can someone explain this for me?

In the picture of the schematic there is + symbols and i dont know where to connect them, specifically the 10M ohm one, can you lend a hand?

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Article in the NewAScientist: Science in the media: Put up or shut up

Science in the media: Put up or shut up25 April 2009 by Kathy SykesMagazine issue 2705. Subscribe....For similar stories, visit the Comment and Analysis Topic GuideMOST scientists want to see more science and technology in the media, but we're making life hard for ourselves by forever criticizing each other's efforts or denouncing journalists and film-makers for not portraying science in ways we approve of. While healthy debate can improve science communication, I think we could all shut up a bit, and stop the more rabid criticism altogether. I include myself here....If you're still troubled by how others communicate, why not spend less time ranting and get out there and communicate in ways you do like? Blogging is easier than ever, for example. Or if you prefer a more hands-on approach, in the UK or Europe you could enter NESTA FameLab's "Talking Science" competition ( Alternatively, your nearest science centre, science festival or local media will welcome offers of help.ARTICLE Link: The NewScientist

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is there a website that explains robotics?

I need to know more about, well everything envolving the assimbally of a robot.

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Can you explain ?

Hi ! Why it say: "become ProMember to download PDF" ? So, I am ProMember: I have payed for it and now that! I don't understand what's the matter of ... Have you an answer for that? What can I do? Thanks to read me. You can answer me at my adress. Bye!

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Can Anyone Please Explain This To Me ? Answered

I saw this video of a guy who made a metal iron man suit with pop up pieces, he said there was no programming done. I don't know how to program and i am to busy to learn but i would like to know how he did it ? I know his armor isn't to good but i want to know how he did the shoulder pieces. It says he just used motors. Please explain or give me a video or photo tutorial. Please and thank you (:

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So THAT'S where they preview my images...

I'm not sure why this occured, would any one else know?

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Person to explain how my circuit works

This is my circuit, I need person to explain me how it works, simply. I'll pay

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Can someone explain logarithms?

Seeing all of the other math Instructables on here, I was surprised not see one on logarithms. I just want to learn beyond my mundane curriculum. Thanks.

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Explain Schrodinger's cat, simply.?

Explain, as simply as possible, please.

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Robot Antics - Please Explain

I just found these!!! What is Robot up to?Actually, they're sketches for our next contest icon. Any guesses what that means?

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Explain the comments achievement to me?

I am confused. Is the comments achievement for when I commented on other people's instructables a lot, or is it because other people commented a lot on my instructables? 

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Can somebody explain this to me?

Is this legitimate? I find it hard to believe they are giving a way things like Ipads and macbooks completely free. So what is up with this? What info do they need to give me this free stuff. Thanks.

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Please explain WATTS to me! Answered

 I know watts equal amps times volts. But why? What is the benefit? Hypothetically, I wanted charge a laptop with some batteries ( instead of with the charger cord). The charger cord says 65 watts or some such, but what does that tell me?  Is 65 watts the same as 13 volts at 5 amps? Or 13 amps with 5 volts? what voltage/amperage would I need to charge this laptop? Thanks!

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please explain my dream? Answered

I had a very strange dream: the sky was dark a giant scary tree came out from the ground with skulls hanging from it there was a green kid hanged from it i found a rope and pulled it, the sun came out and the rope the kid was hanging from turned to candy the skulls turned into flowers the kid turned to normal skin color and the kid started climbing the candy rope and droped down  in front of me and started dancing then i woke up

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some ones going to have to explain this

Hey so far from the understanding i have of furry is its people dressing up and doing each other in animal suits im not trying to affend anyone  just curiosity pushed me to ask and here it from ...a group of furry's im positive theres more to it ;p please get bck to me and excuse my spelling much msn  

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Can Someone Explain The Game 'Conkers'

I've seen variants of the game on different UK shows, but never knew how to properly play it. Could someone explain to me how its played, rules and such? An instructable would be much admired. :D

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Need explain of this jfet schematic please?

Hello . i need help with this jfet shcematic .How to caculation thi gain of the jfet , and how to reduce the gain ?? Thanks in advance! sorry for my bad English!

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Please explain Theo Jansen Mechanism?

We all have seen the Theo Jansen Machines and they are JUST AWESOME! I'm trying to build one. What is the the theory and mechanism behind Jansen's machines? Please explain. [Unicode Symbols for your convenience: Degree= ° , Half = ½ , Third = â��, Fourth = ¼, Three Fourth = ¾ , Integral = ∫ , Differential = ∂, Delta = Δ , Square = ² , Cube = ³ , Square root = √, Cube Root = â��, Infinity = ∞, sum = ∑ , Therefore = ∴, Because = â�µ,]

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Need explain of AC-DC transformer Answered

Hello , i need some axplain about this AC-DC transformer schematic .What does the diode and resistor in series do in this schematic ? Can i use a KBP206 to replace the 4 diodes(bridge) ? Thanks for advance!

