Say thank you to Instructables!

THANK YOU INSTRUCTABLES! You guys are really amazing! The website, the community, the projects, the people, you are all so awesome! I want to thank everyone at Instructables HQ and everyone who helps make Instructables such an amazing thing.  Thank you also so much for shipping the contest prizes to where we stay, It is really appreciated...a lot! This forum is open to everyone and anyone to express their thanks to in the comments section! Just go ahead and say thank you...

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Our Homemade Short Films

Hi everyone! Just wanted to share with you the homemade short films we make! We, the fathomlis team, and our eldest brother sometimes come together as 'MidNight' to create these. We do the acting, he does the rest. Most of them don't  have a story at all, but with Only a Month we tried to at least have some kind of plot line. Just be advised, These shorts aren't really professional or anything. Hope you enjoy! Comment what you think... Here are a few... Check out the rest here. Fist Full of Mad People: The Recce Fist Full of Mad People 2

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Amount of Judges? Answered

About how many judges, judge one contest? Thanks...

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WHERE do you download ebooks? Answered

I would like to know just exacty where one can download these ebooks... Thanks!

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Can I take part in Instructables' contests although I live in South Africa? Answered

I'm a legal citizen of South Africa. Can I take part in contests?

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About publishing an Instructable? Answered

I was wondering...can I publish an Instructable that I saw how to make in a magazine, or on the internet, or in a crafts book? Or even on Instructables? How far does the liability go?

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How much does voting have to do with winning contests? Answered

I'd like to know that. And also is there any way you can see how many votes you or someone else has? Thanks

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Makerspace Contest Legibility? Answered

Hi, is the makerspace contest open to all countries (the usual lot) or can only people living in CANADA, UNITED KINGDOM, AUSTRALIA, BELGIUM, CHINA, THE NETHERLANDS, COLOMBIA, DENMARK, GERMANY, INDIA, NORWAY, NEW ZEALAND OR SWITZERLAND enter? thanks a lot!

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I haven't received my monthly snacks prize yet, is there something extra I should do?

I recently came third in the snacks contest. I got my Instructables prize pack with my apron and stickers, but how do I know if I'll get my monthly snacks prize? Is there anything extra I should do, or know about? Thanks,

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