Fake project

THERE IS A FAKE PROJECT called destilling hydrogen peroxide with salt. it's fake. why it still up?

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Fake project


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fake matches

Hey can anyone help?  I want to make fake matches like ones you strike on the box? Or a full instructable or post box and at least 20 matches

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Fake devices

I just took apart a cheap "solar" calculator that was actually powered by a small coin cell. The "Solar Panel" was colored cellophane. You ever find something like this?

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Fake It Results?

Just curious, are the Fake It Don't Make It Contest Results up yet? If they are, anyone have a link, if not, does anyone have an idea when they will be? Thanks!

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Fake instructables

So I have come across this one user. MegaPrincess3001 https://www.instructables.com/member/MegaPrincess3001/ He is posting fake instructables. I mean, these Instructables obviously are fake and are not helpful in any way. They are funny, but I do not feel they belong in this community. For example, one video is just of him and one of his friends eating baked goods and then pretending to poop out a "pizza". He passes this off as "making a pizza". Watch "how to make a pizza" to get what I mean.  I have attached  an uploaded image of him "cooking a pizza" to show you what I mean What is instructables policy on these videos? Are they considered spam, inappropriate? or will we just allow them to exist on this site? I have flagged both of his videos as inappropriate. If you agree with me, I suggest that you do so to. ~wowguy

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Fake lifestraw? Answered

Just curious I bought a lifestraw yesterday from a small local outdoor store and the guy is known to sell knock offs and defective products. Just wondering from the the people who have bought them before is there always a small shiny silver sticker over the mouthpeice thats says genuine a million times. Just wanted to see before I used it on potentially bad water. Thanks

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fake rocks

hey one and all, i just wondered if anyone has make large fake rocks, 4 the garden etc??? fake rocks made from fiberglass etc and how 2 go about it. regards steve

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this is fake right? Answered


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Fake Fur

I need to know where to get some fake fur from somewhere in england (preferably near Preston) to make a modded version of thewrist wallet so if anyone lives near or knows somewhere to get some from.also how mush does the stuff cost?

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Hey guys ill be showing my fake yugioh card collection your probably wondering why i would waste my time drawing these cards. well here is an answer i think of it as a relaxing thing to do and me and my siblings battle and trade with them so to me its not a waste of time. a few days ago we organized over 400 fake cards, for you kids out there let me say somethin THATS A LOT OF FLIPPIN CARDS!! so yeah you get the point.

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KillerK- he is a fake.

Killerk faked his sniper by cutting and placing his "sniper" round far away. lotrfreak did not shoot it, it came from the side- KILLERK

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fake teeth? HELP?

I''m planning on making fake teeth prosthetics for my costume on halloween. I have a few ideas but I'm not sure if they'll work or look as good as a real one. any ideas on what material to use? Im planning to make a set of teeth with all fangs. like a shark's

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Is this a fake G-Shock? Answered

Hi, I've got a G-Shock with the model no. G-100-1BVMES. Is this a fake model no. as I can't find it on European, US or UK G-Shock websites. I got it from a well-known jewellers so I don't think it's fake...but when I looked the model no. up it only appears on a few websites. On the G-Shock UK website is appears as 1BVMUR...it looks like my one but I'm not 100% sure if it is a real one under a less popular name. Any information would be much appreciated. Thank You super_me

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Making a Fake Fire

Hi Friends, have you heard about a Fake Fire? I have been looking a way to DIY a fake fire, however, I couldn't find the element. but today just made a fireproof glove to make some awesome effect. could you give me a comment after watched?Of course, in case of you trap in a danger fire, with this my emergency glove, you could also use your hand to remove any hot items without any hurt. https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-FireProof-Glove/

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fake PRO name?

I'm just wondering if anyone has figured out the code to put a PRO symbol to the left of your name, if you have please tell me

Question by GnomeMaster 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Fake Human Skin

Hi, Can anyone tell me how to affordably make realistic looking human skin from leather? I'm looking to bind a book with it and, if the method works out, adapt it later into making the outer layer for a peeled man "greys anatomy" book cover type body suit for halloween.

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making fake rocks from fiberglass

Has anyone made fake rocks or boulders, from fiberglass or other light materials.??

Question by dagyboy 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

What is a fake barrel for knex guns? Answered

I have heard some people say that some guns have "fake" barrels so I personally would like to know what it means and an example of one.

Question by knex_mepalm 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

coming soon: How To Fake A UFO Picture

Coming soon how to fake ufo photos so well not even photo experts can tell if its real or fake

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how do you make a fake riffle?