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Can someone explain thes to me? Answered

I'v been studing electronics for a long time and ran acrost this at a web site this morning.  What are tubes?  Ive seen transistors and thought they were the betinning.  What are tubes and what are all the other symbols on the diagram. Can someone explain all of them (the simbols)  to me and what there purpose is?  Hurry ive only got about a month left of my vacaton and the its back to shool. Some day when I get the the noble piece prise for knowledge I'll include you all in my accpteance speach. PS  I've posted the skematic that didn't post before.

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Someone explain the new badge feature?

I'm not sure where else to ask this question but I'm very curious. Lately, I've just noticed that "badges" have been appended to my profile when I comment. Like below: What are these? I have no idea what they are, but for some reason I want more of them. How did we acquire more badges? Thanks

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Can you please explain this circuit? Answered

I am planning to create a step down switch mode power supply using only discrete components. I opened my charger and found a step down switch mode circuit without IC. I wrote the board's schematic by looking at each component one-by-one and found this... I does this thing works? I cannot understand the part of the circuit that is exposed into the mains.

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Explain it to me like im five....

I'm thinking of starting to build home made guitar pedals. but i have ZERO idea where i would start! i dont know how to solder, or anything about schematics, or any of that stuff. if you have any information about building home made pedals or th like, just drop a line, and you can help this n00b know what the hell he's doing

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can anyone explain the working of piezoelectric materials?

Question by Nmercy 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

"speederman" explains how a steadicam device works ...

Hi.I saw this instructable :, I wanted to see a video using a steadicam, because it was the first time I heard about this device ... and I've found this incredible video demonstration. Did you understand everything "Speederman" said ????

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Can someone explain the workings of this charger schematic?

I took apart my Black and Decker cordless drill charger, and drew this schematic to my best ability. I am trying to understand it to my best of my ability and what each component is responsible and how it charges the battery. From my understanding D1 only allows energy to flow to the battery. But if the potential of the battery is lower then the charger's shouldnt that be not a problem? Since it will always be more and push the electrons to the battery? The resistor and the LED are understandable, but the job of NPN (might be wrong ) transistor is a mystery to me.

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A Physics problem I can't explain properly Answered

If a stick with dm/dl =const is hanging on three nonstretchable pieces of string (l1=l2=l3 and l is the distance between them) you can't find the tensions, because the problem is unsolvable if all the strings don't stretch. It is kind of obvious, because if a string happens to be 0,00000000001 mm longer than the others the tension will be zero. But how to prove this normally?  Sorry, I almost never use English for Physics conversation, so I don't know any proper words...

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Networking, Subnets and Basic Routing - Please Explain? Answered

I have been having trouble setting up my router so that it knows about a network behind another one my routers (serving up another subnet).  I understand a little of how to configure the routing tables but I was wondering if someone could just explain the basics of how an ip network (subnets/subnet masks etc) works, as it is still a little mysterious to me (it's amazing that I have been able to get things working with my limited knowledge). I mean how does one computer talk to another on the same subnet or across the world (what is the difference between a mac address and an IP address), what is going on behind the scenes??? I don't mind technical speak as long as it's logically ordered.  Thanks so much!

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I need help explaining the shape of this nebula Answered

Http:// This image is the "Butterfly Nebula". I'm having trouble understanding it's shape. According to the accompanying blurb, the shape indicates a "bipolar nebular, where fast-moving gas can escape more easily from the poles of the dying star than around its equator. This creates a lobed structure reminiscent of an hourglass, or, as in this case, a giant butterfly." But... why? Why can the gases escape more easily from the poles?  Why is it harder to escape at the equator? Surely, if it was blasting from the poles, we would see a more linear shape, long "beams" of material shooting out of each end?  This image looks to me as if material blasted away from the equator, but parallel to the poles, almost as if the two halves of the star's surface were peeled apart, like turning half an orange skin inside out. Anybody got a borderline high-school/university level explanation for the shape?

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A fun music game (explaination of the title is on the bottom)

Title: Deeez Nuuuts The premise of the game: 1. Turn your MP3 Player or Music Program to random. 2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer. 3. You HAVE to use the title of the song that shows up. 4. Put any comments in brackets *[ ]* after the song name. 5. Send this at least 10 friends. 6. Anyone receiving this message has to do the same, and if they don't, then they're obviously Communists. 1. If someone says, “Is this okay?” you say Intro- Soulja Boy 2. How would you describe yourself? Do the right thang- Ludacris 3. What do you like in a guy/girl? Ain't I- Young LA 4. How do you feel today? Can't believe it- Tpain 5. What is your life’s purpose? Don't get mad- Soulja Boy 6. What is your motto? Crack a bottle- Eminem [nice motto lol] 7. What do your friends think of you? Can't tell me nothing- Kanye West [am I really that bossy?????] 8. What do you think of your parents? Big Poppa- Notorious BIG ([awl] 9. What do you think about often? Undisputed- Ludacris [wtf] 10: What do you think of your best friend? Kiss Kiss- Chris Brown [WTF??????????] 11. What is 2 + 2? Last of a dying breed-Ludacris ft. lil wayne 12. What do you think of the person you like? Mrs. Officer- Lil wayne [nah] 13. What do you want to be when you grow up? Holiday- Green day 14. What will you dance to at your wedding? Go DJ- Lil wayne [ok then, the song's great lol] 15. What will they play at your funeral? Party like a rockstar- Shop boyz [wtf????] 16. What is your hobby/interest? My name is- Eminem 17. What is your biggest fear? Bapes- Soulja boy [roflololol] 18. What is your biggest secret? Pass it to Arab- Soulja boy 19. What do you think of your friends? Crank dat batman- pop it off boyz 20. What will you Title This Note? Deeez Nuuuts- Dr. Dre (ROFLOLOL) #20 is why the title is like that.

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Can someone please explain what an eletronic ground is? Answered

Question by aar0nc0le 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Can someone explain what all these connections on this transformer are for? Answered

I pulled this transformer out of a complex circuit I found in the electronics recycling box. It says it's a "TurboLink Switching Power Supply" but I have no idea what that is either. Perhaps someone could explain that too? Anyways, I want to see if I can possibly use this transformer in a DC circuit to increase the voltage, but it would help if someone could explain which wires are connected to the primary and secondary windings! Also it would be nice if someone told me if it's even possible to increase the voltage in a dc circuit. For example, is there a way I can connect this transformer to a battery so that it converts 1.5v to something higher? If you look at the picture, I think the 6 connections poking out just under the yellow part are all connected to the two wires coming out at the top beside my index finger. Then there are two leads and the bottom. Anybody know what they do? I connected one end of a 1.5v battery to one of the leads at the bottom and when I rub the other end of the battery on the other lead it produces small sparks.

Question by Ke-Bob 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Can Someone explain the working of this Circuit (MODIFIED ONE)?

Hi, here is a circuit that i found in a device .. all i know is that this circuit provides 5.6v constant output at the "output" labelled in the image and takes AC voltage (220V r.m.s. and 50 Hz ). The labels on the diodes were not visible so i used random diodes in the simulation just one thing that the diode labeled "D3" is a zener diode. further that the capacitor is polypropylene film it reads as (1.1k 250v). i don't know weather it is 1.1kF or what because i think its not possible so i have attached an image of the capacitor too. can some one explain how this thing works ?? IN Simulation when i set the value of the AC to 6Vpeak and 50Hz the result is as it is in real life . but when i change the value to 320VPeak(220V r.m.s) the result varies and goes up-to very high values .. it is awesome because it converts ac to dc without any transformer or something so kindly take a look and do tell if u find out something .

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3 year old explains Star Wars in 90 seconds

This is just too cute. The video is of a 3 year old little girl explaining Star Wars very entertainingly. She mentions "a garage sale, but with robots" and explains that "the shiny guy always worries". Oh, and she warns not to mess with Darth Vader - he'll get ya! As she says, it's an exciting movie.I must admit to having never seen any Star Wars (so I can't vouch for its accuracy) - but hey, after watching this video, I don't need to! :D

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Can anyone explain why the Jonas Brothers are so famous? Answered

I want a couple of answers why the Jonas Brothers and there little talent got so famous when at first they were not that known and famous? I just need answers PLEASE COMENT!!!!

Question by spudling9 10 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Can any (Physicist) explain this laser-weirdness that I'm seeing? Answered

I've got some cheap-o red-lasers. Up close on surfaces I see what looks like old-fashioned monochrome TV static in miniature* (and red). Other people see it too, I think it's some kind of "Quantum-noise" but would like other opinions. L *I don't like looking at it - it reminds me of this.

Question by lemonie 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Is the circuit ok? also please explain "What the circuit is doing"?

The circuit shown is supposed to produce AC where v1 is a 9v battery, c1,c2,c3,c4 are capacitors and t1 is  a transistor (BD140), R1 is a resistance AC squarewave of 140-150 kHz is required .........sorry for poor image quality please use "magnifier " if needed.....Thanx in advnce!

Question by jatinbatra 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Explain me how to make an "Electromagnet Solenoid" more powerfull

I bought something like this off Ebay: Turns out it wasnt as powerfull as i need it to be but it has the right amount of travel and is nearly perfect in size... Notice that the body where the coils are is fairly short. What if i made my own? But MUCH longer body, (theres plenty of room in my aplication LENGTH-wise) will it get more powerfull? Can i make it more powerfull by adding more coil? Turns out i have plenty of coil like the one used in my solenoid, i have plastic pipe similar size and i can CNC the central "plunger" rather easy as well. Or make it different shape etc... The solenoid i have has a metal body, does that affect how strong the solenoid is?  The coils are wrapped around a plastic tube, the plunger is rather loose inside it and the tube could be thinner. Will thicker plunger and thinner tube improve the power? Im using a 11.1V lipo battery, something you can find in RC-cars. Increasing voltage/amps IS NOT AN OPTION.  So, in simplicity, if i make a solenoid like mine, but longer, can it pull greater load than the original or do i need to do something else as well? The actual aplication itself in simplicity is the solenoid pulling certain object back around ~10mm AGAINST a spring, not very powerfull spring might i add. It pulls the object back, then lets go. It will be controlled via a circuit later but right now just a battery and nut-job holding a red button. I just need a solenoid powerfull enough to overcome the spring. The object needs some force  to return to its position so putting in a smaller spring is not an option eighter.

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can someone explain a simple way wiring circuits?cause i hav no clue


Question by arun.fifa 9 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

can any 1 explain me abt delims and token in batch files???

I need some explanation on tokens and delims command used in batch file. CAn any 1 explain it in detail please

Question by 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

SEAR System

Can anyone explain how they work, and what else would be considered a NON-BLOCK TRIGGER.

Topic by drummer ian 11 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Can someone please explain to me what a Axial Inductor do?

Axial Inductor- i have a couple of these things, but have no idea what they do.  they look like a resistor.  can someone tell me what are they used for.  thanks

Question by trinidadmike 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Could somebody explain what the pins on a 555 timer do please?

Hey guys, I have the general knowledge when it comes to creating schematics and all but I do not undertand how a 555 timer is supposed to work. I simply want to be able to control some oscillation using a pot/rheostat. I already have resistors, capacitors, transistors, a power supply and a speaker but I do not know how I should connect them. Can somebody please explain how it would work?

Question by dipseydoodle 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

how to construct a camera charger and can anyone explain its working?

How to construct its circuit

Question by sandiri 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Can someone Explain to Me how Wifi Antenna Extenders work? Answered

Could someone help explain to me How wifi antenna extenders work? To me It seems like you would be able to send packets to the network, but it wouldn't be able to send them back, making the TCP/IP Handshake Incomplete.I am Talking about having a USB wifi Adapter with a Pringles can antenna or something like this: (, and using it to connect to a Starbucks or something.I get that the metal reflects the signal, so that it is strengthened, and can be pointed towards something, What I Don't get is how once you send the signal, how does the signal get back to you when your out of the routers range?The pic is a rendition of what I think should happen, while using a wifi-extender antenna trying to connect to another place's internet that would usually be out-of-range.

Question by Jordo 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Can anyone explain why this batch file doesn't work correctly? Answered

This is the code: @echo off :Side ping localhost -n 2 :Main cls color Fc echo  Rock, Paper, Scissors! pause echo How to play: pause echo Type either Rock, Paper or Scissors in the bar and press enter, your opponents choice will show, and repeat! pause :Start cls set /p %input0%= Enter your choice here : :ans set /a ran=%random% if /i %ran% GTR 7 goto :1 if /i %ran% LSS 7 goto :2 if /i %ran% LSS 4 goto :3 :1 if %input0%== Scissors echo Your opponent chose Rock, Rock beats Scissors, you lost! else echo You Win! pause goto Start :2 if %input0%== Rock echo You Win! else echo Your opponent chose Paper, Sorry you lose! pause goto Start :3 if %input0%== Paper echo You Win! else echo Your opponent chose Scissors, Sorry you lose! pause goto Start can someone explain why this doesn't work?

Question by zomarea225 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago