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Fireworks Ignitor

I'm looking to make a bottle rocket igniter, and I am trying to fit it in the smallest package possible. If I were to use the circuitry from a stun gun, and connect it to some 16 gauge nichrome wire, could it heat up the wire enough to set off a firework? I could also use wire of a different gauge(32-40) if necessary.

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Firework Season...

Well since its firework season, I figure i should ask if anyone has any cool firework things that are cool that i should go buy more fireworks for (if there are any fireworks left after i went through the first time ;) )

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Fireworks time delay?

I want to set off a few fireworks on the night of my wedding aniversary, and rather than run off and light the fuse, or rely on my dopey brother, I was after a time delay with, say, a watch? So I could set it for 10pm and bamoo.. 10pm we outside enjoying drinks, and a few fireworks go up! I have seen somewhere a guy light a match with a cheap electronic watch using a strand from a ball of steel wool, but I forget exactly what he did and where I saw the video now.. If I could copy that I could use the match to light the fireworks! Any ideas like that would be great.

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Fireworks+Solar Igniter=?

I saw a very neat instructable for an electronic fireworks igniter, and it linked me to another one with plans for a fireworks igniter ( In the effort of saving time couldn't you use solar igniters for model rockets to get the same affect, or are they not enough to start the fuse? 

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automatic fireworks ignitor

Its kind of a spin off on tet's but with alot less exotic pieces and alot easier to build, i plan on making a video or taking a picture soon sorry about image shack instructables thing is kinds retarded right now

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Making fireworks in China

Watch this video quickly; it's apparently not supposed to be there, and the owner is working on getting it removed. Neat stuff, though. Doesn't exactly look like a fun job, though...

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Is it legal to do fireworks after the 4th of July in Folsom, CA? Answered

I know I can do them on New Years but can I do them any other day of the year? I bought fireworks but I went camping over the 4th so I want to know if I can still do them.

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how to make a simple detonator?

how can i make an electronic detonator for fireworks?

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how would you make a firwork igniter out of disposable camera? Answered

The camera should be a kodak cause thats the only kind of disposable cameras i have around the house.

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Explosions for football game

I am a chemistry teacher and I need to make a set of explosions for the football team to run through. The run on the field and the explosions go off on each side of them Any ideas. I may fill a dozen metal coated baloons with hydrogen and, and ignite them with some sort of electric spark strong enough to pepetrate the baloon. I'll put six of them on each side of the path that the team runs out through under the goal post. And how will I make the system to spark them off (electric plug in?)(capacitors, tesla coils, etc.?) thanks

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Low-tech fireworks in China

Out in Naunquan, China the villagers use molten iron to celebrate instead of fireworks. The tradition dates back some 500 years when the blacksmiths of the day couldn't afford fireworks and did this instead. While there's only one color to work with, the effect is pretty stunning and a lot more in-your-face without, you know, melting your face off if you don't get too close.via Gizmodo

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Black Powder for use in fireworks

I want to get into pyrotechnics as a hobby, and i thought i would start with rocketry. So my questions are: What is the best for a lifting charge for fireworks or a rocket, very very fine particles, or coarse granules? i read somewhere on the internet that granules are best, but all over instructables it says to grind it really well. And also, would adding steel powder/magnesium powder to enhance the spark effects alter the BP? like would magnesium make it more sensitive? Please answer, Thanks.

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Long reach lighter for fireworks.

Hi i been thinking about making a long reach firework lighter (or just an extented lighter) becuse i cannot reach the floor. I been thinking about some designs , it needs to be 1 meter long and wind resistant. Does anyone have an idea for making one? i have a few designs in mind but i wanna hear your suggestions :D Thanks!

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how to build a firework controller?

Im tryin to figure out the best way to build a 24 cue firework controller so if anybody has any advise

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An video of Sparkling Wheel (Fireworks)

One of our member had uploaded a video of Sparkling Wheel, I am not sure if it's a popular effect? show here to share with all. Http://

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What's the best book for making fireworks in the UK? Answered

I live in the UK. I would like to start making fireworks and would like a book on that subject. What would you suggest buying, and where can i get it? Thanks

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A fireworks effect is praised by many people

I posted this fireworks effect to another forum, has already received many prise,share with all here. Below is the fireworks video URL:

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I'm trying to make a simple fountain firework and just want to know if there is anything that could go wrong. Answered

I'm using 3g of potassium nitrate 1g of sulfur, charcoal, and aluminum. Is there anything i should be aware of that could possibly go wrong or is it pretty safe?

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Latest Market Price of Main Fireworks Raw Materials

'''fireworks'''The market price of main fireworks raw materials is listed by a form, so you are required to open the following URL to view:

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How do I build an extremely cheap, easily mass produced delay for my fireworks effects?

I want to build a delay I can put in-line between fireworks effects. It needs four positions(0 sec, 0.1 sec, 0.25 sec, 0.5 sec), 'power in' connections, and power out connections. We use 22 gauge wire for our power feed from a 24V source. I am looking to make these delays no larger than 2"l x 2" w x 1.5" h not including the delay set knob. As an example - Instead of 10 comets firing off at one time, the delays would allow me to set them off, say, half a second apart. Is there a cheap reliable product already out there and available? Can I take resistors of different ohms and just twist them into the wire?  Thanks for your assistance!

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Ice Straws, Build a BBQ Barrel, Fireworks Controller

Ice Straws Build a BBQ Barrel Fireworks Controller 4th of July Freshly Ground Burgers Hand-Crank Ice Cream Terracotta Smoker Fix a Flip Flop Buffalo Wings Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Photographing Fireworks Guide to Beach Combing Tantoo Squirt Gun Refill Station How to Make Fireworks

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How can I use this circuit to make a firework lighter?

Here's the link: I want to use this part to make a sound activated firework lighter. Please list steps and materials.

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cheap time bomb (fireworks detonator)

Heres my idea: Take a cheap dollarstore or walmart watch with an alarm. wire a capacitor where the little speaker/beeper thing it would store up a small charge and then have it arc or a fuse to light it. so you set the alarm for the time you want it to go off, it goes off, builds a charge, arcs over the fuse and lights the roman candle, firecrackers, whatever you want. would this work? are there any ways of boosting the power of the arc or making the fuse light easier?

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6v lantern batteries as a power source in a firework ignitor? Answered

Ok so i made my ignitor, and it worked great with the 2 9v batteries when i used steel wool ignitors, however id like to use nichrome ignitors. the 2 9vs just dont do it justice, so i was wondering if anyone thought those huge 6v batteries would work, possibly 2 of them?

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how much power do i need to heat 20 awg nichrome wire?

Im using 2 9 volts and its not working

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remote controlled bang :DD

Is there any chance some of you guys can give me an idea how to make firecracker or w/e explode using remote controller. For example pushing a button and it goes off, but nothing too seriously or expensive. 

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I Need to know How to Make a Sparkaler Rocker

I have a question for all those pyrotechnics out there. How do I make a GOOD and WILL work sparkaler rock, I have tried to make my own but with no sucsses.

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I need some help an an ignitor box (loook in details)?

Me and my brother had built an ignition box (1st project) that can be used for rockets and fireworks we sucsessfully had gotten the box to launch. Then we had the idea to add 6 volt lights and an organized switch setup. But we came across the issue of the circut bypassing our negative lead for our 6 light by the positive lead from the 5 light going to switch 1 so therefore basicly switch 7 isnt needed exept to light-up light 6. So now we need help on how to prevent this issue from happening. please help and thanx- Jarred

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Remote electric detonator with multiple detonation buttons?

I have seen some diy electrical detonators but i kinda need one that has a way of detonating multiple rockets at different times, its hard to explain ...can anyone help? This is kinda what i was talking about...

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What should I do with these leftover firework fountains?

I have these really small firework fountains left over from July 4th and I dont really know what to do with them.  I kinda want to make something with them so could you guys please recommend some projects that i could use these for.

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Some Fireworks Questions? - NEED HELP

Ever since I was little, I loved fire, fireworks, guns, and I wanted to get into fireworks as a hobby. I do have some basic knowledge of chemistry, but can I get these questions answered> 1. Can Pyrodex be used as a propellent in a bottle rocket, or is it burn too fast? 2. How can I extract potassium nitrate from fertilizer, I have 20 percent. 3. What is a good sealer for rockets? I was thinking kitty litter for the clay it contains. 4. Can a homemade fuse be made with a consistent burn time? I was thinking dipping yard in lighter fuild and letting it dry. Thank you very much in advance, I appreciate it.

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Happy New Year 2011! Time lapse video of fireworks in Oslo

Happy new year! I made this video of the fireworks in Oslo, Norway: -chr

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Fireworks make my Dog Terrifyed

Does anyone know of some good remedies? He really suffers; shakes, drools, gets that wild look in his eyes, and has to be right next to me like a shadow. I haven't been able to celebrate the Fourth or New Years in forever. Not a big deal for me, but I just don't like to see him suffering. He's my best buddie.

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anyone got any ideas about detonating fireworks with a mobile ? i would like to know how!? Answered

I have heard that you can light fuses with a mobile ! is this true ? how??

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Is it safe to make your own mortar tube? Answered

A friend and I are putting on a (legal) fireworks show tonight with commercial fireworks. I haven't finished my fireworks ignitor yet, so we're going to be lighting the fireworks with punks and running away. We're going to set up two "stations", one for each of us so one person can set something up while another sets something off. The problem is, the mortar set we bought only comes with one tube. I'm considering making another one out of PVC of the same size as the cardboard mortar tube, but this concern my friend. Is this unsafe, even if I stabilize the PVC and if it's the same size as the original tube? 7/6/10 UPDATE: I know it's past the fourth, but I'm still interested in kowing the answer. Thanks, Noahh

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How do i convince my parents to let me go into pyrotechnics as a hobbie?

My mother won't let me make fireworks or anything. So i can't buy fuses and i have to make all my fireworks from household materials so my mom won't get suspicious, she'd never let me play with fire. Any suggestions on convincing her to let me become a pyrophysist?

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How do you make fireworks/ pop pop snappers?

Also how do you get potassium nitrate in Canberra/ACT australia...

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what do i need to do to use sparkler fountain black powder in a homemade fuse?

Hi, a fireworks sparkler fountain that i had lying around in my room has dropped its contents as the base clay stuff crumbled away, and what i was left with was a paper case full of fountain powder. the kind of fountain is the kkind that is it a paper tube like normal fireworks, but make a spray of sparks fames and colours of the ground, not a sparkler stick, now sparkler fountain powder isnt like gun powder, this stuff burns slowly, probably because it has less oxidizer. what i need to know, is what i should do to the powder to make it suitable to use as normal black powder when making a fuse using dextrin in the proportions 10/1. i have access to a large amount of potassium nitrate, do i perhaps need to add more of it to the sparkler powder.

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I need some help an an ignitor box (loook in details)?

Me and my brother had built an ignition box (1st project) that can be used for rockets and fireworks we sucsessfully had gotten the box to launch. Then we had the idea to add 6 volt lights and an organized switch setup. But we came across the issue of the circut bypassing our negative lead for our 6 light by the positive lead from the 5 light going to switch 1 so therefore basicly switch 7 isnt needed exept to light-up light 6. So now we need help on how to prevent this issue from happening. please help and thanx- Jarred

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RC bottle rocket launcher

Hello instructables users. I'm wondering if anyone has ideas of how to make a revolving bottle rocket launcher with an igniter. this will be going on an rc car. any ideas will help. Things I'd like to see in your idea -hopper -igniter that will turn on/off simply -place for bottle rockets to launch from Thanks for the help

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Can someone help me with this circuit? Answered

I'm working on a fireworks ignitor based off of Bill Gurstelle's design in his book Absinthe and Flamethrowers, and I'm having some trouble. Instead of two switches, mine has three switches.  Like Bill's design, it runs off of eight AA batteries. One end of the battery pack goes to a toggle switch and a keylock switch, and the other goes to a pushbutton. They both end at a bolt. I have two long wires with alligator clips on both ends. Each clip clips to the bolt, then to a piece of nichrome wire which is wrapped around a fuse. In theory, when all of the switches are flipped, the nichrome wire lights the fuse. But this isn't happening. I've tested all of the switches, and they all work. The bolts and the nuts holding them in place both conduct electricity, but no power is arriving at the bolts. All of the components were purchased from Electronic Goldmine, except for the battery pack, which I bought at Radioshack. The ignitor is housed in a wooden (and therefore nonconductive) box. What's wrong?  (Attached is an awful drawing/collage I did of the circuit. If you need a picture of the machine itself, I can take a picture.) Thanks, Noahh

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A knex grenade launcher? Answered

Well i had an idea, take a little dynamyte firework, and in stead of useing regular knex pieices to shoot, use the firework. Will it work?

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What are we allowed to post about?

I am kind of new to this whole instructables web page and i was wondering if i was allowed to post about how to make explosives, fireworks, and things of that nature. Would i be banned from the sight due to the content? what are the resrtictions? I havent seen anything about those kind of topics specifically yet, so im eager to know if its not allowed, or what

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What type of aluminium powder is best for flash powder. Answered

Hi I know that there are great and experienced pyrotechnics on this site so I need your advice if its good with you all. What type of aluminium powder is best for flash powder is it German dark, Indian dark, or 1250 mesh 10 micron aluminium powder. To all those into pyrotechnics I am glad to meet you through this site because I am obsessed with fireworks.

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