strimmer flooding ?

Hi can anyone help i have a spear and jackson spjcb28  bushcutter strimmer an its putting fule out the exust when i pull to start it plus you could pull at it forever to get it started an when does start runs a few seconds then dies will this be down to the float in the carb  thanks in advance

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Flood Blacklight?

I know there is already some similar posts but i couldnt find anything relating specifically like this. I got a flood light with the intention of turning it into a flood black light. I want to light up a basketball court sized room using 4 at most. I have a few questions: 1) Is there any way to add anything to the front to turn this in to a black light (Don't need it to be UV rays as I know it's not likely. I just want it to make things fluoresce when it shines on them)? I'm looking at doing something similar to the sharpie black light hack. 2) This light puts good clear light for more the 40 yards. If there were a way to mod it into a black light, how much will it affect the range of good light? 3) Is there any way to connect the lighting to a battery pack or some sort of regular 3 pronged plug?

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Flood In Halo Wars?

Who all went out and bought Halo Wars expecting it to be the greatest RTS ever? I kinda did, and when I first played it, it wasn't all I expected. I love the Halo series, but Halo Wars really let me down. After much thought, I tried to think of what it would be like to have the Flood in it. I mean, the Flood is basically the reason for Halo. That's the reason the Forerunners built the halo rings, to help destroy the flood( Technically their food, but you get the idea.).  It would be so much more awesome to be able to play as an infection, killing enemies, and making them your own. Then Halo Wars would be rated M, ( Just like all the other games!!!), Making it fit better in the series.  If you agree, or disagree, please post your comments and opinions, but any inappropriate or mean comments will be deleted.

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Instructables HQ flooded!

The San Francisco Bay area is being hammered by a series of winter storms right now. There are gusts to 75 MPH and a torrent of rain. All that wind-swept rain has flooded our server room and created a foot-deep lake on the runways outside the control tower! If things aren't working right on the site, it's the rain's fault, really...This storm is actually pretty tame by East Cost standards, and I'm proud to report I got a little bit of kitesurfing in yesterday morning on the front of it before the wind and rain truly picked up. It's just that we have perfect weather 90% of the year here, so it's really the relative difference, not the absolute magnitude, that makes people talk about how bad it is.

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The Great East Coast Flood....

The floods are abating and our little isle where I live sustained very little damage, but all around me, like a boat on a mount, I see the devestation that was wreaked out on the land.   A link to some of the photos of the flood itself. AND A link to what is being discovered as the waters recede....

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Water purifiation for flood victims

Hi, I am a flood relief volunteer based in India. During flood, many children get seriously sick due to consumption of contaminated water. The flood water is contaminated with suspended particles,rotting organic matter& pathogens( specially E-coli) . These people do not have access to electricity,sanitation & medical relief. I am working on small, cheap & effective water filters that can be made/assembled at the site. If someone can suggest methods to make effective turbid water filters using commonly available materials, or send me the links which can help make these filters, it will be a big big help. Thanks, Chandan Singh,GreenPower India.Images of last yr floods 1Images of last yr floods 2 Images of last yr floods 2

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We DIDN'T get flooded!

You may be aware of a tidal surge in the North Sea in the last 24 hours - a three-metre high bulge of water headed down the East Coast of Britain, flooding stuff as it went.I live ten miles from the sea, but at midnight last night the police pushed a note through our door telling us to prepare to "defend life and property". Since they didn't supply sandbags, I was crawling around the house in the wee small hours duct-taping up air-bricks, door frames, the cat-flap etc, just in case. We moved the PC upstairs, and all our clothes and made a special effort to set my archos high-and-dry, since it contains our only irreplaceable possessions - about 25000 photos.The tide rose, towns flooded ( ), the local quay filled up and overflowed, but the flood never quite got to us.Ah well, all the excitement and none of the danger (except for crossing the bridge that was the only way out of the town I work in just as the river lapped against it). Colleagues from school got evacuated at 3am, and so many got cut off by the floods that we had to close school, so an extra day off for free.Has anybody else narrowly avoided being a news headline?

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How to build a High power LED flood light?

Dear All; I need help to build  80w LED flood light.I have 1000 W halogen flood light and I can use the housing. Some body please help with full guidelines as I am new to this type of game. ShannSL

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Minor flood - Check your overflows ! ! !

   Just had a minor disaster here - Water dribbling through from the roof into the airing cupboard because the float valve on the hot water tank had stuck and the overflow pipe to the outside was blocked.  Rapid turning on of hot tap and leaning suicidally out of the window with a length of stiff copper wire to unblock the pipe averted a worse situation. The overflow appeared to be blocked with mud, and this is not the first time it happened.  Some years ago this happened in daylight and I could see the pipe was also full of mud and small pieces of stick.  I suspect that some insect - possibly a bee - had been nesting there.  Order of the day tomorrow is to put a one-way flap type arrangement over the overflow to stop it happening again. But this has also reminded me it's time to make some safer accommodation for bees, ladybirds etc for overwintering.  I'll be knocking up something like THIS tomorrow and maybe they'll leave my plumbing alone!

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Salute to a hero.

Whilst suffering a "once in a thousand years" flood, the town of my birth lost a hero. Whilst directing drivers away from a bridge threatened by rising waters, the bridge collapsed under the feet of PC Bill Barker.  His body was found later, several miles down the coast. PC Barker leaves a wife and four children. BBC Story and associated links.

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Any better idea for FLOOD in Bangkok ?

PRACTICAL IDEAS  PANTIP.COM : NE11292225 ภาพขำๆ นวัตกรรมใหม่ สู้ภัยน้ำท่วม ( แก้เครียด ) [วิกฤตน้ำท่วม]

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Kiteman, I would never expect this from you!

I've seen DJ Radio, Keith Kid, and GorrilazMiko up to these shenanigans, but Kiteman?? Honestly, now.Thoughts, my fellow Iblians?

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How do i open a flood light

I have a 120v burned out philips 90 watt flood halogen light i noticed that the top has some sort of glue that holds it together the lens(top)is glued the the bottom is there any way i can like melt the glue to take the lens off? i want to put some led's in there so that i can reuse it i want to reuse the reflector and put led's in it thanks and please reply

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Arduino to Android Sensor result (Flood Alert)

Can i connect my arduino to android via my own app ( project)__ flood alert 1. app must be downloaded from play store 2. send and receive data must use internet 3. target 200 persons 4. app for read water level in app connected to internet. 5. app can trigger alarm if safety water level is exceeded.                                   looks more like this(pic) pls help me...

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Basic spinning stage light

I'm looking for a light that I can place on the floor that would shine onto a projector screen. Something that spins with a spiral display. Either the light itself spins. Or possibly has the ability to place a filter onto a steady light and the filter spins. I'm in a band and i'm looking for something that would be strong enough to show this light display behind the drums as we play. The light and the projector screen would be relatively close to each other.

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Weather alert: Hurricane ike is gonna strike!

Cheesy titles aside, this is serious buisness! i live in houston, and the hurricane is heading strait for us. i'm a little scared, of course, and the roads are all clogged. My mom has been looking around for gas stations with gas left... it's a pretty big deal. houston is 45 miles from the water, and the hurricane has been moving around towards us, and gaining speed, all overnite. i'm praying to god it doesn't strike. the mayor has had press conferences, cancled work and school... we may have to evacuate! i'm hoping this won't be another katrina... any thoughts?

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iPhone 3GS clip on 100 LED floodlight/flash type thing

As many iPhone users will know the camera is useless in low light, the other night I experimented with a 2 white led torch and with 28 IR leds that are in my night vision cctv camera, the results were reasonable with the 2 white led light. What I want to make is this..... 100 x 15,000 mcd white LED (10 x 10 or 5 X 20 formation ) running from a 1200Mah Nokia BL5-F battery sandwiched between a clear hard-case and another clip on case with a push to make button on what would be the top right corner when when used in landscape mode. The ones I'm looking at consume 25Mah at 3-3.5V, for power I want to use an after-market nokia N95 BL-5F 3.7V Li ion 1200Mah, I think when they are all lit they will draw 2000Mah but as they would only be lit for about 3 seconds a time so this should not stress the battery too badly and last long enoughfor a night out.  I've posted this because I would have just ran them all in series but I have heard there need to be special regulators or something. How can I make this? Can I just run 100 25Mah LEDs in series? Would I need two batteries in series and maybe running 5 sets of 20 with a regulator each? Is 1,500,000Mcd too much? Should I use less LEDs of the same rating? Should I use the same 100 with less Mcd? Any help is greatley welcome and of course there there will be a full instructable with credit to all who helped with information. Thanks WelshDave. 

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Tropical Storm Fay

This is a video of the flooding that we had at our house in Tallahassee, Fl.

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Greet my friend who I made an account for!He probably won't sign in before I tell him tomorrow,but still greet him.Here is his profile.Be sure to flood his orangeboard,treat him well.Note:I am going to make him an icon while you flood his orangeboard.

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With the flood of spammers offering streaming or downloads of films and shows, can you add new words to the filters to lock them out ?

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I have a agri fab and gas is poring out of muffler and carb floods?

I have a briggs on my agri fab pull behind tiller I just replaced the rope and spring and now the carb floods and gas poor out of the muffler at a rate that it empty the gas tank fast I drained the gas that was in the carb and it came out black any Ideas?

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what is the best way to do DIY stage lighting?

I have some red green blue and yellow flood lamps from home depot, and i was wondering if there is a way to make it less of a flood and more of a beam, would making some sort of enclosure out of cans help? are there any other ways of stage lighting on the cheap?

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lawnmower wont start

I have a pull-lite 3.5 horsepower engine on my used sears mower, I replaced the sparkplug and still no start, I get a flooded carb, could it be the magneto?

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Are there any designs for FIREPROOF-WATERPROOF diversion safes?

Some of the diversion safes are great but I would like any idea about how I could protect the contents in the event of fire or flood.

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Halo novel series order?

In what order should the halo books be read? there's: fall of reach the flood first strike contact harvest cole protocol and onyx i think

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Is it safe to use a broken LCD TV without the liquid crystal panel in as a lamp or flood light? Answered

Months ago I found a LCD TV at the dump and thought I could breath new life into it. Turns out I could replace the broken panel for around $200. It isn't that great of a TV and I don't have that much money for something that may or may not work.

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Waterlogging in basement

Hello, So I recently moved house, and I'm setting up my workshop in the basement, but there is a bit of a water problem. The water table in the area is high, and the basement is about halfway below the surface of the ground, so whenever it rains a lot, the place turns into an indoor wading pool. The water seems to have even come almost a foot up, judging by the stains on the walls. The plumbing here was done a bit poorly, A sump was dug right under the room, and ground water leaks into it and into the room through the trapdoor, flooding it. In order to rectify this, the owners decided to make another sump, and have a small motor pump water out of that sump into a gutter outside. So if the first groundwater sump overflows, then the water drains into the second sump, from where it is pumped outside into a gutter. I'm not certain how effective the second sump system is, since it was built after the foot high flooding, and I haven't seen it at work. Is there any system I can build to help contain and prevent the flooding? and any methods of waterproofing my storage cabinets and drawers? I can't do any permanent or major modifications to the room, as this is only a temporary arrangement. Thank you for taking the time,

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leaking fridge?

Can anyone help my flooding fridge problem. I have a whirlpool and its only 4 years old. There is no build up of ice and the drain hole is not blocked. There is no water in the drip tray and the fridge seals are all good. The fridge is working fine. I have run out of things to look for????

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how do i get the pump to work?

I bought a older home a few years back with a pump thing in the back. I was told there was an artestian spring under all the properties in this neighborhood. Anyway, my mother told me to just keep moving the handle up and down and eventually it would work. I pumped to long and hard that not only did I look foolish, but I woke the next morning with sore arms. I just can't do that again this year. How can I get that thing to work? Also, I had to put a sump pump in my basement because the springs are awful. My basement floods, but it's not sewer water, it's clear. I had to have my water heater replaced because of the flood in my basement.

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TCPIP Hardware chip & network attatck

Hi everyone.... I like ethernet related project with Arduino and Arduino Ethernet shield.  So now I want to open you a network relate problem. As you know or not Arduino Ethernet shield is made from TCPIP Hardware chip (W5100 of Wiznet Company) and other component. Recently I heard that TCPIP Hardware stack (with Hardware chip) is more stronger than S/W stack from networking attack such as flooding, spoofing and so on. But I want to know technical basis why Hardware tcpip chip is "Unattackable" from networking attack. If there is a anyone have a knowledge about networking via internet... please share your knowldege or your thinking.

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Lawn mower

I have a Craftsman Lawn Mower Model 917.377842 with a Honda engine. To make along story short, I made my usual tune up for the season. I had the blade sharpen, changed oil, changed spark plug & put fresh fuel in.  It usually starts with 2 pulls but didn't and found oil in the air filter compartment.  I eventually tipped the wrong way while putting back on the blade. I drained the oil & gas & put fresh in. The oil stopped squirting into the oil compartment but still wouldn't start. I tried cleaning the carb but decided to replace it. It still won't start & now the engine floods with gas. What's going on?  None of this has ever happened. I sure would appreciate any help. I've had this mower for at least 11 yrs & aside from a few minor repairs, it has been great.

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Irene....she has arrived !

Irene is now raining on our parade..... Short clip.... UPDATE:   Will the damage here and else where continue long after the storms have left us? Further UPDATE: also see added pictures, this is what Lee is doing to us....

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how would i create strobe lighting with and "emergency Exit" sign

How would i go about making the emergency flood lights on an "emergency exit" sign w/ battery pack, strobe or flash with 110V power supply? any suggestions. thanks

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Any way to delete the spam (Korean women pictures) that has shown up in the forums?

Note to moderators:  In case you haven't noticed, there has been a flood of spam in the form of very suggestive pictures of Korean women that has been posted across most, if not all, groups.  It might be a good idea to remove this, if at all possible.

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what causes the cold side on a washer not to shut off when it should?

Every time I do a load of laundry I have to turn the cold on and then off, because if I dont it will flood my floor. The hot works just fine. So how can I fix this or what is causing it to do that. It didnt use to do it. Tks Jennifer

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Looking for a 12V solution to prevent another 12V circuit to power on -- Reverse relay

Hello, I have 2 separate 12 volt lighting systems in the yard.  One is a low-voltage garden lighting that illuminates paths, trees, and a hot tub shelter. The other is a security lighting system, a 12V system that lights 6 each 900 lumen flood lights powered by solar panels and batteries. Other than shine a flood light from the landscape light system at the security system light sensor, is there a relay I can install that prevents the security lights from powering on until the landscape lights turn off?  I guess I am thinking of the redneck version of the relay that puts generators into play when the power goes out. I want my yard to be friendly while the landscaping lights are on, but we dont need a soccer pitch until the guests go home. Kind of like a rock concert.

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Nobody can post on my orangeboard.

I have recently been getting a flood of PM's from people who are not able to post on my orangeboard. I have tried posting myself, but the "add comment" button doesnt work, nor do any of the reply buttons on existing comments. However, I can successfully post on other orangeboards, wtf? I appreciate your help! thx!

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misusing instructables

My husband and I caught this - posted as an instructable and it is obviously an attempt to sneak an ad in as an instructable.  One of the reasons we love this site is because you aren't flooded with ads and we both suspect you'd appreciate being notified.  I'm sure you will see it addressed promptly.  Thank you.

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How do I wire a fog machine to be triggered by a motion sensor?

I have a couple fog machines purchased at Target around Halloween last year. The model has a switch on an extension cord which when pressed triggers the fog machine to produce fog for 5-10 seconds. They work great but I want to use a remotely placed motion sensor, like from a motion sensor flood light to trigger the fog machine when people walk past. I purchased a replacement motion sensor module for a flood light and looked at the wiring of the switch and the fog machine but haven't figured out how to properly wire it. The motion sensor module has a "test" setting which would turn on the light fixture for 5 seconds, I want to use this to trigger the fog periodically as people walk past. Any help would be appreciated. A couple photos to show the pieces are included. If more detailed information about the wiring is needed please let me know.

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Would a 100 watt RGB led floodlight be as bright as a single color 100w?

I'm looking at high power colored flood lights, single color would be ok but the added flexibility of RGB would be great. I was wondering since color changing leds are made of three leds if I set it to blue would I get only a third of the brightness as the same wattage in single color blue?

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How to get valuable stuff for free (eg. PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, iPod, ...)

Having seen the video by the BBC I am starting to see how this could work however does anyone here know if you get flooded by junk mail by these companies, as that is what I dont want and is the reason I havn't signed up to any of these websites. If any of you have some first hand experience please share it with the rest of us.

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The notifications constipation may be over !!! maybe? Answered

After all this time of not getting notifications I just got a flood of all the past ones, its pretty funny like a major cork finally letting go.  So check to see if your emails have received something along the line of "you have 120 new comments" A big thank you to those who have been puzzling through this latest glitch. Here's hoping that this one is resolved for good.

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Wiring motion sensing light to include a 120V AC siren?

Here's the goal: to have a wired, outdoor, motion sensing flood light that includes a 120V AC siren that will also sound whenever the light is triggered.  The proposed setup would start with some sort of switch or hidden switched outlet (possibly WeMo so only I can control it and I can also tie in some IFTTT recipes) that the whole system would run through.  Power would then run to an off-the-shelf motion sensing flood light not unlike this one.  From there, one of the light fixtures would be rewired to run power to a 110V AC horn/siren not unlike this industrial unit.  Is there any glaring reason that this would not work, and what considerations should be made vis-à-vis the fixtures wattage rating and the rating of the siren?  The final product should be something that when switched off is just, and when switched on would trigger a light and a very audible siren.  Finally, any ideas on where to look for a siren/horn like the one described?  The industrial unit in the link might be a bit too big. fdsafdsa   fdsaf(not un From

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Suggestion - Sticky Bugs to Questions page

There's been a lot of questions concerning bugs about pictures (from mostly new members) recently, and I suggest that we simply sticky a comment or forum topic to the top of the questions page, concerning the current bugs (to prevent these floods of questions). And if not that, maybe a comment after the submit page, something like,"Is this the correct area to post your question/problem? If it involves a bug on the site, refer to the Bug Report section." After all, just a suggestion.

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Classes now in the recent answers section!?

Not sure if it is supposed to be a feature or a bug: The recent answers are now filling up with classes, which I find rather annoying. Someone asks a question in these online classes and the whole thing shows up with the description, enrolment and all. Even if were to answer the question I would still need to scroll through all of it, go through all answers so far to find the last one and then.... If that keeps going the answers section will be flooded by classes for no reason that I can think of :(

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Washout! Is there a good way to backfill under a concrete driveway?

I just purchased a home, and we discovered some water damage to the fill under the driveway and front walk.  The driveway still has intact slabs, but a little freezing and thawing and I will have gravel instead.  I was thinking about trying to shove paver sand under the slabs, and into the gaps along the sides.  I was just wondering if anyone had a better idea, or suggestions on how to get the sand underneath and compacted enough to make a difference this winter.

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What is wrong with my carburetor? Answered

AENL wisconsin motor 9.2 hp. 163e Zenith Carburetor. Everything has been rebuilt. I did most of the work myself. I started it for the first time, it fired right up. Then stopped after a minute. I noticed it was flooding...badly. fuel was leaking out of the carburetor by the intake. I then pulled the cord a couple more times and now it is leaking gas through the exhaust port. What happened? Float to high? I set it to the gauge provide by the carb kit. It was pretty close to right on. What next?

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Turn on a light with a fabric switch and keep lite when switch is open?

LIke a motion activated flood light, I want to activate a light/lamp by switch closure and have the light/lamp remain lit when the switch is open. I want a timer in line to turn the light/lamp off at some set time (1min, 5min, etc). The circuit must be powered by say a 9v battery, and utilize a LED as the light. I would like to use a fabric switch where temporary contact completes the circuit powering the light.

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want to remove a two layer flower bed .

2 layer  flower bed   that i want to be removed. however the flower bed is made out of  railroad ties  and steel bolts. however the  concern i have is  wwhen i remove the flower bed is i dont wantt my back yard flooded .  behind me is a  cementary and belived that is why the flower bed is s o high. i went around and ask my neighbors and none have this high flower bed and i want something  level to the ground.

Question by lisalenius   |  last reply

I want to set up a hydroponics system but don't want to buy commercial nutrient or medium. Answered

Can i just flood the soil the plant is growing in for a temporary portion of the day? I don't have a problem with the pump, just buying the nutrient / medium. Can i just use soil and wet it down really well once a day and then drain it (out the bottom)? Would floating soil in the water being circulated through the system work? I could empty water / put more soil in on a regular basis.

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