Fancy Pants Appreciation

Fancy Pants 2 is out now so we should make the most of it is made by brad borne ( Both games can be found on armor games ( - use this to bypass blockers) I am user "brainbox" on both sites

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Fancy stereo build?

Hi everyone, So I recently purchased a new house and it has these built-in speakers in every room. Thing is that I dont have a fancy stereo or something to hook it up to, so I wanted to build something myself. I wanted to build a device that could be controlled through an old smartphone I have laying around, via bluetooth. On which I can then select songs on Spotify or radio etc. And it should also allow me to switch between which speakers I want to use. (Each one has a separate cable) Does anybody have any ideas on how to do this? Or is there maybe something on the market matching my descripion that I can buy? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! Kind regards.

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fancy dress tin of sardines

I would like to dress up as a tin of sardines and cant find a fancy dress costume has to be uber laght weight as its for a festival and i dont want to have to carry it about....also waterproof.....and cheap......CAN YOU HELP ME!!!!

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Fancy winning £1000?

It's not an Instructables competition, but it's right up our street. The challenge is to make an "alternative umbrella":Design and make an alternative umbrella using partly or wholly recycled materials. Your umbrella can be an object of practical beauty or bizarre charm, and made to any scale.Since the competition is on #1 son's birthday, we'll be entering. If you're going to be in the Southwold area in September, you could enter. If you're not going to enter, how about posting some ideas I could pinch?

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How can I make a decent drinkable wine like the Bible or Romans did ?

I always wondered how they made wine in the old days of the Bible and Romans! All they had was some urns and grapes! So I want to keep it simple! (KISS) Keep it simple stupid is my motto! Anyone got a clue? I don't want any chemicals or fancy equipment either, so ?

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Bohemian Rhapsody fancy dress outfit.

Hi All, I'm going on a stag do in August. the theme is freddie mercury (lead singer from Queen). I want to recreate the shot in the Bohemian Rhapsody video where its just the 4 heads all lit from below. I will be Freddie Mercury, I will print off the other faces and stick them to card, I just need a mechanism where by the 3 other faces are suspended around me, preferably on arms of some kind that are retractable and spring into place at the pull of a cord. Not sure how practical this is, just seeing if anyone has any ideas. thanks in advance.

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Making momos of artful and fancy shapes: can someone tell me how to?

Momo or Dimsum is a dumpling common all over east asia. The basic idea is to take a wrapper( thin small pancake of dough), stuff it with a mixture of meat and vegetables and steam it. Eaten hot with any sauce, preferably pungent. I want to see momos/dimsums of artful and fancy shapes, and the technique of making them.

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will a fancy sign attract more coustomers than a plain sign?

Will a fancy sign attract more coustomers than a plain sign?

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Looking for simple Halloween costume ideas

(this was a Question over in "Answers," but Frollard brilliantly suggested that it would be better as a discussion here)There's a Halloween party next month for residents of my housing complex, which is for elderly and disabled people (I have disabling health problems (although not life-threatening or anything, in case you were going to worry)), and we've all been asked to dress up somehow. My problem is that I don't really fit in all that well here, and so neither do my costume ideas. Most of the residents are very normal, ordinary sort of people, except for those whose disabilities affect their cognitive or emotional functions; and those who were normal and ordinary back in Korea or Ukraine, but are still struggling with US language and culture.Most of my costume ideas (a Fruity Oaty Bar? ....Lady MacBeth? ...Marvin, the Paranoid Android? ...a Brownie from British folk mythology, to tie in with chocolate brownies from the oven to bring for the treats table?) are based on one semi-obscure cultural reference or another. I try hard (if not always successfully :) not to come off to my neighbors as some self-styled superior know-it-all, and I don't want to torpedo myself by showing up to the party dressed as The Solar System, complete with Halley's Comet in a holster on my Kuiper Belt.*(*although if I could figure out how to pull it off (for some other party), wouldn't that be just absolutely cooler than cool??? :)So I need an ordinary, normal, as-generic-as-possible costume idea. Cheap, easy, not so cumbersome as being a ghost with an old white sheet with eye-holes cut out, and not so close to unpleasant realities as The Grim Reaper (any number of our 80- & 90-year-olds already might as well avoid buying green bananas.) Right now I'm thinking about a bat with wings made from an old black umbrella, or else a scarecrow-cum-gardener (since lots of people know me through my working in our Community Garden).

