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Can an old internal floppy drive be used externally?

I need a floppy drive to look at some old disks. I have an internal floppy drive that's from a Dell desktop computer. Any way to use this externally, usb?

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modify a floppy drive into an external usb drive

Hello, I was googleing this subject, but found nothing. Is there a way to modify an ordinary floppy drive into an external, usb one? Thank you.

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Floppy Disk Drives UK

Hi Guys, I am after some floppy drives here in the UK, if anyone can help me out that would be awesome, Perhaps you work in an IT department or know people who do. I need as many as I can get my hands one. thanks Chris

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floppy disk sd drive? Answered

I'm wondering if there is such thing as a floppy disk drive that you plug into a computer through a sd port.  

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Floppy drive + Arduino = problem

Hello :D I am trying to read bits from floppy. For test I read only first bit on first track. Unfortunely I receive every time other state (11010001...). Program reads bit when index pin is LOW (FDD inform that disk did 360° spin). Please help :/ There is a help site (pseudo code): LINK

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My music playing Floppy drive!(Sound included)

After about 3 days, 2 days worth of Emails exchanged, And one day worth on setting up an OS, I finally got my floppy drive to play MIDI's! How i did it was, I saw this program called floppymidi, it was for BeOS, So i downloaded and installed BeOS(on an old 3GB HDD) now i got BeOS running and i installed floppyMIDI, After about 5 Confirmation messages i got it installed. Now i had to go on a hunt for a MIDI player that works for what i need, I found KMidPlay, But the links where broken, I contacted the site owner, he fixed the links, now i downloaded it and it could not run! After exchanging a few Emails he gave me another version of the program, It worked at last! I got it to play some of my favorite MIDI's, Onestop.mid, And Another. Here are the Original MIDI's and the recordings.(note: the first 2 are .MIDI's and the Last 2 are .wav files) Anyone got any midis that i can play?

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Uses for scrap floppy disk drives.?

I have a stack of old fdds - they have small motors and worm gears to drive the head and some have motors for the disk but the others have the disk motor coils affixed to the circuit board and so it is difficult to salvage that. Is it possible to 'drive' the fdd over the connector? What signals normally traverse the ribbon cable? They all have opto sensors for the disk in or out and an led of course.

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Can I get a 5 1/4 floppy disc drive to work under Windows XP?

I have a 5 1/4 which appears to be OK, I think I configured it through BIOS and Windows seemed to pick it up, but it wouldn't recognise it past that. I think that XP just doesn't handle this obsolete format, but I don't know. And if you're wondering: "because it's something I want to do" L

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Arduino Floppy Music: Random .mid doesn't work properly

Hello :) I use a Arduino Mega  2560 and 3 floppy drives. If I start one of the example songs then the 3 floppy drives work. But if I convert a random song in .mid and play it only the first floppy drive will work... I changed same settings ine the MoppyDesk but it didn't work. Can you help me?

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What to do with 2 CD ROM drives, and 2 floppy drives? Oh yeah, and a zip drive with no disks!

I have 2 CD ROM drives, and 2 floppy drives. They are kind of old, but should work fine. I noticed the idea of Floppy Disk Racing, and was wondering if any one else had ideas for what to do with them?I also was curious if the diode of the CD player would work as a burning tool, like the on here: Laser Flashlight Hack!!Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!Oh yeah, and I have a zip drive with no disks!

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Apple floppy disk?

Hi,    I have been searching for a way to get the info from some floppy disks that were used on an Apple format computer in the early 90's. The disks are 3.5's. I have a disk drive. I have tried to find a converter  program online but none seem to apply to this.  I can't get them on the PC because if they are formatted they lose the data. Does anyone know a way to convert the data to PC inexpensively?    Thanks Much,   Savex

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I want to boot a usb stick that is plugged directly into the motherboard floppy connector.

I am running FreeNAS in a ChiliBox. It has no external drives or bays. I don't want the USB stick poking out of it.

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does anyone know how to install quickbasic with a broken floppy drive? Answered

The quickbasic installation exe needs the files on a floppy drive, and mine is broken. i attempted to use the subst command to set up a A: drive with the path to the files, but i can't set a path for A: since the floppy is hooked up(even though it is broken). any ideas?

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Most basic linux distro for robots and web browsing (preferably floppy bootable)?

I have an old Dell dimension somethingorother that used to have win98 and I want to install some sort of linux distro that would allow me web brows (google chrome possible?) and use that pc to control robots, arduino, LED cubes, etc. easily with serial, usb, etc. I'm new to linux but i tried installing ubunto with a CD then DVD but the instalation failed both times (IO error -the hard drive isn't in such great shape but win98 had been running fine, so I know it works). I scavenged a floppy drive and am hoping I could use that or a usb to install a distro. Any ideas? 

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Super Mario 64 - Slide on 16 Floppy Drives

My latest video, thought I would show it off Super Mario 64 - Slide on 16 Floppy Drives how this was done can be found in my instructable in the following link, dont forget to vote for it in the competions if you think its worthy enough ;-) vote button is at the top right on the instructable page and subscribe to the youtube channel I am updating it all the time also on facebook and twitter

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Music on 16 Floppy Drives 10-09-2014

how this was done can be found in my instructable in the following link, dont forget to vote for it in the competions if you think its worthy enough ;-) vote button is at the top right on the instructable page and subscribe to the youtube channel I am updating it all the time also on facebook and twitter

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How can i fix my floppy drive?

I have a toshiba sattelite pro old laptop with windows 98 with a floppy drive attachment. It recently stopped working. Now when I put a floppy 3.5" floppy disc in you can only hear the sound of the disc spinnigand it's not reading at all. Then after a while it'll say. " the disk is not formatted would you like to format it now?" whats wrong with my drive and is it possible to fix?

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Floppy Disk Converter?

How does a Floppy Disk Converter work? Heres my problem. I have recently bought a laptop which has Windows Vista. I have an old desktop computer with Windows 98SE. I have no floppy disk drive on the laptop. I want to save the material on the floppy disks onto a USB memory stick. I bought a USB that works for Windows 98SE only to find that you need to download drivers for it from the Internet before it will work. So I plugged my Broadband connection (which is from Vodafone) into the desktop computer to get an Internet connection only to find that the Internet is too new a version for Windows 98SE to read so therefore I cant download the drivers. Also I thought I could save to CD and then put the CD into the laptop to save them to the hard disk but the desktop only has a CD-ROM whereas the laptop has CD-RW. So that wont work either. So I was wondering if a Floppy Disk Converter would be the answer to my problem. Like do you just insert a floppy and a USB into the Floppy Disk Converter and transfer the files. Do you need to connect it to a computer. Sorry for rambling on but I have so many questions about it and I really want to know before I go out and buy one only to find that it is also useless to me. Thanks

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Ghost busters theme played on automated floppy disc drives

Found this epic video on Youtube. Someone modified old floppy drives to play music, and it sounds really good.;=g-logo-xit How would one do this?

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Sorry folks looks like the server screwed up my posting and i'll have to post my idea for home brewed 5.25in floppies all over again (the post eventually appeared several hours later so i deleted it) ok so where to start (*light bulb appears over head*) i got it if you have a 5.25in floppy get it out and look at it you'll notice that its pretty simple the first part you will notice is the plastic envelope enclosure thing which is just a single piece of folded plastic with some holes cut in it, just below the surface of the enclosure is a fabric or paper dust trap that keeps the disk debris free and finally comes the hard part the disk each disk has 3 components the iron oxide powder, the disk, and the binding glue stuff the holds the powder to the disk. now here is my crude theoretical unproven construction process 1. cut out the enclosure(i'm thinking a material like plastic card stock might work) (probable impossible by hand put it under a laser cutter or watter jet if you have one) 2.use 8 dabs of glue to glue the dust trap in place on the side of the enclosure that will come in contact with the disk 3.spray some adhesive onto the disk and bury it in iron oxide powder 4.remove the excess powder and spray it again with adhesive 5.carefully put the disk in the enclosure and fold the enclosure around it gluing the enclosure shut 6.stick it in your floppy drive and format it i'll have time to try this myself this summer until then feel free the criticize and question my sanity just PLEASE don't suggest buying disks from e-bay, thrift stores, flee markets, online, or any where else for that matter

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floppy bipolar stepper motor driver? Answered

hi i wanted to salvage my old floppy drive , and take the small bipolar motor from it after i removed it , i looked around and i found small ic (  LB1838M  ) its data-sheet is here i found somethings (pins configuration) in the data-sheet that i don't understand like :  IN1 ,  IN2  ,  ENA1 , ENA2 so , what this pins represent for ? and , can i remove this ic from the board , and make a circuit like this one in the data-sheet and use it to control the stepper ( independently ) ? if yes , i need to know how to make controlling buttons or something . English in not my 1st language btw , so ... thank you :)

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Computer Drive Bay?

Hi all. I am looking to fill at least 2 of my 4 availible 5.26 inch drive bays in my "new" computer. I was thinking like maybe a fan comtroller... but thats a little boring for me. I want somthing really cool. I did consider a lcd... but its kind of expensive and well... just not... idk. I just dont really like that idea. I was thinking somthing lik a toaster. :D But really... i want something kool. i mean even somthing totally useless... I just wanna fill them. I did consider using 1/2/3 of them for resivours for a liquid cooling system... but thats a little hard 4 me rit now. I am on a budget. I already gotta pay lik 130-230 for a new mobo. But i still hav som monsy 2 spend on it. So, wat is the coolest 5.25 inch drive bay device u ever saw. I also have 2 3.5 inch ones for smaller things. Like floppy. :D In case ur wonderin, i hav a xion vantage case. I am usin lik 4 fans. 2 or 3 lite up. I will soon be adding cold cathodes. But anyway, u can see it in my forum topic that i will make once my pc is bak from shop. THANKS!

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I have a technics kn2000 keyboard with a built in dd 720k disk drive?

The drive took a dump, could I fix it, if yes how? Or could I somehow replace with a 3.5 floppy drive or flash?

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Linux on 1994 laptop?

 I recently acquired a (free!) IBM thinkpad from 1994. I do not have a charger but got it to run by hooking a power supple to where the battery hooks up. The hard drive (a nice roomy 520 megs) does not work, but it does have a working floppy drive. Here is the Question: Is their any type of linux that can can boot from a floppy disk and run on a system like this: 50 mhz processor 20 MB of RAM, previously 4 MB. I found an unused 16 MB card under the floppy drive (?!) If there isn't one you know of, is their any version of MS-DOS that I can boot from a floppy and download for free? Thanks! Update: I found a 2.1 GB HD ($20) online, which could help. I won't order it yet, though.

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is there any way i can transfer files on to my other pc?

Is there any way i can transfer files on to my other pc with out using the net or floppys or cds or swaping hard drives

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What should i do with an old un-usable PC that im going to throw away?

I've salvaged the HDD, 2 sticks of RAM, a PROCESSOR, a CD drive, a FLOPPY drive, and a FAN.

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How to copy info from 5 1/4 in disk to cd disk. ?

Do not have drive to read 5 1/4 in disk, want to transfer software info to disk I can read CD OR 3 1/4. FLOPPY

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Can I use an old floppy disc motor to make a small wind turbine for my solor lights? or an old hard drive motor ?

I want to put some propellers on a PC fan motor or an old floppy drive motor and make free electricity, enough to charge my garden solar lights. I have tried connecting leds to an old printer motor and spinning it, the back emf lights the led for a second. spinning the other way lights the other led in reverse polarity to the first.... My problem is that the motor would continue to spin in the same direction in the wind...only generating electricity for a split second........ Pleeeaaaase help me!

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Is it possible to power an USB Hub from the computer's PSU? Answered

Is it possible to power an USB Hub from one of the unused lines of the computer's PSU? For instance, can I use the floppy drive's 5V to power the hub directly? Edit: I have tried to hook the hub directly to a 5V line from the psu (floppy connector), the computer won't boot and the dvd and hd lights keep flashing. I got a male molex connector from a broken floppy drive and found a plug that fits on the hub's power input. I checked for short circuits and correct polarization. When I plug the hub (just the hub, nothing else on it), the computer won't boot. When I unplug the hub, it boots as usual.

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What can I do with ancient laptop?

I found a working Dell Latitude LM in the trash, any ideas on what I can use it for, comes complete with floppy drive attachment. Thanks.

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PC Nostalgia

Who remembers Cyrix CPUs?PCs that had a "Turbo" button?The "awesome" (at the time) quad speed optical drives?Voodoo graphics cards?SCSI?56K modems being "leading-edge" technology?16M colours being something more than slightly impressive?4Mb RAM being above average?A 486 DX2 being the best you could get?A 100 Mb hard drive was bigWindows came on a set of floppy disks (95 being about 40 of 'em or something stupid)?Loading Windows off floppies?Nestscape Gold Navigator 3.0?Alta Vista?It's not even 20 years ago...L

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How to boot up a computer

I just changed the motherboard in my computer and i dont now how to boot it up whit out a floppy drive(cause i dont have one). Can anyone please help me!!!

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In my computer i have tons of spare power cords? Answered

These normally go to floppy drive, CD rom. How do i know which is the postive and which is the negtive and how much voltage does it provide?

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very old laptop

Can I do anything with this old piece of crap other than scavenge parts from it? it has 1 floppy drive i think 64mb of ram 250-450mb HD space the ports you can see in the picture windows 95 and intel inside

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What is this?

I have recently acquired a Sony Mavica MVC-FD95, and i noticed a little port or something on the lower right-hand corner, and it was intriguing to me, because it might be a media drive; a Godsend seeing as this camera only takes 3 1/2" floppies, as far as I know. If you know what is please post. :)

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so I Recently Aquired A Few Computers...

So at my dads work there were around 7 pretty old computers and he brought them home for me to try to get them to work. 3 of them is said I could have. Now here is the catch: Only one has a working operating system. the other two don't really boot up(i made the mistake on one of trying to install windows NT on to the hard drive in one computer and then take it put the hard drive back in)the other computer says it's missing some system file. Now, here is the hard part, none of those computers have a CD drive or Floppy drive, so is there any thing i can do? If it helps, I can take pictures of the computers(Can you believe that one of them has a 5 GB hard drive?).

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stuff that's usually in your pockets

What do you carry in your pockets all the time? for me its my wallet, permanent marker, thumb drives, ipod, phone, rubber bands, keys, scissors, paperclips, the metal things in the middle of floppy disks, mini torch and (sometimes) a deck of cards.

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how do i boot the linux iso from a usb flash drive when the the original os doesn't work?

I have an old IBM 390X that i have installed windows xp, but that has glitched and i want to install linux from a usb thumb drive, i have never done it before so i want to try it; i know how to install os's from cds and floppys. two more questions 1-can linux run exe's? 2-how do you edit the code in linux? because i heard that it was oped scource

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SyQuest EzDrive 135, is it worth it? Answered

I got one of these SyQuest EzDrive 135 things, its kind of like a floppy drive except it uses hard disks instead of plastic sheets. with it i got 2 135mb disks, and i was wondering, is it even worth it to try and use it? its a scsi drive so i would need an adapter card to use it, but im just wondering, even though it is a interesting thing, would it even be worth it to try and use it? are there any practical uses for it? i was thinking i could put a few songs on each disk or maybe pictures but thats about it.

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What To Do With A Really Old Laptop?

So I inherited this Toshiba laptop with Windows 95 on it. It has a ?86 processor and about 16MB RAM and about 800 MB hard drive. It has a laptop PC card that supplies dial-up access and a floppy drive. It runs on AC power.(Edit: It has 8 Megabytes of RAM and a 750 Megabyte hard drive. More tiny than I thought.)What are some good ideas to do with this? I am thinking about installing some kind of Linux on it, you know, to beef it up somehow, make every megabyte count. I'm especially interested in the dial-up card, specifically whether I can hack it to access wireless signals... My brain wheels move, but no work gets done! Aggghh!

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Dell Inpiron 8000 wont start?

I have an old dell inspiron 8000 laptop that wont start. when I go to turn it on, the power light comes one for about five seconds and then the drives stop spinning and the light goes out. I took it apart a while ago, but I put it together exactly as i found it. could this be a static problem or a cpu failure? I use this computer for testing out older OS's and it would be nice to be able to use it again. can someone help me? thanks.

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Thinkpad ideas, please.

I seem to have acquired an elderly IBM Thinkpad.  It appears to be fully functional, but... It's running Windows 98, It has a single USB socket, but does not recognise any of the pendrives I plug into it. It has a floppy drive that can be plugged in the side It has no wifi. I have never done anything constructive inside the guts of a computer. So, basically, it's useless to the modern laptop user.  Raw materials. Any ideas?

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Where to get used computers for free ?

Me and my buddy are taking used computers and salvaging what we can. Then selling them for little money. Anybody got any ideas on where I could get some used old computers ?Maybe ill make some servers.....or use one in my SMART ROOM. If you have any ideas please post !

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small screw dish

I just wanted to say, if you have a broken floppy drive laying around, take it apart, get the small stepper motor out, take off the LED (bicolor if you are lucky) and contact switches, and anything else useful like a IR photogate, and chokes, desolder the huge pin headers, but after that... remove the round plate that is a part of the main spindle motor, it has a ring of magnet on the inside, it is absolutely perfect for holding small screws when you are taking apart something just felt like sharing

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Any computer you have access to the 'console' or CPU you can logon and see all the files...without passwords.Let's address each level of security:A) BIOS passwords-Remove small battery from Motherboard and wait a few (10 min) for the capacitors to drain (unplug CPU). Then reboot. During reboot or at BIOS Password screen find BIOS make/version (Phoenix/AMI etc) and download a "Flash" BIOS update to USB or floppy.-Use floppy to flash BIOS and bypass, modify BOOT path to add USB-No floppy drive? boot from CD/DVD (ISO image...see instructables)B) Login/Password:Never hack what you can access. Boot from USB/CD-ROM and load your OWN OS from these devices. Login to your OS and "mount" the systems root disc, C: drive or other partitions.Browse all their files....C) Encrypted files (EFS)Easy ! see and backup their private key, run EFSinfo.exe and set your NEW OS to the same Workgroup or Domain as the target. Then browse the files.Any ideas protection or passwords that can block this?D) Linux/UNIX is secure!UNIX & linux systems simply change their Init levels to boot as root recovery (standalone/Admin/Single User = init 1) recovery console allows access to Boot options, load CD/USB OS boot and mount original file systems. Browse or add login to /etc/password and login or telnet/VNC/SSH etc...DoneProtect your console! Lock & Block all USB, CD & DVD access.Use dongle or hardware key!Use NON-OS based encryption and PGP or DES standards!good luck

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Top 10 Back-to-School Instructables

Thanks to an idea from Labot2001, we've put together a list of some of our favorite back-to-school Instructables. Whether you're getting set for another year of school or helping to prepare someone else, these Instructables will help you get back into the classroom mindset in true DIY style. Floppy Disk Bag by Imanalchemist Floppy disks are now rarely used to carry information, but they can effectively carry all of your stuff. If you like this project, also check out Imanalchemists's Floppy Tote and Floppy Binder.   Eraser Flash Drive by fungus amungus Stealthily conceal your flash drive in the guise of a standard pink eraser.   Nintendo Lunchbox by fluctifragus Is that a sandwich in your Nintendo or are you just happy to have an awesome lunchbox?   Homemade Whiteboard by ausable An erasable whiteboard can help you keep all of your assignments organized amidst a busy schedule.   Circuit Board Binder by killrsheep A PCB binder will show all of the other regular, non-creative binders who's boss.   Make Your Own Notebook by chebang Create a personal notebook with an album cover and some basic bookbinding techniques.   Mont Blanc Pen Hack by kingant Nobody wants to throw down lots of money for writing utensils; luckily, with this method, you can cheaply recreate an expensive pen on the cheap.   Neoprene Laptop Bag by saul Pieces of Neoprene, the squishy material often used in wetsuits, can be sewn together to create a functional and comfortable laptop case.   Better Videotape the School Play by westfw A great videotape will help you remember your child's performance and much more effectively embarrass them when they're older.   How to Do Laundry by linuxmom While you may disagree, your roommate knows that doing your laundry every once in a while is necessary for college students. For those who need to learn, don't worry: linuxmom is here to rescue you!   There are also some other great Instructables that could help you in school--comment and share those below. From one person going back to school to another, best of luck and have a good year!

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I Screwed Up Windows Xp's Boot Sector,And I need To Boot From The Second Partition.?

I Used Gparted To Resize My Old Laptops hdd 10Gb Partition to About 6Gb,It Had About 5GB Of Free Space. Now,It Says Operating System not Found,In The First Partition IT Has Windows Xp Installed,On the Second,It Has Windows 2000 Installed,I Need some sort Of Bootloader To Start Windows 2000 So I can Fix Up everything else,Not to mention,I don't have the windows Xp DIsk Anymore,It Has A floppy drive,I Want Some way To Put A Boot Loader On the Floppy Disk And To Start Windows 2000 From My second Partition,I Tried Gag,Some Boot Loader,But It fails,It Simply Does not work,Does anyone know Of anything else that can do this?

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Is it possible to change the BIOS of a computer to allow for booting from flash memory? Answered

I've been given an old Toshiba laptop without a hard drive that I would like to turn into a wall mounted picture frame/ calendar, but the BIOS will only allow booting from HDD, CD, Floppy or LAN. The laptop has USB ports and a memory card reader, so ideally I would like to be able to boot from one of these. if it helps, the bottom of the laptop has TOSHIBA Satellite P100 - 208 Model Number PSPA3E - 0YL026EN written on it, and the current BIOS is V3.30 Thanks in advance

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Sankyo Motor MSDA020L81 - Unipolar/Bipolar?

I have several old 5.25" floppy drives that I want to pull useful parts from. One part I pulled was a Sankyo MSDA020L81 motor (see image below). I know it has a rotation of 18 degrees and is a 12V motor. It has six pins. From Connector WHITE RED YELLOW BLUE BROWN BROWN From Circuit WHITE BROWN RED YELLOW BROWN BLUE Does anyone know how to tell if this is a bipolar or unipolar motor? Do you have any tips on how to run something like this? Thanks in advance!

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