Rc light ,flashing light

Ive tried and tried to get an LED to light up (on at all times) then add a flashing circuit on same led like a car turn signal. Any help would be greatly appreaciated

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Momentary flashing lights

What is the easiest/simplest method of making a flashing light (preferably a small string of LED's or a piece of EL tape) connected to a momentary push switch? no timer or any other complication just lights that will flash on and off until the button is released. i want to make a flashing indicator light and switch small enough to mount on a ring that i can wear on my pointing finger so that the button hits the back of my hand as i straighten my finger to point and the light flashes only until i curl my finger to release the switch.

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Flashing LED?

I recently took apart a flashlight, which features flashing LED's. They only have 2 leads each. One flashes on and off, and the other blue and red. I can see a small black dot inside them, is this some type of transistor? I am also wondering if there is a way to get a bi-color (3 leads) LED to flash using a transistor. What kind would i nedd, and how would i nedd to hook it up? ( diagram appreciated)

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Xenon flash tube light? Answered

Would it be possible for me to pulse a xenon flash tube brightly at over 100hz for prolonged periods without damaging the tube? Would there be a simple enough circuit for it that ran on 3V? Lastly, would the tube flash fast enough so I would not now that it is flashing?

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synchonized flash light for cheap?

Also posted in "burning question " forum Hi, I am looking for someone who could do an synchonized flash light such as this one but for much cheaper ;-) The challenge is on synchronizing the camera with the flashlight, if possible wireless. The light itself and the diffuseur are no real topic. The use of such devices helps a lot when taking pics for your I'bles or your ETSY shop if you have one. Thx B

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LED light that flashes to BPM

I had an idea but don't know how to make it lol.This might sound a little far-fetched but is it possible to make a light that will flash to BPM from a software for example, virtual DJ? This is something I've had in mind for a while now but never knew how to go about it.

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Circuit to flash a bank of lights

I have a bank of 30 x 6 volt lamps in an old computer console and I am trying to find a circuit to flash them in a random pattern. Ideally the lamps will be driven from a chip rather than individual transistors. I'm perfectly capable of building the circuit, but not designing it. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Thank you.

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Lighthouse pulsing light

Hi all - I am building a wooden model lighthouse, it will stand 5 feet tall and become my driveway landmark. I have been searching for a good light circuit, a non-LED version, preferably using 120v AC. I would like the light to just do a slow flash or pulse and haven't found a circuit anywhere. I did find one SCR simple circuit using a high rated capacitor, but I am looking for more options. I have a coloured halogen which should do the job well enough. So have any of you brainiacs come across any circuits close to this description - thank you for reading / responding. Bill

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Flashing LED usb

I'm not really sure where to start with this, but in the end I's like an LED strobe where I can control how fast is flashes precisely (for example 5khz). My Ideas so far is you have an LED hooked up to my laptop via usb with a simple program to control the speed and how many times it flashes. Right now I've got LED's and usb's and 100ohm resisters if i need them. From what I've read I don't think I can control the usb port's power so I'm assuming I need a driver board or something? I'd love some help with this but I assume I've been too vague, mostly because I'm not sure what i'm talking about. Any help I can get would be amazing. Thanks

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Guitar Light

Ok i am trying to find a way to make a light that flashes while striking the guitar strings any ideas? I was thinking in the form of a wah pedal but thats too much of a hassel.

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Light circuit that flashes an LED once when a light is detected? Answered

I'm kinda a new to circuits and i would really like your help guys! I'm trying to create a circuit that flashes an LED once if light is detected. I also want it with a 2-3secs delay which means after the LED flashes once the circuit turns off for 2-3secs (even if light was detected after the led flashes it will not flash again until after 2-3secs). Can i use a 555 timer to do so...and if yes how is the setup.

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Flashing LED project?

I have undertaken a sign project for my work that involves LEDs flashing in sequence. We are a Fire and EMS education program and want something that is going to grab attention. At first the project was supposed to be just solid burning lights but has been changed. I'm guessing they want something like the old style movie poster chasing lights or alternating flash between 3 sets of LEDs. It's a little more advanced than I had planned and don't know where to start as far as components go. I've already got the switch they want me to use,  it is very similar to a toggle switch but has a safety cap. My sign is a little larger than a standard letter size paper and I'm thinking 10 or 15 lights across the top should look pretty cool. Any suggestions on where to start or what I need? Thanks, Matt   This is the switch: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2062493   The photo I've included gives you an idea of what it is we do.

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music lights idea

Well I've been working on this project for a while now and the design has changed many times. I have also asked several questions based on the ideas. My latest idea is to make 3 different sets of lights flash to music using the 3 outputs of a 5.1 system on a computer. I know this may sound confusing but what I mean is the orange, black and green outputs which control the rear, front and center/subwoofer of a 5.1 surround system. Do you think this could work? If so then I suppose I would use just the right channel of each and possibly the ground connection (not sure whether I need it). Also if using transistors to make an electronic switch turning the lights on and off, would I need amplifiers? I only have 1 at the moment and even if I could get more they would almost certainly be different. If you know the answer to these questions please help and even I am successful the I will create an instructable on this. One more thing: Does anyone know whether the center of the center/sub connection is the tip or middle of the jack? Thanks, Jim

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Bell Ringing (or Light Flashing) Circuit

There's a dead simple circuit which I've built before, but can neither remember, nor find online. Just a capacitor, relay, and a few resistors to make a circuit which flashes on + off. Can anyone here find this, or re-recreate it?

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Vertigo Lights

A few years ago I was attending a Halloween attraction where a conversation started about seeing a red skull.  We asked a few of the actors and I got the name of the attraction's special effects person.  What we were seeing was a programmable sheet of red LEDs that would flash so fast that you could only see the after image.  The F/X guy called it Vertigo Lights.  I understand the concept, but wondered if anyone has come across anything like this.  Could this be controlled by an arduino, or would a program need to be written to control all of the lights simultaneously?  I haven't been able to find anything like it in any of my searches. Any clues would be great!

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Audio Triggered by Light

Hello, I'm an absolute beginner and I would appreciate some help. I need to build a sensor that triggers sound either on Pro Tools/Logic Pro/Garage Band or any other kind of audio software when it detects a single red flash of light on it, much like the light a laser pointer would produce. The light will flash from left to right in intervals of 2.5 or 5 seconds apart. The sound is nothing too complicated. It's basically just single notes, pitched a fifth apart so for example, when the left light flashes, it needs to trigger middle C, then when the right light flashes, it needs to trigger G above middle C. Problem is, I do not know how to go about this and where to start. I would be deeply appreciative if someone could help me out here and point me in the right direction. Thank you!

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DIY flashing shoe sensor

I've seen tons of guides on how to make my shoes light up with the guts of an old pair of light up shoes, but I dont want to go out and find an old pair.  Does anyone know what kind of sensor they use to turn on the lights and any pre existing circuits I can use? 

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Flashing LED problem?

Hi everyone. I mess around with HO scale slot cars and have had decent success lighting them with LEDs using track voltage and simple resistors to power them. I have ventured into the use of full wave rectifiers to smooth out the power and a small capacitor to eliminate the flicker. The problem I am having is when trying to use multiple blinking LEDs. Single blinking LEDs haven't caused any problems and I've had good results with them. The problem starts when I use more than one. I can get a pair of them to work on the bench with out any problem at all, but when they are soldered to the slot car chassis they might work for 3-5 minutes and then they stop blinking, and usually get hung up on one LED staying lit. What is even stranger is if I take a piece of brass rod and touch the anode of the dead LED, it will light up momentarily (and the other will go out). I only have so much room to work with so flashing circuits, large capacitors and voltage regulators are out of the question. Keep in mind, these cars are the size of a hot wheels or matchbox car, and the chassis uses up most of the internal space. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Program a flash drive

Hi everyone, I have a friend who have helped me to attach some components on the chip of the flash drive to make it possible to select some LEDs to lid. So with this new components I'm going to make a software that changes 4 LEDs in the flash drive. This software that I'm going to develope is going to be on the flash-drive and not on the computer, and when I press a button "turn on green" or something similar the green light should led. Now to my question. What programming language should I use, and how do I make it possible to "talk" to the leds? Hope anyone can help me with this, Thanks in advance xddx

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can someone help me make an LED Light line

Hi guys, im doing  ahistory project and im trying to make it so that i can have a line of LED's that will make LED 1 turn on, and as LED 2 turns on LED 1 turns off, LED 3 turns on LED 2 turns off, and so on and so forth, and activated by a switch? Can someone Help me?

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how to add usb port to this flash ligt?

Ive got this flashlight. my questions are? 1. how can i add usb port to this flash light? 2. it got 3 AAA battery and i used rechargeable. how do i be able to recharge the battery using usb? 3. what is this flash light? a led? lumen? laser? never those backgrounds... ;)

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Flashing LEDs - Quick Question

Just Curious - does programming led lights to flash cause their lifespan do be shortened?

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Would i be able to buy the finished pruduct?

  I am a huge fan of what you make and do on the videos and I would like to ask a small favor from you. Would you be able to make me the "Mini Mag Flash Light hack" on the link below. https://www.instructables.com/id/Laser-Flashlight-Hack!!/?utm_source=pdf&utm;_campaign=video The only reason why i won't make it myself is because I don't want to stuff it up and not just that but I would like it done by a person that has done it before.(professionally) P.S. I am willing to buy it for a reasonable price. Hope to hear from you in the near future.  

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Multi Flash Flasher circuit?

I am trying to make my own flasher controller for a pair of LED light modules.  The 12 volt, low amp draw lights are to be used on a golf cart that we use when the patrol cars are not needed on campus. Traffic control is the main use due to being able to put it anywhere the patrol cars will not go. The flash patterns can be any type as long as it is automatic, and keep changing, like the strobe lights on police, fire, and EMS units. Some have 4 patterns, some have up to 18 patterns. Any one have a diagram or circuit design that may work? Thanks for any help.

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ps3 blue light?

My ps3 has had a ylod and i have fixed this with the oven fix which is great! Now it turns on and everything but.... and theres always a but, my blu-ray drive accepts and ejects discs but when there in there it just flashes blue, clicks, light goes out, flashes blue, click....and so on.... so what the hell is happening here? i might add that i have done the oven fix before on this ps3 a couple times and now iv added an extra fan onto the bottom, powered from the brown and black wires from the cpu fan! 

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Lexar flash stick/drive

My flash drive just stopped working, i have alot of information of it and the red light just stop flashing. how do i get this to work or get my information off of it?

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Monitor went black with on/off light flashing?

I have a Dell 17-inch E173FP flat panel display monitor.  Just after I visited a website, I left the room and returned to find that the monitor had gone black and that the on/off light was flashing every few seconds.  Unplugged the monitor from the outlet, plugged it back in, but no change.  Couldn't shut down my computer as a result and so I just had to turn it off manually.  Any idea what's wrong with the monitor?

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why is my solar garden light flashing? Answered

Hey guys i brought a solar garden light the other day so i would have soft light on my table when playing video games in the dark mostly so i can see my drink and food an not have to get up turn the light on or fumble around potentially making a mess. it worked fine then i had an idea to boost the "cool" factor change the LED out for a red one so i did and now it lasts a hour actually 45 minutes to an hour then it starts to flash five seconds on 5 seconds after another hour it'll be 5 seconds on 180 seconds off  i think roughly an ad break on New Zealand television. is it the 1.2v nicd 600mAh battery? i thought it should just be brighter seeing as the white one should be rated at 3.5v 20mA? and the red at 2.0v or less? also can i replace the battery with a more powerful one without having to modify the actual electronics? thank you

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Help needed with flashing brake light microcontroller

Hi All New here and hope you can help me out. I am a biker in south africa and would like to put together an aditional brake light that flashed 4 times then go solid. Microcontroller will most likely be the easiest and have design one as follows. (the coding has been done) LED's to be used is 20mA at 2.2V My concern is that for the amount of LED"S (100) i want to use 1amp is not enough and therefore i am using a LM7810 to drop the voltage from 12V to 5V with a cap to increase the 1A output to 5A I wish to wire the LED's in parralel si if one pop's then it wont affect the rest of the LED's. Must i therefore still wire a resistor in front of every LED? (180ohm?) or can i wire in this LED before the LED matrix to give it a 2.2-2.3V throughout the LED matrix? Here is my design : http://i247.photobucket.com/albums/gg156/HannesNel/design_zps52f754cf.png 2nd EDIT : How about this? reworked the design a bit? Then i drop the 12v down to 2.5V needed for the LED's and no resistors needed? I also opped for the LM350 due to the higher amps it can handle http://i247.photobucket.com/albums/gg156/HannesNel/Untitled_zpsc9900901.png 3rd update: Now using super bright LED's with a rating of 2V and therfore will use row of 6 in series to give 12V...still need resistors when connecting the 6 banks of 6 LED each in parralel? http://i247.photobucket.com/albums/gg156/HannesNel/Untitled_zps684a2209.png

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LED's for puck lights

Hi. I purchased some leds for my puck lights but when I install all 3 they just flash but won't stay on. If I leave 1 standard bulb in with 2 leds then the arrangement works. Does any one know what is going on and is there a fix for it such as a resistor [ which I don't have alot of knowledge on] please help. Thanks in advance

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Help with a Blinky Light Cirucit.

I need a circuit that will act in the following manner when a button is pressed: Press -1:  Turn on  LEDs so that they flash. Press -2:  LEDs on,solid, no flash. Press- 3: Turn off the LEDs. In addition if the LEDs are on for 5 min, the circuit should turn off automatically. Any help or pointers would be really appreciated.

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Would i be able to buy the finished pruduct?

I am a huge fan of what you make and do on the videos and I would like to ask a small favor from you. Would you be able to make me the "Mini Mag Flash Light hack" on the link below. https://www.instructables.com/id/Laser-Flashlight-Hack!!/?utm_source=pdf&utm;_campaign=video The only reason why i won't make it myself is because I don't want to stuff it up and not just that but I would like it done by a person that has done it before.(professionally) P.S. I am willing to buy it for a reasonable price. Hope to hear from you in the near future.

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Emergency Dash Light - Repair

Hello All - I am attempting to repair an Emergency Dash Light for a friend of mine.  It has blue LED lights it is similar to the one pictured in this link:    http://www.1topstore.com/product_info.php?language=en&currency;=USD&products;_id=11981  Initially the unit had all 4 LEDs burned out I fond a source for them and replaced same all worked fine.  After reassembling the unit I discovered in final test that the controlling chip went bad.  I think the chip is a EEPROM at least the package is a DIP-8.  The device has a function select push button and there are 4 flashing formats; wig-wag, flash twice wig-wag, all steady on; all on flash.  Any suggestions? 

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How to retrieve files from a SanDisk cruzer that has quit working?

ScanDisk flash drive worked great for a while but now it doesn't show up nor does the light comes on.

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Sandisk cruzer micro (2gb)

Well, my flashdrive just quit on me and I was wondering if this happend to anybody else. It does not light up or anything when I plug it in, anybody have any advice?

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how to recharge my led flash light using 3 AAA battery from a usb laptop?

I have a led flashlight using 3 AAA rechargeable batteries. i want to make it to be able to plug in to my laptop's USB so that i can charge with my laptop.

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I need a circuit that will flash a light at fairly accurate regular timed intervals. Perhaps the easiest might be a battery circuit with LEDs, but flashing a mains-powered light would be OK if easier. It is for use as a light metronome, so I need to be able to vary it to between 40 and 200 flashes per minute. Have searched the net: lots of flashing circuits, but none that can be varied in tempo in a reasonably accurate way. Grateful for any thoughts!

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How to make LED's flash when moved?

I want to create a Sneakoscope ( it's a top that flashes when spun, from Harry Potter). How would I get lights to flash when it's spun?

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led flash and fade. how?

Video of RavelightPicture of RavelightIm interested in building a product that utilises coloured LED lights with multiple flashing and fading patterns.I have pulled apart a few LED products and examined the PCB's and the components and have a general idea of what is going on, however it is all new to me, and im unsure of the possibilities that exist. For example, i didn't know you could get pcb's so small...Basically i need the power source to be the small button cell batteries (up to 6 if necessary, though 3 or 4 would be preferable). With at least 4 LEDs of different colours (RGB etc). A similar design to what I want to make is a flashing LED light stick like people use at raves that I found. It has a button that seems to simply complete a circuit momentarily, and pressing it down again and again, scrolls through its 9 different flashing patterns.I have seen various different LED toys that vary on this, but are basically the same idea.The thing that I don't understand (on top of a lot of other small things) is what is under the black blob on the PCB? Is this something like a 555 timer? an IC? And how are these programmed to give all the different patterns? is it a microchip?This thing cost me $3 from a shop. three dollars!! cheap as....this is what I want for my product. can anyone help me out to understand?I can post a picture up in the next couple of days if people can't understand what i'm talking about.Thanks

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How to build flashing bike lights? Schematic please. Answered

Hi, I need to build some flashing led bike lights, I was thinking of flashing 6 LEDs. I need a really simple circuit that I can make from spare electronic junk. Anyone know where I can get a schematic? Thanks, David.

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How can I make RGB LED lights change color with a switch? Answered

I would like it to have five options: Red, Green, Blue, White, and a pulsing, changing color. What switch can I use and what parts would I need?

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LED Cricket Bails

Hi everyone, didn't really know where to put this  so put it here. Basically I love cricket and if you have seen the ICC World Cup T20 you will have noticed the light up  bails and wickets. Here they are if you havnt- http://www.zings.biz/products/jbjhbjbh. What would be the best way to make these? ps: I have plastic and wood bails available and am more interested in making the bails. Thanks  

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How do I build a circuit that can make Led's flash in sequence?

My end goal is to build a programmable led display, but for now I just want to make a row of leds that light up, then shut off in sequence. I want it to look like the light is scrolling across the leds.

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How can I use a disposable camera flash to light continuesly?

I would like the scamatics of this. does anybody have any ideas. thanks

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Does anyone know where to get LEDs with ICs that flicker like candles?

 Like those used in electronic tea lights / candles? I'm only looking for the LEDs, and not the entire candle package.

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555 timer to make led's flash in this circuit ?

Ok so my handicapped uncle has a 3 wheeler bike that he goes everywhere in day or night and I'm always worried about him being hit by a car in the dark so i wanted to make a light bar  with 7 orange led's so he could be seen by cars and then i though of incorporating a solar panel so he wouldn't have to charge battery's (the battery's charge while hes out during the day and light up at night) but now i think it would help if the led's were to flash i have a few 555 ic's but I'm not to sure how to use them id like to use one in this light bar to make them flash heres a sketchup model of the lightbar http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=60db9f5dd7284717d25303acb02b2c20&prevstart;=0 thanks in advance Ps i also have some pcb boards if needed PPS if there are any improvements you would like to suggest these are apreciated PPPs if you would like to add the 555 circuit to the sketchup models email it to me at brl1995@hotmail.com Thanks! thanks for your help in advance!

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