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fedora linux 9

The red hat linux distribution fedora just came out with version 9!! its code name is here for the details of the new releasei cant wait to get a copy, seeing as i cant seem to find my fedora 8 cd-romfor those of you in canada who want linux, go hereim pretty sure a quick google search will give good sources if your in the states

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Dual booting fedora and ubuntu?

I want to dual boot the FEL fedora distro and ubuntu 10.10 on my laptop which seems very capable of supporting both separately, but not yet together. I want to know if its possible to have them dual boot or if I need a different version of one or both for it to be compatible.

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Help...Fedora 9 Question.

Okay. So.I dunno, guys. I keep hearing "Linux this, Linux that", but I really don't know. It's not working for me so far. And I've been at it since March.Recently, I made a LiveUSB of Fedora 9 (I'm not allowed to install Linux to HDD until I buy my own PC). I experienced problems with the LiveUSB; mainly, the "persistent overlay" was not being recognized. After more than several attempts, I got it to work.Now I'm trying to install AWN. I opened up Terminal, typed in su, and then typed in this:yum install avant-window-navigatorand it installed. It didn't say anything about errors or anything. So I went to Applications > Accessories and sure enough, there it was. I clicked it. I saw a window flash at the top left of my screen, and then nothing. Three more tries. Same reaction each time. Now the way I understand it, I need Compiz in order for AWN to work. I though Fedora 9 had Compiz. Do I need to enable a setting or something?Does anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong?

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Fedora 17 live USB

I cant install it because im not the admin. is there a way to bypass this?

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Install fedora 17 on windows 8?

Hi, I don't think this is the wright place to post up software stuff...But it is a burning question. How can i install fedora 17 on windows 8? I tried to boot from an usb stick, it just comes up with the ACER startscreen then it moves on into windows again. I am using a ACER 5336 pc and running windows 8 release preview. So is there any more simple way to install? Im only 13 and i dont understand any programming...I just want fedora because it looks nice:)

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fedora 17 Linux live USB

Can anyone find out how to install fedora 17 on a flash drive using fedora 17 live usb creator on a computer when you are not the administrator  is there any way to bypass that?

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Login button now hidden behind "Answers"

Hi All, After upgrading to Fedora 14 I find that the login button is now hidden behind the "Answers" tab at the top of the screen. See attached image.  I accidentally found a different way to login when I went to create this posting. Otherwise I'd been out of luck. I'm using FIrefox 3.6.13 as my browser. Thanks FisherOfRolander

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Fedora Design Suite Old Versions Downloads?

So recently I found out about the fedora spins and immediately wanted to try out the "Design Suite" version so I downloaded the version that was correct for my computer. I tried installing it and everything went fine until the end when Grub has a problem installing. So I reboot like your supposed to after any install and I am one linux distro short, no Fedora. So I was wondering if anybody had a DIRECT link to a download of an older version like core 15, or 14 design suite spin?

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how to install google chrome in fedora 15?

I want to install google chrome in fedora 15. It seems not as easy as we do in windows. Kindly help me thanks in advance

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How do I download new programs in Fedora?

I just successfully installed Fedora 11, but have some questions: I burned install Discs 4, 5, and 6 as CD images, and I can't get their program packages to download to Fedora. Also, how do I download new apps from the internet? Everything I try is usually a tarball, and I don't know how to change it to an RPM. Thanks!

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Does GNOME 3 require hardware accelated graphics? Answered

I've got an older (2005) desktop pc and I'm thinking about installing Fedora 15 on it. I've heard that GNOME 3 should have hardware accelation for the graphics. Is this true?

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How do I install Fedora 10 in a system already installed with XP.?

I have a laptop with windows XP [32 bit] on it. I have just got Fedora 10. How do I do it. Sorry, I have never installed any other OS on my system.

