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I am going to buy a new high powered tactical flashlight. What is the best light you know of. I dont really care about price within some reason. I will use it for search and rescue (scouts), camping, general use, and possibly swimming/diving. Can you recommend a good one.

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mini flashlight?

I am trying to make a mini flashlight, and it wont work.  any ideas, I have a 3mm high brightness led light, 2 3volt coin batteries and the connection wire.  Can any one explain specifically what i need, or have to do?  I'm just not getting it to work and also when the bright led lights up it only light up with an amber yellow glow for seconds before going out, upon which I have to give it a second for that to happen if it needs to charge first.  What am I doing wrong? Thanks Matt 

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Firefly Flashlight Mod

I have figured out something useful without making the firefly ugly. First, take out all of the screws, and start mapping them by the nerf's shape. Sorry I have no pics, but I want this to not take three days. Take out the pieces that support the barrel. Draw a map if you have to, because this can get very annoying to put back. take out the barrel with the supporting orange piece and throw away the orange front piece. This may reduce slight accuracy, but you can now use sonic micro darts, and you need to to do my 3rd to next mod. Unscrew the back of the barrel. take out the piece. Unscrew the 3 screws on the back, too. Make sure to keep mapping. Unsrew the last front screws. Get small pliers or a large screwdriver and pry it open, going all around. Take out the springs and the 3-pronged pieces. Put the barrel back together. Take out the air pump and stretch the spring. Put back the gun, using your mapping. Now, for the fun part. Drill a hole through the center of the barrel, big enough for your flashlight. You are done. Have fun.

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2-Switch Flashlight

If nobody has seen yet, my Easy LED Flashlight. I was wondering how I would make a double switch and double light on the flashlight. Do I have to add hookup wire to the one switch and connect it to the other switch and then have more hookup wire going to my other LED? -Thanks in advance -Brennn10

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Flashlight Belt Buckle!

I just joined Instructables, so hi everyone. How are you. Anyways, I had a most wonderful idea to share with you all. A flashlight that also functions as a belt buckle, and vice versa. Basically a headlamp light turned into a  belt, or just attached to a belt. This was you can see where you're walking/running when you are being chased through a forest by zombies.

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LED Flashlight help

Ok, so I bought a PC board from radioshack and I want to make an LED flashlight out of it. The PC Board, is the smaller one that can be split into two. I plan on using either 4 white 10mm LEDs, or 10 5mm LEDs. Either way, I want to make a flashlight out of them using this PC board. There is an Instructable for a bike light using a PC board, but I cannot seem to understand the way the circuit runs. So my questions are: 1) Where do I put the LEDs in on the PC board? 2) Where should I plug in my voltage source. (3 Volts) Thanks -Brennn10

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Halogen flashlight mods

Heh...flashlights of death forum.....seems like just the place for this question. I've seen some vids online about using the halogen track light bulbs (mr16? something like that) in maglight mods. Anyone have any exprience in this? A couple of them can be ordered but they are expensive and custom of them is called a mag85 and there is another called "mac's torch". the guy that made mac's torch (i'm assuming mac) made a video in which he put down a piece of news paper and set it on fire with this light! I believe he was using a special order 100 watt halogen in that one. Now you may see why this question seemed appropriate for the "flashlights of death" part of the forum lol. Nice meeting you all and I'm always tinkering with things to bad I wasn't taking pictures but I will now!

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Man-Powered Flashlight Help

For anyone good with electronics and motors, I'm tasked with building a flashlight powered by man and I'm in need of assistance. I've decided to make it crank powered. Now what I really need help with is this- Can I make a crank that powers an electric motor that charges a battery to power the LED lights? What would be the best way to go about this?

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how do you build a lcd flashlight with variable brightness?

How do you build a lcd flashlight with variable brightness?

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Need to connect LED driver/controller to LED emitter.

  I have a 8.4V SST-50 5-Mode Memory Circuit Board & a SST-50 LED emitter. From the lower board are 2 leads presumably from the power source. If so,  then where are the leads that connect the controller to the emitter attached?  Can anyone (knowledgeable) PLEASE tell me how to connect them. Be as specific & detailed as you can. reply                                                                                Thanks big          cgc210

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Coming soon: Flashlight speed contest!

On Monday we'll be starting a flashlight speed contest! The only rule is that a flashlight must be involved.  More details to come! 

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flashlight led solar dynamo

I want to make or buy a solar and dynamo led flashlight. it should have at least 5leds and it must not be big. any ideas to help me? I found some dynamo led flashlights and some solar led flashlights, the only solar and dynamo led flashlight that I found was too big.

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When making a shake flashlight...? Answered

Do I need to hook up a diode in series with the LED?  When a magnet passes through a coil is produces AC.  AC won't light the LED will it?  That's what I need a diode, right?  Thank you!! Patti

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Multiple LED Flashlight Help

Hello all, I just ordered 10 blue and 10 green non-diffused LED's from They work great and are super bright. What I want to do is put them all together in a PVC pipe or something like that to make one super-bright flashlight. My question is, how do I attach all of these LED's together in a circular form in a series circuit? I dont know the best way to do this. If anyone has an answer or a link that will help, it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks alot! Brennn10

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Thermal Flashlight scaling help

Hello all, I'm dont have much basic knowledge about electronics and I got a problem. I've built this exact Instructable: I want to drive a 1m RGB LED strip with it so I've changed the NPN transistors to stronger ones that handle 0.5 A, it's the only components that are different. These are the exact NPN transistors:;=0&q;=BC337-25 Problem: the circuit works fine with ONE RGB LED but it does not work with even the smallest bit of RGB-strip (3 emitters). Goal is to drive a 1m strip and that consumes 14.4W @ 12V. Im using 12V 1A adapter for the Arduino and another 12V 2.5A for the LED-strip. What am I not understanding?

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Infra-red flashlight help

Hello, I'm having troubles with my modded Infra red flashlight. It worked when I first did it, for a couple minutes, then the next day only one LED(One out of six) worked. The one that works is from the same package as the others, but the only visible difference is that the LED itself is tinted a lighter blue(Not visible in picture). The source voltage is 1.5 Volts (C battery) and the forward voltage of the LED's is 1.3 volts to 1.7 volts. I'm pretty sure the circuit is parallel, and there is a 2 ohm resistor is the circuit, so they shouldn't be over or under powered. Some help on what could be wrong? P.S. I'm in the right section of the forum right? I believe I am, but the lack of questions like mine makes me think otherwise. P.P.S. This my own thing and I'm NOT asking help on another instructable.

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how can i make an led flashlight? Answered

I dont no anything about making stuff with leds or anything about led projects, i got 100 assorted leds from a friend who moved, i would really like to make a flashlight with like 12 green or red leds but i dont no what kinda of resister i need or what kinda battery. im completely clueless about this stuff any help would be awesome!!!

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solar light last longer than flashlight

My husband was working on the fence, as it was getting dark i went to get the flashlight which if you have it on too long it will dimmer too soon, so i have this idea of using our only outdoor solar light which last 8 to 10hours and he could see very good with it.  I think it is a great idea for when the electricity goes out you can use the solar light in your home.

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Which Lasers Flashlight on Everbuying should i buy?


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Is there anyway I can incorporate a strobe function into my led flashlight? Answered

I would like to be about to use the flashlight only as a strobe light. Is there a simple setup for that? The flashlight is a cheap 6 led with a rear push  on/off button. It is powered by 3 AAA battery in a housing that fits in the flashlight tube.

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i would like to know more about laser flashlight diode burning out?

I would like to know more about laser flashlight diode burning out?

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Does anyone know if there is a way to connect a disposable camera circuit board to be a flashlight? Answered

Does anyone know if there is a way to keep the flash on constanly?

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What should i do with this?

I have this item(see pictures), i was thinking lightsaber or flashlight. Any other ideas?

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can i use one battery to power two leds?

I'm new to this whole led stuff and I want to make a flashlight using a set-up similar to this except using a D battery, and I would like to know if it's possible for that one battery to power 2 leds.

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mini light?

In order to make a mini flashlight, do I need a toggle switch or will it work if hooked up correctly with out?  I ask because I hooked mine up correctly with out a toggle switch and it does not work, I have a high brightness 3mm led and it only get a short 2 second amber orage glow charge before going out.  please help. matt 

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the easiest driver for laser flashlight hack

What is the simplest driver to make for the laser flash light hack

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12 UV LED Flashlight specs?

Using a 12 UV LED flashlight head for another use.  Flashlight runs on 3 - AAA batteries and I want to use in an application where it is driven by a 9V battery.  I don't know how to get mA info for a flashlight head to calc a resistor.  Anybody have info that would help?

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Can't open (unscrew) my maglite flashlight.

So far, i've used wd40, soaked in Coke, boiled in water and submerged in ice water. No Movement.

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Instructable about fixing LED Tactical flashlight

I have a HWA-WYS SuperFire WF-502B Tactical LED Flashlight that died. I've already done an extensive Google search and found that their contract manufactured and there's really no company that you can get a hold of. It would be really awesome if someone made a instructable about how to fix one.

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How do I conctruct a powerful night vision flashlight?

I want to build a powerful night vision flashlight that is capable of producing a bright enough beam of light that it will travel at least 75 yards or so. I want to use this light for hunting wild hogs at night. The light needs to be visible to humans but not to animals. I want to try to build one instead of spending thousands on some of those fancy ones .It only needs to be transported to and from the stand so it does not have to be a light hand held flashlight. I am wondering if some kind of night vision Q Beam is possible. That would be perfect. It is fine if the unit is heavy due to batteries or whatever because it will be transported by a four wheeler. Any help that you may be able to give will be much appreciated. Thanks

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Seeking feedback on a unique vacuum accessory that can hold a mini flashlight!

Hi there! I believe this is the best place for me to ask this question. I just wanted to get your feedback or opinion on this cleaning accessory we are currently developing, the “Flashlight-Holder Vacuum Cleaner Attachment”. This product is a first-of-its-kind vacuum cleaner accessory that holds a flashlight, to provide light directly at the point of use. Please see this 4 minute video to see what this accessory is all about: The accessory holds a flashlight, to provide a hands-free beam of light exactly where it is needed. As someone who is engaged with cleaning services/ housekeeping or homemaking, would you consider using this kind of accessory? Or would you stick to what you are using right now? Your feedback will be very much appreciated. If you want to know more about the product, just visit Thanks

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Ideas for making simple LED Flashlights, about 6 inches long?

I am wanting to create several (about 20) custom LED flashlights that could be attached to key rings. They would need to be long and tubular in shape, about 6" long, and with a button switch on the back so that the LED is lit when the button is pressed and held, and turns off when the button is released. This would be so you could blink the LED easily on and off manually; like if you used it to send a Morse code signal with the light. Battery powered; most batteries like coin batteries or up to a AA would be fine with me, as those will all fit easily in size. I plan to create the body of the flashlight out of polymer clay or another durable craft material. It would be a unique shape: a column made of colorful geometric forms. The inside could be made cylindrical to better fit the battery and other innards, though. The chapstick flashlight seems to be the closest thing to my purpose here; I am just unsure of how to extend that concept in length to be the same diameter but a few inches longer since the chapstick was the length of the battery! I've also considered buying an LED flashlight or two and taking it apart to see if the insides of it can fit inside a longer flashlight body (maybe it just would need extending of some wires? I don't know). I've been reading up on the LED instructables here. I've never soldered or built a circuit, but I am ready to learn! Any ideas you could share would be very helpful. Looking to get these made this month for an event. I am a technology-building beginner here, so speak slowly!

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What time does the contest close?

Hi, I can see that the deadline date for the flashlight contest is tomorrow (8th August) but does this mean that I can post my entry before midnight and it will still be accepted? Regards, thebeardedone

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What kind of battery does this uses? Answered

Hello everyone I just received some old philips light that have never been used.  However I cannot figure out what kind of batteries that the flashlight uses. anybody know anything. thanks

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synchonized flash light for cheap?

Also posted in "burning question " forum Hi, I am looking for someone who could do an synchonized flash light such as this one but for much cheaper ;-) The challenge is on synchronizing the camera with the flashlight, if possible wireless. The light itself and the diffuseur are no real topic. The use of such devices helps a lot when taking pics for your I'bles or your ETSY shop if you have one. Thx B

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How to make LEDs brighter

So you know when you pick an LED flashlight from the store the are so bright! Even though they are still using  3 volt 20mA they are hooked up to some circuit that makes them brighter than just hooking them up to 3 volts. The circuits generally include 1radical capacitor, capacitor, some transistors, some other blue barrel-looking thing, a diode (i think), and a few resistors. How is it possible to make them brighter without damaging them? I've included a picture of the circuit. Please help me understand why this make the LEDs brighter and how I can make one.  Oh, BTW, the LED light has only two modes, ON/OFF Thanks,

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Other LED Flashlight projects on the web...

CandlePower Forums is a set of forums about assorted types of lights. Mostly flashlights of various sorts, including a great deal of info on LED flashlights and battery performance in flashlights.Anyway, I found there this set of postings that make up a very nicely done ("Instructable class") tutorial on how to build a two-led light with "night glow" feature (several different versions, actually.) Worth checking out!

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Energy with Seesaw system

In this sketch you will find that I have attached 10 shake flashlights on  the both side of a balanced seesaw system and this seesaw is moving with a 6 volt motor but  I have used 10 no. shake flashlights and each flashlight will produce only 2 volt as a output which will be less than input . On the first hand each flashlight is producing only 2 volt and on the second hand the total 10 no. flashlights systems are producing 20 volt . If we try this concept than input is more than output but if we add total output then it is greater than input. please answer me that will these flashlights will be light up or not as mass is not an issue in this device. Note(1)each flashlight is separate with another flashlight . (2)to move a balanced seesaw there is need of less energy or input. These flashlights are mounted permanently ,horizontally on the both Arms of a seesaw(making+ symbol and view my sketches) and this seesaw will move side to side just 2 to 4 centimeter only.remember we will only shake the only one arm of this seesaw with corner and flashlights will not slide as these are mounted permanently on the arm of this seesaw. suppose if a flashlight require 10 watt power to glow up then we will have to apply 20 watt so that so that this 20 watt input could also counter some mechanical loss also.but this 20 watt input will be sufficient to glow up these 10 flashlights as all flashlight are permanently attached on this seesaw so each will shake with equal force or applying force will be equally distributed in these other words we are giving 20 watt input and out put is 150 watt with these 10 no. flashlight.we can do it with our hand power to test it to shaking the seesaw.

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how can i power my 3 AAA led flashlight with USB?

I want to power my 3 AAA led flashlight from a usb? thanks.

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Self-Solar Powered LED Flashlight? Answered

I know it would not be 100% efficient, or even close for that matter. But I was wondering how much battery life could be "recycled" by directly projecting the light from the flashlight onto the solar panel(s)? Say at a 45 degree angle beneath the light. Obviously this wouldn't be a high output LED, and another question at that.. Would a Red LED be more efficient or would the PV cell not do so well with Red LED? Thought this would be a neat idea even if it would only recycle 5-10% battery life. I would love for someone to implement this idea into a project and see how efficient it is.

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Film Canister LED Flashlight on Howcast

Not long ago I got an email from Howcast telling me that they want to make a video of my Film Canister LED Flashlight... That was about more than 2 months ago...I search Howcast every day looking for the video but it didn't appear... I found only these instructions on how to make the flashlight... No Video !?!?!, check it out, please leave a comment there and here, tell me what you think about it...Thanks! Stanislav

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Film Canister LED Flashlight Kit

I am selling my Film Canister LED Flashlight Kit. The Kit Includes: #Film Canister #5 ultra-bright white LEDs #Push switch #3V battery #wire #solder +instructions on building the flash light You will need: #soldering iron #electrical tape #wire cutter Cost: The cost of each kit will be $12, whit out the cost of shipping! When you tell me your location I will calculate the cost of shipping. Payment: I DON'T have PayPal so you just send the money to my address. When I receive the money I will send you the kit! What to include in PM: # Name # Amount of kits you wish to purchase # Email address (legitimate email address please) Once I receive your PM, I will send out the request to your email, and then you can purchase the kit. Once I receive the payment, I will ship the kit. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a private message. Thanks!!!

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Is there a way to build a flashlight spy cam?

I want to build one of these on the cheap. was wondering if I could mod a 4GB mini pen spy camcorder usb flash recorder in a flashlight.I would also need to extend the battery life of the camera, because the camera would run out of battery before filling up the memory.I would like it to turn on when I press the on button of the flashlight.I also wonder if I could instead add several of them instead of having to mod the power and have a toggle switch and possible indicator when power goes out.By the way I'll be using an led flashlight

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Help with a shake-flashlight battery charger?

I'm working on a project that uses one of these to charge some batteries for backpacking, ala kipkay. However, I know nothing about electronics and how to make this sort of thing. I understand that the charge rate for the batteries would have to be constant, how do I achieve that?

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I've found a UV/Black-light flashlight thing, What should I do with it?

I was digging through some old stuff when I found this flashlight thing. The top is an actual flashlight (broken), but there is a (working) black-light running down the side. Is there anything cool I can do with it? Or build or something?

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use li-pol battery for flashlight

Hi every one im glade i found this amazing forum. its realy useful. i get a rechargeable battery for iphone from a friend. the board charge the battery but its not charge the phone. i dont wanna to fix this one. i want to use this battery to run my flash light its need four AA battery. can u help me please how to designe a board its charge the li-pol battery and run my flash light. but i dont wanna to destroy my light. thank u. this is the pic. [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]

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CFL torch?

Is the size and operating voltage of a CFL the only resaon that they aren't used in hand held flashlights?

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