Flip flop?

Hi, I'm a little rusty in digital electronics, does the attached diagram represent a flip flop? I need a logical circuit that change state (output: from 0 to 1 and vise versa) when triggered (pulse). An I.C. number would be more helpful. Thanks!

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Human flip book

Check out this human flip book, and how they made it:http://humanflipbook.com

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Flipping bucket help

Hi all , I need some help with an Instructable . I have a very slow stream of water near my house I want to use for irrigating my garden (~10liters / hour) and I want it to fill a container (bucket) and flip over to another container when it gets filled . The bottom bucket will connect to my droping irrigation hose. If I connect it directly only some plants get water all the time . I need it to build up and then water them all periodically . I hope I explained myself well . they have this kind of mechanism in water parks .. How do I design the flipping bucket ? where do i put the hinges ? Thanks.

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Adding Mic Input to a Flip Mino Camera?

I was looking to add a microphone input to my lilliputian Flip MinoHD. My current thinking is that I could just take the leads from the current, built-in, mic and run them to a two-position switch. From there I could then have a 1/8" input on one side of the switch and the original mic on the other. Then it would all be a matter of dremeling out a small spot for the input and the switch on the side of the body so that I could select which input to use.First of all, I'd like to know if that would even work. I've done electronics work before, but have never worked with mics, so for all I know I might just walking down the pathway to a voided warranty and a bricked Flip.Secondly, I was wondering whether there might be a method of bypassing the need for a switch, so that if there was no mic present the camera would use the built-in mic, and if there was, it would use the input.Any help would be greatly appreciated. I was a big follower of the original CVS camcorder hacking movement, and I'd love to see the Flip get the same sort of treatment.Thanks.-NickPS: Does anyone have any pictures of the internals of the Flip MinoHD? I've been looking around but can't seem to find anyone who's dissected theirs.

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Dead flip video. How can I retrieve film from a flip camera which won't charge and appears to be dead?

I have a flip camera which won't charge.  Have tried resetting it and then recharging it a number of times but no luck.  I now need to find out how I can retrieve precious film footage from the camera.  Is this MISSION IMPOSSIBLE???????  The flip help desk can't help but do you know something they don't?

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Can putting a magnet to a "non smart - non android" phone hurt the phone.?

My husband has a Sprint Kyocera flip phone.  It is the kind that has the walkie-talkie function.   He works on the big Caterpillar machines and just sets his phone down next to him.   Last week it vibrated off and was lost in the mud.   I bought in a new one and he lost that one also, but found it.   Oddly these were the first phones he lost in years.   I want to add a magnet to the back of the phone so that when he sets it down it does not vibrate off of the metall?  Will this hurt the phone?

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flip flop toe pain

Can anyone give me tips about how to reconfigure slippers that goes between your toes. many of sandals I find now are so hard and hurt my delicate toes any ideas I would appreciate it

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Pimp my flip clock!

Hello dear Instructables community, I need your help:I have 2 flip clock, The 1st one is a regular flip clock, just for time that works with 2 AA batteries, there's 2 lever or switch at the back that allow me to adjust the time. The 2nd clock works with 1 AA battery.... the battery is only for the analog clock, it doesn't change the date or day of the week, I have to do it manually (there's a button for each).I would like to link them together: when the time turns midnight, I want the other clock to change date and day of the week. Both clock would be in the same frame (I know how to do that). I'm sure I can do it, but I need to know what pieces I need to use so they can work together, I need your help dear community!Thanks a lot in advance,Nick

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Timer to flip light switch?

I need a timer that will mechanically operate a wall switch for a light. I've seen a device years ago for sale in the various "gadget" catalogs that did exactly this. It attached to the trim plate around the light switch using the 2 trim plate screws. A battery powered digital timer operated a mechanical slide to operate the wall switch. I can't find this device anywhere now. I know there are many electronic timers that replace the wall switch and have timer capability, most do not work with compact flourescent lights. I'd really like to find a timer for sale or get some ideas on a simple way to make such a device. Thanks for any help. Scott

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Making a Flip video camera into a video player...? Answered

Ok, I was looking at this camera I just got (Flip Video Ultra) and I thought, "Gee, I wonder if I can play videos from my computer on it?" I got a converter (Mpeg Streamclip) and got it to convert to a .AVI file. It worked (after a quick name change... Who woulda thunk changing the name to VID0000# would work?)! Sort of...A few problems:1. video quality is iffy. It looks all... I don't know the term, but I'm going with random colors.2. no soundAny suggestions?(P.S. There is some footage I took with my other Flip camera. I'll post it in a bit...)Here is the "stream info" of footage I took using the camera. It could help:Path: /Volumes/FLIPVIDEO/DCIM/100VIDEO/VID00001.AVIDuration: 0:00:20Data Size: 6.63 MBBit Rate: 2.65 MbpsVideo Tracks:Generic MPEG-4, 640x480, 30 fps, 2.59 MbpsAudio Tracks:MS ADPCM mono, 16 kHz, 64 kbpsStream Files:VID00001.AVI (6.63 MB)

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I may have fried my FlipHD camera with a 10V power adapter. Is it hopeless? Answered

I tried to power a FlipHD camera using a wall wart. Listed output was 3V, but on a meter, it turns out to be 10V. Camera doesn't work now.  Have I fried it, or is there a fuse or something that I can replace so I can fix it. Why does a power adapter list itself as 3V but output 10V?  Is this a cruel joke?

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Flip-out Table in my living room table drawer? Answered

 Hey everyone well i was sleeping and i had this awsome idea to put flip-out table in my drawer in my living room table. I just want to know what you guys think i would need top do somthing like this. I got the wood to do it and the tools forsure and i brought my brother brain into this so hopfully we gunna make a day of this. if anyone need info on the table i will be posting pics later.

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Idea for flip cam "real" steady cam. How about this for a "real" steady cam. The flip cam is tiny in mass and volume.?

Why not use the head motor from a VHS recorder.If the rotational inertia is not enough, perhaps some bolts around the perimeter of the head, the assembly would have some type of handle attached to the camera (bicycle hand grip) the vhs motor attached to the bottom of the handle, battery pack to attach to belt?

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D-Flip Flop and Clock Alarm

Hey there! I'm trying to hook up one Set Pin of a 74LS74 Double D-Flip Flop to the alarm of my clock. I've already desoldered the annoying buzzer thats been there before and am now measuring the voltage provided to the buzzer. Unfortunately the circuit only provides around 0.1-0.7V (crescendo alert) with each beep, which doesn't seem to be enough to raise the Set Pin to HIGH (0.8V min. I think). So I guess I'm supposed to use some kind of transistor now. Just to make sure I'm asking you guys. Also, if I want to run the clock from a 5V DC wall wart instead of the original 1.5V battery, I suppose the only thing I need to add are some resistors in series. Would that be correct or would there be anything else needed to ensure the clock takes no damage? Would be really nice if someone could help me out with this! Best regards, Philipp

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Where can I get a large ring lever for a Red Ryder?

It was recently handed down to me and wasn't in the best of condition, so I'm working on restoring it. Included in my restoration effort is a determination to find a large-ringed lever so I can flip-cock it. I've looked everywhere. If anyone knows where, online or elsewhere, I can get one, your help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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motorized flip up license plate

    I have started to try and create a motorized flip up license plate. It's mainly for my motorcycle.  In the "off" position the license plate is down and readable. Turn the switch to "on" and it flips up, making the plate unreadable. I thought about using a servo or a motor with limit switches. I do not really know how to wire something up to control the servo or motor.  Any help would be great. I know they sell these as kits, but they start off at teh $150 dollar range. Thanks in advance!

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Chevy Flip Car Key Fix

I have one of those older flip Chevy fobs. Well the key broke off the fob so it's just a piece a metal and I use the fob to turn the ignition. I am looking for a fix with maybe like sugru or something to make a top portion to make it look like a key again.  Any ideas??? or plans of action? don't want to fork out another 100$ a key.

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How do I create an ON-ON-OFF switch using a momentary push button switch??? Answered

I have a project where there are one set of LEDs and another set of LEDs. I am interested in using a momentary push button switch to act as a ON-ON-OFF switch so if you press it once the first set of LEDs turn on -- press again those turn off and the second set are on or if you press it again if turns both off -- etc. How do I do this???

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my flip camera won't work, and I need some files.? Answered

I got a non-working flip camera from my parent's friends. it just turns on, then back off. I'm thinking maybe one of the files is corrupted. if this is so, then replacing it should fix it. but I can't find anywhere to download them. so if anybody has a flip classic camera, then I would like the system files off of it. just plug it in and copy and paste the root to another folder and email it or upload it or something. just some way to get it to me. or, if you know a different way to fix it, that works too.

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How can I change the import format for my FLIP camera?

My FLIP always imports video as MPEG and I always have to change my format manually. Can someone tell me how to change the import format for my FLIP camera? PS When I try to install FLIPShare it says I need to scan and fix my FLIP camera! Please HELP!

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How to transfer video from flip camera to usb hdd or flash drive without a pc.? Answered

I am thinking of buying a flip ultra hd camera but the 8GB seems small. As im going on holiday soon i wont have access to a pc. Is there any way I can transfer the video to a usb hdd or flash drive without the pc? Can anyone help?

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How can I replace a MOSFET with a common transistor? Answered

This is a flip-flop circuit that I want to use for a project. It calls for any N-Channel MOSFET, but I don't have one. Is it possible to replace it with a transistor, such as a 2N3904?

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How do you do an aeriel? Answered

I was just wondering how to do an aeriel.

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Flip Flop 4 input 4 output

How to make a flip flop/toggle with 4 input and 4 output when one On, rest will be off automatic

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Is there a way to make a "flip clock" from scratch.?

I have always liked the look of flip clocks and i was hoping that someone knows how and can make an instructable about it.

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I was wondering about flip flop circuits

I was wondering about flip flop circuits and how I would have say up to 10 led blink on one moment then the other 10 blink the second moment than back to the first 10 and so on. the flip flips I have seen are single led. is it possible to use the analog and just string the 10 leds together. p.s. working on an xoxo led sign for valentines. running off 110v would the flip flop option be the way to go or is there another less parts way to go about it. I want the x's to blink on when the 0's are off and the O's on when the x's are off. or the first xo then the 2nd xo. not sure yet. also want the "tempo" i.e. the resistor value to be changeable so i can make it faster/ slower thank you!

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Switching voltage inputs with a chip

I have a small project I'm working on that uses rechargeable batteries.  However I want the device to stop drawing from the batteries whenever an external power source is plugged in.  (The external power source would then power the internal battery charger and the main device.)  Is there a chip or circuit that could be used for this?  My only alternative is to modify the power supply port to include a micro spdt that will switch when plugged in.  But I'd rather like to avoid that.

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Can anyone teach me how to make a remote control plate flipper for my license/vehicle registration plate for a car show?

I have a car contest coming up in Indonesia and we have a choice to remove our plates to protect our identities on the streets from show visitors. It usually takes a small amount of effort to remove the plate screws and fix on the contest user name but I thought it would be nice to have it automatically change when I enter the show (might help me gain more points :D) I have tried to search for this item online but some only supply the item to Russia and the rest of the sellers are in China. They cost around 290 dollars for a set, which I thought was quite pricy. To be quite honest in that 290 dollars I was going to spend, I doubted that the China factory would use the best quality materials considering the price. So I was wondering if anyone could help me make one of these automatic revolving plate frames with remote control operation for the auto show? It would be really great as it would help me gain more points! These are the links of the Russian company and Chinese company that produces it: 1. http://www.plate-flipper.com/       They have videos (Russia) 2. http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/AUTOMATIC-Automatic-Flip-license-plate-revolving-license-plate-frame-free-shipping/101548_517916045.html               They don't have videos (China) Thank you all for you help!!!

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How to connect a qwerty keyboard to my flip phone?

Hi all,I have a flip phone that does all what I need including receive text messages. Unfortunately it does not have a qwerty keyboard so sending a reply is painful/difficult. Has anyone found a way to connect a external keyboard to a flip phone?

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Can flipping a circuit breaker causes a laptop to fry?

My friend is blaming me for frying his laptop because i supposedly flipped the circuit breaker... I know from a basic knowledge of electronics and electricity that when you turn the breaker off and then back on, you just cut the electricity and it is restored...so this shouldn't cause any problems for electronics... but is it possible that the power block for the laptop can't handle the sudden off and on of the current, and then short, sending more current to the laptop, causing it to "fry"?

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Using Capacitors in a flip flop LED flasher circut?

Hello guys, I am very new to electronics, so please bear with me. I am trying to build using specs from various places a seemingly simple flip-flop led flasher using a 9V dc power source, a pair of NPN transistors, a pair of capacitors, a resistors. Now I have built the circut several times on my breadboard. I have yet to get the circut to work. I tried to troubleshoot the problem myself, and done a little research. It seems that capacitors wont work with a dc current, or so most of the web sites say. The problem is all of the circuts I have seen use capacitors, even the 555 circuits. The only thing I have done different from the diagrams is I am using a slightly larger (30 or so farads) cap. They are the the ceramic disc type. Am I using the wrong caps? Not sure what I am doing wrong?

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How to make sandles or flip flops out of rope?

So I was walking around st. george street down in St. Augustine when I went into a shoe shop and found the coolest looking sandles ever;they were made almost completly out of rope! And since i've been on instructables for a whole week, i have noticed the many different styles of improvised footwear. Hope to see the resopnses!

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How can i download a Flip video onto Windows Movie Maker? If i can't, what program should i use? Answered

I can't download any of my videos from my Flip or Flip software to Windows Movie Maker. Is there a way i can get it to download? I also found that the Flip does not support FireWire which, if its true, really sucks because, as i understand it, it is the universal program for all/most editing softwares. Which means i can only use a software meant for Flip cameras. If i can't use Windows Movie Maker, what can i use other than the flip software (which also stinks by the way)?

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How do you create an ebook with flipping pages for free?

I would like to create an ebook with animated flipping pages for free, and if possible, without downloading any new software. Is there a site available that does this for you? Thanks.

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Flip flops - paint is rubbing off - type of sealant to use? Answered

I bought a pair of flip flops the other day and the paint is already rubbing off where I put the most weight on my feet. I was wondering- is there was any type of sealant I could use to help prevent the rest of the design from rubbing off? It's ok if I'd have to reapply it every once in a while. Thanks in advance. :)

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How do you make the straps for the switch flip flops?

They are a size 10. I want to make them for my daughter, to buy them is expensive.

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Trampoline Trick Name

         I have a trampoline, and I can do a pretty good amount of tricks. And recently I was looking for a new trick to learn. I found one that I thought was cool, but I don't know the name. What it is, is a 180 aerial (no handed cartwheel). Most of the time when someone is performing it, they are transferring from trampoline to trampoline at an indoor trampoline arena. If you know what trick I am talking about please tell me.

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How to make Flip Clock Numbers and build a "like"-counter around it?

Hey All So I've got this client, who's absolutely crazy about the "FLIKE" (A physical like counter.). But he can't have it for another couple of months, and he'd like it to be a little more custom... Long story short, I might end up making a similar product in a few weeks. it will probably consist out of 5 digits and if it's up to me (not sure what the client wants) I'd stuff them behind a long picture frame. Something like this but actually mechanical and not just a picture of it:  http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/thedriftingbear/product/personalised-framed-vintage-flip-clock-print So I started googling every hardware piece I needed and it turns out it's a huge pain to find Flip Clock Numbers / Flip Board Numbers... whatever you want to call them. (What's the right name btw?) You can't just buy these things, let alone in a custom size. So the idea is to build them myself. I found this on wikipedia, which gives a clue about the inside: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Analog_clock_with_digital_display.png So I'm figuring out what needs to go in it to make this work. (I'll end up making an instructable about it) The numbers themselves are going to be made out of vinyl stickers. You can easily buy those from ebay in about any size if you look for them. The stickers will be put on to plastic boards. But I'm not totally sure what kind I should get. They should be thin and must be able to stand up straight, yet "easy" to fold. I'll probably get them lasercut, but you should be able to cut them by hand as well. Currently I'm thinking about gluing small metal or carbon rods on the back of those letters. Although I'm not sure if that would be strong enough. Would it be enough to file one side of the rods to get a bigger contact surface? (What do you guys think?) I'm planning of putting the half letters in a drum of ABS or PLA. it should be shaped like this:  |--------| I'm thinking about 3D printing this. But no idea how it'll do... One side of the drum will be connected to a small stepper motor (5.625° with 1/64 reduction). I don't have real experience with stepper motors, but this resolution seems more than sufficient. The other side will be connected to a metal or plastic positioner. Each digit might end up with it's own "unit" so I can swap them separately if they'd break. I've got great experience with lasercut plexi, so I might use that because it's more accurate than wood and I might have some lying around. I was first thinking about 1 stepper motor and a set of gears. I decided not to do that in the end because I don't have good experience with making gears and I can never find the right sizes online. Also, it'll make everything way more complex. So each motor will have it's own controller connected to it. Those controllers would have to talk to an ATMega or something. (I'm planning on using an arduino to prototype, but then just swap the chip and make a stand-alone version without usb etc) The ATMega has to be connected to the internet of course to get the current number of likes, so I'd connect it to a raspberry pi via I²C. I'm not familiar with the GPIO pins on the pi so I figured this would be a save and convenient way to handle this. The ATMega is robust, and I love the Arduino bootloader. A sketch is written in no time, but I have no idea how to start writhing this code for the GPIO pins. So why the Raspberry Pi? First off, this thing might end up being wireless, and since a wifi module for the arduino costs as much as a Pi, I figured this would be easier. The plan is to make the pi run python script that could ask the number of likes from the facebook API. Once returned, it'll send +1 or +5 or +10 over I²C. The arduino shifts the numbers to the correct position and replies with the total number it's displaying (3012 for instance). The PI can then recheck if everything is in sync. As for the set up. Since we have Pi, we can put on a LAMP stack (I know, this is overkill, but it wouldn't hurt either). So for initial set-up, we'd connect the counter to ethernet, browse to it on a different computer via "http://counter.local". And we'd be presented with a web interface. You'll be able to set the URL of the page u want to get the likes from, set and reset the number that is displayed on the counter, and the WIFI settings. The WIFI settings can be saved in the wpa_supplicant.conf file and on reboot it'll automatically connect to this network. From now on the whole system is manageable over wifi via a html interface. For debugging I might enable ssh though. So I guess you've got the whole outline now. I'd like to get your feedback on this! And this for the mechanics, electronics, and software side of things! 

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I have a question about using a 555 timer as a flip-flop? Answered

I have it set up so that I get an out put signal that goes High for about 1/2 second, and then goes low for about 1.33 seconds. The problem is that the output is to go through 2 LEDs, the one is supposed to light when the signal goes high, and the other when it is low, since I have the other leg of each LED tied to ground or source respectively. IF you are really familiar with how LED's work, you probably see the problem I have already. When the signal goes high for the first time, the LED tied to ground, lights....and stays lit. The source provides current whether there is a signal out or not. Is there ANY way around this, without me having to scrap this and redesign it for a 556 ? NOTE: I've replaced the stock pic with a partial schematic of my circuit

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half pipe

Do you want to build a half pipe because your local skate pipe has trashy influences then you came to the right place I'm working on posting this at the moment. I want to know about how many will use the instructions.

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how do you make one of thos thing that you flip over and see the sand fall down?

How do you make one of thos thing that you flip over and see the sand fall down? my nany wons to make one and can you tell me the name is???????????????????

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I have a stag 15 and it has a midwest rear flip rear site.I want to know how to properly use it before i go to the range

On the Midwest Flip rear site how do you use it to adjust your shot,Do i also have to adjust the front site?

Question by dogtownusa68   |  last reply

loosen toggle switch

I'm trying to build a "most useless machine" with the dpdt method.  I found a dpdt mini toggle, but its still hard to flip.  anyone know a way to make it easier to flip

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possible? the auto-cooling pillow.

I am the kind of person that flips over his pillow every fwe minutes so my face can be on the cool side for a bit. I was wondering if anyone has ever created a pillow that keeps one side cool the entire time. Can anyone help?

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What project can I do with a fairly outdated flip cell phone?

I would prefer if the project would not be too technical in terms of wiring and the like. I'm fairly poor at electricity stuff...

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is there a small skate company that will be willing to sponsor me... my best trick is a tre flip.

 i was thinking like skate anatomy but i couldnt find there site... someone please get me the link!!!

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Building a Transparent Dispay Monitor

I'm currently in the process of building a peppers ghost inspired computer monitor. I will be going through this DIY step by step and updating each time I progress. During this build I will be taking peoples suggestions from each previous step and applying it to the build. So this will be built by my and inspired by the community. First issue: I am using Lexan as the display and as you can see in the picture, I have already stumbled upon my first issue. Everything is backwards! So, first round of suggestions will be how to fix this. Note: Windows OS has built in capabilities to do screen ROTATIONS but not FLIP/MIRROR. I cannot stress enough how many people assume rotating, flipping, and mirroring are the same thing. In Microsoft's built in display panel they list: Landscape, Portrait, Landscape(Flipped), Portrait(Flipped). However the two flipped settings are merely rotations.

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