Flickr uploader

We have one now. It's in your upload page: Read more about it here on the blog.

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Flickr Import

When I click on the Flickr importer and type in my email address, I can press the button to get the photos but then it goes weird and seems to open another Instructables inside the first Instructables as shown in the image. I run Windows XP and the most recent Firefox

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Flickr Support

Did we loose the ability to import our pictures from Flickr to an Instructable? Edit: As I write this I see flickr import here in the forum but not on my instructable in progress. Doesn't seem to be working very well though.

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Embed Flickr videos

I've been shifting my video files to flickr lately instead of youtube. The flickr audience is much more mature, there isn't a big ad in the corner of my video and the quality is better. Would it be possible for you fine folks to program embedding of flickr videos?

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flickr import not working

Just tried adding photos to my instructable via flickr import. When I click on the red "add" link under the photo I would like to add, the spinning gif appears, but then goes away after a second or two and the photo does not get added to the Attached Images and Files area. This is the first time this has happened to me and it has worked fine for all of my other photos in my other instructable. This new instructable I am working on does not have any photos added to it yet, if that makes a difference. I would appreciate any help or insight on this. Is the same thing happening to anyone else?

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Flickr "add" doesn't work

On Firefox and Mac osx 10.5.6 I was able to import Flickr photos but clicking the Add link didn't add the photos. I tried multiple times. Thanks

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Double-post on Flickr and Instructables?

I just posted some pictures and a short description of a new project on Flickr, and I was wondering if it is considered acceptable to post it here with the same pictures and description. I'm aware of Kiteman's law, but does it apply to double-posting on two different sites? Thanks, Noahh Update: I decided to post. Here it is.

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Photo hosting recommendations

I have a flickr account, which I use rarely, but it just got snotty at me for going over 200 images - they want me to pay to make them all visible. 200 images? Strikes me as a tad stingy. After all, my image library here has nearly 1300 shots in it. So, can anybody recommend a half-decent image-hosting site that will let you store a lot more images, for free, and is easy to use?

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Flickr interface not properly escaping special characters in photo descriptions

I've been putzing with the Flickr importer thing in the upload images page. I have a few images with descriptions that have standard doublequotes ("), and it appears they are not being properly escaped when pasted into the javascript for the page, and causing all sorts of havoc.

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sutaible title??

What would be a sutaible title for a arduino controller flickring LED candle

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New BETA feature. Import images from your Flickr account!

We have just released a very exciting new feature, the ability to import your Flickr images directly to Instructables without any of that tedious re-uploading. We've tested it as well as we can, but due to the nature of the beast and the Wilds of the Internet, we're not going to call it final until you, our Instructable authors, have had a whack at it. So whack away! Here's how.Go to your image library page. You should see a new section labeled, Import photos from Flickr. Enter your Flickr/Yahoo! email address or username, and click the get photos from Flickr button. The first time, you will need to authorize Flickr to let Instructables pull your pix but this is as simple as clicking the Authorize link that comes up next.Once your Flickr account is accessible, you'll see a row of thumbnails from it. Add one to your Instructables library by clicking the add button under each image. You can also search your Flickr images by tags and photosets.Try it out and tell us what you think!

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Knife POV wants to kill

Flickr user zeni666 has created a lovely knife POV. Wave it around and the 7 LEDs spell out "KILL" in the air.   zeni666's Flickr page via Make

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Feltidermy is like taxidermy, but much cuter

This is too awesome. These feltidermy pieces are felt versions of the classic head-stuck-on-a-chunk-of-wood taxidermy thing. Be sure to check out the full Flickr set for a lot more examples. Feltidermy Flickr set via neatorama

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Extreme laser cutting - First reason to enter the Epilog contest.

I was doing my daily rounds, one of which is to search 'steampunk' on flickr, when i happened across these. With the upcoming Epilog contest, i thought they were most relevant.From, Flickr user Jared most of his good work (for a quick glance) is in his lased Flickr setIf your looking for an incentive to enter, just have a browse through these pictures. My personal favorites are the cool cubes. Which i think would look great on any desk.There is alot more to be found, if you have a browse. Any of you on flickr, be sure to drop some nice comments.

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The Hello Kitty Belt Sander

These folks did the most excellent Hello Kitty mod to their belt sander for a belt sander drag racing event. I would love to see this screaming down the wooden drag strip. Flickr link Flickr setvia BoingBoing

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Classic Gadgets Turned into Felt

A variety of iconic items from the past are turned into lovely felted and embroidered items by blublythemonster on Flickr. There's some amazing work here and I'd love to see them all in person. Just so that I could briefly touch them to make sure they're real. Flickr setvia bbgadgets

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Understanding Art for Geeks

Paulthewineguy has a great set of images on flickr that apply some very modern twists to art classics. The one below of Galileo facing the Roman Inquisition is a great one.In a way some of these jokes really do help to understand the paintings. Mostly they're just sight gags, though. But whatever works, right? flickr set

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Halloween Contest?

I uploaded images into Flickr and a video into the You Tube group and none of my entries are in the conest. What gives?

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Anybody see the lunar eclispe this morning? Take any pics?Update!Lots of pics online:Make Flickr PoolTime Lapse of the Eclipse here.Post your links and pics!

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Sutaible title yet again? Answered

I want a sutaible title for my instructable which is a LED THROWIE which flickers like a candle 

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Your cat

This is a place to post pictures of your cat or cats (not internet downloaded exept from places like flickr on your account) and talk about them.

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LEGO Stormtrooper Joule thief mod

Onkelond over at Flickr came up with a great way to make your lego minifigs light up!link

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Halloween contest 2008 my items not showing up

I signed up for the DYI Halloween contest through Etsy and flickr way back and my stuff is not showing up. What's the deal?

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Welcome to Instructables HQ

Welcome to 82 Second St, the home of Instructables Inc. Here are just a few pictures of our new lab! If you're curious about what you're seeing, learn more from the titles on the flickr stream.

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Image not appearing in Slideshow

Https:// are supposed to be 4 images in this slideshow. But only three appear. In edit mode there are four. But only three appear in the slideshow after repeatedly saving and publishing. The image here is the one that won't appear. It's from Flickr

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Star Wars cupcakes

Flickr user lclllc makes some detailed cupcakes with pop culture themes. This Star Wars one is excellent, but check out the photostream for many more great cupcakes and cakes. lclllc's photostream via CRAFT

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i can't upload pictures.

The system won't let me upload pictures to anything. i tried everything but i always get the "file is corrupt" thing every time. even when i try to upload from flickr.

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Making Thanksgiving dinner for 45

I stole the Instructables enabled camera and am using it to take pictures while we personally take Thanksgiving to the next level by having 45 people over for dinner. The camera is automatically uploading all the pictures of our progress to Flickr here.

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Fallout 3 weapon props

These Fallout 3 weapons by Ryan Palser are sweet. The attention to detail is fantastic and the whole project is awe-inspiring. Check out the Flickr set for many more shots of the props and the build process. A3-21 Plasma Rifle via MAKE

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Fortune Telling Robots of India

Apparently, in India, there are robots that will tell you your fortune for a small fee.And, even stranger, there is a Flickr group dedicated to Fortune Telling Robots of IndiaIf you know anything more about this, please fill me in.(photo courtesy of Matt Logelin)

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AT-AT cake is ready for its close-up

This AT-AT cake is pretty amazing even if very little of it looks to be edible cake stuff. With over 60 hours of work from a few different people and a hand-painted background this is about as epic as a cake can get. Flickr set via greatewhitesnark.

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Painting with Light at the Halloween party

My friend Zack and I set up a light painting station on one corner of the deck at last night's Halloween party. We had some flashlights and some LEDs to play with and a lot of the images came out pretty good.Check out the full flickr set.

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Halloween build night a success

Thanks to all who came to the Halloween build night at Squid Labs! It was a great success! People built a number of really cool projects including one that got us quite a bit of attention this week. I'm sure you can guess which one.Check out more pictures over at the Flickr photoset.

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My costume is not showing up

This is my costume entered it last night, both here and to the Flickr group. I see that voting has already begun but It seems, mine is not showing up with the rest of the costumes. Did I enter it wrong? Do I have to wait a little bit?~jascamile

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Images did not post with my new Instructable, why?

I posted an instrutable and used pictures from my Flickr account and also from my computer.  The pictures did not show up in my posted work.  The files were listed before I posted the final work, but no images showed up.  What is wrong? 

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Instructables Halloween Party Pictures

The Instructables Halloween Party was awesome! We demolished bofthem's multi-headed hydra pinata, had a costume fashion show, and danced all through the night on the roof under a full moon. There were some pretty incredible costumes! Here are some of my favorite pictures; check out all 295 pictures at this flickr set.

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Steampunk Snowboard

Steampunk hits the slopes with this crazy and dangerous board. Lots of time was put into putting coppery bit and bobs all over it to give it that steampunk flair. And then some hippy windsocks were put on for some awful reason.Ah well, another step forward for steampunk, I suppose. Steampunk Snowboard Flickr set via Make

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Barbie Centaur Robot

There's not too much info available about this crazy toy creation, but it certainly involves Barbie and it's definitely awesome. Just goes to show that any toy can be considered raw materials for something even better. Check out the maker's Flickr stream for even more cool stuff.Mario Caicedo Langer's photostream

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Nintendo controller laptop case

The classic Nintendo controller keeps showing up in crafts everywhere and this felt laptop case is the latest and greatest one to pop up. It looks so nice I'd love to have one for myself. It would go nicely with an upcoming Nintendo project I'm slowly working on. Flickr page via Gizmodo

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Bridge Launching Lego Robot

This bridge launching robot by Flickr user Mahjqa is fantastic! The curled up bridge on its back is extended out up to 48cm (19 inches) over a gap before the robot  disengages from it so it may drive across. On the other side it can turn around and pick it back up! [Youtube via Gizmodo]

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Storing Digital photos?

What is the best way to store digital pictures? The dates are usually automatically downloaded in a date folder using Windows Live Photo Gallery. I would like to be able to access them easily however they are taking up room on my laptop. I've considered CD/DVDs or uploading Shutterfly, Flickr, etc however not really a permanent solution.   

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Turn Signal Bike Jackets

Looks like Leah Buechley has been busy making even more Turn Signal Bike Jackets. From her Flickr post: on the steps of Shih Chien U, prototyped by me w/ parts from the taipei electronics markets & made by (awesome) Shih Chien University fashion students via CRAFT

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Old tire rocking chair

Found randomly on Flickr: just LOVE this! It looks like it ought not to be too difficult to make, if one has a junkyard to pull bits from.(The note on the chair's back says something about don't play on this as wasps have taken up residence.)

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Maker Faire Light Doodles

We participated in the recent bay area Maker Faire where we taught hundreds of people to draw with light taking over 800 pictures. It was a blast.Were any of you there? I saw the guy that made the coffee press.You can see my personal favorites on Flickr at The Best of Maker Faire Light Doodles.

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Bringing 21st Century accessibility into the 19th!

Courtesy of Adafruit Industries, comes this awesome steampunk wheelchair, using their Arduino-based Waveshield for sound effects.  The creator, Daniel Valdez, has a Web site ( with some issues, but he does have photos and video on Flickr.  It is fully functional, using an 1875 Victorian rocker mounted on a Permobil C300 power chair chassis.

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Images not getting uploaded - SOLVED

I am unable to add images to instructable. Whenever I click the upload button it gets disabled and nothing happens. I can upload images via app, but them moving images around from computer to phones is a pain, also editing on phone takes too long. Here too getting file uploads disabled due to server maintenance for Flickr import.

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anyone knows how are these fish specimens made?

 Hi member kowitz from flickr posted some pictures from the tokyo make meeting of what appear to be transparent colored fish specimens inside glass bottles. Anyone knows the name or how a re they made? I can't find anything anywhere... thanks _l

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I would seriously like to make a Shredder costume. Any suggestions?

Thats right, Shredder. Not like the office appliance. Like the TMNT villian.Ideally it would look like this: Enter the ShredderBut I imagine it will end up more like this: Costume image from FlickrWhat kind of materials should I use? Any ideas for getting the shapes right? I don't want to spend too much.

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Image Size

I'm trying to do an Instructable with Excel, but whenever I upload screenshots into Flickr or just directly to the instructable, the full preview makes them all fuzzy and small. How do I enlarge the picture so people can actually see them? I've tried Photoshop to enlarge them, but it didn't help, and I am not a Pro Member, is that why? Thanks!

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Live Images from Austin Maker Faire

I've set my Eye-fi card to automatically upload images as I take them from Maker Faire. Follow along and see what I see through my Flickr stream: will periodically transfer the good images here. Check out the best of Austin Maker Faire here:

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