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I need a simple, easy to use C++ IDE for Fedora 11. Any suggestions? Answered

              I want to program in Fedora 11, but it only comes with Anjuta IDE, and it is really stupid and hard to use, in my opinion.  I want something simple, like the Python IDE or Dev-C++ IDE, that lets me write, compile, and run C++ code, without having to deal with all of the templates, projects, and crap.  I would like to use Dev-C++, but it is not available for Fedora.  I want to be able to write code for interfacing with the serial ports and parallel port, primarily.  Suggestions on what to use for this would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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How do I install tarballs in Fedora 11 (Actually, how do I enter a folder that exists, but the computer can't find)? Answered

      I found out how to install tarballs in Fedora 11.  The problem is that I have to access the directory where the unzipped files are from the command line.  I'll open up the main archive where the folder is that holds the unzipped files, and the folder with the unzipped files is displayed.  Then when I use the "dir" command to access the folder with the unzipped files, it says no such file exists.  Any recommendations on how to fix this are appreciated.  Thanks!

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The Image Uploader hates Linux?

For some reason on the Flash version of the image uploader, I cannot get it to work. I've tested it on Ubuntu 10.04 and Fedora 13, using a combination of Firefox, Chrome and SeaMonkey but it doesn't seem to work. But on my Windows partition it works fine.  So is there any meaning behind the "Server (IO) Error"?

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What am I doing wrong with Linux? Answered

I've been trying to get Fedora 11 on a relatively old computer that, until recently, was running Windows XP home edition. It worked fine on that, but wouldn't detect any Linux Live CD's I put in there ( burned off the internet--could iso be the culprit?) to try to test Linux. It was set to boot from the CD-Rom drive and everything, but it simply didn't detect the live CD's. I thought that was just some weird thing about my computer, and that it would work if I simply did a major OS change. So I bought a new HDD and configured it for single. The computer detects the hard drive, it works great, but then the computer doesn't detect the first Fedora 11 install disc ( again from the internet) in the CD-Rom drive. And now, perhaps I just don't have the jumper right, but now the computer won't detect the old hard drive I replaced, when it's connected singly. Any help is welcome. My theory is that it is one of the following things: The iso format of the CD's is messing with the computer ( so it wouldn't read Live CD's earlier), the CD-RW's and R's are old, corrupted, etc., or that my computer is somehow totally incompatible with Linux. I skimmed the hardware before trying to install Fedora, and didn't see anything obviously Windows-only. It is designed for Windows '98, 2000, etc. It is a Dell Dimension XPS T650r with intel Pentium 3. Thanks!

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So, some people like wearing and/or collecting hats. Show us your headgear! Here are my favorite hats. The first is an Indiana Jones fedora, the second a NZ made oilskin, and the last is a circa 1989 Soviet Air Force officer's hat. I'm in the market for a leather pilot cap...

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Ok. So I got this sweet new flashed based 4g creative zen mp3/mp4 player. I can't use it! I have 2 computers, an old windows 98 and a newer one running fedora core five. Please help! It doesn't even work with gnomad. And on the 98 it says it doesnt support that windows! Please help!

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Look out, Switzerland!

Tomorrow*, the Kite family are going to the land of cuckoo clocks, cartoon cheese and particle accelerators. We're visiting friends in Geneva, but if you're out there and the environs, and see a chap in a leather fedora and Robot shirt, or wearing a Robot lapel badge, stop and say hello. I'll give you stickers. (*Wednesday 6th - Wednesday 13th)

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Pro Member Can't Open PDF document in Linux

I am using Fedora 11 and can't open the PDF documents I download.  I get an error message Encrypted Document This document is encrypted and can't be accessed. Please enter the document's password: What is the password?  Or is this another kind of problem??? The file I downloaded is attached.  Does it open for you?

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Hat Tricks and Card Cheating

I've just purchased a Indiana Jones Vintage (beat up looking) Felt Fedora, AND ITS FREAKIN AWESOME!!! Anyone know how to do some cool hat tricks? ie, rolling it about, tossing in air to put it on etc... Also, I know here is one (could do with some improvement), but I feel a sudden urge to know how to cheat at cards. Any help?

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Waterproofing a leather hat?

My day-to-day hat is a leather fedora. Most of the time, it's great, but it does leak through the crown if I'm out in heavy rain for more than, say, 30-45 minutes. This isn't normally a huge problem, since I'm not often out in heavy rain that long that often, but it is a problem on a wet camp, when I'm outdoors all day. Unfortunately, I can't polish it, as the finish is matt, borderline suede. Any ideas, folks?

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Can someone make an ible on how to pick a hat that looks good on you?

My new avatar notwithstanding, I can never pick out a hat in real life. Every hat I try on is either too big for my face, or makes my head look weird. I know that girls can look awesome in a tasteful hat, but there must be some trick I'm missing. Do you go according to face shape? Age? Size? Can someone make an ible on how to pick a hat (like a straw-cowboy-fedora type hat...not a SISSY hat) ? Please?

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Duplicate responses when switching between Rich and Plain editors

After my Instructable received a series of comments, I was replying to them one by one. For some replies I wanted to use a hyperlink to a relevant website or article, or to break the response up into separate paragraphs and so used the rich editor. For others the plain editor was sufficient. It seemed however on both occasions that I went back to using the plain editor after having posted a comment using the rich, the content of the previous reply (the one composed using the rich editor) was what actually got posted into the block composed using the plain editor. I hope that is clear and I apologize if this bug is a duplicate! This was experienced under Firefox 4.0.1 running on Fedora Linux 14. Cheers

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Are you in Venice? There's a prize!

Sort of following on from another topic I posted, Kitewife and I are off to Venice tomorrow to celebrate our silver wedding*.  We arrive at the airport soon after 9:30pm local time. I always like to meet fellow instructablers, so stop and say hello.  There's a (small) prize in it for you as well - not only do I always have a stash of Robot stickers in my wallet, I will be carrying a fabric Robot Patch (the very one in the photo), and if you are the first person to say hello to me in Venice, you get the patch. If you're not sure what I look like, look for a camouflage jacket, leather fedora and a Robot pin badge. *Twenty five years, it's insane - we both still feel like teens!

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Can I use a computer with a wireless internet connection as a wired router for another computer?

                  I have a computer with a wireless card that gets pretty decent reception from my router.  However, I have another old computer that I want to use as a basic website server, and I don't want to have to buy another wireless card for it.  Could I just connect an ethernet cable to my computer with an internet connection and then have it serve as a router for the other computer?   Do I need any special software to do this (The computer with wireless is running Ubuntu 9.something or other, the Karmic Koala, I think.  I'm planning on putting Fedora 11/12 with the server package on the other computer)?  Thanks!

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What is the best graphics card available for this computer that won't bottleneck the CPU? Answered

Specifications: 2GB DDR2 (up to 4GB max). Intel Pentium 4 CPU with HyperthreadingT @ 2.8GHz overclocked to 3.4GHz stable. Runs Fedora linux. 1 PCI express x16 slot (shouldn't be a problem, PCI express x16 2.0 is backwards compatible). ASUS P5KPL-CM motherboard. I could install a Pentium D 3.0GHz for $25 and I can always upgrade the PSU to accommodate a more powerful graphics card. I need the most powerful graphics card I can get for the computer that won't bottleneck it. Below are some pictures of the computer (they are the parts from my parents' old computer that I recently upgraded; the computer runs great, I just don't have a case for it yet)

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Do you live in East Bay?

Don't mind me - I'm just tapping all my resources :D I'm looking for a place to hang my hat in the East Bay area for the summer. I just need a place to sleep, cook a meal and park a car (and lock a bike) :) My goal is pack light for this trip. To be honest, I probably won't be around too much as I'll either be at work or exploring the area - this is my first adventure on the west coast (I'll miss those east coast ocean sunrises :P). I've been watching craigslist (more like waiting for replies :P) and I found the "420 compliant" person to be hilarious... But I'm not interested in being around it... So if you have an extra room (hell, even a camper - as long as I can take a shower somewhere) or anything - let me know. Or, if you know someone that may have a place - do share :) Feel free to ask any questions. If you prefer, my eMail is trebuchet03 at gmail dot com . Oh... and the hat I hang... it's a fedora - just because the top hat was too expensive.

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Quick rundown various Linux and BSD operating systems:

1.  Debian - one of the older base distributions and currently one of the most popular.  Uses the "apt" package manager for software installation.  Excellent server distribution. 2.  Fedora - the free community edition of Red Hat Linux.  Sponsored by Red Hat Linux.  Uses the "rpm" package manager for software installation. 3.  openSuse - sponsored by Novell, originally developed largely in Europe. 4.  Mageia - fork of an older distribution called Mandriva Linux. 5.  PCLinuxOS - also a fork of Mandriva.  Looks to provide out-of-the-box support for graphics and sound cards. 6.  Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) - based on Fedora, RHEL includes many enterprise-level enhancements and is supported Red Hat corporation. 7.  CentOS Linux - free enterprise-grade operating system that is built from the same source code as RHEL without the proprietary enhancements or support from Red Hat.  8.  Puppy - very small Linux operating system that boots the OS and applications completely into RAM.  Can operate on older computer equipment.  Excellent for use in emergencies and to recover data from hard drives. 9.  FreeBSD - operating system that is based on BSD code. 10.  Ubuntu Linux - easy to use operating system that is based on Debian Linux.  Supported by the Canonical corporation.  Ubuntu means "humanity to others".  Excellent server distribution. 11.  Linux Mint - currently one of the most popular distributions, based on Ubuntu Linux.  Looks to provides complete experience by including browser plugins and media codecs (ie: Flash) upon installation.  Excellent desktop distribution.  Also comes in lightweight editions for older hardware 12.  NetBSD - based on BSD code.  Can be run on a wide range of hardware.  Currently there are 57 different hardware architectures that can run NetBSD. 13.  OpenBSD - based on BSD code.  Source code built from the ground up with security first and foremost as the goal.  Ships "secure by default", that is, all non-essential services are disabled.  OpenBSD has embedded cryptography throughout the operating system; it utilizes OpenSSH, Pseudo Number Random Generators, cryptographic hash functions, cryptographic transforms and crypto hardware support. 14.  ClearOS - server and network distro designed for small businesses.  Based on Red Hat Linux.  Web-based interface controls anti-virus, anti-spam, VPN, content filtering, bandwidth manager, file services, SMTP services, print services, SSL certification, and web services. 15.  Kali Linux - distro that specializes in penetration testing and security auditing.  Over 300 penetration testing tools.  Based on Debian Linux. 16.  Lubuntu - lightweight version of Ubuntu Linux for older computers and netbooks. 17.  Gentoo - highly customizable distro that uses a package system called portage written in Python.  Mascot is Larry the Cow.

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What laptop fan do I need, and where I can I get it for a good price in the UK?

I think this is actually my first post here, although I've been following Instructables for a long time. Anyway, I thought someone here might be able to help me find the right parts. I have an Acer Aspire 7520 laptop.  I think the fan might be going south--it makes a horrible noise when it first starts up, then after a while it calms down but it seems to turn on and off more frequently than it should.  According to the computer itself (monitored with lm-sensors on Fedora) the temperatures of the various parts are within the normal range, so my guess is that the fan itself is malfunctioning. I'm a total novice but I think, based on previous experience, that I can take a shot at replacing the fan myself if I can figure out what part to buy and where to get it.  My google-fu seems to be failing me, though, and the only place I see to buy it is some random company called shop1mall, which I don't really trust, or various places in the US.  Acer customer service is useless--they will only book it in for a repair, not tell me the part number. Where can an ignorant person such as myself find a suitable replacement part?  I'm fairly new to the UK so I don't know all the places to look here, but so far Misco, Maplin, and PC World don't seem to carry a suitable part, or at least, I don't know how to tell whether the fans they sell will work with this laptop. Geez, sorry for the rambling message.  Any help is appreciated, though.

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