fence preservation?

Any suggestions for keeping people from hopping my fence? They are bending my fence and trampeling my garden. Obviously electricution and barbed wire are not options. I wondered about solar lighting,(so the climbers could be seen) but I think the lights would be stolen.

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Building a fence

I am going to construct a fence between my garage and my house. 20 ft or so long, To keep my too small dogs contained. Here in lies the rub, I have already built one fence. it's still up and working fine, however in the construction I discovered how dense the crete is, ramset doesn't work, drilling? I would never get deep enough. So I have decided to use cement piers and 4x4 posts and sit the fence right on the concrete, with enough weight I am praying the fence will not move much, I only need to contain two 5# dogs its mostly ornamental. If anyone has attempted anything along these lines, please contact me with your triumphs and failures, or any advice you may have thanks!

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An electric fence?

I've got a couple of love birds in a big cage in my porch.But the things is that,this ugly black cat keeps constantly appearing out of nowhere and frightens these poor birds.The cat also makes attempts to grab them.I am asking for aid here cuz I know something a bit buzzing can keep the pussy off,anyone any bright ideas?(probably a helpful instructable).A security system which detects the villain and alerts me can also be effective.Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Wireless Dog Fence

Would love to have an instructable on how to make your own wireless dog fence.  Maybe 300 feet range.  

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Need ideas on fence?

I know I am going to get responses to the fact that I should not be posting requests like the one I am about to post. I need help/ideas on how to block out next door dogs that are constantly digging holes under my cedar fence. I've spoken with owner of dogs but he refuses to do his part in helping me resolve the problem. I have my own ideas as to what I can do but I would like to see what ideas members of this forum can offer me. Thanks. AL.

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how can I lower a fence post? Answered

On of our wooden fence posts has raised over the years. anybody know how to lower it?

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How to weld a broken woven wire fence?

I am trying to fix a stretch of woven wire fence that was broken by a car running into it about 3 months ago. The wire itself is completely broken in two. I want to weld the wire back togeather, but the trouble is that I weld with Oxy Mapp gas and my welding wire is the same thickness as the fence wire. I am worried about melting the fence when I am trying to repair it. So what I think I need is some way to ark weld the wire, but I do not have an ark welder. Are there any homemade welders I can make for this purpose, because I do not want to buy something I will never use again?

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Building a lean to roof. Between house and fence

Hi im needing to build a lean to roof of of the side of my house out towards my colourbond fence. My question is does anyone happen to know what the legal required minimum distance is ment to be between the gutter and fence. If someone can help me with that I'd be truly greatful.  I know there is one I just can't for the life of me remember it. 

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CAN I USE BARB WIRE for RADIO DOG FENCE ABOVE GROUND ? With GUARDIAN PG-250 Pet containment system. Answered

I am trying to get some Information on radio dog fence. Can I use an existing barb wire fence as the dog fence antenna wire ? (above ground) Can I use a combination of above ground heavy gauge #12 barb wire and the manufacturer supplied #20 underground wire ? Have 5 acres total, currently 2 acres is fenced with barb wire for horses. So I would like to use the existing fence by connecting it to the Guardian underground system and also use the underground system to enclose an additional 2 acres for the dog. Have a new dog that has not yet been trained with the underground system.

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How can I extend the height of my 4' chain link fence somewhat attractively? Answered

I have a 3 month old Pharaoh Hound who can (when she's an adult) jump up to 6' high. We live in a wooded area with lots of little animals like squirrels and rabbits. I'm afraid she'll catch sight of something and hop over the fence and take off into the woods. I don't really want to do an electric fence unless it's a last resort. She doesn't stay out for long periods, mostly just to go to the bathroom and when we're hanging out. Bushes are also not an option because A) I don't have the money to buy ones that are tall enough and fill the entire length (about 120') and B) There's gravel around the fence and not good for planting. What do you think?

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in ground dog fence troubleshooting,

I fixed a break a week ago, now both dog collars are not registering. the fence alarm is not sounding, so I replaced both batteries in the dogs collars, still nothing, got any ideas?

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Interactive Sound Fence Project

I am working on a community based arts project in New Zealand. I am designing a fence which will go around a park area and I wanted to include some motion activated sounds. The sounds will be recordings of wildlife in the park area and will be triggered by people walking passed specific parts of the fence. Any suggestions as to the best way to tackle this? Thank you in advance Simon

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Micro Invisible fence transmitter

I am looking to have a Micro transmitter for an invisible fence made. This will need to trigger the invisible fence shock collar when it gets within 2 feet. I have a dog with a shock collar that attacks a smaller, older dog in the house. I want a transmitter that will fit on the collar of the smaller dog, run off of batteries with a LED to show it is powered on. I have an extra receiver to test with, and i can send photos of the transmitter and what information i have. Willing to pay COD for delivery.

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table saw fence help?

Hello my fellow indestructible friends i brought a table saw this the first table saw i got and the fence is not completely strait it goes outwards by a couple of mm or more is this right many thanks for ant response here is the table saw http://www.screwfix.com/p/titan-ttb674tas-254mm-table-saw-230-240v/9486j  please tell me if its okay or if not how to fix thanks paul

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how to find break in in ground dog fence?

Transmitter goes off like i have a break in the line from time to time. installed new transmitter and it does the same thing. I'm assuming i have a bad connection some where but don't know how to find it.

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Anyone got some creative fencing ideas? Answered

 i'm looking to plant an herb garden in my yard, but my dogs are absolute rascals.the bed has a small cement ring around the base, so i'm not worried about them digging under, but i need a clever way to keep them from trampling the herbs. any suggestions? i'm dirt poor, so cheaper is better, but it's in the front yard, so i suppose it should look nice, too.

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How do I build a small gate for my vegetable patch, made with wire and star droppers?

I have a 3 inch square wire fence around my vegie patch, the posts are star droppers. My dog gets in if I leave to gate open, but the current one, made of the same wire is all bent and broken and difficult to open& close. I need to make something light enough to hand from the star dropper, but it needs to be 1 metre wide by about 1 metre high.

Question by jackim 

Gate latch/opener design?

I'm building a fence and having trouble figuring out how to do the latch for a walking/utility gate. I want the fence to be almost seamless from the outside, so with a quick glance you couldn't tell there is a gate right there; however, the gate needs to be able to be opened from the outside with a key. The problem I'm having is that all the hardware I've found for gates use padlocks, so you could only open it from one side if it's locked, and the gate won't be thick enough to use a normal door handle or deadbolt. The parameters are: Opens from inside while locked from outside Outer hardware is minimally intrusive (doesn't stand out much, preferably nothing more than a key hole.) Actual latch can be surface mounted So far the only thing I've been able to come up with is to frankenstein the key half of a deadbolt with half of a turn handle latch I found that forks like a regular door knob but can be surface mounted. The problem is that I am afraid that the spring in the handle will be too much tor just the key to turn and it will wear out quickly. I would appreciate any ideas, and will try to clarify if there's anything someone doesn't understand. Thanks, -rob

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handheld LASER voltage tester for electric fence?

Is there such a device where i can detect voltage along an electric fence keeping out wild elephants WITHOUT having to get off from the truck and personally testing the fence? Is there such a device where I can simply point my handheld device using laser or anything from the safety of my truck|? Walking through the bush and jungles are also pretty handful... Im looking @ a distance of about 10m to 20m gap between my truck and the fence. Any advices please email me directly - jungletrekker69@gmail.com Or comment in this excellent forum?

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Anyone got any tips for a baby fence?

I'm wondering if anyone has any idas on how I could make a cheap, portable baby yard style fence. For those who don't know, I'm talking about a 2.5'ish foot fence that can circle around and attatch to itself, essentially trapping your kid in an area. The commercial ones tend to cost 50 and up if you hope to give the kid a decent amount of area. I'm just wondering if anyone here has come up with a solution, or has an idea in their head that make work. Thanks, Tony

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How can I build a privacy fence out of bamboo?

I need to build an 8 foot privacy fence on a budget and have access to free bamboo. What would the easiest way be to make a privacy fence for my backyard. I was thinking of using U shaped "tracks" of 2x4 on the top and bottom and then just sliding the bamboo into them. Any reason this wouldnt work? Thanks!

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It happened to me too! Some drunk guy crashed into my fence!

Last night at around 2am some drunk guy crashed through my fence! He hit the curb, took out a tree, took out a sign, and the took out about 15 feet of my fence!

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How to release the wires where they are attached to the Invisible Fence control box?

The invisble fence wires are connected to the Invisble Fence control box through a flimsy-feeling connector that is part of the control box. That plastic connector has two openings foir the wires to be inserted with a plastic tab over each opening. I have tried pushing the tabs up, then down to relase thiose wires but have not been able to release the wires. I have played with thise tabs enough that I am concerned that I might break them. What is the secret to releasing the wires from those connectors?

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Invisible Fence Indoor IFA 12 transmitter...does anyone know how to repair?

I had an Invisible Fence installed in my yard. I have two small dogs that are inside most of the time. I purchased two Invisible Fence "Pet Keepers" which are 5" square transmitters that are used as a fence for inside the house. These little devices are $150 each. I have had mine for awhile but one wasn't working until the dog was right next to it. I took it into the Invisible Fence store and they told me there was only a once year warranty. I purchased another very painfully. I'm really tired of the racket they have going...selling batteries for $15 each, charging around a hundred bucks everytime the line outside is damaged and needs repair. I brought home the old one...(IFA 12 transmitter). IF told me that the antenna may have gone bad or something but they don't repair..why would they when they can sell you another for $150? Can anyone tell me how this transmitter could possibly be repaired? If so, I'll use it elsewhere in my home!?

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How to easily remove nails from pallets? Answered

I would like to use wood from pallets to maybe make furniture and a fence but it's a pain to get the nails out before destroying the wood. Does anyone have some clever ideas to get the nails out the easy way? Or other uses for pallet wood? Thanks.

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can you help in cat-proofing a balcony? Answered

My sister is moving into a new apartment, and is bringing her two cats ,zap and kiff, along. the problem is, she wants to be able to let them out onto the patio of the new place, without worrying about them running away. the patio has a fence four feet high all the way around it, and the upstairs tenants have a balcony above, so our original plan was to screen it in and make a screened in patio. unfortunately, the managers of the complex say that all of the patios must be the same, and screening it in would create a large aesthetic difference between the apartments. does anyone have any ideas about how to keep the cats from jumping over the fence without changing the look of the apartment?

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High Speed Wireless for Fencing Strip

I've had the idea of trying to create a wireless fencing system (like what they use in the olympics) for my club, and was wondering if this is possible using AVR's and available (and fairly cheap) wireless tech. For those of you who don't know what this would entail because you do not know fencing, I would have to have two transmitters acting simultaneously that could send out signals checking for touches on a blade that would be received well within 40ms of eachother (the double touch time for epee). I would also need them to be able to send out two different types of signals (for on and off target for foil and sabre). I found online a project based off of rfid tech that claims to accomplish this and was wondering how effective this route might be? http://www.worldacademicunion.com/journal/SSCI/SSCIvol02no02paper03.pdf

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How does one forge a fencing foil? Answered

How could I forge a foil for fencing? What kind of steel would be good for a flexible blade that wouldn't be at risk of snapping and stabbing my fencing buddies? What should I keep in mind for tempering and whatnot to help with that?

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Modify a Rockwell RK7241S Table Saw with an Incra TS-LS Table Saw Fence

First day at site and cannot find any reference to adding a TS LS Table Saw Fence to a Rockwell Jobsite Table Saw. Any wisdom, knowledge, experience would be greatly appreciated.

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Does anyone know of a VERY fast-growing vine? Answered

My family is looking to get a little more privacy in our yard, but our municiple codes are pretty tough (read: anal) around here, so basically our only options for privacy fencing are slats (upwards of $1500 for our fence) or vines. So we are looking for some VERY swift-growing vines to plant. does anyone know any vines like this? hopefully something that will grow in a hot climate. and did i mention fast?

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Build Roof down the side of house

Hi all i know very little about this type of stuff  i was wondering what would be the best way to go and was unsure what i want to do is down the side of my house inbetween the fence and gutter (approx 2m wide and 10m long) install a roof ( shed material? some sort of metal) that i could use to store stuff how should i do this could i just screw it to the gutter or what? thanks

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How to make solar lighted finials for privacy fence?

A family member has these lighted finials on their privacy fence and I love the look they provide. But when I was putting up our fence last year, I found out that those little lights are expensive! When surfing around on this site, I found the instructable for sun jars (or solar jars) and thought that might be a practical alternative. Any ideas on how to convert one of those jars into a finial?

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Any ideas for useful stuff for a veggie garden that would also help deter trespassers? Ideally for along the boundary.

We have a lovely big patch of land that we plan to turn into a veggie patch. Unfortunately, we've suffered with trespassing & vandalism with much of the work we've done so far. We are lucky enough to have inherited a polytunnel frame (a large hooped structure to be covered with plastic for use as a commercial greenhouse) but our last attempt to get a cover on it ended 10 days later when a knife was taken to it. We also get stones thrown over as well as actual trespassing. We'd like to get cracking again this year (warm weather is best for working with the plastic cover) & are concentrating on getting an earth bank & fence installed beforehand, to minimise any issues. We'll be planting a hedge along the top of the bank, but that will take a while to grow. This work will also involve doing some terracing, so the ground level at the boundary will be about 1-1.5m/3-5ft higher than the main area. It is also on the northern (sunny) edge, and the whole boundary is about 25m/45ft long. We are located out on the west coast of Wales, so have a temperate climate & moderate wind, but can't construct anything that might upset the officials as we're in a National Park. Saying that, the boundary can only be seen from either our land or from our vandals', sorry, neighbours' land. We're not thinking of bear traps or anything, just wondering if anybody has any suggestions for things that would be useful & practical that might also cause an added obstruction. The instructable on the Double-Decker Drum Composter inspired me to think about other possible options, though I'm not sure whether composters would suit the sunny location. Please note that this will be a veggie patch, so nothing that might cause issues with growing and (more importantly) eating our own produce. And no, nothing can be proved but would only cause more hassle even if it could, so we just have to find other, less confrontational, ways to work around these things :) All (sensible) ideas are very welcome!

