what the f !

The instructable i was having problems publishing earlier, the pyro-system, has now completly disappeared. it isnt in published or unpublished sections and when i go to a link i saved earlier it ays it was removed by author. what has happened? please fix it

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What the F?

My background for instructables is displaying the background as an annoying flash file for norton anti-virus.

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Awwwwww F****

Hey guys...I think I just blew the sh!t out of my sub. It started to make rattleing noises and I shut it off and touched the cone and it's warm-hotish. Scuse the language, I'm a little disgruntled right now, is it destined for the scrap pile, or is it just the internal amplifier that got really got and just ain't making it work right?

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is their in instructable out there thet can help me with xmas lights

I need a instructable that explains how to build a computerized lighting show controller (with music) that is farley cheap and easy to build. it does not have to be dimmible but that would nice, it is also has to have multiplex. not all of the xmas lights blinking together. if anybody has any links that would great. PLEASE HELP i am open to all coments

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how Connect Sparkfun BT to a BT bracelet?

Well i trying to connect betwen Sparkfun Blue Smirft BT and a BT bracelte, here is the Bracelet that i am using: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Bluetooth-Call-Vibrate-Alert-Anti-lost-Alarm-Bracelet-Bracelets-for-Mobile-Phone-/121729821122 I can discover the bracelet but once i try to connect its returns "connect failed", the BT itself is working. i made successfully connection between my Android phone and bracelet and also i can connect between two Sparkfun BT.  thanks for help. i hope i wrote it in the right spot :P.

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87' f-150 engine

87' ford f-150 it has a small exhaust leak that no one can find, and the engine is not the best but it goes from point a to point b but i want to make it like new should i get a new engine or try to rebuilt it like new. 

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f-250 bad piston sleeve

cracked piston sleeve and no one will replace it without subjecting it to a need for a new engine block can i just replace the sleeve and keep the engine block

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My rc channel!

Id just thought id let you friendly bunch know of a new channel ive just creaated for anything rc related. http://www.youtube.com/user/mrfishin101?feature=mhum Feedback welcome! Thanks :) Sharlston

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can i replace a piston sleeve with out replacing the whole engine block?

F250 cracked piston sleeve and i want to just replace the piston sleeve can i do that with out replacing the whole engine block

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Homepage is F****d

Powerbook Mac 10.7.5 Safari Homepage loads without text entry fields (able to enter text but text is invisible) Search reveals no results

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How to construct a U.F.O?

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Instructable not showing up.

Hey, I published an instructable yesterday about 1 o'clock central time about a DIY CO2 reactor, and it still hasn't shown up under the "recent" tab. Is this normal? Is there someone I need to contact about this problem?

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How do you stage composit rocket engines? Answered

I am building a rocket and i want to use two or so F engines, how do i stage these

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1958 Walz Direct F:Stop Meter

I just thought I would share this cool '58 F:Stop meter I bought at a second-hand store for 50 cents. If anyone has information about this, (value maybe...) it would be nice.

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Common guys please join =D

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how does one build a electromagnetic blast device that knocks out electrical implants in the human body Answered

Electrical implants were put into my body without my permission,they inflict pain at strategic points in the body there small enought to be inserted with a needle..can they be neutralize electronicly..dennis o'donnell,bright6eyes@verizon.net, #6317890140

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Help with what they are? Answered

its in the pic is it a regulator and what brand is the F

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help using audacity!

I need help to strip the words of a song so i just have a beat. can anybody help me out plz. 

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PS/2 F to DB9 F adapter

Hi. I have been looking all over for some good info on making an PS/2 F to a DB9 F adapter.it is going to connect to my Magnetic card reader that has a PS/2 M. any wiring diagrams or any thing like that would help thanksOK i did find this but what dose it meen when it say's 3-------------------3,94-------------------2,5,7 dose that meen that i have to solder a wire to pin 3 on the mini din and with the same wire put it to 3 and 9 like bridging them together? Mouse adapter for PS/2 mouse to Serial DB-9 Port.These work on only mouses that are dual type.Female PS/2 Mini-DIN 6 to Female DB-9Wiring FormatMiniDin-6 F ------ DB-9 F1-------------------13-------------------3,94-------------------2,5,75-------------------6G-------------------G

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knex aircraft f-22 raptor R.A.F

Ok then where shall i start , i have recently started to take an intrest in to model aircraft ,not R.C but knex aircraft my liking at the moment is as you may guess the f-22 lockheed raptor. i am currently working on this and may be posted . but i wondered if anyone would participate in building and posting model aircraft.

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what is the best primary pistol ?

For a knex war thats not oddammo

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how do i fix this minecraft bug? Answered

Theres been a bug going on in minecraft that is hard to fix.its a bug that,when you fly to much in creative, it glitches up and when you try to exit it keeps the cursor inside the box. its happened to me twice and when it does, you cant go to any other websites or anything. you cant type in anything and if you sign out of gmail (or any other mail site) it wont let you back on unless you type both the username and password. thanks for helping.                       nfk11

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How to fix jammed Dvd/Cd drive F?

First my drive did not open so I repaired it using the paperclip method BUT did not turn off the PC. Now every time I boot up, the drive makes a repetitive jerking sound and I have to push in the already closed drive to make the noise stop and enable the  PC to boot.  IS there something I can do to fix it? Tks

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Does any one know how to play "Organ Donor" on the piano by DJ Shadow?

i cant seem to find any sheet music for the song, but would love to play it! D:? i've got the main theme so far c# g# f# g# e# f# d# e# c# c# g# g# f# f# g# g# e# e# f# f# d# d# e# e#

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What should i do with a pda and a old scanner? Answered

Good day Instructables :)    I have a old Acer Scanner 620 (flatbed scanner) and a pda. the old scanner is too old to be compatible (remember that parallel port is dead long time ago) and the pda has a broken On button and the battery is damage. What should i use these materials for?    What can i do with them? Should i turn them into a spy camera (but i don't how to do that...) or something like that? I want to use them for something besides throwing into the rubbish Please help? Here are the photos of the pda and the scanner:= http://s1152.photobucket.com/albums/p487/LMAO1398/ http://s1152.photobucket.com/albums/p487/LMAO1398/

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Could an O2 sensor from an automobile be used inside the combustion chamber of a potato gun?

So I was shooting my potato gun after talking about car repair today, when I got the idea. Could an O2 sensor from an automobile be used inside the combustion chamber of a potato gun to achieve optimal fuel/air ratio? Finding the chemistry of the aerosol fuel would be difficult, and I wouldn't know where to start with the computer stuff, but could it be done? If so, has anyone done it? I searched instructables and no one has even mentioned it. I found on a mazda forum that a wideband O2 sensor may detect the air/fuel ration when using propane, but what about aerosol? Propane in a plastic gun is just begging for injury. I use Right Guard sport deodorant (Without antiperspirant) as the fuel, I think it works the best. The primary ingredient is Denatured Alcohol.

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Help please! Repairing trip-up!

Please Help!!! I need help to fix my telephone's mic! I have a telephone at home that was dropped many times and ultimately finished breaking something (e.i. the microphone) so while me being an aspirating electronic engineer (NOOB!) I tried to open up the phone and change the mic with a solution that I thought pretty smart; I learn some time ago that if you change the polarity of a speaker, you can use it as a mic so I naturally opened up the phone and to my surprise I find 2 freaking mics that look nothing like a speaker (or even a freaking mic for that matter) (Picture below). So I was asking myself... Can someone help me to change the mics in the phone with the speaker (Picture of the speaker below, any of the speakers are ok), by telling me about any changes that I have to do or any alert that this might not work (keep in to consideration the voltage, speaker type, and the polarity)... P.S. â€‹II was also thinking about changing the antenna because it's pretty weak!(Pics below). Any thoughts about that? And Thank You! Sincerely; Your hopefully future friend and companion: AntF

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Secret spy image photo copying batch file

Good Afternoon All.I am wondering if someone could assist me in tweaking an excellent batch file. Below is a line of code I wish to change:for /f "tokens=* delims= " %%f in ('dir/b/s/a-d c:\*.%%a') do (What I would like to do is have the file back up images from the current user profile rather than the entire Hard Drive. I have tried the following combinations with no success:for /f "tokens=* delims= " %%f in ('dir/b/s/a-d %USERPROFILE%\*.%%a') do (set location=%USERPROFILE%for /f "tokens=* delims= " %%f in ('dir/b/s/a-d %location%\*.%%a') do (for /f "tokens=* delims= " %%f in (%USERPROFILE%\*.%%a') do (I would be very greatful for any assistance.Regards,Daniel

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my feed has a facebook f for the tumblr link instead of a tumblr t, at https://www.instructables.com/feed/

My feed has a facebook f for the tumblr link instead of a tumblr t, at https://www.instructables.com/feed/

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F-N-R transmission from old ford Tranny

Okay I'm making a 2F1R (2 forward 1 rear) trike from and old 550 GSX Susuki. I have seen many builds for electric reverse drives. I want a Mechanical Drive F-N-R gearbox. I have never opened an transmission "YET" but Im about to. I have a Ford AOD Automatic Overdrive out of a F-150. Does anyone know how to get to the Planetary gears? Once I get them out I want to make a metal case to mount between the Engine and Rear Swingarm so that I can use the engine to power the reverse. Here n Georgia there are some very steep driveways and parking spots. I'll need the power from the 550cc engine to back out. Thats noping also I dont just spin the tire off doing it LOL

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What a fantastic piece of street art: Spotted on F/book

This is the link, It takes you to 'LolSnaps' It came up on my Facebook newsfeed, and well I'm impressed... I think this sort of random street art is fantastic, because of the way it gets people involved I'm not sure where it's from, or what site it was originally posted on... but well.... I like it I remember seeing something similar a few years back (well more than a few) when I was in Dublin... someone had spray painted a building with phrases like 'I was here I had a voice' 'life is art' etc... very cool Anyway Enjoy :)

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Abraham Lincoln Assassination vs John F. Kennedy Assassination

I am going to go straight to the point - Abraham Lincoln was elected to congress in 1846John F. Kennedy was elected to congress in 1946Lincoln was elected president in 1860Kennedy was elected president in 1960Lincoln was shot on a FridayKennedy was shot on a FridayLincoln's Assassain had a 3 word 15 letter name (John Wilkes Booth)Kennedy's Assassain had a 3 word 15 letter name (Lee Harvey Oswald)Booth ran from a theater and was caught in a warehouseOswald ran from a warehouse and was caught in a theaterBooth was assassinated before his trialOslwald was assassinated before his trialLincoln was shot in the head from behindKennedy was shot in the head from behindLincoln was shot in a theater named FordKennedy was shot in a car made by FordLincoln's wife was present when he was shotKennedy's wife was present when he was shotLincoln was succeeded by a Vice President JohnsonKennedy was succeeded by a Vice President JonhsonI got all this info from a book. But I noticed something... Lincoln's last name has 7 lettersKennedy's last name has 7 letters SUPER WEIRD =

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Parallel beam of light out of biconvex lens f=45mm

Hi, I would like to create an almost parallel beam of light with an LED and a biconvex lens. Therefore I have to place the LED directly in the focal point. I thought of a setup with a PVC pipe with threading: I could glue the lens to one end and screw a cap onto the other. Then I would drill a hole in the middle of the cap and stick the LED through the hole. By screwing the cap back and forth on the PVC pipe I would be able to find the exact focal point and then fix the cap in place. There is just one problem: Lenses are either incredibly expensive or only available as sets. The only exception I found so far are lenses for google cardboard. They sell for just a few euros on ebay. Google cardboard lenses have a focal length of 45mm and different diameters, I would like to use a diameter of 25mm which is no problem. Now I wonder: Is the focal length of 45mm too small ? Will I be able to get an (almost) parallel beam of light out of this setup ? The LED is no ideal point light source. Originally I wanted to get f>80mm but that is really expensive. Anyone with experience on this kind of setup ? Tips you could share ? Can I get this to work, or will the approach be too unprecise.

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What mental disease could cause people to spontaneously swear?

I was down-town last week buying material for a photography back ground when I passed a lady who every minute or so went "F-F-Fu-F***ing C**t!" What would cause this?

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Best Political clip

Post your favorite Political clip.mine has to be I'm F*cking Obama - Hillary ClintonI'm F*cking Obama - Hillary Clinton

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Cheap Christmas presents

Hey.... any ideas for christmas presents that aren't for your close friends... (parents of b/f, b/f's frieds... etc.) I need some crafty cute inexpensive ideas.

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Multiple Keyboards

I would like to know if there is a way to hook up two keyboards and run them simultaneously but doing different things i.e. the "f" key types and f using one keyboard but say opens firefox on the other. Any Ideas would be appreciated

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Pentium 4 CPU hitting 75+ Degrees C (167 Degrees F)

Hi It's the good old Aussie summer and my computer doesn't like it one bit. Does anyone think a Pentium 4 CPU getting up to 75+ Degrees C (167 Degrees F) is a bit hot? The case only has only one case fan (in the power supply) Any suggestions to get it to run cooler? More fans? Water cooling?

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What chords do you know? G, EM, E, F,C

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verilog code ?

I have made sample code for 4 bit ALU and 3 to 8 decoder to make 4 bit processor . as designer we can design anything so I have started to design processor with two function ALU and decoder 4 bit alu Module alu (a,b,s0,s1,s2 f); Input a,b,s0,s1,s2; Output f; Reg [3:0]; Always @(s0,s1,s2); Begian Case (s0,s1,s2); 3b’000 :f=(a&b;); 3b’001:f= (a|b); 3b’010 :f= ~(a&b;); 3b’011 :f= ~ (a|b); 3b’100:f=(a^b); 3b’101: f=(a*b); 3b’110: f=(a+b); 3b’111:f=(a-b ); End case End module 3to 8 decoder Module decoder (a2,a1,a0, d7,d6,d5,d4,d3,d2,d1,d0); Input a2,a1,a0; Output d7,d6,d5,d4,d3,d2,d1,d0; Wire [7:0]; Always @(a2,a1,a0); Begin Case (a2,a1,a0); 4’b000:( d7,d6,d5,d4,d3,d2,d1,d0)=00000001; 4’001: (d7,d6,d5,d4,d3,d2,d1,d0)=00000010; 4’b010: (d7,d6,d5,d4,d3,d2,d1,d0)=00000100; 4’b011: (d7,d6,d5,d4,d3,d2,d1,d0)=00001000; 4’b100:( d7,d6,d5,d4,d3,d2,d1,d0)=00010000; 4’b101:( d7,d6,d5,d4,d3,d2,d1,d0)=00100000; 4’b110: (d7,d6,d5,d4,d3,d2,d1,d0)=01000000; 4’b111: (d7,d6,d5,d4,d3,d2,d1,d0)=10000000; Endcase Endmodule I don't understand how to connect 4 bit Alu with     3 to 8 bit decoder to make 4 bit processor    

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Convert DS18B20 temperature to string?

I want to convert DS18B20 temperature (4-bytes code from datasheet) to string with accuracy 0.1°C (like sprintf %.1f). AVR. C language (avr-gcc). I need for small code, so sprintf, floating-point types and round from math.h is bad idea. My following current code is bad also: This is the date sheet of DS18B20 void reverse_string(char *s) {     char *p, c;     for (p = s + strlen(s) - 1; s <= p; ++s, --p) {         c = *p;         *p = *s;         *s = c;     } } void ts_to_string(uint16_t ts, char *s) {     int8_t n = (int8_t)(ts >> 4);     uint8_t neg = n & 0x80;     char *p = s;     float f;     if (neg)         n = -n-1;     do {         *p++ = n % 10 + '0';     } while ((n /= 10) > 0);     if (neg)         *p++ = '-';     *p = '\0';     reverse_string(s);     *p++ = '.';     f = (float)(ts & 0xf) / 16.0;     if (neg)         f = 1.0-f;     *p++ = (char)round(f * 10.0) + '0';     *p = '\0'; }

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