Can anyone tell me how to extract platinum from catalyc converters? (pardon my spelling)

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Extracting elements

Me and my friends are having a competition on who can fill their periodic tables with the purest element samples for the least amount of money. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for how to get less common elements such as gallium, tungsten, calcium, sodium, etc.

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Extract heavy water?

I can't get hold of any heavy water so I want to try extract it from normal water, I only need a drop or two. I was gonna use electrolysis to separate the atoms and increase the concentration if heavy water till it gets to around 70% (min.) but how much of power do I need to pass though the wires to only separate H2O and leave the D2O? (Need the deuterium for a fusor I'm building)

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how to get mint extract?

Im in ireland and findin it hard to get it. any ideas?

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To transform liquid extraction into powder?

I would like to transform liquid extraction (reishi, shiitake and maitake mushroom) into powder to be capsule for storage and more controlled measured dosage. Is it possible also without fillers?

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how to extract gold from pcb?

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What to do with Ginseng Extract capsules?

What can I do with these once they're empty? They look very useful, so I save them, but I can't figure what to do with 'em.

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How to make green coffe bean extract?

Greetings, I would like to see an instructable on how to make green coffee been extract. I am guessing it would be a lot cheaper than buying bottled capsules of it. www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lyai2fcMS7Q Thanks

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extract music off myspace?

Http://www.myspace.com/kindredsoulband i want the 1st song into the black, but there is no download link or abuything iv tried tons of freewares and URL sites but nothing seems to work anybody able to help me out?

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extracting batteries from recycler

Has anybody tried to remove batteries from this?there are a bunch of dead 9V's in there and i want to get them to make battery clips from them.but the lid is small and it is spring loaded.I was thinking a speaker magnet on the end of a string and just drop it in and you get whatever you get.are batteries magnetic...

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I have a question about making my own herbal extracts with alcohol, using fresh herbs...

I had a bunch of fresh herbs, and some home-distilled 180 proof alcohol that a friend brewed. SO, I thought I'd try to make some smelly stuff. I packed a jar with the fresh herbs, and filled it with the alcohol, plus a little tad bit of water. I let it sit for two weeks, and now it's ready to be strained. BUT, I'm not sure what to do with it. Do I use it to make a perfume, room spray, body spray? Can I use it to make an essential oil? Is what I now have called an herbal extract? One jar is fresh sage and rosemary, Jar 2 is rose geranium leaves and rose petals, Jar 3 is lemon verbena, and Jar 4 is lavendar and sage. All advice is welcome!

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which plants provide root stimulating hormons and how are they extracted?

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How can I extract Peppermint (or another mint plant)'s oil?

I hear oil from algae is extracted by drying it, then soaking it in alcohol to dissolve the extract, then straining it and evaporating the alcohol. I might start experimenting with that, but any suggestions?

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How to build a pressurized hot water extraction system at home for extracting mushroom

I am currently looking to build a system that will allow me to boil medecinal mushroom under pressure. Why you ask? Because studies have shown that high temp under normal pressure will destroy the chitin( the building block of mushroom as opposed to cellulose for plants), but will also destroy most of the medecinal compound. What is needed here is a system that can sustain pressure of around 55 psi minimum. My first guess is to get a pressure vessel that can whitstand more than the required 55 psi in order to limit the risk of failure and explosion. See an example here ; https://www.ebay.com/itm/Alloy-Products-Pressure-Vessel-Tank-135PSI-100-F-w-McDaniel-Gauge/183110238087?hash=item2aa2387f87:g:0DUAAOSwbmFanWiEI do not need more than 1 liter for the pressure vessel but it seams that they don't make them smaller than a gallon. Now the big question is, how do I get the water boiling using one of those tank? I can't just put it on a stove! But if you know of something can could safely reach 55 psi and go on the stove please let me know.Also I was wondering what keeps the pressure inside the container? Does it need a water pump to maintain pressure by pushing more water in the vessel or does it merely builds pressure with steam until it reaches his capacity?Thanks to anyone who's willing to give me some pointer, I truly appreciate.

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"Unextract" Converted Batch Files

Have you ever wondered how to do something in batch that someone has already done and wrapped it nicely in a little .exe file? Some people like to keep their batch programming secrets to themselves, and don't want to share, so then convert their batch file to .exe. But you can't discover their secrets if they have converted it to .exe, because all you will find is gibberish. Before I will tell you how to "unextract" an .exe, you must now how ".bat to .exe" programs work. What they basically do is "wrap" a batch file with an executable; think about a Christmas present. Pretend the gift inside is the secrets of the batch file, and the wrapping on the outside is like the executable, which prevents you from "seeing" the secrets inside. But this is no ordinary present, the wrapping on the outside can not be torn or opened, you must press a button in order to to "unwrap" it. But when it "unwraps", it shows you what it is, but hiding the secrets. If you couldn't fully understand that, here is what actually happens. Try to compare the two.Batch files in executable form cannot be viewed as the batch language. If you open it in notepad, you will get a whole bunch of symbols. In the philosophy above, pressing the "button" is the same as opening the file as an executable. It opens just like a batch file, but if you try to edit it, you won't be able to read it. What the executable does, is temporarily extracts the batch file within it, to a temp folder.Now to the "how to" part. Here is where that "temp" (temporary) folder is: %userprofile%\Local Settings\TempNow all you have to do is copy and paste that into a windows explorer address bar. You will now be in a temp folder where the batch file will be dumped. Now you have to run the .exe file. But now you do have to get your hands dirty (virtually!). Search in each folder till you find a batch file, most commonly called batchfile.bat. Simply right click, press edit, and your in!So that's how to "unextract" a converted batch file! (note: I didn't make it an instructible because, well, no one likes a one step instructable!)Good Luck!

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Help - wiring up bathroom extract

Hi all. I am planning on installing a bathroom extract fan. The fan will be ducted to a small toilet and to my shower, this it will be extracting from 2 spaces. I would like to connect the fan to the lights, so when either (or both) of the bathroom or toilet lights are turned on, then the fan will turn on. Would this be possible?

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Portable cd player laser extraction?

Anyone know how to get the laser out of a portable CD player? A have access to an abundant supply f them, I figured I'd be able to make something cool if i was able to obtain the lasers...

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Reflow toaster oven fume extraction

I see many reflow toaster oven projects on here.  I did one and it worked great.  Now I'm interested in sucking the fumes out of the oven without messing up the reflow profile or melting a computer fan.  Has anyone ever tried this?

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CO2 extraction, SFE build ideas?

I'm wanting to build a SFE co2 extraction "plant" home or garage unit...i am trying to use it with essential oil extraction projects...especially with cedarwood ( i have a successful steam distillation business, distilling and fractionating cedarwood oil and blending it with various carriers to provide my cedar based pesticides and lawn care products)...but i want to increase efficiency and potency, etc. the USDA did testing with cedar and co2 SFE and had great success. i am trying to build a unit...many ideas out there...but very few clear details, videos, pictures, etc... i want to use for cedar, algae, kelp, bamboo, etc....various essential oil products... the sad thing is i can find vague info from either large commercial units or from cannabis users... IDEA's ?!?!?!?!?

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Extracting lead from car batteries?

I have a couple of battered old car batteries. There is no local scrap dealer that will take them so I was wondering if it would be possible to extract the lead myself and sell it for scrap. I have searched on google and cannot find anything about this and I suspect it would be dangerous and impractical. However I thought there's no harm in asking here. I was imagining that I could open the battery up and pour the acid into some kind of strong alkali, neutralising it to make it safe for disposal. But then, I certainly wouldn't like to try this without some advice first. Cheers! Pete

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Extracting Indium-Tin Oxide glass?

So I'm experimenting with indium-tin oxide glass trying to make a solar panel. I have one sheet I took out from an old touch screen device, and I'd like another piece to fit right over it. I understand that it's also used in display screens. I'd like to know if anyone knows of a method to remove everything from the screen and be left with just the glass?

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Is it possible to extract alcohol from hand sanitizer? Answered

OK, so the main ingredient in instant hand sanitizer is ethyl alcohol, which is a perfect fuel for a soda can stove.  I have tried using the sanitizer straight but it leaves to much goo behind.  When stalt is added to the hand sanitizer it turns it to liquid and leaves white floaty things in the liquid(glycerol?).  These can be filtered out with a coffee filter.  This leaves a more concentrated solution (which still dosnt burn well)  and it has salt in it. What I want to know is how I can extract the alcohol to at least 80% concentration.  I don't have a still (and dont want to make one).  Any ideas?      

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how to extract copper from copper grease?

I mixed copper grease and oil or water i forgot and i saw the little speckles of copper how do i extract them?

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extract skeleton from smal (dead) animal

I want to dissolve the flesh & preserve the skeleton of a small snake - i have consulted this site re: skinning the snake, & was wondering what was the easiest/best way to be rid of the flesh - perhaps simply boiling it away? any help here appreciated - also interested in skulls & skeletons of mice/rats. -thanks queentopaz5@yahoo.com

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ways to extract broken key from ignition?

My step son broke the key off in his car and we been looking for ways to take it out short of the obvious like calling a locksmith.

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230vac extract fan speed control - help

Hi I'm just in the process of refurbishing the bathroom of a flat I bought. It's all been plastered out already and I realised I've no extract! So, I created a plenum at hi level and mounted a fan under floor and have ducted it out. I want to run the small AC extract fan 24/7 at low speed (kinda tick over speed) and then switch it to hi speed when either the humidity goes up (cos the shower is running) or the light goes on (assumes someone's using the WC!). I can't get to the lighting wiring so I'll need to sense that remotely. I can fit a humidity sensor in the duct work. I've tried everywhere to find something suitable with zero joy. Is anyone here able to point me in the right direction?

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Can I use white rum to make vanilla extract instead of vodka?

Can I use white rum to make vanilla extract instead of vodka?

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How do I rip sounds from older games? Answered

I'm attempting to create a content pack for a Minecraft mod, and need old gun sounds. Anyway, I remembered an older game (not DOS era) game, Oregon Trail, and thought I could rip the sounds out of it, since it had some nice gun sounds from the hunting sections. Anyway, usually this wouldn't be a problem, but that's only if the sound files are either .wav or .raw (which I can expand using audacity), but ... well... as you can see, I don't have anything to work with here. If someone can point me to the proper file, I can probably extract the sounds from there (I have another windows PC I can use if necessary)  Note that the folder labeled "CD" is a direct copy of the game CD. Cheers! ~Alt

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How can I make my own green tea extract?

This question could go under both "Health" and "Pets" but I chose this one as the most relevant. I drink alot of different types of tea (black, green, red, white, herbal, you name it) so I have alot of supply around. And recently my poor little kitty was diagnosed with a cancerous soft tissue sarcoma in his hind leg. One of the many things our Veterinary Oncologist has suggested to us is supplements of green tea extract daily (as it has shown positive influence in human studies of survival rate with different types of cancer). It wouldn't hurt to give it a try. So the more detailed question here is, how can I make my own concentrated liquid green tea extract without over steeping the tea and breaking down the molecules of the beneficial antioxidants? And as far as dosage goes I have a general idea of how much extract to give (about 30 mg per day) if it's pure (like in a drugstore capsule). Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

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how do you extract oil from algae ?

Well been reading that algae is a renewable fuel but I can't see how ? So how do you get the oil that is discussed out of the algae? Is it one of these non sustainable horribly expensive and hideous to the environment jobbies that we are told will save the world?

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JPL completes mockup of Spirit, to test extraction procedures

NASA/JPL released a cool picture today, showing their engineering rover embedded in sand with a rock underneath. This is as accurate an emulation of the Spirit rover's situation as possible. The mockup will be used for designing and testing procedures for getting Spirit unstuck and moving again (or for determining that it can't be).NOTE: I'm not able to upload images for attachment to this topic (see my bug report). If that gets fixed some time soon, I'll update this.

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How to write code for Text extraction from Image using Raspberry Pi?

Hi ... I'm Student of Electronics . I'm Doing Project on Data extraction from the Image of  Vehicle License plate . What are the algorithms I need to use in the software code to Extract Number from the License plate Image. What is the programming language Suitable for this task.? Thank you.

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Solder fume extractor with carbon and HEPA filters?

I have been reading about the subject, and most articles tell that carbon filters are good for solder chemicals, fumes and odors, while HEPA filter are designed to remove dust, allergens and micro-organisms from the air. Supposedly, solder fume extractors should use both filters for an efficient filtering of the chemicals. Is this correct? Thanks for your time! Source: https://www.google.com.ar/url?sa=t&rct;=j&q;=&esrc;=s&source;=web&cd;=4&cad;=rja&uact;=8&ved;=0ahUKEwiWkOu6v8nPAhUIPJAKHXhDCgEQFgg1MAM&url;=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.solderconnection.com%2Fspecsheets%2FLead-Free_Solder_Fumes_Increase_Need_for_Fume_Extraction.pdf&usg;=AFQjCNHqetU2dZG3hSaRNmPIl1LhUObshw (The link redirects to a PDF file!)

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How do I extract all frames from a movie? Answered

 I'd like to find a free program (preferably with a Windows GUI) that can extract every frame (or every Nth frame) from a movie file and convert them into a series of  image files.

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How do I extract vegetable oil from algae?

I've just seen the fantastic instructable on growing algae en-mass, and have a few ideas for it. However, does anyone know how to then extract the vegetable oil from the algae? Thanks :)

Question by ohowson 10 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Is it possible from a chlorophyl extract to use its photo-sensitive possibilities, and How?

I·d like to found how to make photo-sensitizer out of chlorophyl extract, or from micro-weeds, or other any organic like plancton, to replace the very toxic technics used in every photo-reproduction work

Question by FeteLeToiMeme 8 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

i wan to connect microcontroller with gsm cards which should extract information present in microcontroller

This extracted information should be transformed to a specified mobile no?specify the techniques pls

Question by subashchandar 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

how to extract from rust form rust rich soil? Answered

OK, so I have this big water treatment plant around me and there is a huge pit where the soil is deep orange and filled with rust. I know its rust because the people who work there told me its rust. If you just touch it your fingers are orange. So I went down there with a plastic bag and gathered up some chunks of soil that were dry and orange. I was wondering how i could extract the iron oxide(rust)  from it so there is no dirt in it and I have a pile of rust. I want to use it for thermite. Thanks alot!

Question by ostomesto 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

what's the best way to extract honey from natural comb?

I have a hive of bees in my yard, that moved into an old cabinet, and i do not try to force them into brood boxes, because they are Really well established. but i still want to be able to get some honey from them once in awhile. what is the best method for extracting honey from natural comb?

Question by cyc4015 10 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

how do i extract potassium ferrate from solution? Answered

Making potassium ferrate iron sulfate and potassium nitrate (more powerful oxidizer than bleach) in an alkaline solution cant seen to extract the potassium ferrate crystals from the potassium hydroxide i did get it to turn pink so i know i have it potassium ferrate as this video shows http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUvdETUQPuo

Question by symboom 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

How to extract a broken bit from a phillips head screw?

Anyone have a good way to extract a broken phillips bit from a screw head? It's the common #2 phillips head. The screw is a #10, stainless steel. When I was driving it in the bit snapped off so that it fills the slots in the screw head. I've tried picks and punches but it's still stuck in there. The screw is countersunk and it's in cosmetic wood (can't dig it out). I can't drill it and use an easy out because the bit is too hard to drill. To make things more difficult, the screw is inserted upward and the piece is a railing so it isn't movable. If there is a better forum for this question please let me know.

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how salt can be extracted from vegetable or animal sources? Answered

I am planning for the coming zombie apocalypse and have decided to run into the mountains around my home with a group of people.  Said mountains are a long way from the ocean, but we will need a long-term supply of table salt.  I know that many plants contain naturally occurring sodium, which we could use to escape deficiency, but I want a way to obtain salt crystals for purposes such as drying meat.  Without leaving my mountain haven, how can I accomplish this?

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DIY Vanilla Extract, $50 Laser Cutter, Bullet Time...

Sign-up for our newsletter here. Jan. 3, 2008 Happy new year! We're kicking off our new year with the Lion Brand Yarn Slideshow Challenge. Enter photos of your yarn-based creations to win Lion Brand yarn, patches, and stickers! Don't forget to enter the Homemade Holidays Contest! There's a little over a week left to win great prizes from CRAFT magazine! The Laser Cutter Contest has just closed. Stay tuned to find out who the finalists are. Check out these cool instructables! Make DIY Vanilla Extract Quality vanilla is a tasty and essential cooking ingredient. By making our own extraction we get the highest quality product from the best beans. posted by ian on Jan 1, 2008 Hack mac laptop to be a mac tablet in 15 minutes Combine an old mac laptop and a Wacom tablet to get your own mac tablet. It may not be pretty, but it works and is easy to put together.posted by c4l3b on Jan 2, 2008 Laser cutter for under 50 dollars With a couple of broken scanners and $30 of materials you can be cutting stencils with your own laser cutter. posted by lamedust on Jan 1, 2008 How to Enter the Ghetto Matrix (DIY Bullet Time) A tutorial on how to build your own cheap, portable and hood-style bullet time camera rig on the cheap and the fly. posted by fi5e on Dec 31, 2007 Dollar Store Parabolic Mic This is a ridiculously easy way to build a very functional parabolic microphone using mostly items purchased from a dollar store. posted by jurtle on Jan 2, 2008 Show off your project and win Lion Brand yarn!Win great prizes from CRAFT magazine! Solid Wood Digital Clock How to build a wooden digital clock powered by an atmega168 (arduino) with a built-in alarm and games.posted by J_Hodgie on Dec 28, 2007 Build your own t-shirt printing press Have a great idea for a t-shirt? Here's how to make a press for making shirts similar to rubber stamping. posted by zieak on Jan 2, 2008 Time Lapse Intervalometer for SLRsCreate your own magical time lapse effect with a DIY timer.posted by eagleapex on Dec 30, 2007 Add INTERNAL Bluetooth Capability To Your iPod With a steady hand and some soldering skills you can be listening to music off your iPod without any dongles or wires. posted by fstedie on Dec 31, 2007 Autonomous, Wirelessly Controlled Hovercraft How to design and create a wirelessly controlled modular hovercraft, that can be controlled with an RC controller, or made completely autonomous. posted by bradpowers on Dec 31, 2007   Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week! - Eric

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I want to make a simple power tool dust extraction device for a small workshop?

I have a electric motor from a flymo lawn mower and would like to use it to extract saw dust into a plastic drum. I have seen something like this along time ago and it worked well. What do I need to know about this principle. Any advice would be greatly received.

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How do you extract a CD burner diode from inside the case?

This is for the popular burning laser project. Doe's anyone know an easy way to get the light out? Thanks in advance

Question by Jojo007407 10 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Can i just extract a 3d model file from lets say tf2 and use a 3d printer to make it?

I'm dying for a Shortstop on my desk. Anything else I need to do? Or can I just buy one.

Question by N00B5L4Y3R 7 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago