

Got email telling me Pro Membership will expire soon. You are NOT telling me how much it costs! ?

- BE UPFONT ON MEMBERSHIP COST!? - you just want my Credit Card number?

Question by Tampaguy    |  last reply

accepted my paypal payment but not giving me Pro Membership???

I made a payment via paypal to keep my pro membership from expiring. Instructables let it  expire anyway after processing the payment. I have sent TWO emails (one as a reply to the notice the account expired and one to the contact address on Paypal information) but have only gotten auto replies in return. HOW DO I GET HELP ???

Topic by eilismaura    |  last reply

removing printed ink from an id card

Hi my student id is a printed plastic photo id card as i am graduating this year it is about to expire is thee away to remove any of the information on the card like the an expiration date?

Topic by tawcnysc    |  last reply

Does 2x 3 month pro equal 6 month pro if I cash it in at once?

Hey, Sorry if the question is not clear. But I'm sitting on some 3 month pro memberships I earned. One I'm going to use in a mini contest I'll start soon but the other one I want to use for my own. My own pro membership will expire in september and I want to lengthen it. But if I use the code for myself now (01/08/10) will robot know that he has to count the 3 month extra from september (expiring end november) or will he see it as if my 3 months start now and forget about the two months I still have left (expiring end oktober)? Also how long do these coupons stay valid. I don't want them to expire. I'd rather give them both away so that someone can have pro membership :)

Topic by MichelMoermans  

Does 2x 3 month pro equal 6 month pro if I cash it in at once? Answered

Hey, Sorry if the question is not clear. But I'm sitting on some 3 month pro memberships I earned. One I'm going to use in a mini contest I'll start soon but the other one I want to use for my own. My own pro membership will expire in september and I want to lengthen it. But if I use the code for myself now (01/08/10)  will robot know that he has to count the 3 month extra from september (expiring end november) or will he see it as if my 3 months start now and forget about the two months I still have left (expiring end oktober)? Also how long do these coupons stay valid. I don't want them to expire. I'd rather give them both away so that someone can have pro membership :)

Question by MichelMoermans    |  last reply

Renewed pro on May 21, now I have an email saying it's about to expire

My pro membership  expired on may 21. I had a free 3 month pro membership pending from a featured  project which kicked in automatically, extending my pro until August. But today I got another email saying that my pro membership is about to expire, and it's going to roll over  to another pending pro membership. This would only give me 10 days of use from the  3 month membership.. This is my current membership: Length 3 Month Pro Membership  Started on May 21, 2012 Given by Instructables Robot (Gift code: science*****) Ends on Aug 22, 2012 This is the text of the email: Hi eclipsed, Your current Instructables Pro membership is about to expire.  It will automatically roll over to your gift membership "trace****".  You don't have to do anything.  This email is just to let you know. Thanks for being a part of the Instructables community, and for supporting DIY and Instructables! Cheers, Instructables Pro Robot

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I am supposed to have a pro membership. I received some emails regarding my pro membership expiring, now when I look at my own profile it says my pro membership doesnt expire for almost another year, but I'm still not marked pro.

Topic by garrettg84    |  last reply

Free Crap Alert: X-acto #11 Z-series Blades (Update: Expired)

Hey y'all. Just thought I'd spread some love and graces.   X-acto is giving away free samples of their new blade, the Z-series (size #11).  I needed some new blades, and figured a few other people might be running low as well.   Oh, and before you all start flagging as spam, I promise, I'm not.  I don't give a crap about x-acto.  I just like free sharp things. THIS DEAL HAS EXPIRED.

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I'll be old and gray before I'm able to use all the wonderful PRO Membership time I have in the bank. Paying it forward. Four 1 YEAR PRO Memberships up for grabs. Please allow those who do not currently have memberships to take advantage of this offer. Enjoy! Leave a comment, and if you are not currently subscribed, I'll send a link to you for a free trial membership. It will be your responsibility to use the code within a reasonable amount of time. It will be up to you to create an account and follow all of the terms of agreement with Instructables. I'll check back in a bit, and then send codes out to the lucky four! We hope to see Instructables from you, too. Would you do a favor for me? Check out my latest Instructable, please? :-) As of this posting, there are only two left, folks.

Topic by WUVIE    |  last reply

Just Renewed Last Month and Now I Have An Email Saying It's About To Expire

I renewed my Pro membership for a year last month and just received an email saying my membership is about to expire.  Under my account, it says my membership is good till April 2013.  Why am I getting this kind of email?

Topic by hartpete    |  last reply

What happens to "grandfathered" accounts?

I have a quick question! I apparently had something akin to a "grandfathered" account here on Instructables. So even though I wasn't a Pro member, I could view all steps, add to favorites, download pdf, etc etc. I was gifted a one year pro membership, which I activated, but now I have the concern that if the membership expires, I'll lose all the abilities I had before. Will my "extra" features be removed if/when my pro membership expires? I already tried asking the person who sent the pro account code, but it's been over two weeks and I haven't heard back. Thanks for any assistance!

Topic by Batness    |  last reply


Instructables won't let me post comments or reply. everytime i try to do so it tells me that session has expired even if i barely log in.

Topic by Wii_User    |  last reply

I can't stay logged in or write comments!

Okay, I've tried with IE, FF and Opera, but the same thing keeps happening to me. I can log in, but if I try to post a comment or read another Instructable, it claims my session has expired. If I log in again, it shows a 500 error. I've got it set to allow cookies from I'bles, so what's going on here? Raarrrrrr.... D:<

Topic by Der Schmetterlingsjäger    |  last reply

Wasnt Mt Dew Livewire Discontinued? Answered

Was at gas station and saw  LIvewire there. Expiration date was November 19th  12             wasnt Livewire Discontiued? if It was, Why Is It back?

Question by youngkennyblade    |  last reply

Pro membership and Instructable formatting

Does the formatting in an instructable, which I create as a Pro member disappear when my Pro membership expires?

Topic by petercd    |  last reply

Update Pro Membership Rewards

I just wanted to know if there is any new Pro membership rewards for 2015. Last I checked they all expired New Years Eve.

Topic by normal52    |  last reply