how do i increase the memory on my usb flashdrive? Answered

I have a 128 mb usb flash drive without having to going out and just buying one.

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Custom Flashdrive shell Question

I've got a couple flash drives with broken cases, but the drive itself still works. I was wondering if anyone happens to know if the drive would survive temperatures high enough to harden modeling clay.  This would involve about an hour at 300 degrees Farenheit in an oven for hardening.

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Is it possible to play MP3 files from a USB flashdrive using an arduino? Answered

I just had a cool idea but need to know if this is possible. Can I play MP3 files from a flashdrive using only an arduino (no shields). If there is any way at all, please, give me your advice. Thanks!

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How to Put Linux on a USB flashdrive

Check out my new instructable on putting linux on a flashdrive to take your computer anywhere with you. Don't know what linux is? Read the instructable to find out. Just. Click on this line

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What is the best version of Linux? Answered

I am going to be running a computor on a 8GB flashdrive and I was wondering which version of Linux would be the best to use. I will be using the computor for photo editing, typing documents, and surfing the web.

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Hockey puck USB

Does anyone know of a tutorial to place a USB inside a hockey puck? I thought that it would make a nice gift for a friend but I'm not sure how to make it and can't seem to find a similar tutorial.  

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Is there a portable device you can get or make to clone a USB memory stick without using a computer, tablet or phone?

My friend at uni is always giving me one of her flashdrives with notes on it. Instead of taking it home, having to transfer the files onto my computer and remembering to bring it back the next day (which I invariably forget to), is there some kind of portable device I can take to stick the memory stick into, which will just clone it on the spot. I have never seen anything similar to purchase, but if someone has done it before, I would love to know how.

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RAID Config with multiple flash-drives but no Flash-drive HUB

Is it possible to connect flash-drives without a hub and set them to a RAID config? Or should i stop being cheap and buy a hub and make them into a RAID set?

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Collection of books taken to preserve human knowlege

What books file would you take to preserve most of the knowledge of the human race? You have a 64 GB flash drive and durable, waterproof laptop capable of getting power from an hand crank used to view files. What would you put on it? My list: Wikipedia and wikimedia stuff. 10 GB Bible and Collections of various philosophers   Korean, Eastern philosophy and major literature Native American culture and method information Database of major languages, dictionary, and grammar rules Instructables, selected ones Some major works of literature from project Gutenberg Songs from Beatles, Micheal Jackson, Elvis, Queen, ABBA Selected Movies Scientific Data, and other information vital to rebuilding society, such as designs for factories and computer chips.  Pictures of major works of art That's my list, what's yours?

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Can I run Ubuntu Linux DIRECTLY from a flashdrive?

I want to download Ubuntu Linux onto a flashdrive, and then be able to plug that into a computer(running Windows XP) and run off of Linux from the flashdrive. Can I do this? As in, I plug the flashdrive into the computer, then restart it. After it reboots, it starts up in Ubuntu, then just runs on Ubuntu like it would on a computer that normally runs on it. But instead of using the computer's hard drive, it stores on the flashdrive. Then, when I'm done, I can shut down the computer, unplug the flashdrive, and then when I boot the computer back up, it runs off of Windows XP like it normally would, like nothing happened. How would I do this? Is there a special distro of Linux I would have to do this on, or would it work just normally on Ubuntu? I would prefer not to partition the hard drive.

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Why isn't my flashdrive displaying an icon? Answered

I wanted to make my flashdrive display an icon and a label, so I created an autorun file to do so. The label is being displayed, but the icon is not displaying at all. I hope I didn't add too many pictures.

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SONY Flash Drive HELP!!!

Help!!! Today I had my flash drive with me and was working on some school projects. It worked fine in the morning. Though later I was messing with Batch and saved them to the drive root. Now when I plug it in windows waits for about a min. then says that new hardware was found. When it's done it says that the device is malfunctioned. I don't know what to do or if that batch file is even the problem. If it is I think that it changed the devices properties into making windows think it is bootable. I have plugged it into my Linux machine but still no dice. It won't even come up there. Oh, and I can't reformat it because it's in a way not there. I really need those files for school any way to get them back would be great. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Flash Drive file copier?

I have an idea for a project but im not sure where to start. I want to make a device with two USB ports. You insert a flash drive into one and your android phone in the other and then you press a button and files from the flash drive are transfered to your phone. To start I want to know if there are any chips or micro controllers that anyone knows of that can be used for this. I know that there is a device called a syncbox ( that copies files from one flash drive to another. But i dont think it works for phones. If anybody can help me with this project I would greatly appreciate it.

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flick your bic question Answered

Im planing to put a flash drive into a case like this:\paBICMSeriesLighters.jpgwhere you put a bic lighter into it. i need to know how mutch they open. do they open all the way or do they only open partially.?

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Sandisk cruzer micro (2gb)

Well, my flashdrive just quit on me and I was wondering if this happend to anybody else. It does not light up or anything when I plug it in, anybody have any advice?

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How do I shorten a cable meant to give me more range for a USB device such as a wireless mouse?

I have a 3 foot cord that I can use to extend the placement of a USB device such as a Flash drive. It's in a tape pouch, taped to the lid of my computer. I want to know how I can shorten the length of the cord so I can just leave the flashdrive on the computer, and decrease the risk of losing my flashdrive. without shortening it, it will be far too long and bulky. Thanks

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Google Sketchup: Fill unseen space?

I'm trying to get a cheap 3D print of a model(<$100 with S&H;). But one problem is that the walls are infinitely thin, so I need to fill the space between them. But how do I do this? The main problem is the boxes all around the surface(look at the uploaded model). They need to be filled, without the internal space where the flashdrive goes being filled. Can someone please tell me how to do this, and also a cheap 3D printing service?  Cheapest I have seen was i.materialise. The price for the model: $36. Not bad at all. The price of shipping: $144. I'm not going to spend almost $200 on a case for a flashdrive.

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Flash Drive Shrunk? Answered

My 8GB flash drive can only be formated for 250MB.  I installed an OS and now I took it off and reformatted but I can only get 250MB out of my flashdrive.

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help me.I cant used my flash drive in school .it was disabled by the network administrator? Answered

I have a problem using my flashdrive in school because the network admin disable the usb port.plz help me guys how to inabled it.

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How to play downloaded 360 and xbla games on a External HDD or flash drive for a jtagged system?

I downloaded a game and was wondering how i would play it on a jtagged 360 i have it on a flashdrive at the moment and want to try it out before i go and buy a external Hdd

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Nintendo emulator controller

So here's what I'm wanting to do.... I would like some ideas and information on how to take an old school nes controller, add an lcd screen, headphone jack, battery and usb flashdrive, combine them all with the proper software and have it loaded full of nes roms to play on the go.  Any info would be great.

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How do you add a password to a windows vista folder?

Hey everyone, I was so frusturated and have been searching for a long time to figure out how to out a password on a folder.  The folder is on a flashdrive if that helps any.  And ive seen people right click on the folder and hit "Add to Archive" but mine wont show up.  Can any one help me?

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What's the current supply of a USB? Answered

I want put 3 LED's and a flashdrive into another container, and have the LED's turn on when plugged in, but I'm not sure how to go about wiring up the LED's. What's the supply current that I should use to find the right resistor? If a poorly made diagram gives you a better idea of what I'm talking about you're in luck! I know USB gives 5 volts, but I don't know about the current. And would any problems arise from three LED's and the drive plugged into one USB?

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Make an external HDD work with Xbox 360?

I, like many people, got the new Xbox for Christmas. However, my mom failed to notice that it was the 4GB model, rather than the awesome 250GB. When I realized this, I immediately went online and looked for a 250GB Xbox S Hard Drive, and found that they're $130($0.52/GB)! Well I knew that the Xbox can use flashdrives for storage, etc. so it should treat an external hard drive just like a big flashdrive, right? So I went to BestBuy and bought a 500GB external hard drive for $60 ($0.12/GB- 4.3x cheaper!). Upon plugging this into my Xbox, and going through the configuration process, I see that my Xbox is only picking it up as 16GB. "Are you kidding me? There's a lot more than 16GB on that thing!" I went online, and did some Googling, and YouTubing. All I could find was formatting the drive, and even then only being able to transfer movies, music, etc from you computer. I read multiple times that you couldn't put games or profiles on it(I wanted to do this, so I could transfer everything from my old original Xbox 360 HDD, and then sell it). Could somebody please tell me a way to make an external hard drive work with Xbox 360? I'd rather not format anything, but I will if I must. Thank you!

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I want to buy a wireless camera but i need a small dvr device?

I want to buy the item at the bottom of this question. I need some sort of dvr to record the video and audio to. I want it to be cheap and somewhat small. Can anyone point me to something that i could use. I have sd and xd cards. I have a few flashdrives to. if i could find something that i could plug one of those into that would work.;=item5d2ac2d128

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How do I make a batch file that will open a file from a flash drive (i.e., with a changing drive letter)?

I use PortableApps on my flash drive, and it displays an icon in the menu if there is an application in the PortableApps/whatever directory. Two programs that work off a flashdrive, though not optimized for portable use, are Inkscape and Eagle. Both programs, however, have numerous applications in their main directories, which all appear. What I'm after is a batch file that I can compile to .exe that will open the main program applications. I know that I can just put START C:/directory/application.exe to open an application from a known location, but my flash drive might be anything from E: to L:, depending on where it's used. Is there a command or code that will open a file from the same drive that the batch file is in, regardless of the drive letter?

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Help hosting a website using a WL-500gP Asus router + a 2GB flash drive

Hello everyone, As the title suggests I am trying to host my own website by using the device combo mentioned in the title. So far I managed to create a DNS hostname free from mostly because of my Dynamic IP address. I also managed to get the router to update the IP in dynds' database. The problem is that whenever I type in the hostname in the addressbar the router's login page shows up instead of the website (and I do understand why this is). The website itself is stored on the flash drive connected to the router via USB. I think that by typing  I can view the website but this is not very easy to remember so I doubt any person wanting to visit my site is going to remember the path. Is there a way to make my website show up when typing the hostname instead of the router's login page? And if not can I atleast, in some way, redirect people to the html file?

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Power Surge Fried my Integrated Network Card?

At least, it seems this way. I while ago we had a weird "power surge like thing". It was odd... It seemed to "restart" some electronics...I was on my computer when It happened, it was like a really close lightning bolt. Though after it scared the crap out of me and I looked at my screen, the computer was still on and everything was running. Then windows started to act like I had just unplugged everything and plugged them back in. It started to read my flashdrive, my printer turned back on and announced the black ink was low (stupid $35+ ink :P), etc. Since it was going nowhere I just held the power button and shut er off. Then, later, after turning it all back on I found that it didn't have an internet connection. I finally got one after unplugging my router (Which I could still get a connection through the wifi) and connecting my modem to my comp through usb instead. I think it fried my NIC. ...crap Think that's what happened, and I'll have to buy a pci adapter instead? Thanks,RX --This is odd too. I went upstairs and my PSP, and Zune were both turned on. Neither were plugged in and both were completely off....and now it seems my tv is blown out.

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XBOX 360 Hard drive gaming - boot disk help

I have this idea, but i want to know if its possible I have a home network of 2 tvs and do just did my xbox 360 update that enables you to copy your games to your hdd. I want to play network in my house on 2 tvs. But only have one disk So with the new software update, you can copy the games on your hdd, but cant play without the disc in your drive. No i know you can force open the drive and do it that way..but in long term it cant be good for your machine. So, i know there is a code on each disc and it picks up that code saying the disk is in the drive. Now my question is...... I want to explore my disc, and copy that code, and put it on a flashdrive or dvd and insert it, so that my one machine will think its the disk becasue i copied it to it, and my other machine i can play the original from. please help if somone know how to get that code..thanx in advance I also tried manually opening the drive while the dis is loaded and the game is on, does not work, as soon as you open it the lazer starts reading the disk. I do not want to chip my box, so i thought maybe there is a pc way of grabbing that code or some files needed to read the disk as a security check, and burn it on to dvd, the question is just..which ones. Another Question: Why do i have on my new desktop only 2 topics..welcome and my xbox. Other people have so many other options. Yes i do not have live, but will this only visible when live is on? Further on..when i put my disc in the drive..i do not get a nice image as what is now currently in my tray...just a stupid cd and the name below it... how do those people get the say call of duty 4 logo ect on it

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