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How do I make fancy drawer handles???

I am having trouble finding the right size and would love to D.I.Myself anyway. Help me out!

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I fancy this girl, but i'm quite shy and dont want to ruin our freindship. What should I do ?

We're 15, and in the same class.

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Need help designing an LED circuit for a fancy hoola hoop? Answered

My girlfriend has asked me to help her make a blinged up hoola hoop for a class she is taking.  I have some clear tubing to make the hoop, a small holder for 2AA batteries that fit inside the tube and have purchased 20 LED lights to go inside.  My question is, what is the best way to wire these LEDs to make use of the 3v from the batteries.  The stats on the LEDs are as follows: (Max forward current 20mA continious, 5VDC Max reverse Voltage. 4VDC Forward voltage drop) Thanks for any help or ideas!

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Ch. 2 In Which Many Packages are Shipped and a Fancy Dinner is Held

Hey Instructabrarians, SHIFT!  here.  Just keeping you updated on the exciting weekly activities at the Instructables HQ!  This week was relatively hectic, with a lot of planning on a bunch of stuff including Maker Faire 2011, Ice Cream Social Planning, shipping out new prizes, and of course NEW contest planning.  We finally got all of our iCreate Robot kits in, as well as an extremely large shipment of new Instructables T-Shirts in this week (now in Purple and Blue!). My fellow interns, Karen and Wade, and I were able to finish shipping out all of the fantastic prizes for not only the National Robotics Contest as well as the Eggbot Contest at our local PO (and it only cost a couple hundred in postage!) So Winners, be expecting a special delivery from Instructables HQ soon! Maker Faire planning is going well for us too.  Just received all of our tickets to the Faire, and I know Karen's been very busy preparing with upcoming interviews with all of the news teams that will be visiting the Faire.  And, as always Instructables will be selling some awesome one-of- a kind merchandise.  Which reminds me, better get DIY PIXAR ready too. And before I forget, Friday was totally awesome!  To celebrate our 10 millionth visitor to our website, we were all treated to a fancy dinner at Lulu's Restaurant on 4th Street, SF!  Food there was fantastic, everyone had a great time, and it was great to get everyone out of the office on a Friday night. As for me, I'm still adjusting to my work as a new member of the Instructables team.  There's always something new and exciting going on everyday and I'm still wrapping my head around all of this.  This really is the best job ever. Oh, two last things before I go - special treat for all of you, some special inside news.  First off, our upcoming public Ice Cream Social at our Top Secret HQ (conveniently located on 82cd Second Street, right next to Sammy's On Second) is going to be amazing.  If you've ever wanted a glimpse of all the behind-the-scenes stuff that happens on the site, come next Thursday, May 19th, for the public event and FREE Ice Cream!  Laura's actually booked a machine that uses Nitrogen to store all of the  ice cream and, yes, it is Cool. Finally, some brief new contest news. Earlier this week, I actually got to sit in a new planning meeting and listen in to all of the great new ideas Instructables has planned.  Now, as an intern I've promised my bosses not to spoil the surprise for you, so I'm bound by my word to uphold their confidentiality.  BUT, I can guarantee you that our new upcoming ones in the next months are literally the best  contests I've ever seen happen in my long time experience as a user of this site, and are quite unlike anything you've ever seen before.  So stay tuned, you'll be amazed. Anyway, that's it for me.  So until next week, SHIFT! signing out! PS.  I know I'm forgetting several people in my pictures, so, in advance, I apologize.

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MakerBot are hiring in NYC

Fancy a job working for MakerBot?  They're hiring in the NYC area - check this link for details.

Topic by Kiteman 7 years ago

Clear LCD

Is there anywhere I can get a working transparent LCD screen? Graphical would be nice, but not vital. It doesn't need fancy colors or anything.

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how do build an atomizer nozzle?

We were wondering how to build a heatresistant atomizer, it doesn't have to be fancy or anything?

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How to I apply rhinestones to formals and cocktail dresses? Answered

I what to learn to make fancy dresses, but I dontknow how they attatch rhinestones.

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Robots with no microcontrolors?

Does anyone have any ideas how to make a robot from simple ics not a fancy microcontrolor? (ROBOT= any thing with no human interaction requierd)

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Not gonna do much punctuation or any fancy layout for this. I looked at all of the entries to take over my new knex challenges. The winner is Dj Radio Good luck to him.