I need to make a fake riffle that has a wooden butt and neck i would appreciate any ideas

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looking for a fake fire...LED lit perhaps

Hi all, new here but love everything I'm looking at here. Great ideas. I'm a Halloween fan, and build my own Halloween props. Right now I have built some cemetery fence columns, and I want to put a fake electric fire on top somehow. I have a plastic candy dish with light up eyes, and I want to have an electric/battery powered flame for the top of it, something that will show up really well at night. Real fire would be good, but I don't want to melt anything. The first image is my column, the second image is what I'm looking for, I just don't want to spend $60 on a couple of them, I would prefer to build them myself. Hopefully someone will give me some ideas....thanks

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For my Halloween costume, I want to add some fake "smoke" to come out of my shirt or hat. Just a puff or two on demand.

For my Halloween costume, I want to add some fake or artificial "smoke" to come out of my shirt or hat.  Just a puff or two on demand is what I am looking for.  Could be battery or chemical powered, but still needs to be safe next to a person. Thanks!?

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Are there any ideas to replicate pistols and a assault rifle at the same time making it semi-obvious that it is fake?

Hey guys.  Just wanted to let you know that I am extremely disappointed after speaking with a few clubs in Vegas.  There is no way that I will be allowed to enter a club with my plastic guns for my costume.I had called the Vegas police about this and they are ok with me walking around with it as long as I am responsible enough.  Are there any ideas anyone may have to replicate pistols and a assault rifle but at the same time making it semi-obvious that it is fake? Thanks!

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i was tCan anybody help me..

I was terminated by wal-mart and i appied at a temp. agency that offered me two job's though they want a letter saying i didnt get fired but laid off or they wont be able to hire me at all..does anyone know how to do a fake letter but that it looks real?

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Faux Petit Fours, does anyone know how to make these pretty little "non edible" desserts ?

I have purchased these to use as a pretty display in dining room, but would love to make them myself.

Question by lovedisney 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

fake nixie tube clock

I was wondering is I could use the same system of using a 7 segment display to wire up a digital clock using el wire since nixie tubes are so much more expensive and limited to small size, or if i should wire it so that it is like a singular l.e.d.  and where could i get smaller metal chicken wire fencing to further increase the nixie tube effect. Sorry for the bad grammar when I get an idea I tend to lack the proper way to describe it even though I can see it plain as day in my head

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Ads with fake "next" buttons

Allowing ads with fake "next" buttons makes for a bad user experience.

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Batch file fake hack

A file i made to fake a hack! you can use it to fool your friends!

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Converting Fake cupboard doors

I just got a free display cabinet with 4 glass doors, but on closer inspection i discovered that the 2 end doors are fake. i want to know if i can cut them out, add hinges and hang them like functional doors.

Question by smikette 6 months ago

Realistic looking fake moss

Does anyone have a way to make realistic fake moss? I've tried using dryer lint dyed green but it just looks like dryer lint dyed green. Has anyone tried using other materials? I was thinking of using felt cut up and shredded.

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fake "trojan" shutdown virus

Ok, this may be a completely noob question but i'm bored at college and thought this would be funny.  is there any way to have this open a website before it shuts down and displays it until the countdown has expired?

Question by bouter11 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

fake hearing aid, needed!

I'd like to take a basic $20 hearing aid - you know the type - and then rig it as a bluetooth earpiece. In short, I think it would be much better than using those 'slick' metallic earpieces I see people wearing around. I think it could be a great project, but I have very little knowledge about bluetooth electronics. Any suggestions for getting started?

Topic by lalagrande 11 years ago

Need advice on fake limbs. Answered

 So my classmates and I are kinda planning on putting on a haunted house next year for Halloween. Most of us are pretty artsy and creative. I'm just asking the intructables community what you guys and gals honk we should use for making cheap realistic limbs.  I was thinking of something like latex rubber but I've never worked with that sir of materials before. We don't want to use paper stuffed cloths or low stuffs like that. We are planning on using a material that will feel a lot like real limbs if dropped on people and just quick glances.  Thanks in advance for your advice. Anything you need specified simply ask and I shall specify :)

Question by budhaztm 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Fake X-RAY Exhibit

Hello all I wanted to know if anyone has an idea about cameras that have an X-RAY application. I am building a kids hospital for a museum and we want a play X-RAY machine. I thought that there may be a camera with an app that you can take a picture of someones hand, leg, face ect. and then it would alter the photo to look like a bone visible photo. Any ideas? Thanks

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Fake Account Rating attack?!

So just came home from work and checked if I had any new comments...then I saw very low ratings on two of my Instructables...https://www.instructables.com/id/Big-Powerful-Knex-Crossbow/Ratio was about 3.6 when I last checked, now it is 1.62https://www.instructables.com/id/Reaper-Crossbow/Ratio was 3.7 this afternoon, now it is 1.52This does not really make me happy =\Maybe some admin can look into this?

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Fake Pokemon GO Pro

Hello! Right now the best practice to hunt pokemon is to just walk and if the phone vibrates, you look. Thant means you have to hold the phone in hand.  I had an idea for a DIY, but no way to execute it. Idea is simple: -motor vibrator from old phone -Arduino -BT module -battery Turn all above into a braclet for your hand  I owuld need an app or something that, whenever phone vibrates, it would send a command over bluetooth to arduino to vibrate. It would need to check for phone vibrate command as the app doesnt give a notification or annything.  Is the ambition too high ? Is this harder to execute than i tought ? 

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fake security LED blinking- slow

I can't find a fake, security sensor. I want a blinking LED to blink slow. Sorta like the light that blinks in your car when it is locked- you see a small blinking light to warn thieves that there is an alarm. Thanks.

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how will i recognize original and fake arduino boards ? Answered

Question by nirmalnirmal 4 years ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

Fake Video Still Suckering Millions

It's amazing to see how far and wide bad information will spread. On youTube you can find a video that claims to show you how to charge an iPod with an onion that's been soaked in a sports drink. It's now been seen 7 million times.The video is pretty obviously a hoax. Onions don't exactly drink up a whole cup of liquid and a USB cable won't get much of a charge and Mythbusters has proven it wrong. But it keeps on going around and around until this mind worm claims everyone I suppose. Link

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Counterfeit or Error coin? Answered

Hello, I have a 50 pence coin that I noticed because it was not accepted in a vending machine. On comparison with another coin of the same year it became obvious that something was awry. I don't mind because I like fake coins, they are interesting. It is noticeably thinner and at least a gram lighter; it just feels less substantial. The rim on the upper half of the coin on both sides has either worn away or was never there. I looked on the Googles but can only find information on counterfeit pound coins, of which there are millions ( between 1:50 and 1:200). It seems that a 50 pence may be too low in value to fake. Are there any coin collectors out there who know whether this is likely to be a fake coin or an error coin. If it is an error coin does it have a value. Thank you. PS Through reading around, I discovered that the 50 pence is a special shape; despite its  odd shape it has a constant diameter.

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ANOTHER faker????

What is with this? There is an imposter of shadowman 39, and axiys, and now, another one. Me.  If you ask me, this is probably just one guy, thinking he's funny. Well, he's not. Just wanted to put that out there. Here's the link to him: SeIeziona (his name looks exactly like mine, but it has an uppercase i instead of an L)

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Is this Arduino on ebay Legit? Answered

I just Found One on Ebay To 20 Bucks, LinkAs I read the Description it seemed legit...But when i saw where it came from, fraud alarms rang on my head(hong kong)...It seems a good deal...Compared to the secondcheapest one i could find at sparkfun...I would Just get the One from Sparkfun just to be safe...But i don't have allot of money, and i will save some money every time i have a chance to do so...So what do you think?

Question by ReCreate 9 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

How would you make fake bald patches in fake fur? Answered

Well i decided im going to make Mod'ur from the movie Brave for halloween (hopefully this year) and i had noticed that he had bald patches in his shoulders and i think on his forehead but im not sure. Also how would you make scars on fake fur even if its short?

Question by shewerewolfgirl1994 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Get Cooking for the Fake It, Don't Make It Contest

The Fake It, Don't Make It Contest ends this coming Sunday! That's coming up soon so get out there and make some tasty food. The recipe has to have six ingredients or less and have at least two shortcuts.Prizes include Crate & Barrel gift cards, Real Simple aprons, and a chance to be published in Real Simple magazine. And all you have to do is cook one item. Fake It, Don't Make It Holiday Recipe Contest

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How do you make fake milk suspend in air ?

What are the material's i would need to make it from scratch?

Question by aevelyn 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Last Two Days for Fake It, Don't Make It and iRobot!!!

This is the closing weekend for TWO contests: the Fake It, Don't Make It Holiday Recipe Contest and the iRobot Create Challenge.Bring on the recipes! Bring on the robots! Bring on the robots powered by food!OK, the robot guys and gals know who they are, but anyone can enter the recipe contest. Make some food and document it. Show us your cool shortcut. Take some nice photos of the results and process. We want to see it and we want you to win cool stuff.Which recipe will be published in Real Simple? Which robot creator will win $5,000?

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XBOX 360 e305 faceplate

I was looking for a new 360 face plate when i saw the e305. then the price...$300!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so why not make a fake? look it up on google and ebay.

Topic by ejdarklord 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Anybody knows how to fake Facebook location?

Question by medhasrik 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

fake prop rock crushed to powder

I'm looking for something to make a crushable rock. I've seen in movies & series where a strong man would crush a rock, billiard ball or even a bolling ball. It was suggested "Flower Foam". Is their another name for this crush to powder like foam or, is there another type of stuff to make this crush to powder effect?

Topic by elkaddalek 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago