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Extra tiny soldering

Ok, I have a weller 40w iron and I want to do some seriously tiny work, I cannot afford to buy anything. how would I go about making a tip for the iron?

Topic by The Ideanator  

Extra Electronic Components

I got an old DVD player, opened it up, and got: -11, 10vdc 47uf caps -6, 16v 10uf caps -5, 10v 220uf caps -6, 6.3v 470uf caps -2, 10v 1200uf caps -2, 16v 820uf caps -2, 10v 1000uf caps -2, 10v 100uf caps -100v 22uf cap -25v 220uf cap ( why is it brown/gold colored?) -Power regulaters (?) *says:C3852, 96 *says:C3852, 95 *says:C3852, 94 (has a heat sink) *says:STR, G6651, 95, 06 Thats about it. What can I do with these?

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Question on patches? Answered

How can we get more patches? I only have 4 left and I still have 2 years of premium membership left so what do I do? How can I get patches?

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Ad-Hoc Computer Workstation

I find myself without furniture, so I improvised (see pic). Most of this is obvious, but the main sheet is laminated chipboard L

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Instructable steps - formatting has changed - extra characters

My instructable has changed. The step title formatting is not what I entered.  I typed in the title but when previewed shows only part of the title with the rest of the title within the text body.  It also has extra text, strange characters showing in the preview screen. When the whole step is viewed it looks correct.  It's in the quick view (cursor over the step) that the problem shows.

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AV output socket in TV set.

Hi all i am finding difficult using the AV output socket in my TV because it have only one output socket. I have to plug it out and connect to what I may intend to use (VCD,VCR,HIFI). Can someone suggest a way or a circuit to make (4 AV output will be nice). Thanks.

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sky tv extra channels

Is there a way to get extra channels on a sky digi box without subsciption at the moment we are useing it for free sat. nicho

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Blue tooth, extra values

When using HC-05 and a bluetooth App to transmit a string like “hello” to an Arduino, I get the reading as * 12|99|99|hello# Any reason why I am getting those initial values before the string hello? How is this extra values getting into the buffer? The code is while (Serial.available()) { char inChar =; inputString += inChar; } Serial.println (inputString); inputString=””;

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has anyone tried underfloor cooling? Answered

I have set up the underfloor tubes for heating but still havent bought the pump and the heater core so i`m thinking of trying to cool the floor and hope to cool the room cos its unbearably hot. small pump 3w running ffrom a 5w (i think) solar panel cold water in a bucket and add ice cubes from time to time ???

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How can I build an extra large drum light shade?

I would like to make a big drum light shade (approx measurements are 40" wide by 12" tall). I've got a basic hanging light fixture (just a triple bulb fixture with no shade), and I would like to fashion a frame (this is the hard part) around which to wrap a thin fabric.  Here is the style I'm going for, but not nearly big  enough: Any guidance you might have on where to get loops (or make loops) with approximately a 40" diameter, or how to get that frame done would be much appreciated!

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i have a lot of extra working supplies lying around any ideas what to do with them except garbage?

I have -600 LEDS -24 fans -3 motors -1 old broken computer -22 speakers (differant ohms rateings) -a small stereo amp (old pc speakers) -3 CD/DVD drives -5 diferant memroy RAM sticks -1 IDE hard drive -3 keyboards -5 radio boomboxes -1 old bass body and neck with pickups -1 5 CD changer DVD player -1 random water valve -some old hand tools -2 1/2 vacume cleaners any sugestions? im only looking for something to do with my time so if you dont have an idea dont worry about it

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additional usb ports on a laptop

Is there any way to connect additional usb ports to a laptop motherboard without a usb hub? say if you hook a usb port up to existing usb ports? help would be appriciated :D thanx in advance

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How can I use my IBM Profile or my laptop LCD screen as just a monitor for my desktop machine? Answered

I have very limited space to work out of and would like do away with big monitor. Even more limited is money. But parts, inngenuity and creativity abound! I love to make cool stuff out of found crap. Can I use my IBM Profile, (flat screen with whole computer housed within the screen), as just a monitor for my desktop machine. (Compaq Pavillion, XP sp3)? Can I make a monitor out of my laptop LCD screen? ( Acer Travelmate- it fried due to frequent overheating, not sure yet what is good/bad internally, gets stuck trying to boot, screen is fine) What is essential to a monitors' functioning, (hardware, driver, software, emmulation)? I've researched the subject a little bit, but havent found definitively the minimum of parts or features I need to make it work. I found more info on how much more you can get it to do, other than just BE A SCREEN for my desktop machine, and most of the info seems to take for granted that the reader has done this kind of mod or adaptation before. I'm clever and have some skills but it is not my profession, just a DIY that interests and challenges me to DO IT, and it would give me back my work surface. So? Can it be done? Is it practical? Better ideas maybe? Thanx All.

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what to do with extra dvd burner?

I have a extra dvd burner i want to make something from it PLEASE SUGGEST IDEAS i thought to make laser cutter but even if i will make one its power would to so less (this is my calculation that its power should be in milli Watts correct me if i am wrong)

Question by Atul009    |  last reply

Extra 1.8" disk drive projects?

I bought a 30gb zune when it came out, and my dog literaly ATE it. since then, i have replaced it, but i have this extra 1.8" drive lying around and i need somthing to do with it. No, i havent tried selling it, and i realy dont want to ( looks to cool:] ). I am hoping someone knows how to make it a usb drive, because a 30 gb usb would be USEFULL!!! If anyone has any idea, PLEASE!!!! Post it!!!

Topic by Terranan  

GM Universal remote extra button?

I have a GMC pickup with a 3 button remote.  I discovered that GM uses the same PCB for all its remotes, so I have a 3 button case surrounding a 4 button PCB.  I want to use the extra button to control an add-on to the truck.  Does anyone know of a way to acquire the RF receiver, what the part number is, etc, and how it would need to be wired in to allow control of external lights on the truck?  I know it would have to be wired into a relay to allow the kind of amperage I am thinking of...but what else am I missing?

Question by spacecase544  

What to do with all these extra lenses? Answered

I bought a pack of lenses online from for an instructable.... but all i needed was the 8mm one.... so now I have all these mini lenses and I want to do something with them! I was thinking maybe a mini solar deathray or something? any ideas?

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how can i add an extra....

How can i add an extra battery to, like this one here a phone so i can extend the time the camera will stay longer. I need my phone to record more than the battery can hold. I have the battery i have the phone but i'm a little afraid because i might brake the phone acan anyone help?I have added a picture with the battery and you can see in it that the battery is conected to an mp3 player. How can i do that to a phone or even to an mp3 so o can extend the recording time. I dont wnat o change any resolutions or something for longer recording. I there is someone that will now swear me thanks :)

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Extra LCD with full wiring...Interesting, no?

I have a Sharp LM80C219 11.3" LCD screen from a laptop and have the wiring harness that connects it to the motherboard. I would like to know if anyone could help me find info on if i could use it for other applications. I would like to use it for SOMETHING since I have it just sitting there. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, DK

Topic by Danielk  

Extra Large Helmet for Golf Cart

I have a Milwaukee Brewer themed golf cart and the only thing it is missing is a helmet for a roof.  It needs to be just a basic 80's baseball helmet (no ear the ones they used to give away at the game) that is big enough to cover or replace the top of the my EZ-GO golf cart (about 80" long).  Has anyone seen one of these done before?  What kind of materials would I use to fabricate something like this?

Topic by kermtfrg    |  last reply

Photograph of extra-solar planetary system!

An article in Science News today shows an infrared image of HR 8799 with three roughly Jupiter-sized planets around it! The speckling in the center (around the "+") is the star.The same article shows two Hubble images of Fomalhaut taken 18 months apart. The two images show directly the orbital motion of a previously detected planet, Fomalhaut b.Update (10:12 pm PST 13 Nov 2008): I've attached the two pictures from the SN article. The first is the IR composite of the three-planet system HR 8799; the second is Fomalhaut, showting the offset of Fomalhaut b between 2004 and 2006. I encourage you to read the actual article to get the details of how the data was obtained, and to judge for yourselves its veracity.Update (12:05 pm PST 14 Nov 2008): The two articles are out in today's ''Science'' along with a news article and editorial (requires subscription).HR 8799: Morois, et al.Fomalhaut: Kalas, et al.

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Should I post?

I made a paintball extra parts/problem kit.Should I post? DUHAnyone find this useful? DUHShould I post a begginers guide along with it too? Um?Help, I will love any feedback!

Topic by mg0930mg    |  last reply

Voltage Stabilizer Efficiency Loss (Extra power consumption)

Hello All, I am using an 1KVA Voltage stabilizer for my Fridge. The power quality is really poor here in India, and these things are mandatory. I learnt the lesson hard way :-(.... Well that aside, i would like to know what would be the power loss or Extra consumption these devices use when regulating power. Actually,i could use a general lecture on how Stabilizers work!

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Can i get 2 extra card with the ibles card set? Answered

I was wondering if i can get extra cards for my 2 friends who both have ibles accounts (like when you buy the set you get a card id like to get them both cards). Heres a link to the ible .

Question by knexsuperbuilderfreak    |  last reply

Extra clean water tank for carpet shampooer

I would like to know how to put an extra water tank on this Hoover Powerdash Pet carpet shampooer. The one it's got is too small and has to be emptied constantly. Is there a way to do this without damaging the machine?

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How to add extra information to a TV channel?

Is there an way to add scroll texts at the bottom of a TV channel? Ex: showing weather information at the bottom of the screen while watching a baseball game. or is there some product that allows me to do that? thanks

Question by AndyCSWu    |  last reply

Adding extra buttons to an xbox 360 controller? Answered

I know that it's possible to add "rapid fire" mod buttons to an xbox 360 controller.   My question is, is it possible to add a similar button, but just have it do a non "rapid" function.  As in a button on the back is just a shortcut to say the "Y" or "A" button.  Not that I want to remap the Y back there, but just it there as also working. If it is, is there a guide out there on how to do it? 

Question by Soldier62994    |  last reply

Extra characters when sending a web link?

I use Vista on a desktop and Yahoo for my email and Firefox 9.1 for my browser. When I click on a web page to send the link, for example "", what it sends is "; ". I have tried using Hotmail and Internet Explorer browser and have the same problem. I realize something is substituting %3A%2F%2F for ://.  This seemed to have started about a year ago maybe when there was an upgrade to Foxfire.    I tried everything on the Foxfire help pages and that didn't help.  Does anyone know how to correct this.

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Is it possible to make extra electricity off of my hamster?

My Hamster really loves to run around on his hamster wheel. Is it possible to use this to develop energy?

Question by ExplosiveSillyPutty    |  last reply

Acess all 23 arduino pins?

I have an arduino project that is pressd for pins, and I remembered that on Jameco, it mentions that it has 23 I/O pins.  I am wondering if anyone knows how to use these pins within the IDE (can I just address pin 20-22?, or is it more complicated), and which pins on the chip itself are they? 

Question by jduffy54    |  last reply

What are some good uses for an extra Computer Mouse? Answered

What are some good uses for an extra Computer Mouse or the chip inside it?

Question by Atomman    |  last reply

How would I add extra LEDs to an NES

Im trying to get my old Nintendo NES system to have extra LEDs kinda like this system HERE or this system HERE or even this system HERE and final this system HERE How do these people power the extra LEDs ? And where do I connect them?

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There is an extra step in my instructable that I cannot delete? Answered

The title says it all. Somehow while creating my instructable, and extra step was created at the end. I can't find a place to delete a step... It must be there without deleting the entire instructable...

Question by djsfantasi    |  last reply

what to do with extra mini christmas light bulbs?

I have extra mini christmas light bulbs and would like to do something with them to brighten up the rest of the year.  If possible using solar or a battery.

Question by Kling_Klang    |  last reply

How to wire in an extra car horn with a switch on the dash?

Hello! I have an extra car horn and I need to install it into my car alongside my other horn, and I have no idea how to wire it! Here is what I have: a Car horn with two wires (black and red, and red) 16G wire, a switch, and a inline fuse. I need to know how to wire it to the battery, and how to ground it. Does anyone have any experience with this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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A Homemade Bluetooth Speaker using an extra car speaker?

Okay fellow instructables friends, here's the deal.  1) I don't really want to pay $50 for a bluetooth speaker.  2) I ended up with an extra 5 1/4" speaker due to one being dysfunctional out of the box and the company sending me replacements.  3) I've got a basic background in electronics projects, but am by no means an expert.  That's the gist of it. I've seen some bluetooth/FM/USB modules on DealExtreme that looked worth getting (around $14), but I'm not so sure of the Audio amplifier circuitry and whatnot. I figure I can figure out an enclosure and whatnot, but does anyone have any expertise/knowledge about the mixer and amplifier stuff? Can they be salvaged from other thrift store finds perchance? Look forward to the answers! Thanks!

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All Terrain Hex Limbed Extra Terrestrial Explorer

Here is some inspiration for those robotics hobbyists out there. It is the ATHLETE Robot designed by Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, California. The fast motion videos are my favorite. It has some nice moves, however they might be a little slow. A portion of the article)The Winnebago isn't exactly a marvel of technology. But there is a good chance that NASA's next generation of lunar travelers will live and work out of a two-piece system mobile robot and habitat combination that will allow astronauts to bring base camp with them that has plenty in common with the humble RV.What you see on this page is the part that makes this home mobile: Athlete (All-Terrain Hex-Limbed Extra-Terrestrial Explorer), a six-limbed habitat-hauler being developed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. Made of aluminum, this prototype Athlete is eight feet wide and seven feet tall. It gets around using six independently controlled legs equipped with ultra-light wheels. In more-challenging terrain, the wheels can lock in place and function as feet, allowing Athlete to tiptoe through boulder-strewn fields or climb up steep hills. The mission-ready robot, which will be about twice the size of the prototype pictured here and made of steel, should be able to haul a load of up to 15 tons pretty much anywhere it wants to as long as it obeys a 3mph speed limit. That is about as fast as you can go without risking flipping over because of the low gravity, explains Brian Wilcox, the primary investigator on the Athlete project.Here is an informational video of the ATHLETE. Here is a video of the ATHLETE in action! ( Photo from

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can i change anthing to my instructable ones it has been published? like add extra pics or extra steps? Answered

Can i change anthing to my instructable ones it has been published? like add extra pics or extra steps?

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what can i do with an extra blue tooth headset?

What can i do with an extra blue tooth headset that is no more of any use?

Question by imakethings    |  last reply

Extra battery power for 3.7 volt mini spy camera.

This unit is 3.7v, 240mah. Need to find a higher capacity, (2000Mah?) 3.7v batt that I can charge via usb. Then I could add that extra battery power to my tiny camera (Md80) via a usb cable for a much longer run-time. Is this possible? Thanks for any help! Larry

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I have an extra LittleBigPlanet beta key. Anyone want?

I entered so many giveaways and they're slowly rolling in! :P You need a PS3 that's hooked up to the internets and a Network account to play it. It's the greatest game ever. :D

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house stereo equipment hook up? how to wire extra components?

I have a reverberator, a dynamic expander, and a amp that has a eqaulizer and echo. what I am trying to do is hook up these into a home system, which consists of tuner, amp and a cass tape deck. Which plugs to use input in to which output, etc.?  Thanks in advance, Bullfrog

Question by bullfrog69    |  last reply

So I took The lcd screen outta of a Sager laptop Its a CHUNGHWA So I wanna get it turned into a monitor ? Answered

So I'm pretty sure the pink wire is pos. and white is neg. and it needs to run on 3.3v? Not sure. But I See the cable that plugged into the Motherboard Has 10 actual wires 8 blue and 2 red. I was thinking Component In for like a tv before hdmi came Out, If that was so that would make 8 of the wires useful but what about the other 2? can some one tell me what I should do before I cut wires also if I can hook it up threw some way threw like av cables some one please tell me how thanks. :)? I cant find the specs either . If some one has a cheap easy solution to do this let me know please. CHUNGHWA --RV03203D 000-- --14450163W-- --(Bar code)-- --CTAA150PA01-

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Can I charge an Electric Scooter with a portable battery?

Okay so the first question is, could I charge an Electric Scooter while it's in use. The Scooter in question is a Bullet XCT 85, which from what I can tell is a Xiaomi M365/Pro Knock off.While I have it plugged in and charging to the wall, I can still turn it on and use the throttle, whether it's still charging (as the wall charger would indicate) or the scooter has safe guards to stop the charging from happening while it's powered on, I got no clue.Second part of the question is, the scooter supposedly (I haven't and don't want open it up to check) has a 36V 7.8Ah Battery. So with that info would I thearetically be able to put together a battery of also 36V and different Amps to either 1. Charge the scooter on the go or 2. Have a battery back up, for when I haven't got access to a wall charging option.As for the extra battery, the current idea for cost vs. capacity is get 3x 12V 9.8Ah Li-ion Batteries in series to make a single 36V battery, with the right plug on the end to plug into the scooter. And possibly some sort of battery meter to be able to read the battery level.Side Note - I don't have any electrical knowledege, besides the basics. But I'm a quick learner.

Question by NicolasR46  

Does anyone want an extra jet engine from a bike that I crashed

 I crashed my jet bike and do not need a jet engine anymore) (Note: do not build a jet bike, as you will crash it in a short amount of time.)

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Heads up - we're sending out extra Halloween-themed newsletter this October!

Esteemed Instructabots, For the month of October, your favorite yellow robot will be sending out some extra newsletters with special Halloween content. We’re trying to get the best Halloween costume, props, and decoration projects out to you in enough time for you to make something for yourself before All Hallows’ Eve at the end of October. We normally send general interest newsletters on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Those will still arrive in your inbox and will continue to show off awesome recent projects. We will also be running one Halloween-themed newsletter every day of the week throughout October. They’ll feature themed collections of projects like “Couples costumes,” “Halloween Makeup,” and “Epic Costumes” with the best content from the past several years. Check your email, get inspired, and make something awesome this Halloween. You’ve got 31 days to make something awesome. Not to mention contests for Food, Decorations, Props, and Costumes. You could win a DSLR, tablet or other awesome things just for sharing what you made! You’re welcome to sift through all 2000 projects on your own (and make a collection of your favorites using our tools or Pinterest’s) if our themes don’t quite match what you’re looking for.

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Make Magazine Subscription, possible that I will have an extra one for the right inspiration..

When I subscribe for another year of MAKE, if I can do so within a week or so, I will also be able to "give" a subscription to someone (this may be limited to the USA, I am not sure). All I am in need of is a spark (I have been SOOOO tired lately) of inspiration on something to create for either the Dremmel contest or the Craftsman one. I have in my work room, numerous ic's (from 555's to comparators, regulators, etc), an extra multimeter, a fair bit of "tin" i.e. sheet metal, two old hot air popcorn poppers, a few micro-amp meters, lots of bolts, nuts, leds, a few small gears and recorder guts, two electronic gyroscopes, some random pieces of a lot of things, including caps, resistors, inductors, diodes, and etc. I have been having a hard time of it being creative lately.....but if someone can give me an idea that is acceptable to me (inspiring), I would be able to get them that subscription.   One catch,  we will have to work through someone that everyone can trust as far as getting your name and address to MAKE if I choose your idea(s). Thanks for any effort put forth. . . The time I need to send in for my renewal is drawing close.....if ANYONE in the USA here, that is old enough to eventually share their mailing address (MAKE won't tell me if they will ship the free sub outside the USA or not), and can give me a decent idea of something to build soon,  I will subscribe and send them the free year. Most of the suggestions so far are from people outside the USA

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