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DIY Satellite (BBC Orbiter competition)

Ever fancied making your own satellite?Now you can! The BBC is running a challenge to build a modern equivalent of the old Sputnik 1.Do you fancy building you own Sputnik? We've given you an idea how easy it could be, now the Magazine wants to hear from willing volunteers. We can even come and film you putting it together. We'll also investigate how to get your Sputniks launched.I've already volunteered - just imagine the Instructable that could result; the first DIY website in space!

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A piece of avitaion history for sale.

Well, quite a few pieces actually.Anybody fancy owning a piece of Concorde?The pdf catalogue is 112 pages long, and features some amazing things - windshields, landing mechanisms, bits of wings, pumps...

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Schematics/Instructions for (simple) guitar pickup Sustainer?

Nothing fancy, I want it to fit in my guitar, I don't need attack and sustain knobs, just an on/off switch that gives sustain or takes it off.

Question by beardedknome 7 years ago

How do I sew on a crest?

I need to sew (by hand) a crest onto my son's Karate uniform (Gi). I don't know any fancy stitches, but I need to make it "invisible" and strong. Any suggestions?

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Where can I find a mounting stick or sticks for wax seals , fancy, ornate or otherwise?

I have a stone, intaglio carved piece, that I would like to mount on a base, metal or wood for use as a sealing wax device. I need leads as to where I can go to have this done or other options to buy the mounting piece and so to accomplish this my self. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Peter

Question by jackaloupe 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Sound Circuts?

I was wondering if anyone had any simple sound circuts with variable pitch? It doesn't have to be very fancy just beeps and boops ( beeps and boops are preffered actually) Ii just need something that can create sounds with variable pitch and of any length

Question by Articas 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

How can I convert these? Answered

I want to convert a ps1 controller and a nes controller to usbwithout any fancy shmancy(yes,thats how its spelled) converting plugs. Just a straight line from the controller to a usb port.  diagrams appreciated.

Question by builderkidj 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

How can I make a simple LCD (Calculator screen)? Just one(two) pane(s) of glass that goes black.? Answered

Nothing fancy, mustn't show numbers or letters. Just go on and off (Black and clear)

Question by Koosie 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Does anyone have the plans for creating an electric battleship game?

I am looking for directions showing how to build a basic electric battleship game. Nothing fancy.    Something you might picture in Popular Mechanics or Handyman. 

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how to make good easy iron man armor without using pepakura for cheap?

 i want to make iron man armor on the cheap without using pepakura or a fancy material i just want good looking  iron armor

Question by laurent123 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

how can i mod my xbox (not 360) controller to shoot really fast in Halo(without chips or soldering)?

I dont got any of those fancy microcontrollers, and i dont have the slightest clue how to solder...

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Equalizer Schematic

Is there a schematic or a compact way (some compact sound system without all of the cd players and radio and all of that other fancy stuff, my input is just a 3.5mm jack) of creating an equalizer like below? I just thought up a cool project, but no schematics on the internet...

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Is there anyway to convert rs232 to usb, even to db25 without the need for fancy chips?I can spare a 2313 if i have to, or even an atmega8 for the cause, but I NEED a way to convert the USB signal to RS232 levels. (To program other avrs via usb =D)

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Engagement ring. i need help. Can you give advice?

I want to buy an engagement ring with an alexandrite stone... i want it to be as graceful and fancy as possible while sticking within the 300$ range. Help would be appreciated.

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How to view all Ibles in a group?

This has confused me ever since the groups were changed up all fancy-like. How do you view a big list of all Instructables that are in a group? I don't see any links that say anything like "View All".

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Has anybody come across "PocketScope"?

I've been browsing this website, and I quite fancy one of their pocket microscopes.However, I have had no response from email or letter.Has anybody encountered the company or microscope through a different route?

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how do you make a simple "one way" mirror? like old school sunglasses.? Answered

I'm wanting to make my own pair of reflective specs and i don't have fancy chemicals. anybody know a cheap or free alternative?

Question by TimTheScarecrow 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

How to make Musical Fountain?

I am very much interested in making a musical fountain not a big fancy one but a small which can control itself on rhythm like lm3914 controls LED can it control water pumps as well? If not then which IC can control it and how? Please help. 

Question by harryjone 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Any tips for a beginning tree climber? Answered

So lately I have been interested in tree climbing. But I don't have any gear or anything fancy, and I don't plan to. But are their any tips or guides for solo/ unassisted tree climbing?

Question by Bardouv 9 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Java 101?

Is there a simple way to learn how to post my instructable?  I used the simple set up and want to have more (pages, fancy lines, etc.)  Is there a template I can use?  I'll bee Thanks, Gracias, Xie Xie!

Question by jenengjen 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Request: Fogscreen

I read an article about these screens that are made from dry fog that can be used in your home as a 100" projector screen, just thought that some one on instructables might fancy building a homebrew version and sharing the knowledge. is the official site. I don't have a few grand to spare though!

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What kind of glue would you use to bond glass or glazed ceramic to a wood wall for a mosaic?

I'm planning to fancy up my screen house with my daughter for our summer project. I need a good glue that will bond fast for a mosaic. Thanks!

Question by jtp139 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Will concrete conduct heat well? Answered

See the picture for  more detail, but I basically need to know if this design of rock-steel-concrete-pipe will transfer heat to the oil in the pipe well. Thanks in advance, I don't need big fancy explanations, I just need to know if this will be a substantial heat source.

Question by 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Homemade LCD?

I have been wondering this for some time now: How can I make my own lcd solution? I don't want anything that will be able to display a picture, what I'd like to do is make windows that can shade/unshade. It'd be only one pixel, so no fancy circuitry would be required.

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Please help me im in a BAD situation!!!!!!!!!!please read this long story and help me out, by giving advice.Promlemo 1Well you see the girl that i kinda fancied, fancies one of my 'friends', hes not a best frind or anything just like a pal.Anyways, he likes her too and they are thinking of going out.Problemo 2The girl that i kinda fancied, well one of her best friends fancies me. But i absoloutly don't like her back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(emphasizing)Absoloutly! I DON' T WANT TO GO OUT WITH HER!Problemo 3Anyway the girl that i don't want to go out with, some how got my msn address. And yesterday, i got invited in a big group conversation with her in. She asked me "wud u go out wid me?" i said no.Then she said i Know you like me aswell.And i said 'nope'.She also started embaressing me in the group conv by saying 'luvey duvey' comments about me. Everyone in there was LOLing, LMAOing, ROFLing.It was really annoying and, i was thinking of not going school the next day but i did go.Shes very shy and quiet in class. Promlemo 4 WORRY!Im really worrying, if she asks me out at school, im not very good with these kind of encounters. How can i say NO to her?I really don't want to go out with her. I know all of youll think give her a chance or don't be mean, but NO i absoloutly don't want to go out with her.Problemo 5The girl who i kinda fancy, well i chatted to her for the first time yesterday on msn. and it went pretty smooth. But today she hasn't been on. Has she blocked me :(, or deleted me or WHAT?Can you all please be apreciate. And give me soloutions to the problems above!!!!!Im hoping Goodhart or Mr. Rig will help me out really well.But i want anyone to help at the moment. Give serious answers on what i can do to all 5 problems.BTW i have to find a soloution to Problemo #4 by monday, because i might see her that dy at school.Im really annoyed.PLEASE HELP!Thank You for reading this ridiculously long explanation.HELP!!!

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So I saw this in the ad, and thought it too good to be true. Are they nearly decent? I don't need anything fancy, just something that doesn't sound crappy to the untrained ear. And if the normal speakers are crap. Could I just use the sub?;=7784926&type;=product&id;=1142290023793

Topic by Weissensteinburg 12 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

how to make a easy headboard using foam board?

I need to make a lightweight headboard. I have a 3 panel screen I thought about using, but would like to use foam board because its light weight. No fancy designs, just basic square shape maybe covered with microsuede.

Question by forgetmenot5106 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago


My home was built in the early 50's and we are about to decorate the lounge area, I fancy having coving around the top of the wall, but have heard its quite hard to do.Any tips and tricks that could help me out please? Because I like to have sweet home furniture. Thanks.

Topic by kurapika 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

Developing Pinhole Film?

So i want to put peices of 35 mm film that i cut into pinhole camera to take photographs. Would this work? And if it does, how can i get them developed? is there any way i can do it myself without any fancy equipment?

Question by Brockley 7 years ago

Putting my instructable on my site?

I want to be able to put my instructable on my website. It would be nice if I could have all the fancy image notes too. As my instructable really is missing a lot with out them. If have tried a whole bunch of ways. Anyone have any ideas?

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