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Does anyone know where I could find a 3-4' tall expandable collapsible "yurt wall-type" fence?

Yurt wall-type3-4 ft tall fence, expandable fence that collapses into a tight circle, portable expandable fence that opens to a 10-15 ft circle built like a yurt wall

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How can i electrify a perimeter fence?

I want to energize my perimeter fence so that my dogs do not wander off. Without doing them harm off course.

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How to hack a solar electric fence charger to power a 12v water pump?

I have an old solar powered electric fence charger that I'm looking at using to power a 12v water or air pump for my fishpond, how can I hack the charger unit so that it provides constant power instead of intermittent bursts?

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does anyone know how i can make an electric fence run constant and not on a pulse? Answered

What i have is a zareba model a5 ac solid state electric fence charger. when i connect the fence terminal to the ground i get some little blue sparks but only for a second at a time. and i was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to make it run constant, or if anyone has any good ideas on what to do with it. heres a link to the specs  http://www.zarebasystems.com/store/electric-fence-chargers/a5.   thank you guys in advance for any help you can provide.

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Would love to be able to make my own underground dog fence

All these brands of dog fences out on the market and so many to choose from. I previously purchased one of the best ones you can get and unfortunately my dog got smart and tore the collar of the wall charger and shredded it to pieces. So instead of purchasing the expensive collar, it would be great to see someone build one of the system. Thank you for your help!

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What are the rails on this Craftsman table saw?

I have a Craftsman table saw with a cast steel top and extension. It is an older model 113.298150. It has a fence front rail and back rail of aluminum that I do not believe is original. The fence is missing. I need help to determine what brand of fence. I will try to attach profile pictures of the rails.Thanks

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I need a invisible fence transmitter that will fit on a small dog collar and run off of batteries. Any ideas?

I have two house dogs that I need to keep separate. The aggressive one needs to wear an invisible fence collar on the 7K or 10K frequency. I would love to find a way to fit a very small transmitter on the other dogs collar would only need to trigger a correction if within 1 foot.

Question by GGryphon 

How do I measure a short, high-voltage pulse, as in an electric fence?

I want to monitor an electric fence for signs of grounding or a break. I think the best way to do this would be to measure the current at the end of the fence, but I don't know how to convert a 6kV+ pulse into something a microcontroller can read. The pulse: 6kV+ about 100mA 1/300th of a second pulse 1 pulse per second Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have some familiarity with hardware and I'm good with Google, but the more detailed the better. Thank you for your time. Edit: I would like to continuously monitor the electric fence. The microcontoller would be left out in the shed and sound an alarm when the fence was grounded/broken for too long.

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can measuring power from an electric fence kill your voltmeter? Answered

I think I may have killed my digital multimeter by trying to test the voltage pulses from my electric fence.  The fence was powered by a small charger, a Zareba .05 joule pulsing model, but soon after testing the voltage, I started getting extremely low readings on anything I tested, from a car battery to wall current.  Clearly it didn't blow the fuses in my meter (an Ideal 61-360) since they still registered power inputs, but just as clearly, something is very wrong with the meter now.  Any clue as to what might have happened?

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Will Delta T30 fence fit a Craftman 10 Table saw circa 1970?

I have a 1970 Craftsman 10 in. table saw which has a cast tiron table  27 in. wide and 1.5 in. thick.  I need to replace the rip fence.  Approximately 0.75- 0.85 inches of the casting is available for locationg new holes.  Will the Delta T-30 fence mount to this?  Drilling new holes isn't a problem, I just don't know the geometry of the Delta fence and mounting system requirements.    Apparently, Lowe's no longer carries this product, but it appears to be available from on line sources. Saw Model no is 113.29940 Thanks

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Wanting to construct a fake brick rendered front fence out of blueboard

Any specific ideas on how exactly i would go about this?I already have the wrought iron fence panels that go inbetween the fake brick columnsnow i just have to construct the fake brick fence part to screw the brackets of iron panels to. Thanks in advance.

Question by shae sinclair   |  last reply

Indoor invisible pet fence idea - need help

I need to keep a cat out of a room that has a 12 foot wide opening. I was wondering if a strand of wire or a coil of wire could be installed under the carpet across the 12 foot opening such that when the cat, wearing a collar fitted with a magnet came close, a current change would be created in the wire or coil and an alarm could be generated that would scare the cat away? Would this work and if so, would someone like to help me make it happen? Thanks

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