Big Ball Factory?

I was wondering if anyone knew where i could find the big ball factory for <$75

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Knex ball factory instructions!

I have the PDF files for the BIG BALL FACTORY!Here they are! if this violates anything, just PM me and I will take it down. YAY!

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Antibiotic resistance and factory farming

Want to know where the latest MRSA strains are coming from?Not the hospitals- it's factory farms. I know the basics of antibiotic use in factory farming, but seeing the statistics is still appalling. It makes me particularly happy to have scored 55lbs of venison from my uncle this weekend.The bit on testing reminds me of the bit about Mad Cow- US farmers who want to test 100% of their livestock aren't allowed to basically because 1) it would make the untested animals look bad, and 2) they might find something. One BSE-infected cow (or at least proof of such) could shut down US beef exports entirely. Anyway, back to MRSA:The Union of Concerned Scientists estimates that at least 70 percent of the antibiotics used in America are fed to animals living on factory farms.Raising vast numbers of pigs or chickens or cattle in close and filthy confinement simply would not be possible without the routine feeding of antibiotics to keep the animals from dying of infectious diseases. That the antibiotics speed up the animals' growth also commends their use to industrial agriculture, but the crucial fact is that without these pharmaceuticals, meat production practiced on the scale and with the intensity we practice it could not be sustained for months, let alone decades.Public-health experts have been warning us for years that this situation is a public-health disaster waiting to happen. Sooner or later, the profligate use of these antibiotics -- in many cases the very same ones we depend on when we're sick -- would lead to the evolution of bacteria that could shake them off like a spring shower. It appears that "sooner or later" may be now. Recent studies in Europe and Canada found that confinement pig operations have become reservoirs of MRSA. A European study found that 60 percent of pig farms that routinely used antibiotics had MRSA-positive pigs (compared with 5 percent of farms that did not feed pigs antibiotics). This month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a study showing that a strain of "œMRSA from an animal reservoir has recently entered the human population and is now responsible for [more than] 20 percent of all MRSA in the Netherlands." Is this strictly a European problem? Evidently not. According to a study in Veterinary Microbiology, MRSA was found on 45 percent of the 20 pig farms sampled in Ontario, and in 20 percent of the pig farmers. (People can harbor the bacteria without being infected by it.) Thanks to Nafta, pigs move freely between Canada and the United States. So MRSA may be present on American pig farms; we just haven't looked yet.I love Michael Pollan's work. If you haven't read The Omnivore's Dilemma you should. Many of his books started as pieces for the NYTimes magazine: here's a list of books and articles, with links. He's much more of a storyteller than a straight-up reporter, and despite the often dire subject matter his stories are simply fun to read. He's also a journalism prof at UCBerkeley right around the corner from Instructables.

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Pimped out big ball factory!

New big ball factory instructions coming out soon!! features:jump, tightrope, big loop, freefall, and more!

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Squid Labs video on the Disappearing Factory

Innovation Lab recently put together a conference and asked Squid Labs to start it off by talking about the disappearing factory. Unfortunately, we weren't able to attend, and so sent this video instead. In it, Saul, Tim, and I stare into a sunset and talk about what we think is the disappearing factory.

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what are these factory power cord attachments?

I see them all the time and I even think somebody told me once but I forgot. First one to answer gets a candy bar.

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Factory Tours in Pennsylvania by Made in America.

Hey guys n gals that live in or around York, PA....during the period of June 17-20th, in York County, PA 20 factories will be opening up their doors for visits behind the scenes. Find out more about this at: Made in America, 2009 York CountyI saw this FIRST on page 168 of the new MAKE mag.

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where can i get a big ball factory set? Answered

Does anyone know where i can get a big ball factory set for less than $50 i know ebay has them but their prices get up to high please help

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How do i make portland cement for a small scale industry? Can anyone help me plz.?

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Moulton Bicycle Company factory tour

I've always been fascinated by Moulton bikes- I love the space frame design. Here's an awesome video of the factory-

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Knex modefied big ball factory.;=channel_video_title

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Old factory workshop, Possible uses?

Hi instructable, I've been wanting to make a Lathe now for the better part of a year. But due to financial reasons and depression and such I've been unable to do so. However a few days ago i started thinking about possible places to get the materials I needed, including other tools to make things. Then I remembered the old factory workshop in my grandmothers house where they used to make fishing lures out of brass and figured, well if there's anywhere to get a powerful electric engine that would be the place. Today I went out there for a visit since it's only 15 minutes away, and I found so much more. Below i have attached photos of the machines, the workshop itself is a mess and needs a good cleaning as well as the machines. But I think it has promise if I attached some emergency shutoff buttons and such.

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Want your own factory for $2400?

Article in this weeks's New Scientist - they've developed a desk-top fabricator:The standard version of their Freeform fabricator – or "fabber" – is about the size of a microwave oven and can be assembled for around $2400 (£1200). It can generate 3D objects from plastic and various other materials. Full documentation on how to build and operate the machine, along with all the software required, are available on the Fab@Home website, and all designs, documents and software have been released for free.Unlike commercial equipment, the Fab@Home machine is also designed to be used with more than one material. So far it has been tested with silicone, plaster, play-doh and even chocolate and icing. Different materials can also be used to make a single object – the control software prompts the user when to load new material into the machine.Article:;=Video of it in action: would you build??

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Piece List Please? Answered

I would like a piece list for the Big Ball Factory please, no hurry.

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Knex Ball Machine - Xyphos

 This is my newest Knex ball machine, Xyphos.  It is five and a half feet tall, has five paths and three lifts (credit to Shadowman39 for the first two).  Hope you like it!

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Help, I'm stuck in a 3D printer factory!

Check out some pictures from the Spark 3D printer factory!

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How do you restore your iPod Touch to factory settings without updating?

I have a download limit (up to 300MB) with Hughesnet Internet, and I cannot download the most recent iPod Touch update. How can I restore my iPod Touch to the original factory settings (no apps except the ones that came with it)? I think I got some sort of virus on it, but I called Apple and they said to restore it. I just got my iPod yesterday, and am kind of bummed that the apps aren't working :( Thanks a million, Techman

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How many black rods does the knex ball factory have? Answered

How many black rods does the knex ball factory have?

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K'nex replacements? Answered

Could you replace the tubing on the Big Ball Factory with roller coaster tubing?

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Knex Ball Machine - Schizoid

Here is my newest ball machine, Schizoid.  It is four feet tall, uses a chain lift and has seven paths.  It took ten days to build.  Enjoy! KnexLord1

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Knex Challenge: Stair Lift

 This is a challenge that is open to all Knex builders.  The challenge is to create a two-path ball machine using 39Shadowman's Stair Lift. The machine must use the stair lift and no other lift systems, and must use the path separator shown in the video. The closing date for entries is 29th December.  I will look at the entries on 31st December and pick a winner.  The winner will receive five star ratings on their next five Instructables (including slide shows and videos). GOOD LUCK!  

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What to do About Shadowman39's "Official Guide to Knex Ball Machine Lifts"

     As you know Shadowman39 on December 17, 2009 posted his Official Guide to Knex Ball Machine Lifts, but as of July 2011 he has not updated his guide. In fact his last comment on instructables was September 28, 2011. And since then there has been over 15 new lifts. So I was wondering whether someone should post a new and updated guide with all the new lifts created since. Not with all the lifts on Shadowman39's guide, but all the ones created since. It could be called something like, "The Official Guide to Knex Ball Machine Lifts 2" or something like that. If none of you guys are up to the challenge I will gladly take on the responsibility, but first I want to here what you guys think.                      UPDATE Sorry guys. Sorunome says he has been communicating with RNB and Shadowman39 via skype. He says that RNB will continue Shadowman39's guide as soon as possible. So please don't post another guide. Thank you.                                                                                                                                                                            KneXtreme 

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How to remove the factory radio from a 05 Nissan Titan, king cab?

Question by Rhitson 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

How do you create factory simulation software without learning any language?

I want to create or get a factory simulation software ( the same as ARENA or VISIOSIM ), without learning any computer language (though I remember my Visual Basic 6, I dont want to use any). Surely there has to be an opensource software like that.

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guns from knex big ball factory set??

Ive got the original knex big ball factory set, mixed with a couple of small sets, was just wondering if anyone can make a gun out of this kind of set? ive tried following a couple of instructables but i dont have the black & blue connectors or the blue ones that look like the grey ones, or bendy rods. im sre theres more i would need but just wanna build something to shoot pigeons with. nice and powerful doesnt matter how heavy, light, but must be powerful

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Where can i find factory seconds or refurb solar panels?

I am willing to accept a panel with a few bad cells to make the panels affordable.

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How do I remove the factory stickers from my OCC Chopper bike?

Hello, I'm Looking for the best method of removing the factory stickers from an OCC Chopper bike without damaging the paint. I've tried Goo-Gone, the Hairdryer technique. Please tell me what the best method is. Thank you everyone!

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Does anyone have a plan for a BMX sidecar? I have seen one on Fantasy Factory that tilts with the main bike.?

I have seen one on Fantasy Factory that tilts with the main bike. Also it appeared to be a bolt on unit.

Question by RonnyPerez 9 years ago

The Dream Factory - Squid Labs and Instructables in Wired September 2005

This was Instructables' big debut. The author, Clive Thompson, came and hung out at Squid Labs for a couple of days, and later on we had a hilarious half-day photoshoot where the photographers couldn't remember Dan's name and had to keep calling him "wrench."Wired 13.09 The Dream Factoryby Clive ThompsonThey're already living that future in a small warehouse in Emeryville, California. It's the headquarters of Squid Labs, run by a gang of five MIT alums who by day create prototypes of new technologies for outside firms - and by night fabricate weird gizmos just for fun."Everything I own is basically one of a kind," says a cheery Saul Griffith, one of the cofounders, as he crouches on the floor of his dust-covered workshop, rooting through an enormous bucket of metal brackets and bolts. A tall, shaggy Australian, he's wearing ragged flip-flops and a pair of cargo pants so stained with oil and grime that I can't determine their original color. Dozens of his group's inventions lie scattered about: a Frisbee embedded with microchip-driven LEDs, a set of robots precision-cut from plastic, a bunch of helmet-mounted laser-and-GPS sensors designed to help firefighters locate one another in a blazing house.Today, Griffith is building a "hybrid electric bicycle" with a hidden battery compartment inside the bike's 4-foot-long, chopper-style front forks. To hold the forks in place, he spent the morning designing a bracket, then cut out a flat template for it on Squid Labs' laser cutter. Now, with that template as a guide, he hacks the shape out of quarter-inch steel, using a terrifyingly loud metal cutter. "I'm really into this 'tractor' aesthetic, getting everything to look like industrial machinery!" he hollers over the cutter's shrieks, while a 3-foot cone of orange sparks flies up and ricochets off his face.Every few minutes, Griffith pauses to snap a photo of his progress. When done, he'll write up a comprehensive guide on how to build his project. This, he argues, is the next crucial step in fab culture: getting hobbyists to carefully document their plans and share them online. Squid Labs is hoping to kick-start such sharing this fall when it launches - an open database of interesting projects and fab techniques, "kind of like a Wikipedia for making stuff," Griffith explains. If people want to build his electric hybrid chopper bicycle, they'll be able to download the CorelDraw design of the bracket and send it someplace like eMachineShop to have their own copy printed."We got inspired when we looked at all these guys who'd engineered these incredible, modded parts for their Harleys. They'd have amazing photos of them, but they'd never post the CAD image," Griffith says. "We were like, Why not go open source?"Later that day, I get a taste of how weirdly transformative this idea is. I'm hanging out with Dan Goldwater - another Squid Labs cofounder - and admiring one of his inventions. It's a pair of plastic gears that sit on a bike pedal and power a tiny generator. As you ride, you can run LED lights or a radio. I tell him I'd love to have a version of it myself. So a couple of Squid Labs guys go over to the laser cutter, pull up the design, and a few minutes later hand me exact copies of Goldwater's gears. Design once, print often. "Pretty cool, eh?" Goldwater grins."Griffith imagines that fab tools could produce new economic models for creators. Suppose a hobbyist made a cool plastic exterior for an MP3 player. Suppose she put the design online, and 700 people downloaded the file and had it printed at eMachineShop. "At what point," he asks, "would a manufacturer say, Hey, there's a market here - and offer to buy the design from her?""So, sure, soon we'll be able to build anything. But should we? "Let's say everyone suddenly can make their own hood ornaments. What if they actually do that? The real world would look like the Internet in 1996, when people started making their own Web sites." Griffith shudders. "Remember those hideous-looking psychedelic backgrounds and stupid animations? And blinking tags?""Rainbow dividers," Goldwater adds.It's a good point - and it makes me anxious about my guitar. Sure, it looked fine onscreen. But what if it turns out to be a monstrosity in my hands? Recalling my decision to use clear acrylic for the body, I break into a nervous sweat. It's going to look like something from a mid-'80s, big-hair heavy-metal band! What the hell was I thinking?Griffith interrupts my panic to announce that his chopper is ready. He wheels it onto the street, all five Squid Labbers in tow. Eric Wilhelm, a lanky designer, offers to be the test pilot. He straps on a helmet and mounts the seat. "Does it have brakes?" he asks."Sort of," Griffith says."It's amazing how often brakes are an afterthought," Wilhelm sighs. Then he hits the electric starter and peels off.

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Congratulations to Kiteman, and wish him success in his cat food factory.

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what can be the application of color sensor (RGB) in the industries,specifically in factories?

Recently,i have a problem thinking about the possible applications of the sample project given by my student assistant.Its title is "color sensor with a conveyor system and sorting capacity"can anybody help me think of a specific application of this project in factories?thanks.  

Question by ivyrosita 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

How can I play movies from a flash drive in my 2008 Chrysler Aspen? It's a factory installed Alpine system with DVD .

This is a factory installed system with DVD, camera and another player for the rear seats. But the cd player won't eject and my grandchildren are up in arms. Can you help[?

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can someone show me how to make the knex big ball factory? Answered

Question by coolsonic45 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Needed complete backup of the factory image of a dv9260us laptop.2007 Hp dv9260us laptop. Windows Vista Ultmate 64 bit.

I cannot get into safe mode because after the system recovery-I am unable to access windows. Actually I am unable to do anything. Do you know of anyone who has a complete backup of the factory image of a dv9260us laptop. I have a 2007 Hp dv9260us laptop. Windows Vista Ultmate 64 bit. The tech support people at hp are useless. I wonder how they can call themselves computer techs. All they do is read from a script.

Question by HP Hater 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Seasoning cast iron..... Answered

I do not like the factory seasoning on a cast iron skillet I have. Should I season over it or remove the factory black, nasty crap and season on my own from scratch? It's a shame how poorly companies, even good ones like Lodge have such poor quality seasoning on their products.

Question by dkop1 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

How do I bypass the original owner and password on an iPhone 5s?

Question by Dea420 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

Is it possible to set the thermostat (temperature) on an air conditioner window mount unit below the factory setting?

I am trying to convert a 7' x 7' x 7' insulated room into a cooler with a temperature of 34 to 40 degrees by using an A/C unit and cannot cool the room below the 60 degree factory setting. I have tried isolating the temperature probe, but the unit just ices up. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank-you

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Where can I find the metal fittings of the Twin Carbo System well of the Mozilla Factory?

This office is constructed by using common products such as corner modules or plastic pallets, exploring the concept of “Open Source Furniture.” ... and I'm searching for the metal fittings of the Twin Carbo System: blob: Can I buy it somewhere?

Question by bmeunier 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago Motorola Z6M V9m V8 Housing LCD Flex LCD factory Motorola Z6M V9m V8 Housing LCD Flex LCD factoryYescell Tech Inc.register in HongKong. Dealing in cellphone & cellphone parts nearly 8 years in China.We have Own Factory for refurblish parts and cellphones.With competitive price in Oversea market.Ofen arrived Latest models & Yescell Tech. Inc, selling the Motorola cellphone & cellphone accessories about the Housing,mainboard,flex,LCD,lens,keypad,battery,rotor,antenna,and spare parts ! The following is the model list:Motorola V9m V3m K1m Motorola V8/ V9 /E6/ Q /V325/ V710 / V3 / V3c /V3m /V3i /v3x/v3xx/ K1 / K1m /Z3 / Z6/ e6/V6/ 120E /L6/L7 /Z6MMotorola cellphone V9m V3m K1m Motorola V8/ V9 /E6/ Q /V325/ V710 / V3 / V3c /V3m /V3i /v3x/v3xx/ K1 / K1m /Z3 / Z6/ e6/V6/ 120E /L6/L7 /a1000 parts============================================================================Welcome yours offer ! Contact person : Jason Ruan Yescell Tech. Inc.Mobile: +86-0-15902036847Tel: +86-20-81905708 Fax: +86-20-81859478E-mail: Skype :Jason-ruanHttp:// Http:// No.30 KangWangNan Road, LiWan Qu, GuangZhou, China.

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Cataclysm Ball Machine Update 2

Hey everyone, here's an update video and pictures of Cataclysm. I finished the ball launcher, added the wheel lift, and built the chain path lift. The video doesn't show the arm lift working because I took the batteries out of the motor to prevent corrosion. The ball launcher doesn't send the ball all the way up half the time, so I'm going to have to redo the track coming out of it. I also need to add a gate at the bottom of the arm. Click here for more pictures! Video: don't forget to watch it in HD! Enjoy!

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How can i make some money fast? Answered

I need to earn about €50, because i want to buy the knex big ball factory.

Question by ~KGB~ 7 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

I have a &quot;petsafe&quot; dog collar. It is not working well. Can I change the voltage?

On the back side of the collar there is a knob that says something like "preset by the factory don't change".

Question by dxknelso 9 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

replace head gaskets on a northstar engine?

have to replace both head gaskets on wifes car. cannot find any info or factory manuals any where. any and all info needed thanks

Question by 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Is there anyway to get my gateway kth300se back to factory settings? If not can I get a restore disc for free somehow?

I really just want to know how to find a free disc?

Question by andybabo 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

replace head gaskets on a northstar engine?

have to replace both head gaskets on wifes car. cannot find any info or factory manuals any where. any and all info needed thanks

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what is the most productive,fastest and cheapest factory machine that can produce a pipe door spring gun? Answered

The link is below because i own the idea of it and i want to be able to sell them so i can make my first major and big income i also need it to be effectant,little or no matince,and little or no cost to operate and i need it to be a max size the size of 1 cubic meter i also need it to be alavalable to almost everywhere

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Circuit Scribe Educational Project: Prototyping Board

The Eureka Factory does a lot of hands on educational programming with youth and adults, often library staff training for makerspace development and creative programming.  We test drove the Circuit Scribe kits provided for the February Build Night, at the Land O'Lakes Branch Library in Pasco County, FL, and our Maker in Residence, Chuck Stephens shares one of our projects and a kit review here: We'd love to hear some of your educational projects with the kits.

Topic by EurekaFactory 4 years ago

Custom Furniture Concept

Instead of buying a chair that was made in a factory, get the file printed up at your local fab shop. Check out this video that was presented by Bruce Sterling last night in Italy.Yes, the voices aren't the greatest.

Topic by fungus amungus 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago