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LED Fixtures

I need instructions on how to construct an LED system with remotely located 1 watt fixtures with the furthest fixture being 50' from the power source I'll need to drive at least 10 of the 1 watt bulbs. Thanks for any help 

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how do i change an outdoor light fixture ?

I need to change my porch light fixtures. I just don't know how. Any suggestions?

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can you help me with my bicycle, sir? that'd be kool.

I need help switching over the entire pedal/crank fixture thing on my bikes, ones longer than the other, although the biggest problem i have is the nut on one side (get your head out of the gutter), is all messed up and at such a weird angle its hard to get to and only two grip slots in it at a weird angle also.. any ideas? it just wont come out, i tried wd-40, doesnt work, but i dont think rust is the problem. i'll get pictures soon, sir. this is a picture f the bike im taking the crank off of.

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LED Indoor Light Fixture

LED lights is a wonderful thing, but it is horrifically expensive.I bought some LED indoor light fixture for home deco. There are still have some led indoor light fixture left. I don't want to waste of these resources, so i decided to use them in my gardens. What's the difference between indoor light and outdoor lights? My these led indoor light fixture can be used in my gardens?

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Reflective paint for light fixture

Hello all, I am working on a light fixture and I would like to paint the walls of the fixture a reflective color in order to get a more even spread of light. I've been hearing silver and white as good options. Is one better than the other? Do I need a specific type of paint? Does it matter whether its a matte finish or glossy? Thanks, Ben

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Chandelier/Ceiling Light but no fixture?

I recently bought a 50s house and there is no light fixture for the living room or the den and the venting makes it difficult for someone to come in and install wiring. So... does anyone have a good DIY lighting idea where I could hang a big light and run the cord along the ceiling/wall to plug it in?

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Outdoor LED light fixtures?

I have an outdoor landscape lighting system. I just converted the light fixtures from halogen to LED. Most of the system works fine, but there is a section that will not light up. I know there is power to the cables within that section because I can connect one of the old halogen lights and it will light up. But when I hook up the LED it will not work. Any ideas?

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Retrofitting an antique light fixture?

Hi, I just picked up a really nice old hanging light fixture. I want to upgrade it with modern light sockets and lampshades to use in our new house (Actually 200 years old but new to us). Has anybody had any experience doing this? Could you give me a few pointers? Thanks, G

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Does anyone know a good material for making a custom light fixture other than glass? Answered

My mother's birthday is coming up soon and since two things I know are that her current light fixture is crap and her favorite flower is a cala lily I want to make a cala lily light fixture.  Most of it is uncomplicated enough I can do it no problem.  (wiring, attachment, etc.) The one thing I am a bit worried about is the actual bloom part.  I can negate the heat issue by using an led system to keep the heat down (I prefer it anyway) but I can't think of any material which I can easily shape to the desired form.  I don't have the tools or experience to do glass or metal on a serious level.  I briefly considered polymer clay, but that seems like a rather large piece for it. I am an adult and I won't hold you responsible if it all goes pear-shaped so any advice is welcome.

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making REALLY cool light fixtures....

My mom building this HUGE house in mexico and i want to make some really cool light fixtures for my huge room... the ceilings are like 15 foot.. and theres a loft

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replacing balast in flouresent light fixture?

Looking for instruction on replacing ballast in fluorescent fixture in my kitchen. Also the drop ceiling panels are going to be replaced. How should I cut to fit?

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Failing to ground a light fixture. Help

I asked my husband to turn a brass boat prop into a hanging light fixture. It doesn't seem to be Grounding because the light is very dim. Any ideas?

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im wanting to make my old floresant light fixture in to a led light fixture

im wanting to make my old florescent light fixture in to a led light  fixture  but im wanting to know if i just hard wire the led strip into the power lines of the house will the led lights go bad 

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What should I do to the bare light bulbs in the basement to make them pretty?

Its a very low ceiling. I have some translucent colored vellum (8.5x11). There are several bare lights. My housemates and I want to make a living area down there, there are some couches and a carpet. The walls are stone/concrete (unfinished). General decorating tips are also welcome. I was thinking about star shaped covers, or pin prick art, or something.

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How can I build an extra large drum light shade?

I would like to make a big drum light shade (approx measurements are 40" wide by 12" tall). I've got a basic hanging light fixture (just a triple bulb fixture with no shade), and I would like to fashion a frame (this is the hard part) around which to wrap a thin fabric.  Here is the style I'm going for, but not nearly big  enough: Any guidance you might have on where to get loops (or make loops) with approximately a 40" diameter, or how to get that frame done would be much appreciated!

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how to make a light fixture battery powered?

Http:// is the light i would like to make battery powered. as you can see its about as simply of a light fixture as you can get. I just need it battery powered because im going to put it above a door and there is no plug anywhere near it. i would be greatful for any help thanks tony

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converting lighting fixture to portable battery operated

Ok I've done many searches but do to this being a bit unique I haven't found a solution thats spot on. So here's the story!  I found this cool bathroom, above the sink, multi bulb lighting fixture by the trash. (Oh like you don't shop the same places? He he) I really want steampunk looking lighting for a convention booth I am setting up in march. Tricky part is no power. So, I grabbed the fixture, blasted with a base coat of paint and am posting here for guidance on making this battery operated. Anything is possible I know but in this case I would like a few requirements to be met 1. I'm a maker, and a broke one at that, I don't want to spend $250 on a battery go anywhere plug in device ...its expensive plus if I can make my own I'm happier, mmo cheaper I'm even more happy, mmo with more "found" parts I'm even more happiest! ;-p  2. I'm a lil thing, 90lb soaking wet... I had to hump 120 pound packs w heavy radios back in my USMC days, however I'm not in the corps so I don't want to pack a 120 pound battery thru a convention center for my Lil display. Light as possible battery solution for my light please!;-p 3. I can't use solar at this location, I do have limited space and finally 4. If possible I'm trying to keep this looking nice. This is for my display table. The broke part...I need to make money and that means slick looking booth that people will be drawn towards, handing over their hard earned money for amazing well lit steampunk treasure. I love duct tape, even mentioned it on my dating profile...but it doesn't scream style. Just saying ;-p I'm not surrounded by fellow makers or tools so me chatting ideas out with friends and fine tools isn't I'm here i n hopes my fellow interweb maker family can help me out here. I have basic electrical knowledge, basic tools, color blind but I think were OK with these few colors here. I took photos to assist the visual and stir creative juices.  Mahalo for taking time to read and inspire! 

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residential electric info needed

I have 4 rooms and each have a light fixture and a switch controlling each of the lights.   .  The power source from the electrical panel is entering the 1st light fixture and then to each of the other light fixtures.  I am using 12/2 with a ground Romex wire.  There are only 3 wires in the Romex.  One is white, one is black, and one is bare.  Please tell me which wires connect to each other in the octagon boxes in the ceiling where the light fixtures are and which wires connect in the respective switch box.  Please use wire colors(white, black, bare)when explaining the wires that will connect.  No need to explain the "bare wire" connections because I will connect all of them together back to the panel and from there to ground.  Thanks for your help!  Louisiana bayou backdoor

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Does the length of a fluorescent tube matter? Will a shorter fluorescent tube work in a longer fixture?

Assuming the wattage is the same. I have some 15" fluorescent tubes. Will they work in fixtures made for longer tubes if the wattage is the same?

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Has anyone created a rotating light blocker tube for a fixture before? Answered

I'm trying to create a slow rotating tube within a tube light blocker for a black light fixture I have. The fixture measures 2inches by 2feet and is a fluorescent tube style. I want to be able to have the outer tube rotate around the light, have a slot cut into it so the light can come out but when it's past the light, the hole is blocked by an inner tube so no light escapes. I figure the RPM would be about 2-4. This is for Halloween. The inner tube would be fixed into position and the light fixture be attached to it. Does any of this make sense? If it does and you know of another project like this, please send me a link.

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Way to control two fluorescent bulbs in the same fixture individually?

I would like to set up a few fluorescent light fixtures that each have one blacklight bulb and one white bulb. I would like to be able to control them individually so that I can have either the blacklight bulb or the white bulb on at any given time. It would be preferable to be able to dim the white bulbs, but this isn't necessary. I am okay with running a 14/3 power cable assuming two ballasts would fit in one fixture. I would also like to accomplish this as cheaply as possible.  Thank you.

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Is there any way to permanently change the finish (color) on a shower-head? From Brass to Bronze? Or Chrome to Bronze?

I would like to get a Grohe Freehander ( ) shower system for my bathroom, but all the fixtures I have are aged copper or aged bronze.. The fixture comes in chrome, nickel or polished brass, the cheapest being the chrome or the nickel. Is is possible to alter the finish after I purchase it?

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Inline splicing

I want to add an outdoor low voltage light midway along the line of an existing wire. do I cut one or both sides of the wire to splice in the new fixture?

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Motion sensor bypass

My security light is equiped with a motion sensor, I would like to operate the fixture with a switch when needed and also by motion, how can I accomplish this

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How to make doll house fixtures and furniture for a Queen Anne Style doll house?

I have to finish and furnish a large Queen Anne style dollhouse for a fundraising project for our local hospice. I have a limited budget and a number of volunteers who would like to help. One ideas was to make items to furnish the dollhouse as a  craft project to be made during a church retreat. I am looking for ideas and instructions for things that people can help make during a weekend.

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How do I wire LEDs?

I am trying to wire some LED lights for a set of iron pipe and distressed wood bookshelves.  From other questions I've read regarding LEDs, I conclude that I can use 18 gauge wire from the transformer to the fixture.  Can I run regular wire to the transformer from the outlet, and can I go approximately 15' from the transformer to the fixtures?  Also, can I just wire the transformer and tuck it away under the bottom shelves, and will something like a doorbell transformer work?

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Has anyone tried to make a solar light tube

I already have sky lights installed in an unfinished attic. I figure I could try lining some heating duct with some of those Mylar emergency blankets, butt it up against the skylight and then install a modified recessed light fixture in the ceiling. Connect the tube to the light fixture and it should work the same as the $300 units. I understand the effect the dome could have on collecting light, I do have some security camera domes, but don't want to go cutting holes in the roof unless it will work. ???anyone Thanks

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can you take chrome fitting for a shower door and somehow make them look like brushed chrome or nickel? ??

I have new shower door with chrome edges and all other fixtures are brushed chrome.  help!!?

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No more author names?

I have noticed that the author's names are not attatched to the posts anymore, i.e. -"My Post" By:Tinker83- in the intro. is this going to be a permanent fixture or is it something temporary? it's not a huge problem, but its kind of nice to just look up and see who wrote it.

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Where is my instructable???

I found a type of light fixture (metal halide) in a dumpster, often used at businesses, but completely unfamiliar to me. In this instructable, I explore this type of light, its uses, dangers and possibilities (great!). But it does not show up in recent instructables!!! (it is not my first).

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What power supply and wiring setup should I use for an LED lighting fixture? Answered

I'm trying to build a light from LEDs. I managed to pick up 40 Bright white LEDs for $4 and want to put them all together into one light fixture. I know a bit about electronics, but I'm stumped on what kind of power supply I should build and how I should wire them. They are 3V 20mA. When building it should I multiply the voltage or the amperage? And should I run them in series or parallel? Any help would be appreciated. And please don't just give a "Do this" answer. I'm looking for more of "Do this because this is how it works." Thank you.

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deconstructing HEMMA light socket end

Does anyone know how to take apart the socket end of IKEA's HEMMA light "fixture". I'm sure it's easy, but so far it has me stumped. I'm trying to shorten the cord's length.

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How to connect LED light fixture and Peltier cooler in same DC power supply without reducing their capcity? Answered

I have a atx power supply which i have converted to 12 V DC power source,  current rated as 22 amps.  I have connected a LED light appliance(90W) and a peltier cooler(62.2 W, Umax =15.4 v, Imax = 7 amp,1.7 Ohm resistance ) in parallel connection. But when i attached both of them to the PSU , my LED lights dim. What is the reason for this ??  I have tried with other combination that is peltier cooler and CPU cooler fan and find that the fan is not operating in same rpm when it runs as a sigle device with PSU. Is Peltier cooler make the circuit short??

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Request for a design of a bright solar-powered yardlight with LEDs.

We live in a neighborhood without street lights.  Each homeowner is required have a automatic light on a pole in the middle of the front yard.  These lights are powered by a 120 volt line running underground.  These lights are constantly failing because of the shoddy way they laid the line just under the sod.  My solution was to replace the light head with a solar light fixture that I purchased from Menards for $68.  It has 12 LEDs, small solar panels on top facing in four directions, and interior mirrors to enhance the reflection.  The problem is that it is barely adequate.  I would have preferred to use the old fixture and outfit it with a brighter set of LEDs.  It would be great if someone could come up with a simple plan for something like this. I would like to have 24 LEDs (I could cannibalize these from an LED flashlight), a chain of small solar panels taken from solar yardlights, rechargeable batteries, and a compact circuit that would sense darkness (possible reused from a yardlight).  I will worry about mounting the solar panels outside the fixture.  Note: this cannot be an 'accent light'.  It should have the output of at least a 20 watt incandescent bulb). 

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How much led strip do I need?

I want to replace my kitchen light fixtures with homemade ones that use those adhesive led strips. But is there some guideline concerning how many meters of it I'd need to illuminate a given size/area of floorspace?

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Instructables Contest

I have won 3 months Instructables Pro membership after my post was featured , please see   but I did not use it yet, and I have no clue how to claim it. Can anyone please show me the steps to claim my free pro membership ??

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What is the best smallish enclosure for a coffee maker type heating element?

I'm wanting to start a project involving the use of an old coffee maker heating element. I don't know what type of safe enclosure to put it in to keep it separate from the wood fixture it will be attached to. Any ideas?

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How can I wire a lamp to a digital clock?

I'm trying to make a clock/lamp to conserve outlet space. How can I wire the lamp to a digital clock? Is this even possible?  I want to take a digital clock and wire it to the lamp then mount the lamp and clock inside a fixture made of Plexiglas or wood.  This is sort of an experiment. 

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DC current alarm. What would be the most cost effective way to trip an audible alarm if current goes over 2 amps?

I have a test fixture that I use.  I am testing a circuit board and I need to be able to trip an audible alarm if the current going from my 15 V DC power supply goes over 2 amps, or more precisely 1.5 amps. As of now I have to watch the amp meter to see if during a particular portion of the test the amps go over 1.5.  This only occurs for 2-3 seconds of a 60 second test.  If I happen to not be watching I have to start over.  I would like to be able to reset the alarm after it is tripped to test the next board.  Obviously I would like to do this a inexpensively as possible.  Thanks for any help.

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Need help with plans for a LED room lighting system

Hey guys and gals,I'm looking to install a full scale LED lighting system in my room, because I'm tired of blowing bulbs and incandescents, and I want something new. Id like to install a standard white light LED system for the main lights, and incorporate a RGB setup into the fixture. I want the fixture to run around the upper perimeter of the room, and contain enough lights to light a 15' x 12' x 8' room.My questions as of now:What are the highest output white LEDs I can get with a "wider" viewing angle?And how can I incorporate a dimmer into the standard white setup?I was to use this Instructable as a guide also for the RGB setup. you very much in advance.

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What do you recommend for wire connectors / clamps for making a Nitinol shape-setting fixture?

I'm weaving Nitinol wire so I have a square piece of plywood with the shape that I'm weaving around placed in the center and the bundle of .7mm Nitinol wire is emanating also from the center.  For clamps I used speaker posts that have hand-rotatable post "screw-collars" and are gold-plated.  However they're really hard to work with and to mount.  They're great because they also have a high-current screw-in wire junction in the back.   Anyway, what alternatives can you think of while requiring a hand-turnable release and clamp of the Nitinol wires (so plain terminal blocks won't work unless you also found a screw with a handle that fits).  There will be about 20-100 small wires used in the bundle to weave the shape.  And the board is about 30cm sq. at the moment so more likely there will be only 20, in order to fit the wire clamps unless you know of a micro method, such as: copper tubes and "nails", which might work now that I think of it...

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How do I install a new electrical outlet? Answered

I need guidance on how to install a new electrical outlet to an existing wall.  My bathroom only has one electrical outlet, and it's located on the vanity light over the sinks (see photo close-up of light outlet on outdated fixture with rad vintage pastel ikat wallpaper).  More info:  Usually this should be pretty easy, since there should be an outlet on the other side of the wall that you can just tap in to; but there's no outlets on the other side of any of these walls (see wall descriptions below).  There are electrical wires running through these walls though, powering lighting and heating.  So, can I just cut a hole in the wall, reach my hand in, grab a random wire, cut it, splice in wiring to a new outlet, and magically everything works?  Probably not that simple.  I can grasp the basics involved in this, but I'm not 100% certain on how to proceed with my situation since I don't think I need to deal with feeding up new separating wiring from the basement but I also just can't easily tap into an adjacent existing outlet.    Floor plan: There's 2 switches at the bathroom entrance: one for the lights, one for the bathroom fan. The light switch controls 2 light fixtures: the one overhead light (it's a light/fan combo) as well as the lighting above the sink.  See scan image for rough sketch of current electrical floor plan. Wall descriptions based on sketch: Left wall: interior wall; on other side of the wall is an electric baseboard heater; door to hallway Bottom wall: exterior wall; window Right wall: interior wall; adjacent room is unfinished "attic" area above garage with sloped ceiling* Top wall: interior wall; adjacent stairwell; wall-mounted light fixture with outlet; small under-cabinet baseboard heating vent thing I would like to know if/how I can tap into the electricity of that sink light fixture to be able to relocate the electrical outlet lower, closer to the sink counter, and possibly off to the side (so, not central to the counter as it currently is).  See scan image for rough sketch of proposed electrical floor plan (ignore birds, I was using scrap paper).  I realize if I were to relocate it off to the side, I'd need to drill through studs and make more more holes in the wall, but that's fine, as I was thinking of creating storage space between the studs anyway. I'm planning on replacing the current sink light fixture with either a) another wall fixture in the same location, b) 2 separate wall fixtures, one above each sink, or c) 3 separate wall sconces, a leftmost one, a center, and a rightmost one.  I haven't decided on what will look and function the best.   I'm sure there was a much more succinct way of asking this question and describing my situation, but I am clueless about electricity and wiring and whatnot.  Despite my inexperience and ignorance I still feel like this is a task I'm capable of, but I'd like to seek the guidance of you wonderful Instructables' folks on how to do this.  I'd like to know where you think the outlet(s) should go based on the information I provided, and then how I get the power to that outlet without electrocuting myself and frying the house.   * I first was going to say that this attic ceiling outlet is the nearest thing to an adjacent outlet, but I just remembered there's an outlet at the top of the stairs, adjacent to the attic (meaning, not on the other side of a bathroom wall).  The attic ceiling outlet is controlled by a light switch inside attic entrance anyway, and this is an insulated roof wall too. 

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Whippy Light: For Greens Who Like to Blind Themselves

This clever light fixture takes the shape of the CFL and manages to incorporate it very well. Of course, the problem is that this only looks good when it's not lit. Turning ti on to, say, light the room will quickly turn this from a conversation piece into a bright nuisance.Nice idea, tho. Link

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How can I wire a standard light switch to an extension cord? Answered

I am working on a project in which 2 light fixtures are wired up to an outdoor extension cord. I need to wire a light switch like the one pictured below to the extension cord. How can I go about doing this? Thanks, Adam

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Twin-blade ceiling fan (Steampunk-esque)

Hi, I tried posting this already but then couldn't find it so I hope I am not posting twice... I fell in love with this ceiling fan ( which I can't attach properly to show the image because the uploader doesn't work (either of them) on my computer. Problem is that the fan is over $800! I'd like to combine a bunch of pieces and make something like this out of old desk fans and a nice light fixture (or something I can turn into a nice light fixture) to both save money and spare our landfill.  Thing is, although I get lamps and they are very easy, once you add moving parts I am scared sh!tle$$!   I figure there has to be someone out there who knows if it is even possible to recreate this at home. Thanks Joelle

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I want to hardwire an LED kit with switch to the household wiring?

I've found similar instructions online but not quite the same thing I'm wanting to do.  Essentially, I want another fixture in the bathroom without using the plugins. I have an LED kit with switch included.  (;=true&ref;_=ox_sc_act_title_1∣=A3QAWKW1O2SEC3) I want to put the LED strip lighting under the bathroom sink vanity for subtle lighting in the middle of the night.  I want to set up the on-off switch at floor level to be poked with a toe.  However, I do not want to have a wire running from under the cabinet, across the wall to the plugin. Is there a way to hardwire this LED kit into the house wiring that is already present?  NOT where an old fixture was, this will be all new wiring.  Thank you. Even sources that might help me would be appreciated.

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I'd like to challenge everyone here that makes useful things.

I'd like to challenge everyone here that makes useful things.  I'm rebuilding an old light fixture and I'm focusing on efficiency.   My challenge is to get the highest amount of lumens with the lowest number of watts.  I'm stuck and I'd be willing to put a cash prize on this. I'd like for everyone that gives this a try to stick to DC voltage.

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Help making an LED Camcorder light attachment!

I have an old Panasonic PV220 camcorder. It has a fitting to attach a light fixture for indoor recording, but no light. What information would I need to provide to an enterprising designer to have an LED light created to fit this camcorder? I can go dig it out of storage and give measurements, and any other information necessary. I would really appreciate any help!

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I want to create an RGB pinspot for my disco ball.

I would love to use a color changing RGB (I will buy the bulb) I just want to find some way to make the spot light as tight a beam as possible? Maybe a fixture that works to tighten the beam or using the frame from a 36 par light and putting it in a reflective coating. Any idea is a good idea (mostly...)

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Help with color changing LEDs?

So I am looking to do something like this with LEDs, but what I want to do is have some red and yellow LEDs in the light fixture and put them all on a remote or dimmer switch, so when I turn it down, it will mimic a sun set. I have no idea how to do that. Any suggestions? Bonus points for anyone who would know how to incorporate fiberoptics for starlight.

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